I Have The Only Ero Knowledge In The World, So I Decided To Cum Inside Pretty Girls – Chapter 6

Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 4


I dropped my eyes and looked towards her lower half. Rina wore a skirt today, in the past, Rina never wore a skirt at home. It seemed like she noticed how I looked at her, but it feels so great to do so after she lost her caution about sex

I never even saw her panties, but now, after rolling up her skirt, I could see her pure white panties clearly

“Now lie down.”

“Like this?”

Rina laid on her back on the bed as I fully rolled up her skirt and pushed her legs apart a little.Rina’s eyes were filling with anticipation; she was waiting for me to make her feel good.

While looking at her crotch, I moved my face closer to it. Pushing my nose against it, I sniffed her crotch.

“Do I smell strange?”

Rina asked while feeling a little uneasy. Contrary to her anxiety, she didn’t smell at all.The only thing I could smell was the detergent!

“No, it’s good.”

“Really? It’s fine then.”

Even though she doesn’t know anything about sex. As a teenager, she felt insecure about her body odor.

It was a bit disappointing that I couldn’t smell anything unusual.Putting my hand on her panties, I pulled them down. Her pussy was exposed to my eyes, and there wasn’t much hair on it

I gulped audibly. Looking at her face, I could see her blushing while staring at me

“Is it embarrassing?”

She slightly nodded, of course, it is an excretory organ for her.
I once again pushed my nose against it and sniffed. It smells a little sour

“It smells nice.”

As I said that, Rina’s expression became a little looser It seems like she was quite tensed.

I moved my finger up and down on her vaginal lips


Rina responded to this action. As I gently stroked it up and down, it became more and more moist. Stopping, I moved my fingers and spread her lips. Eventually, the slit starts making weird noises.

“Huh, I have to pee???”

Rina slightly panicked. Shes never felt like this before

“Don’t worry.”


“It’s the same as me before; it isn’t pee.”


Even though she’s still feeling a little doubt, Rina calms down

“Just leave it to me, and relax.”

“If you say so.”

Once again Rina laid down on the bed and opened her lips even wider, it’s time to move on to the next step. Her clit could be seen on the upper side – my next target, I stroked her clitoris with my finger


Rina cried out without feeling reserved It seems like she’s feeling good I stroked her clit just like I did with her nipples earlier

“Oh, oh, yesssss!”

It seems like she feels really sensitive near her clit.Every time my finger moves, her voice keeps leaking out I brought my mouth close to her pussy and started licking it

I slowly inserted my tongue into her hole and began mixing my saliva with her love juices

“What are you …….?”

As she raised a voice of surprise, I ignored it and continued licking her

“Aii, yesssssssssss! Kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Watching her reaction, I began moving my tongue and fingers faster


“Ah, Ohhhhhhhhhh…..”

Rina trembles as more and more juices leak out from her. Not giving her an opportunity to recover from the climax, I pushed my dick into her.

“Huu, what!?”

“It’s going to feel even better.”

Rina’s eyes show an expression of expectation rather than fear when losing her virginity. My dick reacted even more just imagining.

My first time,
I’m going to defile my sister,
I want to ejaculate!
I’ll fuck my Rina!
I’ll fuck my Sister!
I’ll release my semen inside a second-year student!

I stopped moving

“What’s wrong?”

Rina looked at me realizing that I was not moving

“Rina, you, will you be my onahole?”

“What is an onahole?”

“It’s something that makes me feel good whenever I want.”

“Eh, that….”

“You’ll feel good too.”

“Oh, then yes! Please make your little sister an onahole brother! Make me feel more comfortable.”

Rina desperately appealed while looking at me My bitchy sister is begging to be my onahole!

“I won’t pay you any money, I’ll use your body for free!”

“Money……? Ah, yes! I don’t need money! I don’t need money!”

It seems like even Rina herself forgot about the money she asked for,
She’s my onahole!
I can use her however I want from now on!

“I’ll put it inside now.”


Rina answers while half understanding what I’m saying. I put a little strength into it and pushed my dick inside her. Its hard, the hole is too small, and my dick is too big .


Rina raises a bitter voice feeling a bit weird

“Haa, huh, I’m coming inside Rina!”

I won’t stop, I’ll push it inside! It feels like I tore through  something but finally, I forced my dick inside


Rina who was silent finally cried out

“It hurts! Stop! Stop it already!”

My dick enters until the end of her pussy, but not all of my dick is inside her. The hole is too small for my penis to fit inside her. It’s not as comfortable as expected.

However, it feels great seeing my dick inside her pussy. I’m even more excited, also though I feel sorry for her, my waist doesn’t stop,
I want to ejaculate inside her!

“I’m sorry Rina! But I can’t stop!”

“You are going too fast! Too fast!”

The face which was filled with pleasure a while ago was now distorted from pain as tears flowed out of her eyes. I want to ejaculate, but the hole is just too tight.As I kept rubbing my dick inside her, a little slime-covered it

“Painful, bastard, Aaaaaaaaan!”

At the same time, a sweet moan leaked out from her mouth

“Why? Oh huh!”

Rina doesn’t seem to understand what just happened, but the expression of pain and agony disappeared

“Fuh? What is it?”

Even I’m not sure what happened. Her tight unpleasant hole from a while back disappeared It was now wholly slimy and pleasant

“Ha, it’s good! Wow! What did you do Onii-chan.”

Even I don’t know how to answer her. Even with my knowledge about sex, I never practically done it.

“Haaaa, good! Wow!”

Rina stretched her hands and hugged me, I also brought my body closer and responded

“Rina! Rina! I love you, Rina!”

“Really? I’m so happy!”

“It feels so good!”

“Yes! I love you too Onii-chan!”

“You love me more than Yuta?”

“Yes, I love you more than Yuta!”

I sucked on her lips while moving my hips, Rina also desperately entangled her tongue with mine

Rina trembles as she clings on to me.However, I’m about to ejaculate soon too; I mercilessly and violently move my dick inside of her

“Haha, Yes! This is sooo gooood! Yesssssss!”

Rina stopped moving her body, but I can’t stop now Just a little more!

“Go! I’m going to cum!”


“Ahah ah ah annnnnnnnnn!”

The both of us cummed at the same time. Holding onto her body which was smaller, I released into her deepest part

As I release inside of her. The pleasure is transmitted to me; I hope this ejaculation never stops

“UU, Uoo”

“Huh, chuu!”

As my ejaculation is about to end, I once again kissed Rina


With that my ejaculation ended as well. As her pussy was too small, my semen overflowed from inside of her

“What is this?”

Rina looked at the milky white liquid that was flowing out of her

“This is the proof, that you belong to me from now on!”

“Oh, Rina only belongs to you.”

It seems like she’s happy, I stroked her head and kissed her one more time.



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