I SO HOPE IM DEAD and not stuck with a syco

I SO HOPE IM DEAD and not stuck with a syco

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  • pls tell me what you think about how my style can be tweaked lol I’m not the best starter but I did spend a hour fixing stuff before I posted this its 9pm now
    though I will not be accepting any changes to his powers yet and he will keep those blood lines no matter what I’m going for a mix of lighthearted dark happy crazy and full of action book so ill keep it
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A strange scene was happining a teen in a black and white vortex .

hearing the loud sound of wind the teen wanted opend his eyes he could not he became confused so he tried to move around when he could not he started freeking out the normal reaction but what was not normal was he almost instantly started to think hey wait its either im dead or im traped somewhere.
the probability that I’m dead is kind of high cuss I can not feel anything or move it and I was hated
by many at highs school figures that id die by some stupid druggy. to be fair I kind of hope it is me dead not that .
I want to die but if I’m stuck in some basement in a stockers home or something that would suck .
he thinks of that anime where that crazy chick kept saying yuki almost every second and even more horrifying if it was a dude that trapped me shudders at that thought!
I’m not even going into that and nether am I going into the though that a serial killer has me nope

next second he hears a chuckle older than he has ever heard and he lived with his 100 year old grandpa for 2 years. he thinks well i hope that I’m dead cuss if a 150 year old man has me ima try to suicide before I lose my pride as a man but before that I’m going to have to figure out how to move and before I die ima try to pay him back and cut something off shudders at that thought
then felt a strong feeling not words it
was weird i cant really describe it was similar to in xmen but he was not really saying anything
i could understand that it said it was not human but a part that was broken off of the universe that fused into my soul
wen i was dying
yep that totally douse not sound like every novel with ive been reborn as what
ever in it lol so he thought loudly
oyy if im dead am i going up down or just staying here or am I reborn like those novels also are there gods demons and all that stuff you dont realy have to tell me that last one
[it told me that i can be reborn on a planet with something similar to those cultavation novels
but the path you take starts as a legacy and everyone has one at max five but each legacy is granted by a god or demon even a popular story.

and there are so many out there that its very rare that ill find one from earth but there is a chance also that the power i gain from that god will change as i grow so its like a seed ]

[i think hmm it starts off as a seed and changes shape as I get more op haha thats interesting i think hey grandverse just wondering}{it cut me off and said ill give you a two custom bloodlines and give you a custom made legacy and my power is dimming ill die soon.
[Just think about the details of the power but be where the more powerful the harder it will be not to be killed off people are really evil so make it quick}
i thought for a blood line id like a mix of the bakugan and the sharingan and there to be no limit to its evolution Also they don’t awaken by trauma but at birth and it always awakens so i can have all the perks lol

and id like a mix of angel demon and sayin with and a hint of hollow from bleach and a single trait that rare elves that can form a soul link that links others to there soul so they wont die unless you die and it makes them stay loyal so no ntr ever also maybe a little of there charm to and add also no limit to training for my human body like human berserks but without the going insane part that’s a human trait so its probably easy as pie for something so op lol also
I want to chose when to have kids as in no having a hard time to have kids like most story’s I will have the ability to switch it on and off.

{i got a comment that that will be hard to awaken its tru power as a sayan for me but not for my kids and if it douse that for
me it will vary well destroy that world and it called me greedy but it will do it for me after a loud voice that’s right not thought voice screaming yoloooo and then unigramps said its done now now think about your legacy i want lagacy memory i can talk to anything with a legacy from my world like zuse odin thor and even anime carters and even ask for items but i can only use it once after every time i have a real close call with death and live so i can stockpile calls.
and i can directly take one from any master that allows it if i find a stray god roaming around in a graveyard or something i can ask if it wants to let me copy its power to let the world know its power lol that’s it all op but will be a lot of work to become the most op for all i know some people have five gods more op than any on earth .


[then unigramps yelled you wanted op powers since im going to be mixed with your soul and die in a way im using up all my power to do this for you you only live one life im dyeing so why not go out with a bang crazy laughter he stopped laughing and said the planet your going to is named gea not that many people feel the need to know the planets name most just say earth just saying it cus its frustrates me every time i hear that she is not named that my first crush is named gea not your last planet

one guy gets summoned by mistake and now every one calls it that humph ok well one last thing you wanted some really power full stuff so when i send you it will be very painful and you wont have any birth mom or dad.

you will still have human in you but it will be mixed in dont worry all your blood lines will be as if its pure so its not like ichigo you will be a new race but like a hybrid at the same time also you better hope some random dragon douse not swoop down and eat you before someone finds you bye bye ima dye Ahahahahahahhahahahhahahhah just like JOKER}

er wakes up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



then a baby appears out of thin air on a mountain asleep

[authors comment now for the people who will raise him they are not normal haha also you may say its to op you have not seen what he is up against max of five bloodline and legacy’s you think he is the only freak nope its my own cultivating story twist they are immortals so ya if he has a seed at first they have a thousand year rainforest tree the type that you can drive through they are also op }
[im cliff kun so this is a cliff hanger also if you find corrections that i absolutely need to fix that will help it look better then pls tell me k and ill probably later go through and fix errors without help] though it would be greatly welcomed also you will really find the odd ball group that will addopt him funny]

{also you guys can pick what god contacts him first he gets three freebee legacys but this time it has to be either Greek norce or Celtic as in Irish k maybe Japanese ill probably look it up one of these days so why not sooner yolo}spam my comments on what god you want or my inbox lol just 1 spam per person thogh

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