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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Siblings Closer Relationship Translator: kawaii_trap Editor: Reckless Translator   After licking her neck for a while, we stare at each other at point blank distance, so close that we could smell each other’s breath and we exchange sweet talk with each other. 「Nee-chan, I can’t take it anymore, let’s do it.」 「Go … Continue reading Chapter 15

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Sleeping Together Translator: kawaii_trap Editor: Reckless Translator   After that, the meal progresses with small talk. When we finished eating, a voice was heard from the entrance door 「I’m home〜」 It’s mom I heard Nee-chan muttering something 「Damn it. why did she come back so soon….」 「huh?」 「It’s not even 8 o’clock … Continue reading Chapter 14

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