Chapter 4

Episode 4 – Female Slave


「St, stop it…」

Okita begs in a weak voice.

However, her feelings of delight are dominating.

「Do you really want me to stop?」

I asked her sadistically while I was fondling her breasts.

「 . . . 」

She averted her face and does not answer.

I seem to have obtained silent acknowledgement as I massage her breast plenty.

Her breasts are supple and they are putting me into a trance.

「Aa,aan, it’s no good… 」

Today, the first day, she has climaxed repeatedly yet it has not been resolved.

She reacts in fascinating ways to my caresses.

Though she has grabbed my wrists, she is not seriously resisting.

She is also panting with a bewitched expression.

I was fascinated with her tits and started sucking without hesitation.


I sucked all around her breasts leaving kiss marks all over.

Before I knew, her hands move to the back of my head and embrace it.

(I’ve not manipulated her to do that and yet…?

It’s probably the effects of the aphrodisiac)

I lick all over her chest and cover it with my saliva.

However, I avoid the nipples.

When I looked up at her, our eyes met.


She is appealing to me with her eyes.

「What do you want to do?」

I asked.

「No, don’t make me say it.

It should go without saying. 」

「I don’t know what you want if you don’t say it.」


Please play with my nipples too…」

When I heard her plea, I lightly poked her nipples with my fingertip.

「Aa, mou, more…」

I think there is no longer a need to tease her, I move on to pinch her other nipple.

「Waa uu!」

She bent backwards with that.

Then her nipples hardened with the stimulation.

「Thats’ good~, very good~!」

Her body writhes with desperation.

While playing with one nipple, I proceed to suck on the other.

「Ku aa~!」

All I did was roll her nipple with my tongue.

「Auu, ann, more~!」

I start play-biting her nipple.


She raises her voice and goes crazy.

Her feeling right then was full of delight.



While still enjoying Okita’s breasts, my idle hand moves towards her lower body.

When my hand touched her thighs, she reacted by “twitching”, as expected, her reaction is not an indication of refusal.

I stroke her thighs and enjoy the sensation of her skin.

Then my hand moved toward the inside of her thighs and her anticipation was further heightened.

As my trace my fingers up her thighs with my fingertip, I slowly approached her most secret place.

I stop at the very last moment just shy of her secret place and move away again.

「Aaa, yann!」

Her anticipation and impatience swell up.

「Ww, why… Ann! 」

She attempts to appeal but it does not work as I continue to work on her breasts.

After teasing her for a while, my finger finally touches her secret spot over her underwear.

Even without looking, I can tell she is soaking wet just by touch.

I trace her slit over her underwear.

「Aa, Fuaaa~」

She raises her voice whilst trembling and her impatience grows steadily.

I separate my face from her chest for a moment.

「If you take it off yourself, I’ll touch it directly.」

I whisper that in her ear and she then gave me a reproachful look but still immediately lower her underwear.

I then, as promised, moved to fondle her secret place.

I stroke her outer labia, then proceed to insert a finger.


She bent backwards by reflex when the inside of her vagina was stirred and stimulated.


Ii,It feels so good~!」

However, I won’t let her cum right here, right now.

I move my face under her skirt and move my mouth to her secret spot.

「Ahh and you are doing that~!」

As expected, shame came to the forefront but I proceed to lick her secret place.


She was engulfed in the joy of her pleasure.



I felt my limit was nearing and I stand up.

I then take out my thing.

It seems that she can’t seem to take her eyes off my thing that was standing tall and proud.

I sit in a chair and manipulate Okita.

「Eee? Why? 」

While perplexed, she straddles me on her own.

“My own action, my own will” is how I would like her to lose her virginity.


It is my first time and it hurts–! 」

I penetrate her while she takes a seating position facing me.

She screams from the pain of tearing her hymen.

I then promptly injected the aphrodisiac.

Thereupon, her bewilderment overflowed.


But why does something, something that feels so good seem to be welling up-?!

AaaAaaa–! 」

Pleasure from the release of her frustration and the aphrodisiac mixed with the pain of her deflowering flows through.

She is so confused she can’t think straight.

I enjoy both her reaction as well as the sensation of her vagina.

I then start thrusting from below.

「Sss,stop stabbing me-!」

Ignoring, Okita’s plea, I continue piercing her.

「I, I feel strange-!

I don’t understand, it hurts but I feel so good–!」

Okita’s confusion is at her peak.

The constant ache of sexual arousal, forced masturbation then voluntarily mounting my penis.

This is pretty impressive on it’s own, pain from her deflowering and pleasure from stimulation simultaneously.

I doubt that her mind can be at peace with this.

「Sso, something is  wierd–!

ff, feels really good, I’m cumming!!」

It seems that her pleasure is surpassing the pain.

On the other hand, I am getting drunk by the sensations I am getting from Okita’s vagina.

Not only big breasts, she also has this excellent, rare article.

The beauty of her large breasts bouncing in my presence is also a joy for my eyes.

Her womanly scent excites me like pheromones.

Even if she is not one of the “12 Zodiacs”, she has nothing I can criticise.

Isn’t 『Ophiuchus』the runner-up to them?

As I get more excited, I start thrusting in Okita more vigorously.

I manipulate Okita further and make her move her hips on her own.

「You are moving your hips on your own, you are so lewd」

「I,I’m not-!」

「What do you mean you are not?

Masturbating in the classroom, straddling me all on your own then moving your hips on your own volition.

It is all evidence as to your lewdness」

「We,well that is not true–!!」

I know the “truth”, I’ll guide her heart with “facts”.

So, I stop moving my own hips.

I don’t stop her movements and due to the shallowness of the thrusting, sexual frustration starts to grow.

「Wh,why are you being mean again?」

「Admit it.

Say that you are lewd.

If you do, I’ll do it」

I whispered my instructions to her.

From then on, she hesitates, though

「I,I Okita Akira am lewd and horny.

I am a pervert that masturbates in the classroom.

I was so horny that I mounted you on my own.

Please violate this lowly bitch. 」 TN: not the Japanese bitch(slut), 雌犬 (female dog).

The words of a sex slave were uttered.

「Is Akira a bitch?

I don’t have any preferences to fucking dogs though」

「That can’t be!」

「Then I’ll commit to being your female sex slave!」

So she violently declared.


So, so intense–!!」

「We should be more intense, right?

My female slave, Akira! 」


I, Akira, commit to being your female slave–!!

It feels so good–!!」

She becomes half-crazed.

「I want to yell out that you are cumming when you cum」


I start desperately thrusting my hips.

Every time her body bounces, her breasts sway violently.

「I, I’m cumming, I’m cuuuming–!!!」

She was rapidly approaching her limit.

「I’m cumming too!」


「I’ll cum in your pussy!」

「Tha, that much, please no–!!」

With that now said, I’ve been given permission to cum in her.

「Cc, cumming–!!」

She cums with all her strength and bends backwards at the same time.

As her vagina starts clamping rhythmically, my balls tighten.

However, I don’t cum.

The danger of pregnancy, as well as the enjoyment from her despair over it, is the flipside of it.

I laid her down, pulled out and ejaculated all over her entire body.


She kept accepting my discharge in blank surprise.



I admired that I was able to fire out that much.

I left Akira’s whole body covered in semen.

I got dressed then took out my smartphone.

I then manipulated her into a W peace sign pose.

Half-naked, entire body covered in semen and doing the W peace sign.

A completely perverted look doing it in public.

I take her picture with my smartphone.

After I took her picture, the sound of the camera made by the smartphone triggered the recovery of Akira’s sanity.

I also pulled out the tactile thread and freed her.

「Don’t take photos!」

She implored me.

「It’s ok, I won’t show anyone else」


「Of course, I will not blackmail Akira.

I was merely taking a commemorative photo」

Well, about half of it was a lie.

Of course, I don’t intend to show it to anyone else.

Just the fact that I have the photo would weigh on her mind.

If she were to go against me, I would use it to shackle her down.

In not so many words, Akira can’t oppose me.

「Besides, there is no need to threaten,

because Akira is my lewd female slave. 」

「It can’t be…」

She gives a look of despair.

「I take care of my slaves properly.

When we can’t endure it again, we will have sex」

I said to her in a gentle tone with a hint of sadistic undertone as we walked out of the classroom.

(Akira falling so quickly was beyond my expectation.

Well, a female slave is not so bad, so there is no problem)




Chapter 7

Calm Before the Storm


Yesterday’s sex was awesome, just recalling cumming three times feels great. Adding to the fact that I discovered a new position that allows a man to fuck a woman from behind with her legs closed. Being that ecchiness is going to continue from here on out, I have to devise a way to get more variety so as to not get bored……

Huh? Something is strange, I was supposed to persuade my little sister to stop this relationship… It’s dangerous, I was inadvertently taken in by my little sister’s perverted interests and was sucked into her pace and the loss of the sense of common morals.


The time now is 11:50, usually at 12 the lights go off and it seems that she was waiting. I must not destroy the illusion that I am annoyed that I’m being attacked. Because of that, I do not prepare a condom, if I prepare one, it gives the impression that I’m motivated for it.

I wonder, not yet~ I think she should come soon. What should I do tonight? As expected, we should start with a blowjob, then I’d like to do 69 again, I would also like to try something not just on the bed, maybe standing up ahh, the enjoyment does not end~.


It got to around 12 o’clock and my younger sister has not come yet. Come to think about it, I don’t know why but it seems that she got a little angry, is that why she has not turned up tonight?  She gets really scary when she gets angry, we truly fear her, she usually does this through passive resistance. Yuka and dad had a difference of opinion and at that time she went on a hunger strike and dad broke first as I recall.

On the other hand, my character does not allow me to drag trivial things out, if she is still sore, I will completely reset it. Well, probably, I’ll pretend to sleep a little more, she’d probably come sooner or later. Well so, what things would I do today? I want to try different positions, I want to do this or that or maybe also that… … besides other things… …. that…

And that… … ….


「pi, pi ,pi, pi, pi, pipi, pipi, pipi, pipi, pipipipipipipipipipi po pi po pi po! 」


Without warning, an alarm sounds, is it morning? What happened last night? I flipped off my futon and checked my clothes, there were no signs of my clothes being removed.

She didn’t come last night.

I went downstairs to wash my face then to the dining table.

「Good morning」

「Good Morning」「Good morning」


I do my usual greetings and go over towards my parents with my breakfast. Yuka was already eating, she seems to look quite flat, I’m finding it hard to read her. I’m not sure if she is not well or angry.




I wanted to ask Yuka, who was sitting next to me 「Why didn’t you come over last night? 」I held myself back because the atmospherics was pretty dark, so let’s just stop there. Not just that question, I can’t seem to bring myself to ask any other question naturally.


Even though I’ve been plagued with such dark feelings all day, I finally returned home, my younger sister’s situation did not change.


Yuka’s attitude did not change at dinner either, even a sumptuous dinner was served, my anxiousness about Yuka caused me not to be able to taste it.

As mum is a nurse, she is extremely busy and as such cuts corners when it comes to housework. Tonight’s menu is curry, but the rice has been seasoned with saffron causing the rice to take a nice yellowish tinge and the curry is made with keema spices instead of store-bought roux. As for the vegetables, we have way too much, there is potato salad and a green salad. It is my favourite food but I’m unable to taste it.


「Thank you for the delicious meal」


Then, Yuka put her spoon down and moved to the sofa, she still had curry left on her plate.


「Are you OK, does your stomach hurt?」


She nodded listlessly to my mother’s query.

「Oh, did you eat something that did not agree with your stomach?」


This time she shakes her head


「Maybe it is your period」


This time she showed a small nod, she curled up into a ball and cuddled a cushion and became smaller.


「So, then do you want to take any medicine?」


「I don’t need it」


Ignoring what she said, I took some medicine out of the medicine box and offered it to Yuka with a glass of water.


「If it hurts, don’t just endure it」


She took her medicine that I presented, Yuka was still silent, I thought that because she was menstruating, she won’t come tonight as well. In addition to that, if she is menstruating, she won’t be pregnant either. For the first time, I feel relieved but I’ll have to be careful in future don’t I… …? If the situation was different, that would have been bad!! I have to persuade Yuka somehow while she still has her period and have our precious brother and sister relationship restored.


「If it hurts tomorrow, please take your medicine and next week I’ll be going to your grandfather’s house as we have legal matters to settle.」


「Eee, on a day trip?」


「I can’t help it, it has been a long time since I’ve been there so I’ll stay overnight this time, I’ll stay overnight there on Saturday. Please understand. 」


No parents next Saturday!!! No that’s bad. I looked at Yuka unconsciously and she did likewise, ahh crap. As per usual, she was cuddling her cushion but her eyes were laid on me and her mouth displaying a slight smile.

Ahh crap~~, this is entirely eye contact isn’t it, 「It is Saturday night sex! 」「Okay, Onii-chan」kind of thing. I’m not wrong, I definitely read such an intent~~~~.

Yuka hurried up to the 2nd floor, glancing backwards. The curry that I was not really tasting before, totally lost its taste now. I was still endeavouring to appear calm on the surface 「gochisousama」finished off my sister’s curry then stacked our plates in the kitchen.


「Aaa, I’ll wash up afterwards, so please just leave it there.」




Of course, I do something like clean up my sister’s tableware that I normally don’t do I’ll get noticed, and here I’m concentrating, calm, calm.  I slowly move through the living room and go up to the 2nd floor while persuading myself. I got back into my bedroom and finally let out my breath.

I feel composure that I will have a week’s reprieve. If it is a week then Yuka would be fully recovered. Though that night that my parents will not be here I think we will 『lose self-control』 With my parents gone, sex with my little sister… … Thinking about it, in that case, is interesting but if it happens there is no turning back.


Aaaa! Maybe it is a trap? Suddenly, a strange idea popped into my head. My parents may not be aware that both of us have become a couple like that but they might be trying to catch us out by going out and setting up spy cameras around the house to gather evidence.

No, no, I need to chill out,  I’m thinking too hard about everything. This is not some variety show with some star presenter, my parents would not do such a thing. Yes, I believe in my parents,  we are doing a thing that is betraying out parent’s trust, so it is odd to say but I believe in my parents.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a door closing behind me whilst I was deep in thought and exhausted from the turmoil. Ah crap! I allowed an enemy’s invasion!


「Onii-chan, Papa and Mama are not going to be here this Saturday」


A silky smooth, sexy, siren-like voice flatters my ears. I really don’t know how to answer her, I don’t even have the self-confidence to face her when I talk. If I look Yuka in the eyes, I would lose myself in a glance and be totally read like an open book.

I hear the gentle sound of her socks rubbing on the floor, then Yuka’s hands laid on my shoulders as she puts her weight on me. Still, I do not turn around, there is no possibility of my resisting Yuka’s temptation after all. Without turning around and looking at Yuka’s face, I can imagine the eyes of a predator looking at prey that it would never let go of.

Then, the devil Yuuka whispers in my ear.


「Onii-chan, you can do what you like, you know?」


As soon as she said that, she exited the room swiftly. Only I was left in the room, and it became quiet as if nothing had happened. The remaining scent of my younger sister lingering in the room is the only evidence that Yuka was here until just now. As I became alone, the whispers of that devil refrain in my head.


「Onii-chan, you can do what you like, you know? chan, you can do what you like, you know? you can do what you like, you know? do what you like, you know? do what you like, like, like, like, like… …」


「Well, that’s just fine~! If that’s how she actually feels, I can only do what she wants, isn’t it? 」

Somehow there was a breakthrough, I had come to a realisation and the fogginess that was clogging my head up til now was blown away, her gentle musings and temptation had really cut off something in my head.

Every day for me was truly calm for a week. It was peaceful every day. I wake up in the morning, head to school after having breakfast, go home, watch TV, chatted with my family had dinner and went to sleep, that was the routine.  My little sister did not raid my room at night, and her conversations with me were excessively blunt. However, I truly understand that a hot mass of syrupy, muddled feelings in the pit of her body is surfacing. It is unpleasant for her because she doesn’t want it to be noticed by the people around her.


How do I know this? Well, it is because I feel exactly the same. By being absorbed in daily preparation for the usual lifestyle, I mask the tumultuous feeling that I feel inside. I salon start preparing what I need for the weekend. Cellophane tape, scissors, various types of clips, packing tape, rope, magic markers, carabiner, cap holder, and other things like that. I systematically collect everything then store it away for later. Of course, I have not forgotten the adult toys.

It is pretty embarrassing to buy a mountain of adult goods, but I overcame with spirit. As anticipation of a fun nightlife awaits, I can’t sit still.

Then the day finally arrived. Today is the day, my parents will not be here when I get home.


「As it is going to rain this afternoon, please bring an umbrella, when you come back home, we will be gone so please remember to lock the doors properly.」


「Yes, see you later」「See you later」


I spent the day in school absent-minded, I casually rejected an invitation to go out and returned home, it seems that Yuka has yet to return home. I ate the prepared lunch first then headed to the 2nd floor to start preparing. The bed I use in my room is a bunk bed, it is a remanent of when Yuka and I stayed in the same room together until she started elementary school. The bottom bunk is now a storage area, my toolbox was spread out. It is a refreshing change to the atmosphere of the room as the rest of the room is really neat.

I usually cover my toolbox with a blanket so it looks tidy. The side of the bed is covered with a steel grid so s-shaped hooks are hung there so that various things can be hung. I remove all that is hung on the hooks and throw it on the bed. I remove all the S-shaped hooks and other things on the grid.

After that, I arranged the prepared items from my toolbox under the blanket. I hung them through the lattice with the carabiners. I pulled out the memory card from my digital camera and replaced it with the one I prepared earlier and did the same with the video camera. I decided not to use my mobile phone. It is easy to use and easy to view photos and footage but data recovery is hard if it gets damaged. Should I get some water ready now or later?

While my preparations progressed, my sister came home and as she didn’t come straight upstairs, she must be having lunch. A short time later, I hear footsteps come upstairs, of course, she comes into my room without knocking. As a matter of course, I don’t have the time to talk and I don’t want to look her in the face if possible. For the time being, I’ll concentrate on preparing the room.

After a considerable amount of time, I heard Yuka leave the room and go down to the first floor. That’s regrettable~, now I feel regret for ignoring her.


「Oni~chan, come have dinner~」


Yucal called out to me from downstairs. There was stir-fried vegetables, grilled chicken wings, soup and other accoutrements. Even the rice was carefully served up.




Both of us start eating sitting side by side, nothing is said during the meal. The rain that started falling from noon strengthens in intensity, the sound of the rain hitting on the double glazed, sound deadened window reverberates throughout the room. We ate in silence with that as background music. Before the meal was over, Yuka started to clear some of the tableware.


「I’m going to use the bath first, okay?」


She said that then went to get a change of clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. After confirming that with my own eyes, I breathed out a huge sigh. I felt awkward, stifled and nervous. I definitely did not think that I would feel this way in my own home.

I took my own dishes to the kitchen and returned to my room, confirmed that my little sister had returned to her room then took my turn in the bathroom. When I looked at the clock, it was still 9:30. Time seems to be passing really slowly. At any rate, I tried watching TV to kill some time but all I did was think about what I’d do after this.


2 hours passed since then, I’m already at my limit, as a side effect of my thoughts, I’m already erect. I’m about 1/2 dead when Yuka arrives.

At that moment, the sound of a door closing and tiny sounds were heard ringing off the floor closing in stops in front of my room. The moment is finally here, I can’t wait. I stare at the doorknob, but it has yet to turn. I understand, I understand what my younger sister is thinking, the heart thumping thoughts and the anticipation of the pleasure to come, what sort of face should I put on, what should I talk about, the same feelings and thoughts run through me. The knob finally turns and the door slowly opens. She starts looking around the room, checking and confirming something then comes into the room and closes the door. Unlike the usual Yuka, she is acting quite awkwardly.


Both of us do not talk as our lines of sight intersect, up to now, the tension in the room has been individually building, nothing is needed to be said to understand each other.

My heart is rapidly beating, I am thirsty, we are yet to move.


The midnight wind and rain further intensify the atmosphere……



Chapter 1

The Changing World – 1


My alarm clock went off to an anime song on my smartphone that was connected to the charging cable.

It’s 7 in the morning.

It is a weekday today. So, in saying that, I have to go to school.


I stopped my alarm that was playing the anime song then stared at the ceiling for about a minute in bed while waiting for my drowsiness to fade away.

I got out of bed and stood up and was attacked by a bout of slight dizziness. Staggering, I inadvertently smacked my hand on my study desk.


The view in front of me was distorted, I reflexively shut my eyes. I thought I might have had a fever but come to think about it, it might not be the case.

I have tinnitus in my ear, it is noisy. My head started to hurt. I guess I might have caught something bad. Cold sweat started running down my spine.


At the worst possible moment, a wave of exhaustion ran over me. I wonder if I was going to die like this.

That was what I was thinking at this time.


knock knock knock


The sound of someone knocking on the door rang out. That sound pulled back my consciousness.


「How long are you going to sleep for?! Please answer me?!」


My mother’s voice rang out from the other side of the door.


「Eee? Aaaa… …」

「Mou, you have been asleep forever, hurry up and get ready or you will be late!」


When I looked at my clock it showed that it was nearly 8 o’clock

Has that much timed passed? I thought it was only a few minutes at most. As soon as I was aware of that, my dizziness and headache settled down.

What was it, really? There was no more time to relax. If I don’t get ready quickly, I’ll be late for sure.


My body’s well-being became a concern to me, but right then I was concentrating on getting ready for school.


With that one incident in the morning, the day became one that was very unusual, exceedingly unusual.

It was good that I arrived before classes started but due to rushing to get ready in the morning, I forgot some of my textbooks and school work that I needed in class today. The girl that sits next to me seems to be aware of that but she made no effort to call out and share her textbook with me. Of course, I had no expectations of her doing that for me.


It was maths for the 5 period. The teacher noticed that I had no textbook on my desk.


「What? Have you forgotten your textbook? Well then, you next to him, share your textbook with him. 」

「… … Haiiii~」


The girl next to me replied in an annoyed voice. Then, she still does not share it!!

Despite being told to by the teacher, she still will not show her textbook to me. The position of her textbook hardly moved at all. Ano, I can’t read it here if it is in that position.

And that was that, the girl next to me never reacted to the voice in my heart and this continued till the end of the lesson.


In no way was I happy about the situation but with this, all of my classes ended. Finally, I returned home.

I wanted to withdraw to my room as soon as possible and made every effort to do this impeccably.  However, that started to backfire.


「Uwaa… …」


The first words to greet me when I entered the front door came from my sister that got home earlier and it was not “Welcome home.”

The look that emanated from my younger sister who saw me was unhappy. Yeah, I was detested by my blooded related younger sister.

I really did do my best to get home as soon as possible. I tried to reduce the time needed for my return trip by crossing the train crossing just as the signal went off with lucky timing. However, because of that, I met my sister at the front door.

If only I got stopped by that signal.


However, I would not begrudge god for such a misfortune. If you want to know why, it was because god did something far greater.

My sister, who sighed and returned to her bedroom, is very cute. Although we were definitely born from the same parents, I’m unattractive and my younger sister is cute. Such is the unfairness that was bestowed upon me by god.

Even with that, I won’t even say any reproachful remarks to god, nothing would come of it. The differences in appearance between my younger sister and myself is merely genetic mischief. I sighed the same way my sister did and headed straight to my bedroom.


「So now, I guess I’ll masturbate」


I took off my uniform and muttered under my breath. It has become routine for me to whack off when I come home from school.

I’ve already started to flop out my dick that was already half erect.

I opened my drawer at the bottom of my desk and took out an erotic manga that had a female knight getting fucked by an orc.


Unease immediately flooded me.


I have a number of erotic books stored at the bottom of my drawer and they were camouflaged by notes and printouts.  There is quite a thick stack from all the books and notes accumulated there. Right now, that thickness of the stack is clearly insufficient.

I hurriedly took everything out of that drawer in a panic but there was nothing there as expected. I especially went secretly to the bookstore several stations away by train to buy them, every one of my precious gems of erotic literature is gone.


Did my mum throw them all out?!

That was the first thing that came to my mind. In saying that, would she especially go through my drawers searching for erotic material to throw out… …?


In the first place, what are erotic books… …?




What am I saying… …? What is an erotic book, why is this?!


Right at that moment, dizziness like what hit me this morning happened again. In my head, all sorts of knowledge surfaced.

Then I understood.


In this world, there is no such thing as eroticism.



There are things that I need to say first.

I’m reluctant to say but I’m kind of unattractive. I’m plump, I’ve got bad reflexes and I have bad communication skills.

Though I’m now a high schooler, I can count the number of times that I have spoken to girls, not to even mention getting intimate with one.


Even then the conversation would be,


「Argh, I dropped your eraser.」

「Aa, I’ve picked it up for you.」


「Aa. I’ve brought the dustpan. 」

「So, go pick up the rubbish and throw it away」


So, such conversations are indicative of my state of affairs.


As it appears, I can definitively say, I seem to be loathed by girls. It has been the same from elementary school till, now, in high school.

Even in such a situation, there is just one thing that I excel over others. That’s the size of my dick.

In that regard, I’m much larger than most guys. It is long, thick and when I cum, there is a large volume of semen and best of all, I get rock hard. Not only that, I have excellent stamina and my erection won’t go away even if I ejaculate many times!

Is there a woman that would criticise suck a penis? No, not one!

It is not too much to say that women would be absolutely pleased with my penis!

… … … …

Though that is what I would love to say, in reality though I’m unwilling to say this, I only use this penis for peeing. Since I don’t use it as a sex organ, it is probably fine to omit the mosaic even if it was broadcasted on TV.

Even though it pains me to say it, my penis is only ever used as a urinary organ.


Until that day… …


On this day, after school in the classroom, I was in luck as 3 girls started lusting for and competing for said penis.


All of them had entranced looks on their faces as though they have spotted the the most delicious thing in this earth, my dick was alternating between their mouths.

I stroked their heads as they looked up at me with happy looks on their faces.


Other than the 3 girls and I, there are other people in the classroom. Almost without exception, even throughout the years, the girls and young women here are really beautiful. All of them here are my women.

All the girls’ gazes where on my dick, all their attention was poured onto my rod. Whether it is because they can’t wait for their turns or for some other reason, they were fondling with their own nipples and clitoris to pleasure themselves.


As I beckoned for one girl, she showed a sweet smile and rushed over.

I caressed her hairless crack with my hand. I’ve got a fondness for hairless pussies, I make my women shave their pussies. Everyone accepted those instructions with pleasure.


One of the girls that was licking my dick could not endure it anymore, stood up and started rubbing her pussy on my penis.


From this day on, I will fuck all of them.


I am not doing this by force. It is because all these girls want it.

It is not due to power or money that I wield or even because I’m exceptionally attractive. Naturally, it is not because I’ve obtained special abilities like hypnotism or some miraculous application like that.

What changed was not me, it was the whole world.

So. The only one that stayed the same in the world that day, was me… …



Chapter 1

Gratitude for the 1000th Masturbation


I’m Ijima Shouta, 15 years-old.

I’m in the midst of puberty.

My favourite type of woman is a big breasted, blonde Onee-sama.

However, I really like brunette Onee-samas too.

Even Lolis are cool.

In any case, I’m a normal junior high boy that is really into foreign girls. Also known as “DC”. (TN: I’m not sure what this really means, if anyone knows, please tell me.)


My sexual nature was awoken when I reached 12 years old.

I came across an erotic gravure book of a blonde woman that was tossed out into a riverbed.

Though I was nervous, I secretly slipped the book home and masturbated secretly in my room.

After that awakening, all my female classmates suddenly just looked like children and my interests totally shifted solely to big breasted blonde women.


However, 3 years on and my interests have subtly been broadened.

Not just blondes, brunettes, black-haired, redheads or silver hair, as long as she was a beautiful foreigner, it was all good.

Even my preferences for breasts was widened, be it large or small, it stopped being a matter of concern. Though, don’t you think bigger is still better?

It is hard to have a normal romance as a junior high school student with those preferences.

While the rest of my classmates were obsessed with the idea of having a normal romance, I was diligently studying my erotic book and endeavouring to masturbate every day.

As soon as I came home from school, I stripped off as I entered my room and got naked.

It was standard for me to masturbate totally naked.

Using the blonde Onee-sama as my spank material and my preference for being naked due to feeling rude if I was partially dressed is the common theme.


As both my parents work, I usually alone at home so my masturbation lifestyle is possible.


「So, I’ve been waiting for this! Today, it is time for me to make myself feel good! 」

I say this while I talk to my erotic book.

Come to think about it, that sounds insane, doesn’t it?

Naturally, I think of it as a courtesy to all involved.


It is almost 3 years since I was awoken to this masturbation lifestyle, for the most part, thanks to this book.

I’ve never masturbated to anything else but this erotic book.

All my semen has been dedicated to this erotic book. Aa, but I have never ejaculated on the book, you know?

This erotic book is very unusual, I think.

When I first found it by the riverbed, I did not think it was an erotic book.

The cover is unlike any other erotic book when I first saw it, I thought it was a foreign dictionary or something.

The book was massively thick with gold bindings and a thick hardcover.

To the back of the book, there was something shimmering.

I mustered up courage and opened it.

In it was a world that I have never known before.


At a glance, there were foreign Onee-samas, nude and half-naked smiling at me.

Onee-samas with clothes that I’ve only seen in fantasy styled games or anime, they were all stunningly beautiful.

For example, a princess wearing a gorgeous dress.

Or a female knight with full armour and only the breastplate removed, showing off her amazing big breasts.

A beautiful redheaded mercenary with slender, taut muscles, wearing an eye patch. Devine looking nuns in a field, and a cool beauty elf with long ears, in any case, the variation of beauties in that book is abundant.

And so, with so many Onee-samas there, there is a great possibility of masturbating many times.

For 3 years, this has been my sole spank bank every day. Sometimes I do it several times a day.

Even when I go on camps or school events and excursions, I’d sneak in my erotic book and hide somewhere to masturbate.

For me, this erotic book is already an indispensable existence.

By the way, I’m so familiar with this erotic book that my ejaculation count to it has reached 999 yesterday. I perfectly recorded the number of times I’ve whacked off to it.

And today will be the memorable 1000th masturbation.

However, that is no more than a checkpoint.

I will continue to masturbate to this erotic book, I will devote my 2000th and 3000th ejaculations to this erotic book as well.


Eeee? Won’t interest be lost?

That is a foolish question.

Do you get tired of breathing?

For me, masturbating to this erotic book is synonymous with breathing!

Even when talking becomes futile, my masturbation would still be the priority.

Which Onee-sama should I dedicate my semen to today?


After all, it has to be the princess, doesn’t it?

Or should I do the female knight?

But it is hard to discount the female mercenary or the other Onee-samas, it is difficult to say who is better.


Even while contemplating my choice, it seems that, like hot magma, from my testicles through to my penis to the tip, my semen is about to erupt.

「Aaa Aaa Aaaa! Nooo! Cumming! Semen is coming out! All you Onee-samas are so beautiful, you are all squeezing the semen out of my penis Uuuuu!!」

I let out a loud voice that can only be done because there was no one home, and my 1000th ejaculation leaked unexpectedly.

With semen that had much more volume and thickness of males of the same age, it drew a parabola from the tip of my penis and made its way towards the open pages of the erotic book.


Oh no.

The way it’s going, I’m going to cum all over my erotic book, I’m going to contaminate erotic book-sama!

With my fading consciousness, I closed the erotic book with my empty left hand.

Then my sticky semen was dashed all across the front cover of the book.

Ahh, I did it, I was relieved that my Onee-samas did not get soiled by my semen, I breathed a sigh of relief.


The next moment, something that I did not predict happened.

「… … Ee? W-what? 」

The cover of the erotic book that was smeared with my semen started glowing a little.

When I first picked it up, I thought I noticed it glowing but it soon faded away so I paid it no mind.


The current illumination was brighter than the last time, the light was now pulsing bright to dark like it was living somehow.

Well, kind of like a heartbeat… …

Then the pulsing sped up and the light’s intensity grew……

The light became too glaring and I no longer could keep my eyes open … …

I seemed to have lost any memory from that point on.


When my consciousness finally returned, I noticed that I was in a poorly lit room.

It was not nighttime when I lost consciousness.

This is not my room.

The floor, the ceiling and the walls, everything was made of stone.

This is definitely not some fancy, modern one-room apartment with undressed raw concrete.

This is real stone… … a prison.


The prison room had an outward facing wall with a small window with iron bars across it to let light in and a door on the opposite wall made of iron.

However, one looks at it, this is a prison, a perfect prison cell.

I was nude in this cell.

I was also not the only one in the cell.

Everyone was crouched down clutching their knees, huddled around the corners of the cell … all in all 5 people.

When I had a closer look, everyone seemed to be around the same age as myself or at best, slightly older.


Everyone had pale skin and blonde or brown hair.

It just took but moments to realise that they were foreigners.

There were no other Asians other than me.

Although everyone was ragged and dirty, they were wearing clothes.

Wait, why am I the only one nude? It that not odd!?

Ahh, wait, come to think of it, it is natural for me to be naked because I was masturbating.


So that’s how it is, OK, OK… … Hey, why the hell am I OK with this?!

I’m just a normal junior high school student who is enjoying his masturbation lifestyle in his own room, why am I locked up in a prison like this?!

I – I don’t understand! This is really strange!

I seem to be sitting on my own, the others are looking at me like a rare animal at a zoo.

Well, I don’t know if a naked Japanese boy is rare, but I thought that it’d be nice not to be stared at so much.

So, for the time being, I should concentrate my efforts on gathering information about my current situation.

I spoke to the blonde boy that was closest to me.


「Wa,Haro. (TN: not trying to be funny here, translated as is, pronunciation from the original Hiragana はろー) Nai su to u – mi – chu-. (TN: Nice to meet you. As above, ないすとぅーみーちゅー。) Ma, mai nemu izu, sho tai – ji ma a… …」 (TN: *facepalm* *points to top* My name is Shota Jima.ま、まいねーむいず、ショータイージマぁ……)

I attempted to introduce myself in junior high school grade English and gave a smile that was peculiar to the Japanese. Perfect.

Soo, how will this blonde boy respond?!

「… … ee? W-what? What’s with this guy? 」

It was returned to be decisively in Japanese … …

For fuck’s sake! If you could speak in Japanese you should have said so!

While thinking that, I continued to speak to him without stopping my smile.


「Aa, I’m sorry. I just would like to ask a question, where are we? Why am I here? Who are you? Aaa, by the way, my name is Shouta. My best regards. 」

While saying that, I presented my right hand.

Bu the blond boy looked at my had with strange eyes.

I did not get a response to my offer of a handshake… … I don’t know if he was being cautious or I was being disliked, looks like the future would be full of difficulties.


「Umm… … I’m Karl. As for where we are, we are probably at the Teito slave trading company… … we are here to be sold… …」

「… … Eee? 」


「Well. as for you, once we were put in here, I don’t really understand but suddenly there was a bright light shone… … then you fell naked… I’d like to ask you as well, who are you, how did you get here and are you a magician or something? 」

Well… … OK, I kind of understand what has happened.

First of all, this is no longer Japan.

For some reason, they speak Japanese here, we are in the imperial capital and it seems that slaves and magicians are the norm here. Being that those things are unfamiliar in modern Japan, I’m anxious.

To add to all of that, I really don’t understand how I got here.

It was mentioned that a bright light happened then… … that happened to the erotic book when I came on the cover too… …

Ero book-sama, huh… … glowing… …. Ero book-sama… … … …

「Yes! Ero book-sama! 」

As I exclaimed suddenly, all the children in the prison trembled with fear.

But that is just not possible! For me, my ero book-sama that is more important than life itself is nowhere to be found in prison!

No way! If ero book-sama no longer exists, my masturbation lifestyle is going to be destroyed!

What will I do if I can’t masturbate for the rest of my life?! My penis would be in a constant state of extreme rage!


My eyes became bloodshot and I started to wander the cell aimlessly, while I was in a state of array, the iron cell door opened noisily.

The iron door swung open with a grave sound and 2 men appeared from there.

The men were middle-aged, one had brown hair and the other was a ginger, they looked at me and yelled out.

「「Who are you?!」」

I know, right?


Then they caught me easily.

Even though it was already near impossible for me to escape, I was completely treated as a suspicious person.

Well, that is the way it is. One would be alarmed if suddenly confronted with a naked Japanese youth in a prison cell that should only contain boys who are captive as slaves.

In any case, the boy slaves and I were taken out of the prison cell.

The boys were lined up in a single file, the middle-aged men then stiffed and straightened their backs.

I was the only one not in line and was walking whilst having my arm grasped by one of the men.

「Oww oww oww! I’m not going to run away, so stop gripping me so tightly! 」

「Shut up! Just move your feet quickly! 」


After walking away from the prison cell for a little while, a corridor appeared laid with red carpet.

This lead to a splendid looking western-style hall, this brought forth more evidence that this was no longer Japan.

I walked rapidly through the said corridor with my arm still firmly grasped.

Eventually, I arrived at the wide hall.


It had a luxurious chandelier hanging off the ceiling, candlesticks on the walls, a huge tall painting on the main wall and a big double wooden door.

There was a morbidly obese middle-aged man surrounded by knight looking guards.

From the very top of his head to the bottom of his feet he was dressed in ostentatious splendour, very much like the nouveau riche.

The morbidly obese, balding old man spoke in a sharp tone of voice when he caught sight of us.


「Oi, who is that person over there?  Where did you find him from? 」

「Well, you see, he was in the prison cell with the other boys unnoticed… … he had no clothes on either and so that’s the reason why we are here」

The middle-aged man that was giving his explanation was worried.

I’m sorry that I’m an unidentified Japanese. Well, I’m far more troubled than you lot!


「Fumu… … However, if you look closely, he has unusual black hair and eyes, I’ve been in the slave trade for a long time and I’ve never seen someone with both back hair and eyes. 」

「Eee? Is it so? 」


Aa, crap. I listened as per normal.

Looks like it is helpless. It looks like being in this foreign country for the first time, no one has seen anyone that looks Japanese before.

「… … Oi, bring the boy over here. I want to have a better look」



My arm was pulled by the middle-aged man with a jerk and I was taken the obese baldy.

Then that obese baldy started to touch my hair, he grabbed my jaw suddenly and jerked my head from side to side inspecting me closely as he pleased.

Even though it was a guy, it is unpleasant to be looked at so closely while being nude.

It would have been nice if it was a foreign Onee doing the staring instead … …

「Fumu. Black hair and black eyes, that as well, his skin complexion is different from ours. Is he not from the empire? 」

「Umm, aaa… …. Ja, Japan is the country I’m from」

「Jahpan? Where is that? Isn’t it common wisdom that there isn’t a country that is not ruled under the empire… …? 」(TN: Japan was written in Katakana not Kanji like it should be, normally indicating unfamiliarity with the word. I’m unsure of how else to indicate this)




That’s strange. There are kingdoms in this world but no longer empires.

Other than the Japanese royal family, there is no one else claiming the title of Emperor.

「Ummm… excuse me, what country is this? 」

「What? You bastard, do you not know of the Dragon god empire??」


Dagon god empire? What’s that? (TN: Same deal with above comment about Japan)

「The supreme ruler of the Eruvarian continent unified the whole continent 3000 years ago, you have said that you have not heard of the Dragon god Empire… … did you grow up in the sticks? 」

That old man glanced at me in pity.

Shirane! Set 2 places up in the kitchen!

It is a parallel world, ya know!

…… a parallel world, huh?

Huh? This is a parallel world?


「Ahh, well.」 I thought I had an average appearance, but it seems that black hair and eyes are rare. I guess I can be sold at a higher price to noble women. Someone take me! 」


「Ee? Umm, where am I!?」


While I was flustered, the large door opens.

What appeared was a luxury carriage hitched to a white horse and behind it was a prisoner wagon with iron bars.

「It has been decided. This my largest customer… …」


The scenery that was presented before me when the large door opened has totally convinced me that I’m no longer on our planet, let alone Japan… …

「The only one in the capital, as well as the only one in the empire, male brothel … … a pleasure paradise for women, hell on earth for men… … Valhalla – The Penis Mansion」

……I’ve got a very strong feeling that this is definitely a parallel world when I think about it, any idea that this is a joke or prank has all been blown away.




Chapter 3

Episode 3 – Masturbation in the Classroom


I parted from one of my important things as I arrived at school.

「O, Houjou.

Good morning」

「Good morning.


I greeted my male and female classmates respectively.

I have few friends but I’m not isolated.

Around here, the secret to success in life is the same, it can’t be helped.

Well, we have no other relationship other than being classmates.

However, there are exceptions.

「Naaa~ Houjou.

Will you give me your seat? 」

The guy speaking to me with an overfamiliar attitude is Kuze.

Thought it seems that what this guy says has no context, this is the way that he greets me.

The girl that sits next to me is the reason for his greeting.

「Kuze, you sure are persistent.

You don’t seem to get tired of it every morning. 」

「After all~

The person sitting next to you is Kamiya-san, one of the “12 zodiacs”.

Then on the other side of you is Okita-san.

it is too enviable~! 」

Kuze mentioned the “12 zodiacs”, the title given to the 12 most popular girls at school, especially amongst boys, that is, pretty, beautiful girls.

As you would expect, these 12 people don’t exactly form a group.

It is just a popular name given to them without their consent.

In saying all of that, the number of boys rejected by the “12 zodiacs” is plentiful.

I think a majority of boys have given up attaining the flowers growing up on a high cliff.

That is why the title of “12 zodiacs” came to be, existences that are shining in a place that is out of reach.

Although I have a fair bit of self-confidence, with quite a few boys failing at their confession, everything is sunk.

One of the “12 zodiacs” 『Aries』Kamiya Madoka is in the seat next to me.

She certainly has a cute face. She is a beauty of the finest quality.

Moreover, as if she is not aware of this, she has not a speck of arrogance.

She has a great personality and is also very popular with the same sex.

Next to the popularity of the “12 zodiacs”, there is Okita Akira.

She has somewhat of a cute looking face, but her bodyline is beyond that of a high school student.

Especially her chest. In Kuze’s words, “It is definitely the school’s number 1 treasure”.

It is probably because I get to see it all the time that my viewpoint here might be unreliable.

However, you look at it, it is easy to understand even over her uniform.

She is called “Ophiuchus” because she is the constellation just after the 12 constellations in the “12 zodiacs”.

I ignore the envious Kuze that is agonising over this whilst returning to his seat.

「Good morning, Houjou-kun」

I will answer Kamiya-san’s greeting as well.


Okita-san continues to read her book (novel?) with an expressionless look on her face.

It brings up the feeling of, “It’s no concern of mine”.

「Hey, look, sit down in your seat~」

As the teacher comes in, today’s lesson begins.

During class, my attention is focused on my 2 seat neighbours.

However, it is not a feeling of love, more yearning and aspiration.

「Who should I violate first? How should I do this violating? 」

I was pondering on these 2 points.

With my tentacle ability, I can make mine the “12 zodiacs” and the number 1 big tits.

Then, I reached my first conclusion.

「Should I start with Okita first?」

I’ll start my course of action.

I pierce Okita-san with my tactile thread and inject some aphrodisiac.

I detect embarrassment and a feeling of lust from her.

The feeling of sexual desire and lust is steadily rising.

Due to her being in class though, she has no alternative but to endure.

Her emotions are filled with the need to endure and lust.

Then, I start manipulating her body.


Her hand starts moving arbitrarily and confusion is flooding in..

But I do not care and have her lower her underwear.

Obviously, I do this quietly without being noticed.

When I glanced to my side, I’m faced with a face red with shame.

Naturally, this is not the end.

What I’m thinking about doing is making her masturbate while class is going on.

Since it is hard for me to confirm with my own eyes, this is inherently difficult.

However, I can sense her whole body.

Though I can’t sense her pleasure or pain, I can comprehend what is where.

So it is possible.

Okita-san’s finger start tracing her vulva


She couldn’t hold back a faint sigh.

She inserts a finger from her left hand into her secret place.

Then she lightly stirs her finger around the entrance.

「A, aan…」

A sweet sigh that could not be held back was uttered.

Her feeling of shame was pervasive, but the feeling of relief and euphoria of the impending release from sexual torment was rising.

I have her intensify the stirring of her secret place.

「Uuu, guuu, kuuu~~!」

Desperately enduring, her voice slipped out.

However, the impending limit can be felt.

In one more push, she will cum.

Then that sweet voice will not be able to be suppressed.

That’s why I


I let her stop masturbating.

Her emotions of embarrassment, relief, persistent arousal and disappointment flooded in.

The feeling of not being able to finish was the largest.

Okita-san breathes in deeply to try and regain her original composure but there is no way that I can permit that.

I begin making her console herself again.


I guess that is what she is thinking.

She stiffens her body and endures the pleasure.

Her peak was approaching now in short order.

Okita-san’s emotions are flooded with lust and expectation.

Then, her masturbation stopped right then.

Disappointment flushed and a feeling of grief swirled.

Yet, it is not over.

As soon as she calms down, I restart her self-service.

Yet again, this stops right on the edge of her petite mort.

I repeated this pattern throughout the lesson.

“KinKonKanKon” (bell ringing)

I pulled out the tactile thread at the end of the 1st period.

As soon as the teacher left, Okita-san made a quick dash to the toilet.

Perhaps she went there to finish off her masturbation.

Probably this is due to the constant assault that she endured throughout the first period and her lust was at the very breaking point.

Though it seems that she was unaware.

The fact that this was only the ending of the 1st time…

Then, Okita-san came back just before the second-period bell chimed.

She had a visibly exhausted looking face, flushed with the aftermath of her climax.

The teacher for the 2nd period came in and class resumes.

My next move has been decided.

I pierce her at once with my tactile thread.

I will bring Okita-san to the edge of ecstasy again. Masturbation, over and over again.

For her, it never stops.

I did it in all the classes.

Okita-san hurries to the toilet every time the period ends.

By the time morning classes where over, her visible fatigue was clearly discernible.

As expected, I didn’t do anything at lunch.

It would be more fun if I give her the chance to restore her physical strength.

The same thing would resume in the lessons after lunch.

When my eyes caught hers a couple of times in the last lesson, her eyes were tearing up from being brought to the edge of climax several times.

Then, the last class ended.

After the final class, students started to leave for home.

However, she won’t stand up. It was not possible to stand up.

I won’t let her stand up.

Okita-san will stay even after the last class is over, she really wants to run the toilet as soon as possible.

I won’t allow it though,

Everyone has left the classroom except her and I.

「Houjou-kun, aren’t you going home?」

「No, I’m heading home

See ya, Okita-san」

「Un.  See you tomorrow. 」

She was smiling as she was saying that.

It was a smile that conveyed the sense of pleasure that she felt from the perceived lack of interference.

When I left the classroom and pulled out the tactile thread, I stood by the nearest toilet.

There is no conceivable way that she could persevere through all the agonising teasing till the brink that she has experienced.

After the final class, she has only 2 paths that she can take.

One is to masturbate in the toilet.

At that time I’ll capture her with my tactile thread.

I’ll manipulate her body and have her masturbate in front of me.

But she has not come out of the classroom at all.

As I approached the classroom


I heard a seductive voice.

The scenery that a I saw in the classroom was as expected.

She took the other option and was masturbating in the classroom.

She had her legs spread wide in her own seat, her posture uncovered her big tits, and the lewd, horny girl was self-absorbed in masturbation.

「I..I, what has gotten into me…」

Okita-san exposes her large, beautiful, shapely breasts.

「My body was aching for it in class…」

She massages her breasts firmly, changing the shape.

「I can’t endure it when this place is touched…」

She inserts a finger under her underwear and starts fondling her secret place.

「Despite that, I couldn’t make myself cum…」

The movements of her finger were becoming more and more intense.

「In the toilets during the breaks…」

She arches her back backwards.

「Mou, I’m cumming~!」

Just before she orgasmed, I opened the door.


Ho, Houjou, you?!

No way, why?…」

Okita-san’s confusion was funny.

I got her.

「You surprised me.

Surely there is no way Okita-san is masturbating in our classroom」

I slowly displayed a cruel smile.

「Che, it’s not true!」

She was desperately denying it.

「It is useless for you to deny it like that」

No matter what the half-naked her says, it is not convincing.

When I pointed this out to her, she realised her appearance, hit her chest and slammed her legs shut.

I got close to her and stabbed her with the tactile thread.

I manipulated her hands away from her chest.

And her twin milk hills that she grabbed with her hands to cover up were again uncovered.


She reacts, startled.

I read her emotions.

Despair and shame. But the feeling that was caught in my heart was joy.

The taste of the combined scene of her masturbating to the edge then running to the toilet to finish off and calming down.

In the end, she tried to finish herself off in the classroom but, once again, was stopped by my appearance.

Her body that was filled with lustful desire and not satisfied was reacting to my hand.

Now, Okita. I will violate you plenty.



Chapter 6

Little sister invasion 2


Yuka started sucking my cock and I was really enjoying it, though before she started sucking me off, I was seriously pondering as to how I should approach breaking this unusual relationship off. She looks like a child that is engrossed after buying a new toy.

Still, I never imagined that having my dick hoovered could ever have such a pleasant feeling. Though her technique was still poor, the action of her licking my glans then sucking till the root with her fingers crawling all around then reintroducing it back into her mouth, sends shocks tingling up and down my spine.

Especially when she starts licking around the head of my penis, it feels really good and sends me into a shiver from sensory overload. Yuka is well aware of this as she watches my reaction while socking me off. She sticks her tongue out and rotates around my cock to stimulate it. Oooo, this feels sooo good, The mismatch between Yuka’s innocent smile and her giving me a blowjob makes me dizzy. As she strokes my shlong with her hand and sucks and licks my member all over, using her tongue and lips liberally, it sends the urgency to ejaculate skyrocketing.

「Yuka, wait, hold on, I’m cumming!」

I hesitate to cum in my little sister’s mouth, so I reach for the tissues in a hurry. Though I could not hold back long enough and if I pulled out now, I’d blow my load everywhere and make a mess. That was unavoidable. When the urgency of my desire was quenched, I patted my little sister’s head in an effort to stall and escape the aftermath.

Well, how did we get here? Yuka came the next evening again, opened the door suddenly, turned on the lights and asked 「Onii-Chan, are you still awake? 」with her brows in a cute furrow looking at me with expectation. She then came onto my bed and asked 「Should I give Onii-chan fellatio? 」as she crawled over.  I displayed a sleepy face in silent resistance as she took off my pyjamas. In a low growly voice, she said, 「Onii-chan, move your hand out of the way. 」 Due to me resisting, she was about to complain loudly, I got flustered and stopped her. Yuka-san, that is blackmail. So, my pyjamas were taken off in short order.

The younger sister who had one hand covering her mouth was already requesting tissues with her hand and was given a box of tissues immediately. My little sister spat my semen into the tissue as I clean my pal with another tissue, as we were doing that, Yuka studied the spat-out semen. Hey, hey, stop staring around like that, it is somehow very embarrassing you know.

「Oi, stop staring so much」

「Eh, why?」


「Whatever, just stop staring」

Yuka still does not quite grasp the situation, but she took her eyes off the tissue and slid off the bed. Oh yes, there is nothing better than destroying the evidence as soon as possible. But Yuka did not use the trash can in the room and started heading out.

「Good night~」

「Oi wait! Where are you going? 」

Yuka turned back to my call but she did not reply. just let out a giggle and disappeared out the door.

What is she thinking, what is she going to do, what is she going to do with that? ~~~~~ Damn, I was going to get a good night’s sleep, but I guess going to recover that tissue is horribly stupid. Thinking about it is bothersome, so I abandoned the thought and wrapped myself in my futon, here goes my 1st attempt at sleep… … She could have turned the lights out on her way out. I got out of bed and turned off the lights and finally got to sleep when I returned to bed.

Then the following night, Yuka was at it again, sucking my penis. I’ve lost all resistance. I know it would be trouble for me to raise my voice here.

「Soo, oni, how does it feel? (mumbled speech with a dick in the mouth) 」

Hey,hey, don’t talk with my dick in your mouth, though in saying that my penis feels really good in Yuka’s mouth. After saying that, she started moving faster and took me deeper into her mouth. Uu, it feels good. She is definitely getting more skilful. Last night she was just licking it in her mouth with her tongue, tonight she added sucking to her repertoire.  Is this what they call vacuum fellatio? The degree of adhesion with her tongue and the rest of her mucous membrane is raised and thus sensation is further increased. Where did she learn this from since yesterday? The way things are going, what happened yesterday will happen again tonight, I have to do something before I cum in my little sister’s mouth again. I thought I would have to restrain Yuka.

「Wait for a moment」

「Nnnn, what is it? (more cock-in-mouth mumbling) 」

That’s why, when you want to say something, take my cock out of your mouth.

「Anyway, move your ass over this way」

Though she did not know what I was going to do, she moved her ass over slowly. Pulling down Yuka’s pyjamas with her panties, her white smooth, firm like hard boiled eggs ass jumps up into view to my delight. She has absolutely no resistance to me taking off her bottoms suddenly. I continued pulling off her pyjamas and panties down the rest of her leg and off her feet to completely remove them.


「OK, here we go, straddle my face.」

Even after coming this far, Yuka should understand having to get into the 69 position to give each other mutual love. Getting pleasure alone is good, but there is nothing like pleasuring each other!

Sorry but that’s a lie, it is just an ecchi position that is on the list of positions that I want to do without fail. As Yuka has begun to suck my dick, I also start performing cunnilingus undauntedly.  I moved my arms from her waist to her ass cheeks and when I spread them I see her little pink anus. Yuka is kneeling and I’m lying down in bed so it is hard for me to reach her pussy without raising my head. After gently nibbling on her labia majora and minora, I licked and soaked the entrance to her vagina with saliva. I then use my tongue to spread her vaginal opening as much as possible. I guess Yuka was feeling it, she was shaking her butt to resist but she can’t escape from my attack because I’m holding her hips down.

That’s not to say that Yuka was neglecting in her own attack. Due to the change of posture, her tongue was now in contact with my sensitive glans which has increased the sensation. Yuka started to grip my penis with her mouth and pressed it firmly against her tongue. To be honest, this was difficult, if I lose concentration even for an instant, I would come instantly.

However, my competitive spirit blazes up and I intend on her cumming first, I start licking in the vicinity of her clitoris and around her vaginal opening. I start licking roughly like a hungry puppy trying to get at milk, licking at a high rate of speed.

Then, Yuka proceeds to grip my shaft while sucking the head. That’s bad, that shaves away my resistance from cumming. It seems that she wants victory in one stroke!

I discontinue my area attack and started concentrating on that one point. As soon as I attach to her clitoris, I start sucking it at once and forcibly peel back her clitoral hood while bashing her clitoris with my tongue.

Yuka who was being touched at her most sensitive spot quickly raised the white flag. She removed her mouth from my penis and raised her lovely voice. Fufufu, you are 10 years too early to win against me. I raised a declaration of victory even though in my heart I know at her tongue brought me to the edge of ecstasy.

「Owwwww, don’t grab my dick like that!」

I immediately tapped in Yuka’s ass. It seems that she was gripping my penis like she was wringing out a washcloth with all her might, just to endure the pleasure that she was experiencing. I slip out from under Yuka, kneeled behind her and introduced my cock into her hole. I’ll finish in here as I was not able to earlier.

When I inserted my cock into her, her pussy opened up to fit me. Ooou, it feels as consistent as it always has,  It feels best with a soft labia and tight vagina. Yuka collapsed onto her front just after a few thrusts, it morphed from doggie into her lying down flat, likewise, I collapsed flat onto Yuka.


「Oi, tilt your ass upwards and spread them.」

「Nooo!, Onii-chan, let me rest for a little.」

Is that so? I guess because Yuka just came from the attack a little earlier, she is still a little too sensitive to carry on. Well, in consideration for Yuka who just came, I’ll finish off as fast as I can. I started moving with this plan in mind but since my strength has been applied to my arms and back only, I’m starting to get tired. Is there a more comfortable position other than Yuka lying face down? I tried to think of another position but nothing comes to mind.

Yuka now has her legs spread a little so that my legs are now between hers, I brought Yuka’s legs together and straddled them. I then leaned my stomach on her butt as out genitals where connected. I thought that only a woman can straddle from the top but it looks like it is possible for a man too.

I’ll try moving a little as an experiment. Un, it is easy to move in this position, there is a feeling that Yuka’s tightness has improved with her legs closed. When I start to move in comfortable strokes, Yuka starts tapping.

「What’s up? Does it hurt? 」

「That’s not it Onii-chan, It feels way too good.」

Hoho…OK, OK, so you would willingly bring up your weak points stupidly yourself.

「Is that so~ Isn’t it great~ Yuka? I’ll make you feel really good. 」

「Nooo, wait ..」

I watch for Yuka’s reaction as I restarted my strokes.

Onii-chan’s penis, I’ll lick it all over and breath it in. When I saw it for the first time, it looked grotesque to me, the more I got used to seeing it the cuter it looks to me. Disgusting looking when flaccid but when it swells, stiffens, grows and the pink head shows itself it becomes adorable.

The penis that makes me feel so good, it has transformed my special places it experiencing pleasure. While I lick Onii-chan’s penis, I watch his reactions so that I can find out where and how to make him feel good. My Onii-chan’s cute reactions are also amusing, I make it feel better ~ I won’t stop till I make him feel good, then he stripped me of my pyjamas.  He then asked me to straddle his face. As one would expect, I hesitated as it was embarrassing but I abandoned the hesitation and boldly proceeded.

Aaa, this is enjoyable. As I lick Onii-chan’s penis to give him pleasure, the pleasure returns from him licking me too. Of course, the sense of oneness makes me feel comfortable and delighted. When I suck his penis hard, he suddenly sucks my clitoris hard. I suck harder when I’m sucked more strongly. When I grabbed his penis and stroked it with my hand while sucking the tip and kneading it with my tongue, he suddenly started sucking and licking my clitoris strongly. I moved my mouth off his penis and clenched my teeth and squeezed his penis by reflex while trying to bear the intense pleasure. I’m sorry Onii-chan, I can’t endure this awesome pleasure, Yuka can’t continue licking your penis because of this pleasure~ My older brother had to withstand me grasping wildly at his penis as I separated my mouth from his penis.

「Owww, don’t grab my dick like that!」

Apparently, I seemed to have clenched down on his penis unconsciously, I couldn’t help it, it felt too good. However, it was only a short break as Onii-chan had not ejaculated yet, we are unlikely to stop.

As I was thinking about that, Onii-chan crawled out from under me and put his penis in from behind me. The place that felt so pleasurable just a moment ago felt ultra-sensitive and I tried to escape without thinking.

「Oi, tilt your ass upwards and spread them.」

「Nooo!, Onii-chan, let me rest for a little.」

Waa, I want to rest for a bit, as I was taking a break, Onii-chan started rummaging around behind as I was soaking in the afterglow of an orgasm. So even if I wanted to take a short break, his strokes started nonetheless.

Eeeeh! How? How can we have sex in such a position? I was surprised when he moved suddenly and my intuition set off an alarm 『This is going to be bad』. I started to feel really good with just his penis moving in an out. I feel like I am going to exceed my upper limits of pleasure like I felt before. It’s dangerous, this is absolutely dangerous unless this stops now. I started to tap Onii-chan.

「What’s up? Does it hurt? 」

「That’s not it Onii-chan, It feels way too good.」

Anyway, I’ll have to put a stop to this for a little while.

「Is that so~ Isn’t it great~ Yuka? I’ll make you feel really good. 」

「Nooo, wait ..」

His strokes continued as soon as they stopped. Just when the stimulation started to calm down a little, it shot beyond what I felt until a while ago. Bad, bad, this is really bad, I tried to escape immediately but I could go nowhere as I was pinned down with Onii-chan was leaning on my ass. On the contrary, forget about escaping, I can’t even voice anything anymore and my body is no longer listening to me all I can do is endure the pleasure. Clenching my teeth and pushing my head into the futon, clasping at the bedsheets with both my hands, I struggled desperately and tried to tolerate the slight fear of losing consciousness from the agonising pleasure.


Hurry, hurry up and finish… It’s no good… mou no good, in front of my eyes a soft glow started to float, 『flying』 the feeling of my consciousness taking off, that instant, at last, Onii-chan’s copulation was coming to an end. Perhaps the hot thing she felt on her back was his semen. Even though my intercourse with Onii-chan was over, the afterglow of my orgasm still permeated throughout my body. While trying to catch my breath, I waited for the aftermath of my petite mort to fade.

「Oi, Yuka, how long are you going to lie there for? Have you fallen asleep? 」

At last, my body and breathing have settled down, my ass was slapped by Onii-chan, mou, you are not kind at all, not even worried about my body. Once I got my clothes on, I looked at him like he was a nuisance.  I think it is because I felt it so much. Aa, he is gradually getting angry.

I sat squirming on the bed while putting on my pyjamas. Due to the lingering reverberations flowing through my body, my throat still does not work. What should I do? I will not be able to sleep properly without retaliating to this indifferent guy.

「Onii-chan, g-o-o-d, night!」

After that slip of the tongue, I let fly a kick to his crotch and a muffled scream was heard as I got off the bed without minding it.  Hopefully, nothing got broken, I was worried about that. When I returned to my room, I threw myself in my bed and buried myself in the futon. Today was totally amazing, it felt better than my imagined limit again. I wonder what would become of me if I keep on doing this, I wonder if there are more amazing things ahead of the bone-shaking orgasm I felt today. Nevertheless, today, it really felt excellent~.




Chapter 2

Episode 2 – The teacher and the train




The morning of the day after the tactile thread grew, the first thing I did when I woke up was to confirm that it was still there.


「It looks like it isn’t a dream」


The tactile thread was still growing out of my head.

Being a Monday today, I have to go to school.

Will because I’m neither stupid or a delinquent, I actually attend high school.

My grades are not bad and I go to a decent school too.

I have few friends, but that is understandable as I try not to get too involved with the surroundings.

Well, in saying that, that has not inconvenienced me since I’ve been like that from elementary school till the 2nd year of high school.

School life is not painful nor is it particularly fun.

However, it is going to be enjoyable from today.

I can use the power of this tactile tread as much as I wish.

I changed my clothes as I was ruminating on those thoughts.


「Good morning, Misaki…Mum」


「Gg, good morning」


Misaki-san looks at my face, turns bright red then immediately looks down.

By the way, my father left home earlier on.

He was gone by the time I woke up.

On weekdays, Misaki-san has breakfast with my Dad, so I have breakfast alone.

In saying that, because Misaki-san made me breakfast, she has no discontent.

I washed my face then sat at the table.


「Aaa, unnn, Takumi-kun…」


Misaki-san said to me, with an awkward expression and heavily blushing.


「Forget about yesterday.

I wasn’t thinking straight yesterday…」


Has her sense of reason been restored after 1 night?

However, that is why this is fun and enjoyable.

Having to think about such evil thoughts.


「Impossible, you know?

Yesterday’s “Misaki” was supremely erotic. 」


I purposefully dropped her honorifics to create the maximum psychological impact.


「Don’t say that…

If that person finds out…」


As it stands, I have a psychologically superior position.


「I won’t say anything to Dad.

In saying that, can Misaki endure without me? 」


「I, I~!」


「Yesterday, you were servicing me all on your own, begging me to pleasure you, Misaki was cumming hard.」




「Well, I guess you understand」


I head for school after I finished up with breakfast.

(It will take a little time for Misaki to completely fall)


When I was waiting for the train at the station, I was tapped on my shoulder with a “pon”.

When I turned around.


「Good morning, Houjou」


It was my health teacher Makihara-sensei.

Makihara-sensei is a female health teacher that is in her late 20s

She has a well ordered, beautiful face with thin makeup on.

Other than that, she has a good figure and an open-hearted character that is popular with students of both sexes in school.

Adding to that, she knows the name of all her students.


I monologed to myself.

「Someday I would like to examine that patient.

It is natural to want that, isn’t it?」


With that, a sense of mystique set fire to an enthusiasm towards perverted ideas of the health teacher.


「Good morning, Makihara-sensei」


Though, shouldn’t a teacher be getting to school earlier than students?


「OK. A proper greeting is the first step towards developing a good human relationship.

Well, for me who is late, myself, there is no persuasive power in what I’m saying, though」


Is it ok for a teacher to be late? I don’t think that is good for a teacher.


「Oo, The train is here.」


As I was talking to Makihara-sensei, the train arrived at the station.

I then got on the train with her.


(Has prey just approached me by herself?

Well then, let me enjoy, Makihara-sensei)


When we boarded the train, Makihara-sensei and I stood side-by-side in front of the door. Of course, it is packed to the brim.

This is convenient.

The length of my tactile thread is around 2 meters. I can’t use it on a subject far away.

However, at this distance, it is absolutely fine.

I pierced Makihara-sensei with my tactile thread.

The manipulated Makihara-sensei leaned in and rested on my chest.

Just like a sweetheart would.


(Fufufu, are you not confused?)


「Makiharha-sensei, what’s wrong?」


Feigning ignorance, I ask Makihara-sensei, but it seems that she is at loss as of how to answer.

Then, Makihara-sensei reaches down and touches my junk over my pants.




Makihara-sensei did not stop when I call out frantically. I can’t stop here.

She gently stroked me with her delicate fingers and my flaccidity was immediately reversed.

Then, Makihara-sensei grabs my hand and leads it to her secret place.


「It’s fine, play with my vagina to your heart’s content…」


She whispers into my ear.

The surrounding passengers do not notice our actions.

I’m having Makihara-sensei act as a female pervert.

I stroke her pussy over her underwear according to Makihara-sensei’s instructions.

With that, her body reacts with a quiver.

When I slowly and repetitively stroked with my finger, she started trembling.


(My excitement is growing with her confusion.)


Reading Makihara-sensei’s emotions, I proceeded to put my hands down her underwear.


「Aaa,nnn, guu!」

As Makihara-sensei was about to let out her voice, I closed her mouth with my other hand.

I did not think about the fact I could control her voice.

I immediately remove my hand from her mouth.

I slowly trace my finger over her secret place then along her slit.




Makihara-sensei desperately tried to stop her exclamation.

She took out a handkerchief and bit into it to endure.

When my fingers penetrated her vagina, her knees went weak and started trembling.

She clung to me as if she was unsure if she was about to collapse.

Makihara-sensei’s soft chest feels exquisite.


「Mou, I’m about to give up…」


She said that with her own intention and not via my control. But,


「It is an invitation from a teacher.

I’ll accompany you till the end.」


「Ahhh, no….」


I flashed an evil grin, then inserted my finger deep into her vagina.




Makihara-sensei bends back, trying to endure the pleasure.

However, it was fruitless as her pussy reacts to the stimulating pleasure and spills forth her love juices.

My hand gradually got wet with her lubrication.


(She is excited, but her shyness still remains)


In this circumstance, I’ll enjoy myself to the utmost.

Now that I mention it, I am really enjoying this situation.

I slip out the inserted finger and swap it with my right hand between her legs.

I then move my left that that is sticky with Makihara-sensei’s love liquids in front of her eyes.

Manipulated by me, Makihara-sensei, held my hand then proceeded to lick off her own love juices.

Feel it more, tried to endure it further then climax.


Makihara-sensei was getting more and more aroused with my machinations.

But due to not being able to move her body freely, she is unable to resist it.

Meanwhile, my finger that is stirring Makihara-sensei’s honey pot bumped into something that felt like a protrusion.

The instant I came in contact, Makihara-sensei bends back, her mouth starts gaping open and shut continuously like a fish gulping.

I assume that the protrusion is a clitoris and start flicking it with my finger.




Desperately trying to muffle her voice, her endurance is reaching the limit.

But I was not about to stop fingering her bean.

However, having her moan loudly here may not be the best idea.

So I manipulated Sensei.


「n? nnn~~! 」

Makihara-sensei grabs my head to face her and then proceeds to kiss me.

Then her tongue proceeds to extend into my mouth and tangles with my tongue.

Feelings of confusion gradually start to disappear from Makihara-sensei.

As her shame melts away, it was dominated by excitement.

The finally, I pinched her clitoris with decent force.




A muffled voice was raised, then her whole body started to convulse.

Even though I didn’t manipulate her, the put strength into her hand and turned my head.

Being convinced that I got her to climax, I finished off by embracing then kissing her and got off at our intended station.


We then sat at a bench in the station.

As the tactile thread has been withdrawn, Makihara-sensei can now move at her own volition.

However, she has lost all strength in her body due to the lingering effects of her orgasm.




Though her eyes look vacant, they start filling again with consciousness.


「Aaaa, I…」


She started recalling about the things done on the train and was clearly getting flustered and dismayed. Then,


「Houjou! You…!」

「It was Sensei that seduced me, you know.

Besides, it was only Sensei that came.

In addition to that, you forced a kiss on me…」


「St, stop!」


I basically attempted to destroy all criticism of me by punishing back with “facts”.

Even though she was being manipulated, she was fully conscious. She also has a memory of this incident.

That’s why the “facts” are undeniably the “truth”, she can’t deny it.

The effect of this argument is tremendous, Makihara-sensei can’t say anything.


「As for the matter of school…」


「If you want me to keep it a secret, I’ll need some form of compensation」


I said that with a villainous intent.


「Money? I can deal with a small amount somehow…」


「I don’t need that.


For the time being, I will consider it a “debt”」




With this, Makihara-sensei is psychologically cornered.

By making it a “debt”, she can’t refuse my requests.

Then, I’ll make her succumb gradually.


「By the way, can you please tell me Makihara-sensei’s given name?」


「…, It’s Mikoto」


「So, Mikoto.

I’ll collect on this “debt” gradually」


By calling her by her first name, the hierarchical relationship has been flipped.


(Mikoto, you are a good woman.

Like Misaki, I’m going to enjoy you falling)



Chapter 1

Episode 1 – Manifestation



What’s going on? 」


When I got up this morning as per usual, something was quivering in front of my eyes.

It is silvery and slender like a gossamer thread, it was waving in front of me with a pura pura.

Being that it is annoying, I pick at it.




There is an odd sensation when I touch it.

I pulled at it to have a closer look




It is growing out from the top of my head.

The sensation of insects crawling over me was felt.

It is certainly different from hair, there seems to be composed of nerves.

However, it was not only the weird tactile sensation, I can also move it around at will.

I can feel and move it at will.


「I’ve lived till now, the 2nd year of high school, and I’ve never seen or heard of a controllable tactile nerve growing out of a person before.」


With that idiotic thought notwithstanding, I notice having a sense of touch with it.


「The end is sharp.

Hmm? 」


The tip of the tactile thread was sharp and when I put some force into it, some sort of liquid came out.

Well, there is not much information as yet.

When I licked the liquid, it had no taste, colour or odour.

In addition to all of this, I don’t feel any change in my body.

Well, I guess my own bodily fluids are not toxic to myself.

I leave my room and go downstairs and maybe ask someone else.


「Ara, Takumi.

Good morning」

As soon as I descended from the stairs I saw

「Good morning, Misaki-san.

Aah, that’s not it, Mum」


I was my mother Misaki-san.

Even as I call her Mum, she is really my step-mother. My father got remarried to her.

My biological mother divorced my father when I was young.


Apparently, I have a twin sister, my father took me and my biological mother seems to have taken my older twin sister.

I don’t know many details, including their names. I don’t remember their faces either. I’ve lost all interest.

After divorcing my biological mother, my father and I started living with my grandmother, the 3 of us.


My grandmother passed away 3 years ago and my father remarried Misaki-san a year after that.

Misaki-san was an acquaintance when my grandmother was alive and I called her Misaki-san then.

Even now, after 2 years of marriage to my father, I still call her Misaki-san instead of Mum.

The reason it is that it’s awkward, due to the age gap.

That’s because she is 26 years old. She is closer in age to being an older sister rather than a mother.

Though I’m a bit of a problem child, Misaki-kaasan is a nice person, so the relationship is good.



「So, let’s have breakfast now. should we? 」


Misaki-san said as she puts breakfast on the table.

(Are? Have you not noticed the tactile thread growing out of my head?)

We sit opposite each other at the table and have breakfast.


「Where’s Dad?」


「He’s working on his day off.

He’s definitely a very busy person. 」


I start shaking the thread in front of our eyes while I was having a casual conversation with her, but I got no reaction.

(Maybe she can’t see it?)

I try to tickle Misaki-san’s ear with it and see what happens.

But, there is still no reaction.

(Can’t she feel it touching her?)

Being convinced of that, this time, I pricked the back of her hand with it.


There was no reaction from her, but I felt a change.

I feel like I’ve gained a second body.

When I try to raise the left hand of the second body.




Misaki-san raised her left hand.

In addition to this, when I tried scissors, paper, rock (jankenpon) with that hand, Misaki-san’s hand moves accordingly.

(Can I manipulate the person that I’ve pierced with the tactile thread?)

Not only that.

A feeling of bewilderment flowed into my head. It was not that clear, but I could understand it like a language.

(This must be what Misaki-san is feeling…)

Why is my hand moving all by itself and ignoring my intentions? That sort of feeling flowed into me.

(It looks like I can read people’s feeling too.)

I admired the tactile ability that I’ve gained.

(I wonder what happens if I inject that liquid?)

That colourless, tasteless, odourless liquid was released from the thread. Are, when I inject it…

I could not overcome my curiosity and I injected a small amount of said liquid into Misaki-san.

Immediately after that, Misaki-san’s emotions suddenly changed.

(Is this lust?)

Misaki-san seems to be getting sexually excited, Is that liquid an aphrodisiac?

Then, for now, I’ll withdraw the tactile thread from Misaki-san.


Misaki-san’s breath roughened, her lips parted slightly and she was looking down.

「I’ll clean up in a while.」

She said, the stood up.


However, it was obvious that her legs were trembling and her footing, unsure.

Then she started washing the dishes.


「I’ll help.」


I stand next to her and washed the tableware.

In the midst of that, I asked Misaki-san if she was in pain and she continuously ignored me.

Immediately after the dishes were done, I stabbed Misaki-san again with the tactile thread.

I can feel the sense of lust has grown bigger than what was sensed before.

I manipulated Misaki-san to kneel in front of me. Then




She said with upturned eyes. It was also possible to make her say it with words.

I manipulated Misaki-san’s hand to take my member out.

Misaki-san’s face moved closer with her tongue extended towards my penis.

My penis engorges with the pleasure.

Then I extracted the tactile thread.

It is boring just to force her.


The idea that she is consciously committed to proceeding herself rather than being manipulated is better.

What she does from here on is due to her own free will.

Misaki-san does not take her eyes off my penis under her nose.

However, she stopped moving.

It is probably a struggle between her lust and sense of reason.

Though, it seems that the aphrodisiac has won and she proceeds to put my penis in her mouth.

Then, she starts bobbing her head and commits to giving me a blowjob.


“Jupo, jupo”


A lewd, watery noise resounds from an intense deepthroat.

I can’t endure the intensity.


「I’m cumming!」


I flooded Misaki-san’s throat with my ejaculate.

She starts to purr then drinks it.


Some of the liquid drip out and fall on Misaki-san’s breasts.

She scoops up the dripped remnants and voluntarily licks it up.


Well, I’m not manipulating her right now.

It was all her own volition to proceed with the deepthroat, drink my semen and call it 「Tasty…」.


Moreover, Misaki-san is saying


「Please, mou, it is no good anymore…」


She clung and attached herself to my waist.

I help her stand, then lead her to lie down on the table.

Then rolled her skirt up.

Her underwear oozed a sense of adult sensuality.

A stain had started forming above her special place on her underwear.

When I pushed there gently.


「Ahhn, right there~~!」


She squirmed her hips back and forth.

I pulled down her panties in one stroke.

Misaki-san’s abundant and beautifully shaped butt is exposed.

I stoke her ass and enjoy the feel of her silky smooth skin.


「Aaa, my ass, don’t just stroke it…」


Misaki-san is incoherent but is obviously inviting it.

When I inserted my finger into her secret spot a fishy, feminine smell wafted over and her love nectar spilled out.


「aaa, aaaaa~~!


More, more, ooo~! 」


While the melodious sound of lascivious liquid fills, her juices fall down to the floor via rivulets along her thick thighs.

Wow, just how good is she actually feeling?

I lost all sense of self-control and grabbed Misaki-san’s hips.

And then I docked my hot member into her secret place.

But I have yet to insert it.

Just piercing her entrance with the tip, continuing to tease her.


「Nooo, don’t be mean!!!」


Misaki-san falls to depravity, loses to the stimulation and begs me to penetrate her.

At once, I plunged into her velvet tunnel to the root.




She lets out a sweet scream and bends back seductively.

Her vagina entwines my penetrated penis completely and starts moving internally in waves.

The sensation of her tightening down on me is exquisite.

I start to my hips with abandon.


「Excellent, yes, ooooh~~!!!」


I move my mouth to Misaki-san’s ear while she is absorbed in pleasure.


「Who do you prefer, Dad or me?」


I fired off a cruel question.


「Aaa, please don’t say anything about this to him~.


OK, I’ll forget it about it and ravish Misaki-san~~!!」


Misaki-san’s ass continuously smacks against my hips with a smacking sound.


「Mou, I’m cumming~~!!」


Misaki-san was about to reach her limit.

At the same time, I was losing my ability to endure.


「Misaki-san, me too, already..!!」


Where would you like me to cum?!

In your pussy?



I’ll do as you wish! 」


「Don’t cum in me~~!!

so, cum outside~~~!!!!」


I heard Misaki-san’s pleading

(has her reason not completely crumbled?

Well, it seems like it will be extremely fun in future)


I think while I passionately move my hips.


cumming, cumming cuuuuumming~~~!!!」


Misaki-san climaxes and bends her back backwards.

At that very moment, Misaki’s vagina intensely clamps down on my penis.

I desperately endured and pulled out at once.

I then came massively all over her ass.


「Aaa, warm…」


Masaki-san sang out with an entranced voice.

I went back into my room and broke into a broad grin.


「I don’t know what this tactile thread is but it is awesome.

With this I can conquer any woman.

I am going to enjoy this to my heart’s content」


I can’t help but laugh out loud when I think about what the future brings.



Chapter 5

Little sister invasion


To be honest, the younger sister did not dislike the older brother taking charge, though she would prefer if her older brother takes responsibility for applying the brakes when needed. Now, after I’ve calmed down and reflected, I feel a little sorry that I’ve done such a preposterous thing. In saying so, I do not regret it.

When it was all done, my little sister’s consciousness seemed to be still a little hazy… …

Apart from that, that was the issue of the cold war between brother and sister that may have now extended into overtime. Although there was no sense of urgency as before, there is a off, vague sense of 『let’s have sex feeling』left there instead. As it was a bad idea between a brother and sister, the awkwardness was first-rate. Even our parents read the atmosphere and asked 「 Are you two still fighting? 」 For now, 「Yes, though I apologise for it. 」, though I don’t know if I can mislead them this time.

Though it was not easy to talk about in particular to my parents about the awkwardness with my little sister for the moment. For now, I decided to be outwardly calm and mature. Like the previous cold war, I take care to minimise my presence and take care when opening and closing doors. I quietly slipped into bed around 11 o’clock that evening. How long do I have to continue to do these things? As it was a rhetorical question with no answer, I accompanied it with a sigh, closed my eyes and cleared my mind.

After turning off the lights, within 5 minutes, the door opened. As mentioned before, the only person that opens my room door without knocking like this is that little sister, as such I determined it was neither of my parents.

Yuka did not say a word and started to climb into the bed. To that, I didn’t think there was a need to pay any mind to the action, but further to that, she climbed over and straddled me. This person, she sure is lewd.

Aaaa!! Damn it, is this not the mount position? I was overcome whilst I was absentminded, is this little bitch wanting to fight?

「Onii-chan, you are still wake aren’t you?」


My voice quivered, however as I was in the dark, my expression should not be visible. I can see though, that she was definitely smiling, is this a declaration of war after all?

「Nee, hey」


What, why are you sneaking in to my room in the middle of the night and saying that?

「That’s not it, I want to do something ecchi」

As she said that, she grabbed my hand and slit it under her pyjamas and the moment my fingertips touched Yuka’s breasts I involuntarily pulled my hand away.

「Wait a minute, what on earth are you thinking?」

「That’s why, let’s just do it~」

It seems that Yuka’s disposition seems strange, acting like a child throwing a tantrum, at the same time she has climbed on, stuck her butt on my thigh and started masturbating by grinding on it.

「Hey, using my body to masturbate, aren’t you the odd one, what’s wrong with you?」

「What?! I have become like this because of Onii-chan, has it not? 」

「Baka, stop yelling」

I wave my hand in front of Yuka to dismiss her complaint.

Is that so? As expected, is there a possibility that that is the reason why you ran over here? Well, I guess as much as what I did was terrible, it must have felt really good too. Say nothing of Yuka experiencing extreme pleasure 4 times besides she was not really interested in ecchi things so much, so I get she had no immunity for it. In other words, I flipped Yuka’s 『motivation switch』 And so it seems that she has become increasingly more dismissive of the taboo of approaching her older brother for sex.

My little sister’s masturbation does not stop while I think about how I should persuade her, not only that, she reached out her hand towards my penis. She starts massaging it from on top of my pyjamas.

「Oi, stop it!」

Although I said that to stop her, my penis decided to get firmly erect. I can’t help that I’m a completely honest 17-year-old guy when it comes to this and even when applying the brakes in my head, my body does not stop… … What should I do? In this state, it is difficult to make my little sister understand, as it stands, is is extremely mentally fatiguing and my defences are wearing away. There must be a method to resist… .

「I have no choice but to have sex」

When I utter that decision out of my mouth, I raised my body, put my hands on Yuka’s shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed and she obediently fell, I them put my hands to her waistband to bull off her bottoms and she lifted her hips to accommodate. Really, she is now obedient, I hope she is like this from now on, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Finally, I rolled the hem of her pyjama top up till I could see her breasts.

「Listen, you have to be quiet ok?」

Haaa, at last! Onii-chan is finally feeling up to it. Even though I play with myself, of course it feels good, but I can never feel as much pleasure and I get eternally frustrated. Onii-chan rolls my nipple with his tongue, aaaa, his tongue licking me feels great, I don’t feel the same when I fondle myself, I feel a little ticklish and itchy and it starts becoming unbearable. At the same time, Onii-chan’s hand gradually moves downward, heading towards my pussy. The 1 finger penetrates, the anticipation of that touch almost makes me gasp in pleasure, though I caught it in my throat.

The suddenly inserted finger goes in without caressing the rest of my pussy and starts going in and out without warning.

Aaaa, its bad, I totally masturbated before coming in to this room and am totally wet, has this been exposed to Onni-chan? Why is it that the touch of another person feels so good and is not the same as when I do it myself? Even though, before this, my hymen prevented fingers from going in all the way, now it allows fingers in easily, it is deep enough to penetrate till the base of his fingers. To think that I just lost my virginity recently. I wonder if any of my friends have also experienced becoming a woman, it would be nice to know if 1 or 2 of them have also experienced it. The 2 fingers stretch my vagina, moving in and out, back and forth and rotating around, stimulating my pleasure spots.

「Faa, uu Guuuuunnnn…」

With the upmost effort, I endure vocalising my pleasure but yet an unintentional voice leaks out as my body reacts to the sudden play with my clitoris. It is such a pleasant feeling that I can no longer control my body.

At last his hands stop moving. I think Onii-chan has lost his willpower and starts taking off his pyjamas. Onii-chan laid on my and whispered.

「Do not leak, ok?」

As I have decided to enjoy myself in this occasion, I decided not to say anything about it. It’s inevitable, I was pressured into having sex and am committed to this short-term battle. First of all, I’ll torture her nipple and extend the other hand to her pussy. Nnn? Even though I’ve yet to caress her pussy, it is already wet… This person must have masturbated before coming to my room, oh well, to avoid any arguments, I’ll ignore it.

When I inserted 1 finger, there is nothing obstructing it and my finger buried itself slowly to the root. Hmmm, it makes me think back to when I took my little sister’s virginity. The feeling of guilt starts pricking at my conscience. Anyway, it would be bad if my thoughts get carried away and I perform badly, I better concentrate on what’s in front of me. I massaged her pussy all over while tweaking her nipple and got her ready. I then took off my pyjamas and got ready for insertion. Before I plunged myself into her joy hole, I reminded her 「Don’t leak, ok? 」as I pinched her cheek at the same time. Nooo, its because you… make me cum so hard when we have sex.

I pulled myself together and recommenced insertion, being the second time, I think it would be better. My cock was already gripped from the tip to the root. It seems that Yuka suddenly stiffed up her body, so she might still be in a little pain.


I hear Yuka’s muffled voice in the dark and the wet sounds where our groins have collided. Although I think it is imperative that our parents downstairs can’t hear is, I feel anxious and the impatient sense of urgency to come to a climax of the encounter.

It is extremely pleasant. Even though I feel that I can cum anytime, I brace myself from losing control and try my best to to finish so quickly. Upon insertion and pulling back out, the feeling of my glans rubbing up the wall of flesh in her vagina is exquisitely intense and I desperately fight the relentless impulse to leak my voice. What should I do? So much time has passed for me to calm down but yet I’m still on edge.  I don’t want to be thought of as a premature ejaculator…

Looking at Yuka, she is also enduring the impulse to cry out as she covers her mouth with both hands.

「Yuka, are you good now? I’ll start. 」

As I said that, Yuka nodded whilst covering her mouth.

I move towards the last spurt, in saying that, it probably last 1 second or one stroke as my limit. When I increase my pace, the bunk bed started creaking and I stop moving immediately. Of course, this creaking is bad… so what should I do? With how stimulated I am right now, this is an opportune time to take a break, calm down and change positions. I raise Yuka’s legs up, and I positioned myself over Yuka and pumped her from top to bottom rather than forward and backwards. The bed still creaks but it is considerably better than before. It is time for that last spurt for the second time. Yuka’s pleasure is also written all over her face, doubling the eroticism.

Yuka’s tightening vagina breaks the limit of pleasure. My penis screams in ecstasy as semen shoots through my urethra. The burst of pleasure saps the power out of my body as I endure the overwhelming sensation. As I lowered her raised legs back down to the bed and laid on her body while immersed in the afterglow of my climax, Yuka started to slowly rub my back with her hand. It seems that Yuka is drowned in the after effects of her ecstasy too and it is just a little embarrassing dealing with the aftermath of sex between lovers. I somehow resist the temptation to fall asleep just like this.

「Yuka, get up, we have to get ready to go to bed」

Just thinking about it, it is a weird phrase to say just as I am pulling my cock out of her love sheath, letting the cool air of the room surround it. I pulled 2 tissues out of the box beside the bed, then handed Yuka the box. It seemed like such a stupid thing to do right after that~, it is good that the room is dark. After dealing with the clean-up, we said 「good night」then Yuka left my room but did not go straight to her room, instead she went to the 2nd floor toilet. The quiet room reverberated with gentle noise of the washlet’s motor.

That’s right, I came in her again tonight~, as I should have expected, cumming inside of her time and time again is bad, it would probably make a mess of her futon. Let’s take some time this weekend to carefully discuss what’s going on, if we don’t do something to end this kind of relationship, the consequences of this situation would it very regretful for our parents.

『OK, let’s stop this!』I feel as though I have to swear to it with a heavy heart. With this, I feel that I will be able to sleep soundly tonight, I fell right asleep with confidence as soon as I shut my eyes.