Chapter 7

The Quiet Before The Storm

Yesterdays sex was awesome

I came three times! It felt so good doing that

In order to keep going like this I have to find a way to not get tired

It’s 11:50 currently, the lights will go out in some time like usual

Today I don’t even have any condoms, let’s see how she can still continue attacking me today

I’ll have her start with a blowjob today, and then make it a 69, I’ll have her completely exhausted before I take the upper hand

It’s a bit after 12, but my sis still hasn’t come

Now that I think about it, Yuka did have a fight with father today

And she seemed to be quite angry, maybe she won’t come because of that

Well, nothing I can do about it now

I’ll just sleep on it

I want to try various positions

I wish to do something like that……

Or this……

That………or this…….

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep

What’s with the sudden alarm today?

I jumped up to my feet thinking about it

It seems like she really didn’t come……..

I went down and washed my face, then headed towards the table

“Good morning”

“Good morning”

While saying my daily greetings I sat down getting ready to eat

Yuka’s here eating too

Although she is here, I can’t tell whether she’s angry or not

I want to ask ‘Why didn’t you come yesterday?”

But, the situation just doesn’t seem like a good place for that

Even though I didn’t interfere and left her alone, she didn’t have much change

Even later at dinner tonight she seems the same

My mom works as a nurse, but still has time to complete the household chores

Today’s menu is rice, and curry

“My stomach hurts mom”

“Oh my, why don’t you take some medicine”

Saying that she brought out some medicine and gave it to Yuka

I’m glad that she isn’t pregnant after the thing we did

I’ll have to be more careful from now on

Maybe she’s menstruating!

That could be why she didn’t come yesterday

“If it still hurts, I’ll take you to the doctor okay. Also next Saturday I’m going to my fathers house”

“Oh, a one day trip?”

“No, since it has been a while. I’ll be staying there overnight”

No Parents this Saturday!

My eyes made contact with Yuka, she’s thinking the same thing

A sly smile formed on my face as I tried to retain my calmness and not let my parents suspect something

Finishing dinner, I got back to my room

Sex with my sister, and no parents inside the house!

Just imagining it makes me hard

Maybe it’s a trap?

Have my parents noticed us and installed hidden camera’s to find evidence?

Calm down, your thinking too much

Suddenly the door opened

“Onii-chan, next Saturday we’ll be alone!”

A giddy voice could be heard through the door

Before I could react she came in, lightly patted my shoulders and ran away

When I turned around, it was almost like she didn’t come in here at all

I would’ve though that I was dreaming, if not for her fragrance which remained here

I had a very calm week, waking up and enjoying my breakfast

Watching tv, chatting with my friends and family

It felt like a calm life

While enjoying my life, I prepared for my special day

Tape, scissors, clips, gum, rope, binder clip, etc

And also adult toys

Although it was weird to buy adult toys at this age, I did it with anticipation of my weekend

Finally the day has come

I returned from school and went upto my room to get ready

It seems like Yuka still hasn’t come back

Arranging all my tools neatly, I also replaced the memory card inside my camera

“I’m back”

It seems like Yuka has come home

But, I still didn’t make a move

We finished dinner and I went for a bath

There seems to be an awkward atmosphere whenever we are near each other

I just can’t come up and make a move!

It’s 9:30 now


My door’s knob seems to be turned

But Yuka doesn’t come inside

In the night the intensity of rain increases even more……..


Chapter 6

My Sister Takes the Initiative Part:2

Yuka’s sucking my cock like a lollipop

She looks so absorbed in it, almost like a kid found a new favorite toy to pay with

But still, I never knew that having my cock sucked felt so good

Even though her technique is very bad, and her mouth can’t reach till my cock’s root, pleasure rushes up every time she moves her clumsy mouth

Especially when she licks the tip of my cock, my spine tingles as my dick trembles with pleasure

I don’t mind doing this every second for the rest of my life

Also, the sound of slurping from her mouth makes me feel even better

I’m going to cum soon

“I’m going to cum, take it inside your mouth”

As I was about to cum I held down her head to keep her from moving away

While I held her head I released my desires inside her mouth..

You might wonder how it all happened…

After yesterday night we didn’t speak the whole day like before

And she once again came here during today’s night

“Brother, isn’t your dick hard?”

As I didn’t know what to say to her daring and shameless question

She came near the bed and brought her mouth near my pants

“Should I give you a blowjob?”

Before I could decide on an answer, she quickly moved my dick out of my pants and began licking it

My little sister, holding all of my semen inside her mouth was requesting for tissues

As I gave her the box, she spits out my semen onto the tissues

The atmosphere was a bit weird, she was sucking my cock till a while back

But now we couldn’t even have a proper conversation

After a while yuka gets up and starts heading towards the door

She didn’t even throw away the tissue which was filled with my cum

“Good night”

“Hey! Where are you going?”

Without answering my question, she smiles and disappears beyond the door

What is she thinking?

Whatever, lets just sleep for now

After turning the lights off, I go back to sleep

She came here today too

Just like yesterday she came after all the lights were turned off

This time she didn’t even bother asking for anything

She came and kneeled down beside my bed

It was like she was waiting for me to present my dick for her to service it

I removed my pants and sat on the bed’s edge

She moved her mouth near my dick and started to take it inside

Yesterday she was only licking and moving her mouth, but now she was also sucking it

It felt like a vacuum was pulling on my dick

The pleasure was ten times better than yesterday

How did she get so better in one day?


A groan came out of my mouth due to all the pleasure I felt from her mouth

“Zhu zhu zhu….”

Obscene sounds of slurping were clearly coming form her mouth

The sound is louder than yesterday

The sound of my sister slurping on my dick was so sexy, it made my dick grow a little harder

But today I won’t cum so fast, I might be a rookie yesterday

But I won’t come so easily today

While she was sucking on my dick, I began moving her head with my hands

I pushed my dick deep throat and pulled it out

While she was sucking I began to move her head faster and harder

It seems like she doesn’t mind me abusing her, however I want

I’m almost at my limit, the moving of her head only brought me closer to climax

“I’m going to cum, don’t you dare spit it our!”

Unlike yesterday I would rather see her swallowing my cum in front of me



As I blew my load inside her mouth the pleasure was really good, but my dick didn’t go soft!

I could go for another round today

When I thought of this I smiled a bit evilly

After I finished cumming inside her mouth, I didn’t give her any time to respond

I pulled her body and pushed it onto the bed

Her face was facing onto the quilt and her ass raised high into the air

I began hitting her ass

“Pa, pa, pa ….”

“Ahu, mm”

As she didn’t still swallow my cum, she could only make weird sounds

But I didn’t let her go

“Let’s see how you will escape now!”

Saying that I pushed my dick inside her pussy, due to just cumming my dick was a bit sensitive

But I’ll still do it

She’s been running away after sucking my dick, today I’ll fuck her pussy turns into my dicks shape

“Here we go!!!”

Saying that I violently pushed my dick till the root all at once


She made a weird noise once again

She still hasn’t swallowed?

Lets see how long you won’t swallow it!

“Pa pa pa pa”

While pistoning I began slapping her ass with my hands

Once on her right, once on her left buttock

“Agu, agu, agu…..”

Her face is covered in pleasure, as she’s trying to swallow the cum inside her mouth, a little drips from the mouth

“How dare you spit out my cum!”

Trying to take advantage of the sperm dripping from her mouth, I hit her ass even harder



Although she violently trashes her ass, her face is excited

It seems like she wants to be abused

I began moving faster and slapping harder

“Zhu zhu zhu”

Along with the slapping sound, the sound of my rod going in and out could be heard

“Don’t you dare let my cum fall out”

As I reached the limit, I started cumming once again

But, because I just released a while back not a lot comes out

Still, her face is covered in pleasure


She moaned loudly from the sperm inside her pussy

I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick, it felt like she was trying to squeeze my dick dry

With releasing twice in the last half hour, my head began feeling a little dizzy

I fell onto the bed, while enjoying the scene in front of me

Her red ass with my white sperms dripping down, and her face covered with pleasure

This is life!!!

“Bye bye brother”

While she tries to run away like everyday, I slap her once again

But this time I slapped her on the pussy where I just released


While screaming from pleasure and pain, as I slapped her hardly

She began running out of the room, with her dripping pussy

Off to bed once again


Chapter 5

My Sister Takes the Initiative

Honestly, my sister didn’t dislike us having sex

But, as the elder one it was my job to put a brake and not take it too far

Now that I think about it, what we did was completely ridiculous

But still, I do not regret what I did

After us having sex, there was an awkward atmosphere between us brother and sister

It was similar to the cold war, we didn’t speak and tried to not even make any form of eye contact

As we were acting more distant than usual, our parents noticed it

“Are you guys fighting about something?”

Not knowing what to answer, I just chuckled awkwardly and shook my head

After we had sex, I don’t how to be with her anymore

I can’t consult anyone to find a solution, and definitely not my parents

For now lets just sleep through it

I got into my bed at 11’o clock, I’ll think about it tomorrow

After about 10 minutes all the lights were extinguished throughout the house

As my parents went to sleep, I heard the sound of my door being opened

I know who it is, but lets pretend to be sleeping

As I acted to be asleep, my sister climbed into my bed

“Brother, are you awake?”

As I didn’t answer and tried to act asleep, she came and sat on my thighs

Then she began moving her hips front and back

Although I can’t see properly through my closed eyes, I could feel the flesh moving on my thighs

“Ahh, brother is so goooodd!!!”

It seems like my sisters become addicted to masturbating

She began moving faster and faster

It seemed like she was hungry for sex

She was willing to use my body to masturbate, this shows that she doesn’t mind me finding out about her slutty actions

“Fuckk me, fuck meeeeeeee!”


“Yessssss, I love you brother!!!”

As time went on, she began moaning a bit loudly, I started fearing that my parents would hear her

And my dick started getting hard, even though I tried to suppress myself

It was impossible to do when you could hear the sexy voices from her

Unable to control my desires anymore, I pushed her bellow me and started to remove my clothes

“Brother you’re awake!!!”

Unlike her voice which showed fear, her face was full of expectation and craving

I didn’t bother answering but removed all the clothes I wore

Seeing that I wasn’t caring enough to answer her, she also tried to help me remove my clothes

After I was naked I moved my hands to touch her

One hand went straight towards her breasts, while the other I moved it inside her pajamas

Her breasts were still the same, small and soft

Also, her pussy was dripping wet, it seems her masturbating on my body made her horny

“Do not moan too loudly, okay?”


Yesssssssss, my brother feels the same way!

Even though I do it myself, it was not comfortable, it feels frustrating to masturbate and not feel good

Only being with my brother will make me feel pleasure

My brother started to remove my clothes after feeling my whole body, I should also help him

Together we removed my clothes very quickly, that was because I wore no underwear when I came here

He starts moving his tongue all over my nipples, ahhhhhhhhh it feels so good!

Like I thought only my brother can make me feel good

He inserted one finger into my pussy and began moving it in and out


Even though I tried to control it, my voice leaked out

Why does it feel so good, when he touches me?

It feels a hundred times better than when I touch myself, and I use almost my whole hand to masturbate!!!

My brother took his hands back and started to bring his dick near my pussy

Maybe because he noticed that I was wet, he decided to ignore fingering me anymore

Although I lost my virginity just a few days back, I can’t wait to have sex!


I will fuck her for the 2nd time!

Whenever I think about the time I took away her virginity, I’m always filled with guilt

I won’t care about it anymore, I’ll never let her go

I started moving my hips, my dick was completely inside her till the root

It seems she still feels a little pain, as her body turned stiff

“Zhu, zhu zhu…..”

The sound of meat moving in and out could be heard through the room

The sound is well audible, I should finish as soon as possible

It would be a huge problem if my parents heard it and came to check on us

Even though it feels really good, and I don’t want to cum before she does

I will have to do it

Also it won’t be a problem to cum with all the pleasure I’m feeling


Hearing her sweet moans, and the feeling of her tight little hole, its impossible to not cum

As Yuka started moaning I desperately covered her mouth with both of my hands

I can’t let her moan that loud!

“Yuka do you feel good? I’m going to cum inside you”

Because I covered her mouth she can’t speak

But she nods her head to say that she understood me

After seeing her agree, I went on my last sprint

Even if I’m going to cum I might aswell enjoy myself before letting it out

After moving my hips till I was satisfied, I finally blew my load inside her

The bed also stopped rocking as I started cumming inside her

Just like I remembered it felt, ridiculously goodddddd


Even when her mouth is covered her moans leak out

Her face is covered in pleasure, and her pussy is becoming even more tight

Suppressing my desire to fuck her once more, I pulled out my dick

As I didn’t even masturbate in the last few days, I released a lot inside her

My sperm was dripping out of her slutty meat hole

Even though it is really enjoyable to watch it, I can’t

After enjoying the view, I handed her a few tissues to clean her hole

I did the same with my dick and then I sent her away

I cumshoted her vagina!

That was all I could think of as I fell asleep


Chapter 8

The Day My Sister Became An Exclusive Meat Toilet

“Remember what you said to me last week?”


“As long as I don’t harm your body, and make you feel good. You’ll obediently do anything I tell you”


Yuka still has a smile on her face while answering

“Now that you’re here, strip naked”

Yuka starts undressing

I don’t know if she’s embarrassed but she’s doing it very slowly

One button at a time, but somehow it looks even more erotic like this

Take off her shirt she put it on the floor, and she doesn’t have a bra on

Then she takes of her pants, the only thing remaining are her panties

She moves to take them off too

Her elegant look while stripping near the door looks really good

My completely nude sister fidgeting in front of my door looks really cute

Lightly rubbing her legs and trying to hide her breasts and crotch, she looks really cute!

Even though I want to enjoy the scene in front of me, my dick is already hard and waiting for a long time

“Alright, now come here”

My naked sis came closer like I ordered her

As I’m sitting on a chair, my eyeline is right on her mini breasts

I can see that her nipples are already erect and tingling

“Give me your hands”

I attached each of her wrists with a carabiner I bought

Next I put a choker full of rings on her, and finally also tightened her ankles to the each end of the bed

And like that I tied her up like an X on the bed naked

“Okay, not let’s begin”

Yuka can’t do anything anymore

I reached out my hand towards her crotch and pushed one finger inside her

“HA. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I haven’t even started anything, but she seems to be quite wet

I increased one more finger and began moving them


While Yuka is still panting and moaning, I start kissing her nipples and pinching the other one with my free hand


As I began moving my fingers even faster, Yuka started moaning loudly while screaming my name

“You want to pass away?”

“YES! Like before I want to pass away feeling good! I want my head to go white Onii-Chan!”

Yuka’s speaking honestly about her desires

Even my dick is too hard, it’s time for me to enjoy

Pulling my dick closer I pushed it inside her till the root

Ah! It feels so good

Her little pussy wrapped around my dick so tightly

I grabbed onto her waist and began pistoning as hardly as I could


Sounds of out bodies hitting each other echoes through the room

I grit my teeth and move even faster

Feels so good!

“Annn! Onii-Chan, it ffeelssssssssss goddddddddd!”

As I was fucking her even faster, I saw that Yuka reached her limits and began cumming


She even started peeing from all the pleasure!

I always felt bad about finishing before a girl

But, finally I’m feeling a bit proud


Volume 1 Chapter 8

Extra 2

This is my husband

“Oh, huh….Hiiii!”

I started panting from pleasure and Sharon used me from my behind

His dick is so big inside my pussy (Sharon taught me that is what they call a girl’s crotch)

Everytime he pushes his dick inside my pussy, it becomes more and more wet

Sharon is using me to release his sexual desires

We just finished having breakfast, and Irina left for school

Sharon my son was born 6 years ago, he’s always been smart since the day he was born

He never used to cry, even when he was hungry he would just knock on the basinet

When he was 1 year old he started talking properly, this really surprised me and my husband

Even without our help, he learnt everything by reading books

My husband thought that something was strange, but I was happy that my son was gifted by the heavens

I always wondered how my son would grow up to be

And now my pussy is being penetrated by my son’s huge dick everyday…

“It is natural to handle your son’s desires”

So when Sharon asked for my body after breakfast, I rushed upto him and stripped naked immediately

Laughing he hugged me from behind and started violently pounding me

“Haaa……haaa….huh..ah!!! Sharon…your dick……is the best……”

“Yes, mom’s pussy is also very good. It feels like I could cum at any moment. I’ll pump you full of my semen, maybe you’ll once again become pregnant!”

While saying he tightly held me from behind and released his semen inside me for the first time today

The feeling of my son’s thick and hot sperm is making my insides feel so gooooddddd!

But still not satisfied he began moving once again while I was still trembling in pleasure


I often used to do the samething with my husband till Sharon was born

However, compared to Sharon my husband is not even worth mentioning

But with Sharon, he kisses me, fucks me in my butthole, and also makes me feel so comfortable……since the time I’ve been born only with Sharon have I felt so good

Occasionally I wonder if this is right?

But, whenever I see his smile and feel him cumming inside me, all my worries disappear

My pussy is holding onto sharon’s dick tightly like it’s afraid of losing it

“Ah… it’s becoming even tighter. My mother’s pussy really is so gooooddd! You are just like a newly found girlfriend begging for sex. I’m going to cum inside you once again mom! I’ll use you as my onahole forever!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sharon! Yes! Fuck mommy with your huge dick! Yes! Oh yeahhhhhhhh!”

I could no longer hold it in as I was being stabbed by his huge dick

I started begging for sex from my son

My pussy even further tightens hoping to squeeze his dick till its dry of semen

While our waist are hitting each other with each moment (PA! PA! PA!), finally Sharon pumps my cunt with his cloudy semen

“Fuuu….. Mom’s pussy is overflowing with my sperm….. thanks for letting me use your pussy to masturbate mom………. I love you!”

As soon as I heard his love filled words, my body couldn’t hold back the pleasure of me climaxing multiple times and fell down powerless

While looking at me who fell down on the floor wtill climaxing, Sharon lightly patted my head and left the room

Perhaps he went to study, or practice magic

When I recall his words (Mom I love you) and his action of patting my head, I feel a different kind of heat accumulating near my lower body

After Sharon was born, my husband spent more and more time with his business and didn’t bother with me

It was then that Sharon gave me happiness while embracing my body, not leaving a single part of me alone

“Mom, Lisa and Aina need more milk”

Sharon impregnated his sister and breeded her, the result of that was Lisa, his daughter

And my child his sister/daughter Aina

The baby was not born long ago, along with Aina I now have 3 children

“Oh…I’ll feed them as soon as possible Sharon”

While straightening myself, I stood up with my feet still trembling

As I walked Sharon’s sperm was still dripping down my thighs as a proof of my affair with him

When hading towards the babies room, a smile formed on my face as I looked at Sharon along with Asha standing there

“Thanks for looking after Lisa and Aina husband”

I slightly murmured, not daring to call him that out loudly

“Mom you said something?”

“NO, nothing. Lisa and Aina come here I’ll feed you now. Drink as much as you want and grow bigger”

While I sat on a chair, I started feeding both of the girls with my milk

While feeding my daughters I’m surrounded by cute maids, making me feel even more happier

Sharon stared at me for a while, before coming behind and hugging me


“What is it Sharon?”

After a slight pause he brought his lips closer to my ears and slowly whispered

“I want to sleep with you tonight Mother”

Saying such things like a demon tempting me

I began feeling heat near my pussy once again as I heard those words

“Whatever you want Sharon”

While looking at him I couldn’t refuse anything, Sharon my son – my husband

This is my husband

My – beloved Husband


Volume 1 Chapter 7

Episode 6

Sharon rapes a 6-year-old girl

While pulling on Asha’s hand I left my house

After putting my sister and daughter to sleep I left them with the other maids (I never said this, but we have maids other than Asha)

We are actually shopping for dinner, while holding hands the both of us look like brother and sister

Since I had too much sex today, my dick is lightly numb

So I won’t do anything erotic and just enjoy the walk

Also I don’t feel like having anymore public sex today

I fucked Emily’s ass while hugging her this morning. And then while she walked on all 4 like an animal I kept fucking her from behind

Of course I used a hallucination spell so that others wouldn’t notice

I’ve being doing things like this all the time

Like masturbating with just their nipples on my dick

Oh well, life is supposed to be enjoyed to its fullest

I can feel Asha’s soft hands, and a small spoiled smile on her face

It seems like she’s enjoying out alone time, even if it’s just shopping

“Gouu, aaaaaa”

…….suddenly a child’s crying voice could be heard

Pulling on Asha I head towards the voice


There was a pretty girl similar to an angel crying in the middle of the streets

I wonder if she’s lost

A girl shedding tears roadside…..

….No, honestly she’s a child

Maybe 6 years old, she tries to wipe her tears with her cuffs, but the tears just keep overflowing

I went towards her along with Asha

The little girl raised her head and looked at us who were approaching her

Her white porcelain skin, with red cheeks is stained with tears as she loots at me with uneasiness

While looking at her my blood gathers near my lower half

“What’s wrong little girl?”

I gently speak to her, trying to no scare her away

Gathering magic in my hand I perform spells to remove all the fatigue on my lower body

This girl seems to be the same age as me

“What’s your name? Can you tell me anything about yourself?”

“Minerina…Aionfon…fuu,fuu…6 years old”


An aristocrat?

If my memory is true, then this girl Minerina must be someone important in the Aionfon family

Maybe she got lost from her servant

I know the location of her family, so I’ll send her back with someone

But that’s for later

My smile switched into a grin as I activated a magic spell to encloses all the 3 of us

A magical circle appears below us and completely isolates the space around us

This is a barrier that isolates the space from its surroundings

It also has additional properties to brainwash those around it from not noticing it

Also, it’s soundproof , so no matter how much we shout no one will be able to hear us

Based on the current situation

A pretty innocent fairy of 6years old, and my dick which recovered due to magic

Let’s rape her along with my 12 years old obedient maid

In a swift instant I start removing her clothes

Since I’ll have to send her back, I might as well keep the clothes neat so that no doubts will be formed

Even though Minerina tries to resist, she’s just too weak in front of me who has the strength of an adult

Within a minute all that’s left are her panties

While undoing my pants I take out my dick for the angry eyes of Minerina to stare at


She trembled as she saw my dick

I could no longer hold myself back, so I pushed her down onto the stone hard floor

“No! I’m sacred! Please let me go! PLEASE!!!”

As she shouts and wriggles below me, her soft things press on my dick to further accelerate the excitement

But if she keeps thrashing like this my dick won’t be able to enter her

“Asha, help me hold this child in place”

I decided to have Asha hold onto her lower body and keep it in place

“Yes Master”

I can now enjoy her happily, without too much effort

Thanks to Asha, Minerina’s resistance is now no more

While slightly shifting her silk panties I put my dick near her petite pussy

Of course as a virgin, her pussy is tightly closed so I’ll have to force my way through it

“NO! I’m scared please stop!”

“No, no. be a good child Minerina! Stay still and I’ll make you into an onahole for me. And then I’ll break your virginity and fuck you and finally cum inside you! So don’t resist me”

“NOnonononon! Stop! Aah!”

As I thrusted into her pussy breaking her virginity, Minerina started shouting from pain

Hearing her screams I thrusted even deeper enjoying her cries

While she was screaming with her mouth wide open and panting with pain, I started licking her whole face

Not leaving a single spot, I drenched her face in my saliva

Minerina a 6 year old being raped on a dirty road while covered in saliva is not a thing I could see in my past world

So my dick gets harder enjoying the sensation and situation

I released a little magic and let her pussy heal, before I began pulling my dick out and inserting it again

“Oh! Ahhhhnnnnnnn! !?”

Everytime my dick goes inside her Minerina lightly groans signifying her pleasure from being raped

But because of the sound barrier neither her voice nor her screams will go outside

Fuck and rape a girl you just in the middle of the street, I love this world!

“Minerina’s pussy is tight and pleasant….. even though it’s small you really are slutty already. I’ll cum inside you Minerina! Swallow all of semen little slut!”

“OH, Ayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“I’m cumming Minerina!…….Uh!”

“NO, ah aha ahaah!”

As I reached my limits, I increased my pistoning speed to enjoy the pleasure while hitting out waists vigorously against each other

While screwing y dick deeply inside her, I pour my semen as deep as possible inside the pussy of a 6 year old

“Ah…. It feels good…..It’s fun to rape a girl on the roads, I’ll have to try it out more often. Get the clothes ready, I’ll have her cleaned up”

“Yes Master!”

Asking her to get the clothes I threw away before, I look down on Minerina who’s still convulsing while holding onto my dick inside her pussy

Just like any other rape victim there isn’t anymore emotion in her eyes

I got a little more excited looking at my first rape victim, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pulled her face near it

As she still didn’t respond, I lightly opened her mouth and screwed my dick inside her

She still didn’t bother with my dick inside her mouth


Finally, as I screwed her throat till the root of my dick she finally reacted

I could hear a groaning voice, it seems more painful than I though

Not caring about it, I hold onto her head with both of my hands and began pistoning my dick inside her tight and moist mouth

Deepthroating is something I enjoy with Emily at home

Every time my dick loosens and comes out of her mouth, she desperately tries to breathe

Feeling her breathing roughly onto my dick makes it even harder

I decided to use her as a proper onahole and started fucking her mouth even harder

Soon I reached my limit and cummed a lot inside her throat straight into her stomach

“Hahaha……… it was really good slut. Minerina’s mouth is almost as good as my mothers. Let me use it again someother time”


Minerina right now looks like a frog specimen that has been dissected on its back

With sperm leaking both from her mouth and pussy, and an occasional voice leaking out of her

Her body which I used for my sexual desires is covered in sweat, dirt, saliva, and my semen

“Thank you so much! Thank you so much!”

Minerina’s servant was found rather easily, he’s now bowing again and again thanking for helping him out

While thanking me he never let go of her hand, afraid that she would slip away

After fucking her I dressed her up and got her ready to be sent back home

Holding onto her hand, they eventually disappeared from my line of sight, not knowing what I did

The girl he took isn’t Minerina, she’s just a random girl who i brainwashed and transferred Minerina’s life into

The actual Minerina is beside me

I walk away along with my newly acquired family

Today was also a good day


Volume 1 Chapter 6

Episode 5

Maid > Maid Handjob

“Yes, Asha. Aaaahnnnnnn!”

Currently I’m having lunch in the garden with Asha

After dumping my cum all over my wife and daughter I enjoyed my breakfast, and then studied till noon

From morning till now, I cummed inside ass once, two deep throats, and one hair masturbate

Although I can use magic to recover my physical fitness, it’s not good to use too much

Tomorrow Emily is supposed to meet the neighborhood ladies for having some tea

And Irina is also having a lunch with her friends tomorrow

Starting next year, I can attend the royal academy, I could start this year

But I need to make sure that my daughter remembers the taste of my semen, so I’ll start next year

And now I’m having lunch

Asha is sitting face to face in front of me

I pour the egg salad which I chewed until now into her mouth

Her food is filled with my saliva, but feeling like she was in heaven she smiled and began chewing it and swallowed it at last

Asha basically eats her three meals out of my mouth

I never even asked for Asha to do something so perverted

A few months back was Asha’s 12th birthday, when I asked her what she wanted as a gift

“I’d like to eat my meals from masters mouth if possible….”

Asha spoke with a red face, that seemed like it would start bleeding

Even though I didn’t mind, I slightly scolded her and then accepted

I took another bite of the sandwich and held onto Asha’s face and kissed her

Pushing the saliva filled food into her mouth with my tongue, I started licking her tongue

Every time our tongues intwined with each other, Asha’s breathing became rougher

Eventually I no longer cared about the meal, and began kissing her completely devoted

A 6 year old, kissing and embracing a 12 year old out in the open was something so hot, that my dick which was calm now once again turned erect

“Asha, how about you please me with your hands?”

“Yes, Master!”

While still being kissed by me, Asha moved her hands towards my trousers and began touching my dick

I got even more excited feeling Asha’s hand running up and down all over my dick

For a couple of minutes nothing happens as I keep kissing her and she pleases my meat rod

Soon, my dick starts pulsing and cloudy white liquid bursts out covering Asha completely in my semen

“Master, did my hand feel good?”

While asking me she started scooping my semen that was all over her and put it inside her mouth

“Yes, watching Asha using her cute hands to please me, made me so excited that I came a lot. Thank you for being such a good maid Asha”

Rubbing he cheek I praised her for the good job she always does

Her expression turned ecstatic as she was praised


Volume 1 Chapter 5

Episode 4

Sis Hair Masturbation > Sister Anal Plugging > Daughter Cum Therapy

After finishing my morning running, and magical exercises, I entered the house and wiped myself with a clean cloth that Asha gave me while greeting at the entrance

In the living room, Emily, and Irina are seated, they’ve started eating their breakfast

Irina is shaking her ass while eating

In her ass is an anal butt plug to keep the semen and urine from not leaking outside

The plug had an imitation of a dog’s tail

Of course I made it, there isn’t anything like a buttplug in this world

A dogs tail slightly lifting the skirt and poking outside, is really cute to look at

You might wonder who inserted the buttplug inside her

This is all thanks to my hypnosis, “When you wake up, if your ass is filled with cum, or urine, use this plug to seal it”

I got this idea one day, when I cummed inside her sleeping ass and didn’t want it to fall out of her

“Sis, I came inside your ass, but my dick is once again hard. Give me your hair to masturbate”

“……Yes………. As long as Sharon wants it….. I’ll give you anything…….”

I pulled her waist length hair and began rubbing it on my dick

The feeling of her soft hair, makes my dick lightly tremble and release some pre cum, covering her hair

It looked so erotic seeing her hair covered in my cum

“Ha Ha….oooooh… sis’s hair is so smooth, it feels so good… you really are an onahole that can be used anytime, and any part of you body can be used. I’m going to cum on your hair sister!”

As I came all over her hair I pushed the anal plug even more inside her

While covered in semen she was trembling from anal pleasure

Realizing, that I haven’t urinated after coming back from training I let it lose

Her semen entangled hair was washed with my urine showing her face which was adorably red with pleasure

I urinated for almost a minute, my sis was completely drenched in urine and a puddle was formed below her

As my dick was still hard I looked around to decide on the next toilet

I found my baby who was recently born near the table

Lisa my daughter was born half a year back, but I used my magic to increase her growth rate

Now she looks like a year old girl

Both Irina and Emily and breastfeeding their daughters

Only Aina isn’t here, I think she’s still sleeping

Aina is my sister/daughter whom Emily gave birth to

All this time Lisa was sucking on Irina’s nipple

Even when I was peeing all over her mother she enjoyed her feed

Even though Irina’s breasts aren’t big, they are moderate enough to feed her child

While getting up I move my dick closer to Lisa

Noticing it, Lisa turns and gazes at my huge dick with pure eyes

“Suck on daddy’s dick Lisa”

Not waiting, I pushed my adult extra large into her baby sized mouth

While Irina was still holding onto her I began moving my dick not caring that she was still a baby

My dick forcefully went inside her throat and then out

Her narrow mouth felt so good and tight

Even though she was just a 1 year old, her tongue was rubbing against my dick like it was something natural

I reached my limits while using my daughter as a tool of pleasure

“Ahhhh.. my Lisa’s mouth is so comfortable…… you’re almost as good as your mother…… in the future I’ll make sure that you please my dick everyday… I’m going to cum Lisa. Drink your daddy’s milk! Grow up like your mom who loves my semen!”

I caught her face with my hands and pushed my dicks tip till her throat and started cumming


As her mouth couldn’t take too much of my semen I took it out and scattered it on her face

Lisa who’s face and mouth was filled with semen groaned

“Fuuu……. It was a pleasant experience Lisa. Was papa’s milk delicious? I’ll cum all over your face to make you even more beautiful”

I enjoyed looking at her face which was covered with semen

An infant covered in cloudy white liquid is really erotic

My dick now turned even harder then when it was before

“Now, I’ll let your mom drink my semen!”

I pushed my dick inside Irina’s mouth who was watching her brother ejaculate on her daughter


Not caring about my onahole’s groaning I began fucking her mouth to relive myself

Instead of how it was only tight with my daughter, my sisters mouth felt better because she even knew how to use her tongue well

As the excitement finally reached climax, I deep throated her in front of her daughter and began cumming

“Ha, Ha, huh…….it was so comfortable……. Lisa’s mouth feels good, but her mother’s mouth is even better. I want Lisa to remember my semen’s taste, but as my onahole I’ll use you whenever I want”

While removing my cum coated dick, I rubbed it on my daughter face to clean it

Enjoying the look of urine and semen packed mother and daughter, I finally began my breakfast


Chapter 5 Part1

Hildegard Part 1

When my consciousness became better, I noticed I was in the dressing room and Charlotte was wiping me

Why is Charlotte wiping the semen that is sticking to me?

I’m glad that she is doing it, but why is she?

As she’s cleaning my semen her breasts keep shaking with the momentum ……Charlotte is so erotic

However this didn’t last long, I am hurriedly dressed

Since my hair hasn’t properly been dried it is still a bit wet, all I was given to wear is a bathrobe, and no underwear either

Even though the bathrobes material feels good, the length is really short

It is similar to the mini skirts worn by those from earth, if I bend a little forwards my ass will be visible to everyone

But I don’t think I can complain about this

Charlotte and the other maids pulled on us to another location

“Are they still not ready? I can’t wait any longer!”

That voice belongs to the fat man!

Is something happening?

By the way, Joanna seems to have been left naked in the bath

She might catch a cold……

All of us are standing in front of a door

Is this where the director is?

I have a strange sense of nervousness standing here

I suddenly feel someone pulling on the bathrobe

Is that homo doing something weird?


When I try to look behind me, Charlotte moved a little bit away after I saw her

While saying something behind my ear, she lightly sighed

Her hot sigh tickled my ears, wait what did she say?

As I was going to ask her, one of the maids knocked on the door


A very beautiful voice came from the inside

The voice is so beautiful

Who might this woman with such a beautiful voice be?

It is the director!

I’m getting excited just thinking about her

As the maids open the double doors one by one……

The director’s office is very spacious

It might even be bigger than the principals office in my school

At the back of the room is a high desk and a black leather chair

But the director isn’t there

Looking in another direction there are two black sofas and a small low table there, similar to a coffee place where they sit around and drink

Both me and Karl are lined up in front of them

There are 3 figures in the sofas

First is the old fat man who I met before

But, the atmosphere around his completely different

His whole body is covered in sweat, even though he is wiping it the sweat just doesn’t stop

The next one….. a child?

A very cute girl is sitting on the sofa

White skin similar to porcelain, platinum blond hair, I’m sure that she will grow up to be a very beautiful girl in the future

Small body, and not too long limbs

She could develop in the breast area

Sitting there she seems to be enjoying the sweats and cakes

But there is one unusual characteristic

One is the horns that are growing on the side of her head

From her blond hair, curling horns similar to a goat or a sheep are growing

…..Are they real?

And the other strange thing are her eyes

Her eyes are gold in color and shining from time to time, and the pupils are elongated like a cats eyes

What is this………?

But even all of these don’t reduce her charm

Rather it makes me even more excited

Is she younger than me?

I want to see how she will look after growing up………

And the last person

Long flowing silver hair

Very Beautiful

Very Glamorous

Very Sexy

She might be the famed director of Valhalla

Smoke comes out of her mouth, she’s smoking a pipe with one hand

Charming eyes, exquisite lips, white and glossy skin

Her huge tits which are tightly pressing against her black clothes

Her breasts are really huge!

I want to keep looking at them forever

But I don’t think I can do that, so I will burn this image into my mind

Not only her breasts, her thighs are sexy too

Everytime she moves, I try and peek at her little zone between her thighs

She is definitely doing this on purpose

Her charm is over devastating for a virgin like me

Unable to handle such an erotic woman, my dick is slowly turning hard and standing up

The atmosphere in the room is a bit tense?

Charlotte and the other maids seem to be very nervous, their faces pale too

Trying their hardest to stand as erect as possible

Even this fat man is scared, that is why he is sweating so much

If this goes on he might faint

Shouldn’t he be familiar with the director since he regularly sells slaves?

But he is still so scared?

He looks like a prisoner waiting for his death sentence in the row for the guillotine

How sacred you might ask

His teeth are clattering, knees shaking, overly sweating

Even Karl is acting the same, isn’t this his first time meeting the director?

But why is he so frightened?

Am I insensitive to some kind of otherworldly pressure or something that is coming from the director?

It doesn’t seem like the director is doing anything remotely close to intimidating

“Nice to meet you. I am the director of Valhalla. My name is Ursula”

She smiles a little after introducing herself

A goddess…….

Her voice, breasts, appearance, no matter what you look she is definitely a goddess

She even used a little honorific while talking to the servants, it doesn’t seem like she’s a bad person

While I’m becoming more and more fascinated by Ursula the little kid looks at me with a disgusted look

She stopped eating and is just looking at me

I stare back at her without even blinking

Why is she looking at me?

Is my face that unusual?

Or is it because of my black eyes?

I don’t know what to do….

I’ll just smile and wave at her

As I did that

The fat slave camp director scoffed at me actions and then shouted

“What do you think you are doing! Do you even know who she is……..?”

“That’s enough Budgeha”

In a cute and low voice the little girl speaks, but there is definite anger in it

For a moment it felt like the room temperature suddenly dropped

“Who gave you the permission to speak?”

The little girl stared at the fat man with ice cold eyes

Her whole atmosphere changed in a split second, she doesn’t seem like a little girl anymore

“Ahh! I’m sorry! Please forgive meee!!!”

The fat man started prostrating and begging for forgiveness

Oh also his name is Budgeha

Suddenly thinking of something I raised my hand and

“I would like to ask a question?”

The whole room froze looking at me doing this

Everyone the maids, Ursula, Karl, Budgeha, everyone is looking at me with a surprised face

But the blond girl slightly smiles, and points her fingers towards me

“I’ll forgive you for your rudeness. Now ask what you want”

Is she a noble or something?

But I don’t remember being rude?

Did I say something to tick her off?

“Can I know your name first?”

“Fufufufufufufu my name is it? Hildeg……. Ah no, just Hilda. Feel free to call me Hilda-chan”

“Okay, Hilda-chan how old are you?”

“Oh, I’m 12 years old”

“Well, those horns on your head…..are they real?”

“Real? Why are you interested in them? Then why don’t you touch them and check if they are real?”

While saying Hilda ran up to me from the couch and stood before me

Hilda is a little shorter than me

I’m 153 cm, Hilda is maybe a 140 cm?

Still felling a bit afraid, I reached out my hands towards her hands with curiosity

Oh, it is a bit rugged after all, but it has a certain feel to it

“You are the first person to ever touch it for such a long time without refraining”

Looking at me still touching her horns, Hilda speaks in a low voice with a slight blush

Ah she looks so cute!!!

“O, I’m sorry! Did it feel bad?”

As I withdrew my hand in a hurry, Hilda grabbed onto them tightly

“Not really, you can touch it as long as you want”

Hilda lightly laughed while speaking

Does she want me to touch her or?

Well it might be rude to reject a cute girls invitation

But it might turn into a habit if I touch it too much

At first my hands were still shaking, but slowly I grew bold


While she was still laughing, I started rubbing her hair too

It is so soft and fluffy, I might get addicted to this feeling

“Why are you suddenly stroking my hair?”

Moving my hand through her soft flowing hair, I lightly pinched on her earlobes

“Ahhhh, what ……… Fuwa?”

Her cheeks are even more red than before

“This is just the beginning………”


I suddenly came back to reality due to that voice

My hands were on Hilda’s face mushing her cheeks, and the red color was even brighter than before

Chapter 4 Part2

“Shota where are you from? I’ve washed over 1000 men, but you are the first one ever with black hair. Are you from a far away Empire?”

“Oh, that……….”

He neither denies it or accepts it

Well whatever, everyone has their own secrets

And I don’t really care too much about it

Seeing that his hair is completely washed and without any dirt, I once again poured hot water on it

As the water washes away the soap, his black and glossy hair comes into view

It looks even better than before, even though his face doesn’t have that much to speak about

With this hair, he will definitely became a high level prostitute

It seems like I grabbed onto a promising stock this time

For those high class prostitutes a personal maid is available who helps them with simple works

I’ve never had such a position before, but that might change with him

As I was still indulging in my fantasies

“Stop! Please Stop!”

“What do you think you’re doing? Lick it properly!”

A scream similar to a beast came from behind me

As I looked towards the voice….

Joanna was there naked pushing the blond guys face against her face

It seems like she got too excited and decided to rape him here

I knew that this job was too early for her

“Hey Joanna! Face-Knocking is too high level for these newbies! Don’t turn them too afraid!”

I sternly warned her, but

“Aw come on! These
animals are here to be used as we please!”

While saying so, Joanna
grasped his head and began pressing it against her pussy even more
harder than before

“Ugh! Nnnnnnnnnnnn!”

“Aha! Looking at him
struggling makes me feel so good!”

While saying so Joanna puts
more pressure on his head and starts to even rub her pussy on his face

Ah…… lucky…..

What, no!

If she goes too crazy, the slaves will definitely lose their spirits

The blind might even die from shock right below her

After all a man is a delicate creature

Their only use is for women to please themselves

Even though they are a tool, it would feel too boring to fuck a man with dead spirit

I can’t take it anymore

I’ll punch Joanna and help the blind boy

Then he’ll say that “I love you”, after that he will spend his entire life trying to please me

Yes! It will definitely happen!

But before I could do something, the black haired boy already started running towards her

“Let go of him! I’ll do
it in his place!”


Every maid including me is shocked after hearing him

A man voluntarily chose to sacrifice himself for someone else?

“Is that so?”

Because of being interrupted Joanna seems to be a little angry

She might take it out on Shota!

Looking at him act so courageous… pussy is getting more wet

“Fufufufufu………. This is

Saying so Joanna lets go
of the blonde’s head and stands up

Oh no, she switched her target to Shota!

But I can’t really stop her now, he chose to do it himself

All I can do is pray that he won’t lose his ego from this

Going near him she
pushes him onto the floor

“Since you want to take
his place…… get ready for this”

While standing on top of his face, she squats down and brings her pussy closer to his face

“Haaaaaa, lick it

While I’m thinking of how we will face the trauma

But still, I want to see his face which is full of fear

Against all of my expectations, something else happened

“Wow! It’s so delicious!”




What’s happening here……….




“Hyaaaaaaaaa! More more!
It feels goodd!”

I’ve never seen a man who is daring enough to actually lick a woman’s pussy

Even Joanna seems to be
enjoying herself

She looks so comfortable………….

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! It
feels so gooood! More! Lick it even better!………..”

It looks like Joanna’s reaching her limits

Wait what!

It hasn’t even been a minute!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………..This feels really ♡♡♡  This guy is
making me feel sooooooooooo pleasant ♡♡♡♡♡

However, what Shota did
was even more shocking than that

As Joanna cummed on his face, her whole body began trembling from pleasure

And even Shota started ejaculating!

Compared to the men whose cum is like water and very less, Shota cummed so much that it covered almost all the behind of Joanna

If ordinary men are a small ripple in the pond, then Shota is a huge storm

The quantity that came out of him is just unbelievable……..

Furthermore his dick…… it is so big!

Really really big!!!

Even when compared to all the men I’ve raped, and the prostitutes I’ve tried no even has a dick that is close to this size

As ordinary man’s dick is similar to one finger, while the prostitutes might have as big as 2 fingers

But Shota’s dick in both length and thickness is more than twice the size of the biggest dick I’ve ever seen……maybe even bigger


This might be the legendary dick which has the power to please any womam and turn her obedient and infatuated…..

“The Dragon Dick”

Joanna falls over Shota, as she faints from pleasure of her climax

Even Shota closes his eyes and seems to have collapsed after ejaculating

All of us maids are looking at him like fools

And that semen’s smell is so great!!!


The men from the slave merchant company open the door

Even while still afraid he speaks to us

“What are you all still doing? It has been so long. Prepare them quickly and bring them out”

“Yes they’ll be out soon”


Looking at their expressions, they both fear us but still try to act brave

It’s unusual seeing them hurrying so much, is something wrong with their director

……wait a minute…..

It’s bigger than the directors………!!!

As soon as I figured it out, I kicked Joanna’s fainted body without mercy and picked up Shota before running towards the preparation room