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Bishoujo Collection-An app that raises girls freely in a world where status exists- Chapter 9

Chapter 09 R18 Items and Status

As I was checking out the other items in the store, there was something that caught my attention.

A list of items marked R18. A little nervous, I touch it.


The naughty words are all over the place. A group of words like “sexual desire” and “slut” appeared on my phone screen that I couldn’t look straight at.

Of course, I’ve done a lot of research on the Internet too. I had even seen some sexy pictures of women. But I’ve never had that experience yet. I am a virgin who had never had sex before.

I’m curious. There’s a lot of it.

As I glanced around, an item called “R18 status lifted” caught my eye. Apparently, there will be additional status information available for viewing.

I need 50,000 points to purchase it. And it seems that this requires one item per character. If I consume it, I have to buy it again when I add more characters.

「Fifty thousand, fifty thousand, huh. ……」

Very distressing. I’m still not sure if I need to. But if I have 50,000 points, I should be able to get them in about two weeks if I collect the points I get from quests and logging in. Based on previous trends, that’s about it.

It will still take about two weeks. …… What should I do?


I just look at the status information. But I can afford it, so I guess I can buy it. With a spirited snap, I pressed the button on my phone. I prepare it for Kido Tomoyo to use.

「Because I need this for confirmation, too.」

That’s what I told myself, and I spent the points. The remaining amount was now 116,685. I guess I’m down to around 120,000 points now. But this item shouldn’t go to waste. It was necessary for me. Yeah.

I quickly move on to the character development screen. I then used the items I had purchased. I successfully used the item to remove the bad luck skill and lift the R18 status.

Then, it seems that the R18 status is now viewable in addition to the normal status. I manipulated the screen and quickly looked at the information on Kido Tomoyo.

・Basic Information

Name: Kido Tomoyo

Age: 17 years old

Height: 152cm

Bust size: D cup


Number of people experienced: 0

Status: Virgin


Sexual Desire / 29

Sensitivity / 11


Degree of Masochism / 31

Appeal / 5



・Weaknesses – Erogenous Zones


Nape of the Neck


「This is …….」

I wondered if this was the status of the R18 version. The first thing I was relieved to see was that she was a virgin.

Recently, I have heard that young people’s sexual activities are starting younger and younger. I heard that some high school students are already having sex. But she didn’t seem to be. Could I be her first man? I’m kind of glad about that. She didn’t have to be a virgin for me to be okay with it.

Now that we’re dating, I know I’d like to do something like that someday.

I’m glad I was able to check the status full of secret data before I did the deed with her.

「Can I spend points to increase her status value over here, too?」

Sex drive, sensitivity, and so on. I think I’ll turn it up a bit. No, no, no, I’ve spent too many points today, let’s not do that. Let’s still take my time and check on this status. Don’t be hasty, I tell myself.

For today, I decided not to spend points to play around with status values.


I quit the app and lay down on the bed in my room. I was strangely nervous. I used to look at the status casually. The R18 version made me nervous just looking at it. Because I’ve peeked into a girl’s secret.

「Oh, right, my girlfriend. ……」

I think about Kido Tomoyo, who I’m going out with. How are we going to deal with each other from now on? How can I have fun with women? Will I have to learn from now on? It sounds like a lot of work, but I don’t mind.

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Bishoujo Collection-An app that raises girls freely in a world where status exists- Chapter 8

Chapter 08 The Item Store

I try to open the store for the newly unlocked system. On the first screen, a new section called Store had been added. They want to push this?

When I entered the store, I saw the names of various items lined up from top to bottom on the screen of my phone.

It seems that I can purchase items with the points I have and use them on the characters I am training.

Learn new skills, special skills, expand systems, increase event probability, and many more items. I can’t scroll down to get to the bottom.

There were so many of them that there didn’t seem to be time to look at them all.

There is also a search function here. Using this, I will first try to find if there are any items to open up new characters.

「There it is.」

When I entered the criteria and searched, I found an item called Character Liberation. If I buy these with points, will I be able to check my status and upgrade my values like Kido Tomoyo did?

The name of the app, Bishoujo Collection, suggests that there’s more than one character that can be raised. I want to see how it increases.

「Eh? Wow, that’s expensive.」

To purchase it, I need 150,000 points. It’s the same amount as the 150,000 point reward I received for completing the scenario.

I’ll put off buying this one and look at some more other items.

The other item is the ability to learn new skills. I wonder if I have to buy items from the store and use them to learn new skills.

For now, I want to get rid of the ” bad luck ” skill that Kido Tomoyo possessed. Can I use an item to make it disappear?

「That’s it.」

I did a search and found an item to erase bad luck. The price is 30,000 points. It’s expensive to buy items.

The only explanation is that having that skill will make you unlucky. What are the disadvantages of possessing a bad skill? I don’t know what the benefit would be if I turned it off.

I can’t add or remove skills with points in the status training screen. I have to consume the items purchased in the store.

I pondered for a while and decided whether to buy it or not.

「Let’s just buy it and use it.」

I kind of didn’t like the idea that my girlfriend was having bad luck. I also have a reserve of points, so I’m going to try to buy some items that will make her skill disappear.

「Uwwaa. I bought it.」

The number of points in my possession is now 316,685. Around 320,000 points. Yeah, there’s still room.

While keeping an eye on my remaining points, I also buy items to free up new characters.

Only one purchase was made, and it consumed 150,000 points. The price will be deducted from the points I have.

「Ah, I’ve lost quite a few points. ……」

I purchased an item in the store, and my points are now 166,685.

It was depressing to see the 150,000 points dwindling all at once, even though there was still room for more. I think I used too much.

Nevertheless, this is an item that I’ll definitely need. The name of the app is Bishoujo Collection. I’ll have to make a collection.

I consider myself to be a frugal man. Even though I have all these reserves, I’m hesitant to use them.

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Hypnotised Harem – Volume 1 Chapter 14

14. Junior High School Tennis Club

「Aaah! It’s Kazuki!」 「It’s true! Kazuki’s here!」

「Hey, even Yui is here!」「I wonder if they ever got together.」

When we arrived at the tennis court, we were greeted by Yuzuki and the younger students.

Both Yui and I were surrounded by people asking us questions, but their advisor came and restrained them for the time being.

「Yui, you’ve probably forgotten what it feels like, haven’t you? You can use the whole court for a while to get your senses back.」

「Okay, Yui, I’ll play with you.」

I checked with Yui as I took the racket out of the case.

「Wouldn’t Yuzuki be more qualified to play with Kazuki than me?」

「No, Yuzuki’s still not good enough for me. Besides, she’ s got a regular menu, and we need to have Yui-san, who has participated in the prefectural tournament, take care of her.」

「I think Yuzuki’s pretty good at this, don’t you?」

I snickered.

「Yuzuki’s not ready yet, if you ask me. You’ve never beaten me.」

「It would be amazing if you could beat the national and regional champions. ……」

「Well, I’ll play with you anyway.」

Once I started, Yui’s skills were not so bad, so I finished it without tiring her.

I then took over two of the four courts and taught the younger students.

In the morning, they would have basic practice, and from noon, they would have match-style practice.

「Um…Kazuki-senpai, my serve is not going well.」

At noon, while I was bored on the court after quickly finishing the lunch my sister had made for me, one of the girls came to ask me about it.

She’s in the same grade as Yuzuki. I believe her name is… 【Hashimoto Kyoka】.

「Nnn, show me first then.」


Hashimoto-san stands on the line with the ball and swings her racket to hit the serve.

Is the force of the hit too strong and the ball floating and the serve not going in?

And it’s a little wobbly, too.

「Well, how’s it going?」

「Well… first of all I think it’s too much power. Why don’t you start with a push serve, and then start putting some effort into it?」

「Yes! I’ll try.」

When she did a push serve, it went within the line properly.

Gradually, Hashimoto-san intensified her efforts.

When she put some force on it, it wobbled and stopped going in.


Hashimoto-san was puzzled, not knowing why she was out of bounds.

Probably because her body hadn’t straightened up.

I walked up to Hashimoto-san and took her hand.


「Hold the ball in your hand vertically like this ……」

While I was talking, Hashimoto-san moved her hands as I did, without resistance.

「……, you got it?」

「Eh? Eheh……Yes, I understand I’ll give it a shot!」

Was she really listening?

While I was explaining it to her, she seemed to be on top of it. ……

Hashimoto-san hit the ball and this time it went in well.

Oh… looks like it’s done right.

「Thank you very much!」

「Oh, good luck with that.」


Yuzuki called out to me as if she was watching me and Hashimoto-san finish practicing our serves.

「Hey! Onii-chan! Let’s play doubles! Doubles!」

「I’m good, but what about the other two?」

「Yui-chan and ……, and then…Kyoka-chan, can you please?」

「Are you sure it’s okay with me?」


The doubles began at lunch time …….

I was paired with Hashimoto-san in a rock-paper-scissors game.

Both parties get into position.

I’m the rear guard, Hashimoto-san is the vanguard. The pair over there has Yui as the vanguard and Yuzuki as the rear guard.

「I’ve heard that Kazuki-sempai and the others going to have a match.」「Who’s their opponent?」

「They say it’s a sibling rivalry, which I’ve heard they sometimes play singles. ……」

「Yes, yes! I’ll be the referee!」

A member of the tennis team, who had heard the commotion and was leisurely eating lunch, came to see what was going on.

I’ll serve first.

I gave her a push serve because I couldn’t take her seriously all of a sudden.

Perhaps caught off guard, Yuzuki rushed forward and hit a lob to the other side.

I chased after it and hit a cross, but the vanguard, Yui, who was supposed to be there, was not.

Before I knew it, Yui was in the rear guard position and lobbed in the opposite direction of me again.

I run down the court again.

Yuzuki lobbed on the other side again.

「Come on, come on, Onii-chan, run~!」

「Damn it!」

Don’t tell me these guys don’t want to decisively win?

They’ re trying to tire me out by making me run all over the place.

I can’t help it. I’ll just have to put some effort into it.


When I hit the ball with all my might into the center of the field, neither of them moved an inch.


「It can’t be……」

Let’s get this game started.

   *   *   *

「Game set! The winner, Kawasaki and Tsukishima pair!」

…… I lost in the end.

「We did it!」


Yuzuki and Yui high-five each other after winning the match.

On the other hand, I lost the match and fell down on the court, breathing with my chest heaving.

「Zee…… haa…haa…..」

「Are you okay? Kazuki-senpai.」

Hashimoto-san crouched down and blocked the sun my eyes as I collapsed on the court.

I was able to see inside Hashimoto-san’s skirt because she crouched down in front of me.

I thought I saw Hashimoto-san’s black panties, but of course she was wearing spats, so I couldn’t worship her ideal world.

「Huh…I’m fine ……, but I need some rest …….」

「Yes, there’s a shady spot over there. You can go there first. ……」


I got up slowly and went to the shade to cool off.

Yui and Yuzuki came to check on me, as if they were wondering what I was doing.

「Are you okay, Onii-chan?」

「Guess whose fault it is ……」

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I really wanted to win.」

「Kazuki, here.」

Yui brought me a sports drink.

「Oh, thank you.」

I twist the cap and gulp it down.

My whole body feels hydrated and revitalized.

I put the sports drink back in Yui’s hand and told the three of them to get back to practice.

「I can’t leave Onii-chan alone like this……」


「I can’t leave my Onii-chan alone like this, so I’ll stay here and nurse you.」

In the silence, Yui was the first to come forward.

「You both have practice, right? Then I’ll take care of him.」

「No, Yui-chan is a special coach today. Now that Onii-chan is like this, I have to make sure he gets better.」


Yuzuki was the next to come forward.

At that moment, one of the boys rushed towards me.

「I can’t help it, I’m his little sister.」

「Hey~, Tsukishima. Sensei wants to see you.」

「Why, eh~!?」

The teacher called her over and Yuzuki reluctantly went over to the teacher.

Only Hashimoto-san remained.

「So Kyoka, can you take care of Kazuki for me?」

「Yes, Yui-senpai.」

「Well, I’ll be in your care.」

Yui walked away and we were left alone around here.

When we were alone, Hashimoto-san apologized to me.

「I’m sorry, Kazuki-senpai. Because I was useless. ……」

「 Ah, don’t worry about it. Because that was something those two did to try to be mean to me.」


I tried to lighten her mood a little, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

They were thoroughly lobbing the ball and aiming at me, and I, who was less strong than I was competing at tournaments, was exhausted by the halfway point.

As I was searching for a way to do this, Hashimoto-san suddenly raised her voice.

「Oh, um!」

「What’s up?」

「P, P, please can I have your contact information?」

「Yeah, oh, …… if you bring me my phone from my bag. ……」

「I’m going!」

Hashimoto-san went to pick up my mobile phone to hide her reddened face.

I exchanged contact information with Hashimoto-san who came back and we chatted for a while.

The conversation was mostly about Yuzuki, but it was a meaningful time for a big brother to hear about Yuzuki at school.


Marriage Insult – Chapter 17

Episode 17 Abandonment and Dating

Though it may be sudden, the school I go to has a certain history.

That’s why there is an abandoned school building that is not being used and will be demolished soon.

I decide to call Ritsuka there.

However, on weekdays, even after school, it is easy to be seen by students.

Especially if it’s Ritsuka of the “12 Zodiacs”.

So I decided to call her on a Saturday when it was less busy.

Classes are not in session, but there are club activities, so the school itself is open.

I send an email to Ritsuka (I got the address when I raped her).

『Come alone to the abandoned schoolhouse at 9:00 on Saturday.

I will fulfill your deepest desires.』

In case you’re wondering, I’m sending this from the second phone I’ve gotten since I grew tactile tentacles.

It was this phone that took the pictures of Akira and Ritsuka.

However, I have not told anyone about this phone.

It was only natural that I got it in case I might need it when I go around raping women.

So when Ritsuka tried to find out who sent the email, it was from an address no one she knew.

If they had a search warrant, they could go through the provider, but that’s impossible.

「Now, how do we train Ritsuka?」

I was thinking about that in my room.


The older (usually used) phone started ringing.

The call was from Kamiya-san.

Oh, did I mention that we exchanged contact information on our date?


「Good evening, Hojo-kun.♪」

Kamiya-san seemed to be slightly buoyant.

「What’s up?」

「U~n, how about I wanted to hear your voice, Hojo-kun?」

「I’m glad you’re kidding.」

「Did you think I was joking?」

「But you can’t be serious.」

「Has it been exposed?」

We had this idle conversation and then…

「By the way, Hojo-kun, do you have any plans for Saturday?」

Kamiya-san asked. I’m summoning Ritsuka that day.

「I’m not up to much.」

I lied to her. Then,

「Then come with me.」


「In return for last time, you can help me pick out my outfit this time.」


「So we’ll meet at the station, right?

The time…」

「How about 10:30?」

「It’s OK.

Well, I’ll look forward to it.」

With that, the caller hung up.

I set up a date with Kamiya-san.

I also came up with a way to train Ritsuka.

Now we just have to wait for Saturday.

Then Saturday came.

I arrived at the school around 8:30.

Then I went up to the third floor of the school building (where the staff room is located), which was open to the public.

From there, I could look down on the entrance to the abandoned school building.

I wanted to make sure that Ritsuka was really coming alone.

The appointed time of nine o’clock was approaching, and Ritsuka finally arrived.

It definitely looks like one person. There was no one following.

Well, I guess she can’t resist since I’ve been taking pictures of her embarrassing appearance.

I headed for the abandoned school building too.

I entered the abandoned school building and approached Ritsuka while hiding.

Ritsuka is scanning around, paying attention to her surroundings.

The tentacles are about 2 meters long. I have to get that close.

『Get in the right classroom.』

I’ll send an email to Ritsuka.

Ritsuka enters the classroom, looking surprised and looking around.

I closed the distance at once and stabbed the tentacle from behind.

Then I immediately took away Ritsuka’s freedom and made her close her eyes.

I was wearing a mask of a masked wrestler in case I was spotted, but I didn’t need it.

「A, again…」

I’m sure Ritsuka was prepared for that.

But she’ll never get used to being raped. She’ll only get used to it when you fall.

I made Ritsuka put on the eye mask again.

「Hii, you coward!

You’re in the habit of not even letting me see your face!」

Ritsuka cursed, but it was an easy provocation.

「What’s the point of showing it?

I’m just fulfilling your deepest desires.」

「It’s not true!」

「You want to try it again like before?

I can see this ending the same way, though.」

「Ku, ku~!」

Ritsuka gritted her teeth. That’s how badly she wants to refute it.

「Take them off.」

I commanded, then manipulated Ritsuka into taking off her clothes.

The colors and designs are a bit flashy and colorful….

「Could this be your lucky underwear?」

「No, it’s not!」

Ritsuka turned bright red and denied it.

「Well, I don’t really care either way.」

I laid Ritsuka down and picked up the things I had left in this room beforehand.

It was a restraint with leather rings on either side of what looked like a clothesline.

That’s two of them.

Spreading Ritsuka’s hands to the left and right and I restrain them at the wrists.

Then with the other, I spread Ritsuka’s legs wide and restrain her with my knees.

「What’s with this pose…?!」

I restrain Ritsuka in a naked stance with her knees split wide open and reach for her breasts.

Then I slowly rub it.


Ritsuka’s voice leaked out, I want to enjoy it more too, but I have an engagement with Kamiya-san later. We need to make this quick.

I inject the aphrodisiac.

Then Ritsuka’s squirming visibly increased.

Then Ritsuka’s pussy begins to spit out her love juice.

「Come on, you can have this again.」

I said, and thrust the vibrator into Ritsuka’s vagina.


Ritsuka raises her voice, but I make her bite the ball gag in her mouth.

「Gu, guguuuuu~!」

Ritsuka is about to say something, but I ignore her and turn on the vibrator.

Ritsuka’s vagina was rubbed and vibrated, and she was distressed.

「Well, I’m out of here.

I’ll be back in the evening.

Until then, have fun with the vibrator as best you can.」

I told her ruthlessly.


When Ritsuka hears my words, she tries desperately to plead something.

But she can’t speak because of the ball gag she was biting on.

I left the abandoned school building.

I wonder how Ritsuka will be when I come back.

I’m looking forward to it.

I changed my clothes and came back to the station.


Kamiya-san came running towards me.


I thought it was my win today.」

「What win?」

「Who comes first」


It’s not a contest.」

「I’m kidding.

Come on, let’s go. ♪」

Kamiya-san took me by the hand and off we went.

「Ehehe, you came dressed like that.」

The clothes I’m wearing were chosen by Kamiya-san.

「I’m glad you picked it out for me.」

「I’m glad.

What? But isn’t that what you were wearing on our date?」

「Aren’t we supposed to be on a date today?」

「Well, what do you think?♪」

We talked like a couple as we headed for our destination.

And the restaurant we arrived at…, I should have thought of that.

Only that it was a women’s clothing store.

Naturally, men were scarce, and I felt uncomfortable.

I see a few couples, but… well, I guess me and Kamiya-san look like a couple from the outside.

「What are you doing~?

Over here, over here!~」

Kamiya-san’s tension was at an all-time high.

I was asked for my opinion on this and that.

I didn’t think my lack of taste would be useful, but I managed to get my words out.

Then Kamiya-san chose a piece of clothing.

When I asked the cashier about the price, it was cheaper than I expected.

「I’ll take care of it.」

Then, I settled the bill without her.

Kamiya-san had an apologetic, yet happy expression on her face.

We stopped at a fast food restaurant again at lunchtime, but didn’t do anything else today.

And afterwards, I accompanied her window shopping.

I wonder if girls want to shop just for their imagination.

Then the sun was setting and it was time to go home.

On the way home, the train was crammed with people.

So I reach for Kamiya-san’s body.

She reacted with a “jerk” and immediately surrendered herself to me.

I fondle her ass and rub her breasts.

I enjoy the tension and fineness of her youthful skin.

Then I insert the hand that was caressing her derrière into her underwear.

On the other hand, the hand that was rubbing her breasts went down and went to her secret place.

「Aaahh, aaahhhffuuu…」

Her breath becomes heated.

Her hand are also plunged into her underwear.

I directly touch her pussy and butt at the same time.

I rubbed the soft flesh of her ass and moved my finger closer to her asshole.

「Not there~!」

She whispered her rejection.

I wasn’t going to force her to do anything here, so I retracted my fingers.

However, my hands that touch her pussy will trigger the action.

I trace up the crack and let it gush out a generous amount of love juice.

「Aaahhh, aaahhhhnn…」

She wiggles her hips and leans into me.

Then I insert my finger into her vagina and scratch at the shallow part.

「D, don’tーー!」

She struggled to keep her voice down and continued to writhe in a whisper.

Finally, my hand found her clit.

My fingertips lightly touched it.


She looked up at me as she let out a whimper.

Her eyes were moist, as if she was clinging to me.

I finger Kamiya-san’s clit and cover her mouth with my hand at the same time.


She climaxed lightly and clung to me.

I got off the train and took a break on a bench at a nearby station.


I thought someone was going to find out!」

Kamiya-san’s mouth pouted in annoyance, but her expression was also cute.

「But isn’t the thrill of it all the better?」

「Uuuuuuu~. sadist…」

My conversation with Kamiya-san was cut short.

「You know…」


「Thanks for today.」

「I didn’t do much.」

「You’re so sweet, Hojo-kun.」

「I don’t think so…」

「Yes, you are.

That’s why…」

Something soft touches my lips.

It was Kamiya-san’s lips.

I wondered how long it had been since I had locked lips with her.

Her lips part.

「See you later.」

「Let me ask you out next time.」

「Un. I’ll be waiting.」

With a beaming smile, Kamiya-san left.

One more breath, and I might have her.

After that, you can slowly corrupt her.

Anyway, let’s go back to school.

I can’t wait to see how Ritsuka is doing.


The Day My Sister Became an Exclusive Meat Toilet – Chapter 21

Summer Excursions With An Exclusive Slut 2

It took about two hours to get off the train at a famous hot spring resort, and then another 30 minutes to get on a bus, and another 20 minutes to walk to the inn.

In this kind of business, the busy season is naturally the opposite of that of people who work for companies. The New Year’s holiday, Golden Week, national holidays, weekends, summer vacation, and recently Silver Week are all busy times, but the busiest season for this inn is the summer vacation.

At this time of year, all the guest rooms are fully booked, so the current hostesses can’t do their jobs effectively. On the other hand, it’s not usually that busy, so they can’t afford to hire more people permanently. It seems that Yuka and I are the ones who can help out during the busy season.

 As I swayed on the train, I watched the scenery drift by. At first it was just buildings and houses, but gradually greenery began to break through the landscape. And as I go south, the vegetation changes and I feel like I am travelling.

Yuka seems to enjoy social networking by taking pictures frequently, and of course she never fails to take selfies.

「Yuka, let’s get some lunch.」

I’m planning to arrive at the other side around one o’clock, and since it would be annoying to have lunch as soon as I get there, I’ll finish it on the train. I wanted to have a hearty meal, so I chose the beef sukiyaki bento and pork cutlet sandwich, while Yuka chose the ladies gozen. It’s obvious that she chose this lunch just because it looked good in the picture, but she seems to really like it, so I won’t go into it.

I got off the train and transferred to the bus. I’m not usually interested in trees, but when I saw a tree with a shape that was clearly not seen in my hometown, I felt excited that I was finally in the south.

「Onii-chan, look, a tree you can see only in Okinawa, it’s huge.」

I was also surprised when I saw it last year.

We get off the bus and start walking, we’ re almost to the inn. It’s been a year since I’ve been here, and I’m a little nervous at the thought of going through that busy time again. But this is my second year, so I’ll be able to do a better job than last year.

While I was thinking about this, the first timer was in high spirits and excited.

「Onii-chan, the ocean, I can see the ocean.」

The road down to the ocean side gave us a great view of the ocean, and we were almost to the inn.

「You can’t see the ocean anymore, but you can smell it.」

「There’s a breakwater around here, and you can’t see the ocean from the inn.」

She looked a little disappointed, so I’ll add to that.

「It’s only a three-minute walk to the ocean, so we’ll see it soon enough.」

「Really! I wonder if I’ll have time to play.」

I didn’t know that much about it, so I answered vaguely.

Finally, we arrived at the inn, which was not a long-established inn, but a large one with a dignified atmosphere. The name of the inn is 『Umibangtei』 ・・・・・ No, they used to be able to see it.

I bypassed the entrance of the inn and went to the adjoining residence, rang the doorbell, and entered the front door. The people around here are so easygoing that no one locks their doors during the day. As I had told her the time of our arrival, my aunt came out right away.

「Well, Yuu-kun, it’s been a long time, you must have had a hard time getting here.」

「It’s been a long time, and I’m looking forward to working with you again this year.」

After a round of greetings, I introduce Yuka.

「Well, Yuka, I wonder if you’ll remember your aunt.」

「Yes, auntie, I was very young, but I remember coming here.」

After that, we were taken to a reception room where we drank tea, reported on our recent situation, and handed over some sweets that our parents had brought us. And after half an hour of talking, we finally moved on to work.

「Here’s the key then, sorry Yuka, we only have one room.」

「No, I’m totally fine.」

When I told Yuka in advance that I would be sharing a room with Yuka because there was only one room available, she kicked me out of the room saying, 「What’s the big deal now?」 My aunt recommended a guest room in the main building, but I asked for a shared room because I didn’t want the people around me to feel uncomfortable with special treatment.

「This is Yuu’s work uniform, and since this is Yuka’s first time, she’ll have to learn how to put it on, so come back here after you drop your stuff.」

There is a separate dormitory for the employees and most of them sleep there, men on the first floor and women on the second floor. The room at the very front of the second floor would be our room. Originally, the second floor was forbidden to men, but I was allowed to use it on the condition that I was a relative of the owner and that I could not go further than the doorway of the room. Of course I don’t want to cause any problems either.

I put my things in my room and sorted them briefly.

「I’m off then,Onii-chan.」

Yuka leaves the room to change into her work clothes, and I put on my work clothes for the first time in a year.

Now let’s get to work.

The work clothes of the male staff are a samue, which is a light and cool summer fabric. The manager wears an apron to make it easier for the customers to recognize him.

I changed into my samue and waited at the entrance of the ryokan, where I was greeted by Sakuma-san, the head nakai, who was in charge of the on-site work.

「It’s been a long time, Yuujin-kun.」

「It’s been a while, Sakuma-san, and I look forward to working with you again this year.」

「It’s nice to meet you too, and it’s really nice that your sister came this year.」

The person I just greeted was Sakuma-san, the head nakai, a charming person who looked like Kanako Yanagihara. My aunt trusts him and he always teaches the basics when a newcomer joins. I’m the one who helped him a lot last year.

「Yuka-chan’s done changing too, so you can watch her」

「How do I look, Onii-chan?」

「Oh, wow, in this case clothes do really make a woman, Gue!」

Before I could finish my sentence, Yuka landed a right hook to my body, and I was caught off guard because I thought she wouldn’t do something like that in public. When Sakuma-san saw this, he was surprised for a moment, but understood the situation and immediately started laughing. He’s a person that laughs easily, isn’t he?

「Sakuma-san, come on, teach me my job.」

「Yu, Yu-tufu, just clean the front for now.」

「And everyone knows you two are coming, but… phew, be sure to say hi when you see them, and I’ll officially introduce you tomorrow morning at the end of the day.」

Well, I’ve been in a bad way from the start. Well, if I follow Sakuma-san, I can’t go wrong. That’s why I came in a day early this time. Today I’ll spend half a day learning the basics, tomorrow I’ll practice based on that, and the day after tomorrow we’ll start the super busy season. Last year, I came and worked the day before the busy season, so I had a pretty bad experience.

Today wasn’t too busy yet, so I finished without incident, remembering my previous work and greeting the staff. After cleaning up the dinner for the guests, we ate our own meals, took showers, and returned to our rooms.

「Yuka, how was it? Wasn’t it hard work?」

「Don’t worry, it was a lot of fun, and the bears were nice.」

「The day after tomorrow is the big day, so make sure you learn it by tomorrow.」

Yuka listens to me as she dries her hair with a hair dryer, it’s been a long time since we’ve lived together in the same room, even though we lived under the same roof until yesterday. That was also when I was a child, so things are very different now. That’s why the gestures of drying hair with a hairdryer and tweaking it afterwards, or applying makeup or polishing nails, seem fresh to me. I can’t help but feel deeply that she is a girl after all.

However, even though I was in the same room with Yuka, I couldn’t do it easily. The walls of the room were so thin that it was impossible to do it in this room because I could hear the TV and the noise of the neighbors. In addition to that, it would be difficult to escape to some other place, considering the intense work that would be required.

I wondered what I should do now, whether I should continue to complete my mission in a wholesome manner or not. Well, I have at least one idea, so I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear and not think too much about it, and focus on work for now.

「We’re up at five tomorrow, so we’re going to bed early.」

The next day, we woke up at 5:00 a.m. and were free to skip breakfast or prepare it on our own, but those who wanted to could have breakfast in the cafeteria. After that, she had to prepare breakfast for the guests, guide them, serve them, clean up after them, wash the dishes, check out, see them off, clean their rooms, and change their bedding covers.

As for me, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting, carrying luggage, seeing people off, cleaning up the common areas, and helping out where work is lagging.

After finishing the morning’s work, I formally greeted the entire staff of the inn.

「It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you all, and I apologize for the inconvenience I caused you last year with my first experience. This is my second year, so I’ll do my best to be an asset.」

Familiar faces greeted me with applause, followed by Yuka’s greeting.

「I’m sorry for the inconvenience my brother caused you last year, I’ll do my best from the start!!!」

I quickly slapped Yuka on the head and she burst out laughing. She used my brother as a pawn to get a laugh. The one laughing the most is… Bear, he really laughs easily.

We had lunch and a fleeting break, and at three o’clock, the pickup began. Checking in, explaining and showing around the inn, handling requests and inquiries, preparing and serving dinner, cleaning up afterwards, and then finishing the day with our own dinner and shower.

I looked over at Yuka, who was still in high spirits and full of energy. I wonder how long this energy will last.

 And then the busy season begins. It’s really tough to operate at the limit of capacity, but the staff who are used to it do their work quietly. I didn’t want to be slowed down this year, so I tried to move efficiently so as not to create a backlog. I can’t follow up on Yuka, but from what I’ve seen, she seems to be moving briskly.

Even in this busy life, Yuka’s surroundings are changing little by little. I didn’t have much of a conversation with the young waitress sitting in front of me at lunch on the first day, but from the second day, our conversation increased. Apparently, she had seen us when we arrived at the inn, and she said that Yuka’s onesie looked very stylish at that time.

She said that she was not going out to play and that her neat and tidy outfit made her look like a lady. From the third day on, I was the only one who went back to my room alone first.

It’s not that I’m sad, it’s just that I’m happy that Yuka is accepted by the staff, yeah.

On another occasion, I couldn’t help but do a double-take when I saw Yuka talking to the chef in the kitchen. I think it’s the manager who’s talking, and he’s smiling. I’ve been here for two years and I’ve never had a conversation with the manager except for getting instructions on how to do my job.

When I asked him later what they were talking about, he told me that she was learning a lot about fish.

「Onii-chan, do you know what the difference is between the length and the width of a fish?」

「I’m not interested」, I replied.

It’s been a week since I arrived here, and although I’ve been busy with work, I’ve gotten used to it and am starting to feel a little more relaxed. Yuka, lying next to me, still looks energetic. I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost ten o’clock, and I couldn’t decide what to do. I’ve been living a wholesome life for almost two weeks now, and now that I’ve come to a place with a different environment, I’m sure I’ll enjoy a different kind of stimulation.

I don’t even know if I can do it yet, I’ll have to be flexible about that, but for now I decided to ask Yuka.

「Yuka, why don’t we go outside for a while?」

Author’s Note:


I wrote an erotic novel, but I’ve been working on it for four chapters.

I apologize for the lack of erotic scenes.

I will definitely include an erotic scene in the next chapter.

Please wait a moment with your pants off.

Torane Takamaru


I Have The Only Ero Knowledge In The World, So I Decided To Cum Inside Pretty Girls – Chapter 16

Park and School Bags – 2

Noa said she’d do her best, but I think I’m done with the upside down angle. And I had the pleasure of her wearing no panties earlier.

「Nnnn~. Well then, can you carry this for me?」

I thought about it for a while, then took Noa’s school bag from the bench and offered it to her. I casually remembered to slip Noa’s panties that were on top of her bag into my pocket.


Noa didn’t seem to understand what that meant, but she carried it obediently.

Of course, it’s only meant to be erotic.

A naked ○ school student is carrying a school bag. I want to see that. What other reason do I need?

Sure enough, Noa-chan, carrying her school bag, was cute as a cum rag.

Her nipples were visible through the edge of the shoulder belts. I’d like to use this as a side dish for rubbing my dick. But there was no way I was going to compromise when I knew I could go much further.

「I’m going to check your balance a little bit.」

 I put my hand on her shoulder strap. I move the straps from side to side, grazing her nipples with them.


I can see her nipples. I can’t see her nipples. I can see her nipples. I can’t see her nipples. I can see her nipples ……!

Every time I did a nipple play, Noa moved her body. From the expression on her face, it was hard to tell if she was feeling it or just wanting to giggle.

「How’s the balance?」

「Eh? Ah, hmmm, …… not so good.」

「I see. ……」

I’d said it myself, but I’d forgotten all about it. Noa murmured sadly at my random comment.

Damn it! I can’t believe I made such a pretty girl sound so sad! If I were the other guy, I’d beat the shit out of him!

But sadly, there’s only one of me. There is no one in this world who can stop me. Muhihi.

「Don’t be so sad, I’ll improve your balance, Noa-chan!」

「I’m so glad you’re here!」

Noa-chan gives me a carefree smile when I don’t stop. I’ll do more and more erotic things to you!

「So, what do you need me to do, Noa?」

「Ah, but first, let’s get you hydrated.」


I stopped Noa as she went to the water fountain at the beginning of the park, and I quickly pulled down my pants and undewear. As a matter of course, a fully erect cock appears with a bang.

「Eh? Is that your penis?」

I took off my pants and put them on the bench, then beckoned Noa to come closer.

「The water at the water fountain isn’t very clean, so let’s drink this.」

Then I pointed to my slightly oozing pre-cum.

「What? Do you have to pee?」

「Everyone gets the wrong idea, but it’s not pee.」

It’s the same reaction every time, so I’m used to it.


「Uwaa. It’s drooling lots.」

「Pee doesn’t get like this.」

Noa nodded her head.

「Give it a lick.」

「Yes…… Nnn」

I held out my finger, which was covered in my own juices, and Noa licked it off.

「What do you think? How does it taste? Was it disgusting?」

「Nnn~, It’s a bit sour. I didn’t dislike the taste.」

「Right? It also contains salt, so it’s perfect for preventing heat stroke.」

「I see. It’s amazing!」

I stroked Noa’s head and encouraged her to lick the tip of my cock.

「Perro, perro.」

 Noa grabbed my cock with both hands and flicked at the crack of the glans. I’ve already experienced it many times, the pleasure running down my back.

「Perro, rero, rero, chiyupa」

「Noa, let’s move your hands a little.」

「Like this?」

「Yeah, yeah, that’s how you get all that juice coming out of there.」

She does as I tell her, moving her tiny hands up and down, disproportionate to my big dick.

「Ah, that’s good. The other hand, you just kind of toy with it.」

「This is it, by accident?」


Noa’s small hand gently wrapped around my ball sack.

「Yes, yes, rub that one gently and rub this one with your hand.」

「Let’s see, massage massage…… FapFap……」

「Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.」

「Hee. massage massage, FapFap, massage massage, FapFap」

A ○ student is playing with my dick while saying obscene words. I can’t stop my pe-cum.

「Uuwaa, it’s really flooding in.」

Noa said as she was impressed and sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth.


「hoho re hara, morainaire fu 」

Noa moved her tongue to lick off the overflowing juice. In the meantime, she never forgets to rub her hands at the same time.

「Chiyururu, chiyupu, rero, nuro」

「Aaah, Noa-chan, Noa-chan……」

Noa continued to suck on my pre-cum with enthusiasm.


「Nnn, It’s very, very addictive.」

「Noa-chan is really good at it, I’m going to cum a lot!」

She was happy that I complimented her, and her sucking became stronger. I clenched my teeth and held back the feeling of ejaculation.

「Yeah, I think it’s time.」

「Oh, really?」

Noa’s regretful gaze is fixed on my cock.

「I’ll give you another drink later.」


I was feeling good enough on my end. Next, let’s enjoy Noa’s body to the fullest.

What kind of erotic things shall we do first? I licked Noa’s small body again. I looked at her as I turned her around.


Bishoujo Collection-An app that raises girls freely in a world where status exists- Chapter 7

Episode 07 Clear as Soon as the Game Starts

Kido and I became lovers. I don’t show it on my face, but I think I was getting excited. She didn’t let me go easily, but I managed to convince her to let me go. We left the back of the school building and decided to go home for the day.

I was really tired. It’s an exhaustion that feels very fulfilling, so it’s okay.

「Bye-bye, see you tomorrow!」

「Aaaaah. See you later.」

Kido waved her hand regretfully and got on a train going in a different direction from the one I was leaving.

Her house seemed to be in the opposite direction of the one I lived in. So we have to split up on the station platform. I even promised to go on a date with her then. On my next day off, I was going to go see a movie with her.

I never expected that I would live such a youthful life.

I returned home with an indescribable feeling. My parents were away at work, as usual.

In my room, I took my phone out of my pocket and launched the app.

「?! This……」

【The tutorial has been completed.】

【10,000 points as a reward for clearing the tutorial has been obtained.】

【Quests have been unlocked】

【The store has been unlocked.】

【Scenarios have been released.】

【You have completed the Kido Tomoyo scenario.】

【150,000 points for clearing the Tomoyo Kido scenario obtained.】

【5,672 points as a reward for growth results obtained】

After becoming lovers with Kido, I came home and started the Bishoujo Collection app, and the information displayed was all over the place. I was very surprised when it suddenly appeared at the top of the screen.

And actually, I was in the middle of a tutorial, apparently. When did the tutorial begin? Did it explain it to me? I didn’t notice that. I’m still not clear on how to operate it or anything.

Moreover, it seems that unintentionally I had cleared the Kido Tomoyo scenario.

I received the clear reward and got a lot of points. I was also fulfilling conditions for quests and getting points without knowing it.

The points I had obtained before I knew it were apparently the reward for completing the quests.

If I check the quests, there are conditions that require the character’s status to be raised to a certain value, or the character’s level of affection to be raised to a certain level.

There are also quests that are updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

There are many other conditions listed, but it seems impossible to check them all. There are too many of them and it’s too much work. If I meet the requirements, I’ll be rewarded on my own, so I guess I can leave it alone. When I’m curious about the conditions, should I just check?

However, the possessed points are increasing too quickly. I got 150,000 points just for completing the scenario. It’s about the same amount of points I got in a month.

Considering the points I used for training, the points I got from completing the scenario is a bit less than that. My current points are 346,685. Approximately 350,000.

So if I want a large amount of points, I just have to develop my characters to clear the scenario. But I don’t know the conditions for clearing the scenarios. That doesn’t seem to be a requirement for the quest.

Perhaps the condition for clearing the Kido Tomoyo scenario was to become lovers. Do the other characters have to become lovers to complete the scenario?

How do I develop other characters in the first place?

 Newly unlocked systems. The store, it seemed, had something to do with it. Maybe I could buy something in the store to open up a new character. I’ll check it out right away.

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Hypnotised Harem – Volume 1 Chapter 13

13. Harem Conditions

When I walked into the living room, my sister put on her clothes as I had told her to.

After that, I put her in a hypnotic state so that she didn’t have to masturbate every night anymore and she took the contraceptive.

After turning off my sister’s pregnancy with the HOID, we made out until she started making dinner.

We hugged and kissed each other, squeezed each other’s chests, had her suck my cock, and did a lot of other things besides inserting it into her pussy.

Until now, my sister would just hug me and rub her big tits against me, and I couldn’t move and just prayed to feel the sensation for a long time, but now it’s different.

When I tried to squeeze her breasts, she pushed them forward so that I could squeeze them more easily, and when I pressed for a kiss, she pushed herself on me and our tongues twined in each other’s mouths.

My sister doesn’t mind any of that, in fact she asks for it.

It was a moment when I realized that I finally had something that could keep me entertained and not bored.

Eventually, my mom came home and took over dinner preparation from my sister.

Later, Yuzuki and my dad came back and we all had dinner together.

「Ka-kun, I got you!♡」

After we ate, I tried to go back to my room, but my sister caught me.

When she caught me, she forced me to lie down on the couch and stroked my head as she kneeled over me.

It’s warmer than most pillows out there, so it feels good.

While I was quietly watching TV with my older sister stroking my head, Yuzuki asked me if I was aware that she and I were acting a little different.

「Have Nee-chan and Onii-chan changed your atmosphere since yesterday?」

「Eeeeh… .I don’t think so…why?」

「No, I’m just curious. Onee-chan has been hugging Onii-chan for a while now, but never to the point of giving you a lap pillow ……」

Even though she is my little sister, she is quite perceptive …….

As expected of a family, they watch us closely.

「Don’t worry about it. It’s just that I suddenly felt the need to do something for you, Ka-kun.」

「My little brother has recently started to lock himself in his room, so I can’t get in.」

「That’s a given.」

It’s obvious. …… What are you saying in no uncertain terms?

It’s normally strange for you to come into my room without permission.

That’s an illegal entry. Oh, but my room was already out of bounds, wasn’t it?

Yuzuki quickly changed the subject, whether it was because she didn’t care much to begin with or because she was joking.

「Speaking of which, Onii-chan, are you free Saturday?」

「Saturday? Well, I don’t have any plans at the moment. ……」

I wish I could take it easy on weekends.

「In that case, why don’t you show up at the middle school with Yui?」

「Eeeeh~, why?」

I couldn’t help the bitterness that came out of my mouth.

「Of course it’s because you’re teaching me.」

「We don’t have to go to middle school to teach. ……」

「Because I’m not the only one who needs to be taught. And make sure you bring Yui with you!」

「Well, Yui might have plans, so I can’t guarantee it.」

「Don’t worry about it. I’ve already talked to her.」

If you’ve talked to her, she’ll show her face on her own without me telling her, right?

I tried to say so, but it was already too late, and Yuzuki was no longer visible in the living room.

She’ s running away fast.

Thus, I was compelled again without my permission.

Oh well… it looks like Yuzuki’s hypnosis will have to start on Sunday.

But I’m almost there, and I can finally get to work on Yuzuki.

My face naturally relaxed at the thought of being able to start on the second one.

I was glad that my little sister didn’t see my creepy smile at that moment.

   *   *   *

「AAaah, aahhh, un! Oh, master! I think I’m going to cum. ……」

「Well, I think I might be cumming too. …… You can cum now!」

It was late at night, a day after I had embraced my older sister.

A naked Maria straddling me is swinging her hips wildly.

After the family had gone to bed, I suddenly felt horny, so I let Maria straddle me at my peril.

As I was about to cum, I started to pump my hips and push Maria up from the bottom, as I had only let her go so far.

「Aaaaaahh, aaahhhh aaaahhhnn! Ccccc… cumming! AaaaAhhhaannn, cumming!!」

「Me too…… Aaaaaahh cumming!」

I took Maria’s hips and gave her a big smack, unleashing my semen.

Every time my penis pulsed, Maria’s body jerked and shuddered.

When the spasms ended, Maria collapsed against my body, and my penis slipped out.

「Haha…haha…… master, …… nchu……」

Maria asks for a closing kiss.

I thought she was a spoiled brat, but when I kissed her, Maria seemed happy to see me.

When we finished kissing, Maria gave herself completely to my body.

「It’s a lot more intense than the first time.」

「That’s it..……」

「Maybe you’ve always wanted it?」

「…… Yes, it’s nice that you sleep with me like this every day, but it’s always just a kiss, and Master never attacks me. ……」

「Was it right to attack you?」

「Yes. I feel like I’ve said this before, but I’ll entertain Master anywhere he wants me to, and I’ll entertain anyone he wants me to.」

I was very happy to hear Maria’s words, but the last part of her words bothered me.

「That’s… that’s the kind of momentum you’re going for, right?」

「No, I’m serious.」

Maria’s eyes were serious.

She’d sleep with anyone if I really ordered her to.

I’ve got to stop that from happening.

「Maria, do you know what the conditions of a harem are?」

「Conditions for a harem…? Do you mean more than two women?」

「Yes, that’s one of the conditions, but there’s another one.」

「Another one?」

「Ahh… just so long as it’s more than two women, there can be any number of men, but that’s just an orgy. In a harem, the man has to be the only man.」

When I said that, Maria realized that what she was saying was contrary to my plan.

「I’m sorry. ……」

「That’s bad. I’ve been preoccupied with my plans lately, and when I’ve tried to embrace you, you’ve interrupted me.」

I said as I stroked Maria’s head.

Maria shook her head and changed the subject.

「Are you making any progress with your plan? It seems that you haven’t touched any other women since you had Mizuki. ……」

「Well, plans are in motion. I finally got an email today.」

「Email? Who is it from?」

「Oh, it’s …… from my dad.」

「Father …….」

「Oh… my dad has sent a transfer request to his boss since the other day, he said his boss asked him to apply for a transfer. He should be receiving his official reassignment soon.」


Maria complimented me on another step forward in my plan.

「Well, it’s nothing to celebrate. We’ll be able to put the plan for my mother into action soon. And he’s been doing it alone today.」

Today, Mom was alone in the room, having been rejected by Dad.

I would like to solve my problem as soon as possible, but it is still a little early.

「What are you going to do with Yuzuki-sama?」

「Yuzuki can’t make it tomorrow, so I’m going to start the day after tomorrow.」

「I believe Master is going to the middle school tomorrow, right?」

「Oh, she wants me to teach it to the younger members of the club.」

「Were you involved in any sports?」

「Oh, a little tennis…….」

   *   *   *

「Good morning.」

「What a coincidence.」

The next day, I left my house with my tennis equipment and found Yui standing in front of my house.

Apparently, she was waiting for me.

Come to think of it, Yui had been asked by Yuzuki to do the same.


「Wa, wait!」

I walked down the street to the middle school, leaving Yui alone.

Yui walks up to me, but I’ m walking a little too fast and my stride is too big for her to catch up.

「Wait up……」



Before I knew it, Yui had caught up with me in a short run and grabbed me by the shoulders from behind.

「…… what is it?」

「What? Why are you walking so fast?」

「It was always this fast.」

「That’s a lie. Kazuki isn’t always that fast.」

「It’s just one of those days.」

「That’s a lie, too. Kazuki has always had a habit of naturally matching his stride with the people he’s walking with. I’ve known for a long time that when you walk with little Yuzuki, you’ve always match her stride to make it easier to talk to her.」


「I’m the one you’re walking with. But Kazuki doesn’t try to match me, which means that he’s deliberately trying not to.」

I’m not gonna answer.

These are the things I did so that Yui would not think of me as her lover.

I don’t talk to Yui alone when people from the school are around.

In elementary school, when my name and Yui’s name was put on the blackboard, I didn’t take it seriously, but Yui cried and hated it.

After that, I decided not to talk to her on the phone or when there were no other people around, and I stuck to it.

I don’t know about now, it’s the road to the middle school, but it’s Saturday morning and not many people pass by.

It’s a small street in a residential area where two cars can barely fit through, so there’s not a single person around right now.

I don’t think any of them would know about it.

「What does it matter?」

「Come walk with me to see what’s wrong. ……」

Her voice became quieter and quieter.

Yeah, this guy ignores what I’m thinking and goes to …….

It would be better to say it once and for all.

「…… would be suspicious.」


「People will wonder if I’m your boyfriend.」

「You don’t like it, Kazuki?」

「I don’t want …… you to get in trouble if people gossip about you dating me, which isn’t true. ……」

「Eh…Ah….fu, fufufufu! Ahaha!!」

Yui laughed when I said that much.

I don’t know what’s funny to her.

Where was the funny part of what I just said?

「Wha, what is this about?」

「That’s not what …… I’m talking about!」

「Don’t worry about it. For now, walk with me today. And don’t start acting weird after today, okay?」

「Eh, ahahh…… if you don’t mind.」

「I don’t care, I don’t care.」

Yui started to step forward with her back to me.

I followed Yui.

After that, Yui was in a very good mood, and she was even walking faster than I was.


Marriage Insult – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Undaunted Heart

After I raped Yukimura Ritsuka, I took a two-day break.

This was what I had originally thought, but when I saw Ritsuka’s condition the next day, I was convinced that I had not made a mistake.

It looks like she changed the time of her train, and Ritsuka, who came to school earlier than me, is wary of all the boys who enter the classroom.

I was suspected of being a pervert. I was no exception to the rule.

Indeed, it is natural to think that the person who raped Ritsuka is very likely to be a boy from the same class.

But there was no way to be sure who it was.

She wished she could check all the boys’ phones to make sure they weren’t photographing her, but that was impossible.

Very few people will show you their true colours obediently regardless if she is one of the “12 Zodiacs” or not.

And if the culprit found out about it and became angry and leaked it, it would be his own downfall.

Well, I use two different phones, so I don’t mind mine being seen.

Ritsuka might be assuming such a defensive measure.

At any rate, it is difficult to make a move on someone as wary as Ritsuka without being seen.

That’s why I left it for two days.

And on the third day.

She’s getting less vigilant.

Three days is too long for a human being or an individual to keep his or her guard up.

However, three days is too short a time for the memory of being humiliated to disappear and for the mind to recover.

I’ll resume Ritsuka’s training.

The last class was over and everyone was leaving the classroom.

Yesterday and the day before, Ritsuka left the classroom as if she was running away, but not today.

She dropped her guard, after all.

But she doesn’t show her back to the boys as she leaves the classroom. It looks like she hasn’t lowered her guard to the minimum.

I walked past Ritsuka too. That’s where I stuck in my tentacles.

The tactile sense is imperceptible to others. So no amount of vigilance can prevent it.

And Ritsuka’s seat was unluckily close to the doorway of the classroom.

I stabbed Ritsuka with my tentacles and left the classroom.

I pretend to look at my phone when I went out and didn’t leave the door area.

Naturally, I manipulate Ritsuka to keep her glued to her seat with her eyes closed.

After everyone in the class had left, I went back to my classroom.

「You want me to fuck you again?」

I called out to her from behind, and Ritsuka said


She makes a frightened sound and begins to tremble.

「No! Let me off!

Please let me off!

I don’t want to have to go through that again!」

With her eyes closed and her movements blocked, all Ritsuka could do was to ask for mercy. Yet.

「Then you should just leave the classroom.」

I say so, but Ritsuka can’t move.

「You know you’ll be raped if you don’t, but you won’t move.

That’s proof that deep down you want a man to fuck you.」

「Th, that’s different!」

「No difference.

For the most part, the last time I fucked you, you came despite it being your first time.

That’s proof that Ritsuka is a slut.

And today, as of right now, I want you to fuck me.

I’m hoping to experience that pleasure again, to climax.」

It’s an absurd theory, despite saying so myself.

But this puts a psychological load on Ritsuka.

After this, if I torment her and make her climax, she will have less material to deny my words.

That’s how we’re going to hunt her down.

Besides, I have a little tool for her today.

One is a vibrator, and the other is, well, let’s say a set.

I put the eye mask on Ritsuka again and make her stand up.

「Take them off.」

I command and control Ritsuka.

「Why did my body just…?」

Ritsuka’s emotions can be read as shame, confusion, anger, and sadness.

So I inject her with an aphrodisiac. Lust leapt into Ritsuka’s emotions.

Ritsuka took off her underwear as well, and for the first time in three days, Ritsuka’s naked body was exposed in front of me.

This is the second time I’ve seen her like this, but she still has a good body.

It’s a body that seduces, delights, and entertains men.

I grabbed Ritsuka’s breasts from the front and squeezed them.

「Aah, aaahhnnn…」

The texture is perfect. It has a reasonable combination of elasticity and softness.

I enjoy Ritsuka’s breasts to the fullest and then remove my hand.

I’ll let Ritsuka do the caressing of her breasts herself.

「Why, this is so embarrassing…


Ritsuka experiences the humiliation of masturbating in front of a man, but also the pleasure.

But from now on, Ritsuka will have to suffer an even greater humiliation.

I squat down in front of Ritsuka, so that her lady parts are directly in front of my face.

Then I take out a brush and stroke up her secret garden.


Ritsuka leans back as if she were stretching.

「What’s going on?

What are you stroking my ah, there with?」

Ritsuka, who is blind, asks me.

「A brush. I’m stroking your pussy with a brush.

「No, that sort of ~~」

A verbal refusal. But I brought the brush for another reason.

「I’ve been stroking your pussy with a brush for a while.

I was just trying to entertain you before I shaved you.」

Ritsuka’s emotions were confused and suspicion was growing.

I don’t think she understands the meaning of my words.

I took out some shaving cream and used a brush to apply it slightly above Ritsuka’s privates.

I didn’t need to brush it on, but I used it to humiliate Ritsuka more deeply.

「Wha, wah what is that sensation?

What are you painting me with?」

「It’s just shaving cream.

It’s an ordinary item that you can find in any store.」

Ritsuka’s complexion changes at my words.

「No, no way…」


Now I’m going to shave Ritsuka’s pubic hair.」


No way, absolutely notーー!!」

Ritsuka cries and screams, but it’s just pleasant background music to me.

And no matter how much she refuses, she can’ t move.

I thoroughly apply shaving cream and pick up a safety razor blade.

Ritsuka shakes her hips slightly, at least showing some resistance, but

「Don’t move your hips too much, though, or you’ll end up with a sashimi of Ritsuka’s private parts.」


At my threat, Ritsuka gave up her resistance and stayed put.

「Come on, let’s get you shaved.」

「Please don’tーー!」

Ritsuka cries and refuses to be humiliated by me.

I’m having fun with it.

“jori, jori”

Ritsuka’s bush was easily shaved off with a razor blade.

Ritsuka’s secret place has nothing to hide, and her figure is now exposed to the public.

「I’ve made you smooth.」


Cruel, so crueeelーー!!」

Ritsuka cried out even more when she was told the reality.

But this is not the end.

The shaving had distracted her, but Ritsuka’s sexual sensitivity was heightened by the aphrodisiac and masturbation.

This is evident by the fact that her pussy is dripping with love juice right in front of my eyes.

Her love juices overflowed from her pussy and dripped onto the floor, creating a puddle.

I manipulated Ritsuka into lying down.

I straddle Ritsuka’s face and get into a 69 position.

After that, I had a good look at Ritsuka’s private parts.

「I’m gonna fuck you with this.」

With that, I inserted the vibrator in my hand into Ritsuka’s vagina.

「Aaaaah Aaaaahー!

Wa, wa ,wa what is thiiiissssーー!?」

「You don’t know what a vibrator is?

And here’s how.」

I turn on the vibrator.

The vibrator begins to vibrate and wriggle.

「S, stop itーー!

It’s shaking inside my vagina, it’s stirring me up!ーー!!」

Ritsuka shook her head and was disturbed by the feeling.

「It’s time you shut up.」

I insert my penis into Ritsuka’s mouth.

She can’t refuse it or resist it by biting it.

Ritsuka has her pussy scrubbed by the vibrator while I fuck her in the mouth.


Ritsuka can’t even pant, so all she can do is make a muffled sound.

Then I grabbed the vibrator and started pulling it out and in vigorously.


I’m at the end of my tether with the feel of Ritsuka’s oral cavity.

「Swallow it!」

I release it as I slam it down Ritsuka’s throat.


At the same time, Ritsuka’s whole body trembled as if in convulsions.

Ritsuka climaxed at the same time as I did.

I pulled my cock out of Ritsuka’s mouth and stood up.

At the same time, I manipulate Ritsuka into sticking her ass out toward me.

Then, I made her split open her own pussy lips.

「Such an embarrassing appearance …」

Ritsuka stopped whimpering, but I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was crying. notwithstanding…

「How can you say that when you spread yourself like that?」

I’m not going to let up on the torment.

Then I pierce Ritsuka at once.


Let me off alreadyーー!!

What did I do to you?

I’ll apologize, just stop it alreadyーー!!」

Ritsuka cries out again.

But when I slammed my hips down.


Don’t be so rough on me!ーー!!」

Her voice was laced with a glaze, and she was clearly feeling it. She’ s gorging on pleasure.

「I know you want to be fucked hard!」

「Th, that’s wrongーー!」

「A squirming, bucking whore!」

「This is not me, this is not the real me!ーー!!」

Ritsuka desperately denied herself being carried away by the pleasure.

However, the aphrodisiac-infected body easily succumbs to the pleasure given.

「Aaaaah, mou, s, stop it alreadyーー!!」

「Now I’m going to cum in your vagina.」


Please don’t cum insideーー!!」

Ritsuka’s plea was naturally rejected.

「Take it allーー!」



Ritsuka spat out the words of rejection, but also the words of impregnated by her climax.

As I was getting ready to leave the classroom.

「I won’t forgive you…

I’ll definately never forgive you.…」

Crying and muttering curse-like words, Ritsuka still hasn’t given in.

But it’s still fun. She’s worth corrupting.

「Maybe next time I’ll fuck you harder.」

I pondered my next torment.