Chapter 4

Little sister’s soft fair skin Part 2


Panties or peeing myself, I really don’t want to hear that from you~ I guess I will take off my clothes. I quickly took off my shorts and threw them at my 『Baka older brother』.

「Don’t say panties.」

The disgusting grin on my older brother’s face when he caught my shorts that I threw at him unintentionally triggered a feeling of spite towards him. While glaring at such a brother, I was thinking about such things.

Oh well, I got what I expected, mostly. I get to maintain my pride and manipulate my brother’s guilty conscience. I also get to feel good as I wanted and get paid at that, it is the most ideal development. He seems to be grinning too much, however to maintain this favourable position, I just have to endure, bear with it. At any rate, I want to do perverted things and I can’t help that right now.

As before, my limbs were restrained, this time though rolled towels were but between them and the tape so that it won’t hurt.

「Well~, I’ve noticed something like that」

The thought of being restrained and not being able to escape has set my heart a flutter. My dress was still covering my body but down below is totally defenceless, i hope the precaution of me going to the toilet before this then cleaning up down there would be sufficient preparation, maybe? While I was in the midst of my thoughts, suddenly the hem of my dress was rolled up and affixed with clips.

Mou! Suddenly doing it just because it is the second time. Onii-chan lacks delicacy. I honestly hoped that you would have taken due care of the process and be kind. Even though I’m ashamed sitting here displayed this way.

While I was complaining to myself in my heart, Onii-chan started to move his face close to my pussy, then proceeded to bury his face into my crotch.


I voiced out a strange noise unintentionally. I’m having a hard time understanding what is going on, what? Onii-chan is bury his face into my pussy? Impossible, impossible, impossibbbbblllleeeee. How? Why? What is he rubbing there with? Noo,stop! Hentai! Quit it!!!! Suddenly ambushing me with something that feels so good, how?!! Whaa….t…aaaa

The soft, tender warm, wriggling feeling moves around Yuka’s pussy. her pussy yields happily and is getting accustomed to the gentle loving caress that was being lubricated by saliva. Yuka’s clitoral hood was licked all around as well as every iota of her labias, the inside of her vagina was gently caressed by her older brother’s tongue causing her sweet, syrupy love juices to spill out, mixing with her brother’s saliva and the mechanisation down below caused the mixture to melt into her pussy.

「Waa uuu, a aaaaaa, nnn~~」

Why, why does this feel so good?! My brother’s face buried in my precious place, the place that I excrete from as well as bleed monthly, he is licking that place all over so boldly, with no care, rather than being disgusted with that place that does that, he seems to be enjoying it. In spite of those thoughts, Yuka’s body is experiencing pleasure and the gap in sensibility kept hounding Yuka.

I hate this, I don’t want to feel good with this. I’ll twist my body as much as I can to resist even a little but my brother wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me tight, not letting me escape. So, instead I try to resist by voicing myself but instead all that comes out are erotic gasps and I can’t resist there either.

While I was attempting to resist, my older brother continues his caress and stimulation in increasing volume. Fingers were added to his caress and started to stimulate my pleasure spots. I started to cooperate with the sexual assault by occasionally moving to better stimulate my pleasure spots.

My rationality is slowly being shaved away by the pleasure that I am receiving. 『Disgusting』i thought to try to override the 『pleasure』that was arriving.

《Noo, it feels good, feeels good, nooo, feels good, feels good, yaaa, feels great, feels greeeeaaaat》

Now, Yuka is vaguely aware of the state of affairs around her.

I’m a balloon, Onii-chan is feeding pleasure like air into the balloon called Yuka, steadily getting blown up till the limits, I’m going to explode because I can’t bear it anymore. Well, umm, yes. I have to say, he is very much a pleasure giving guy.

I understand that my limits are fast approaching, yet I do whatever I can to resist the pleasant sensations.

What the hell am I doing? Though the more I endure, the better it feels… Aaaa mou, what the hell and I can’t think straight anymore.

My clitoris is now being sucked up and his tongue is prodding the head, my vagina and its entrance is being caressed by his fingers.

Finally, the balloon that is Yuka pops, the intense pleasure accumulated in her groin shoots through her spine. Chika chika, lights start to flicker in my eyes and all the muscles in my body contract at once. I lose my breath and can only but wait for it to pass. 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds? The muscles that had contracted after the violent pleasure shot through slowly relaxed.

Aaa aa~~, it feels good…

While allowing the lingering pleasure to flow over her body, Yuka felt a comfortable tiredness.

The memory of sucking Yuka’s nipple revives, the memory of her scent hits my nostrils, I’ve lost the sense of distance we had as siblings, for the first time, I understand the pleasure and feeling of her smell and touch. My nose is being stimulated by that pleasant scent now. Licking and sucking Yuka’s pussy, the free-flowing love juices mixes with my saliva and drips down.

Uwaa, Yuka’s pussy is dangerous! her secretions are flowing, pulsing out, overflowing her vagina, the person herself is leaking out voices of ecstasy. Let me narrow my tongue, invade my little sister’s vagina, lick her soft folds gently, rub her retracted clitoris with my fingers, crack open her labia with both hands and start licking from bottom to top without stopping.

Yuka’s body starts trembling and convulsing. Is her limit almost here? Have you cum already? I will put in an effort in a last spurt to a crescendo, so don’t blame me. Sucking up her clitoris, concentrating on the head and prodding, flicking it with my tongue, using my fingers to stimulate the rest of her pussy.

After finishing the last offensive, I can see that Yuka has come. This is the third time I’ve observed this, so I’m pretty sure. While I feel the satisfaction of making Yuka cum, I felt the frustration and pulsation in my own crotch forming a sense of urgency… …

「Oi Yuka, I’m done」

Looking at Yuka, she had her head drooped to the side, eyes closed and mouth slacked open with an absent-minded look on her face.

「This stupid idiot, urinated twice in my room」

It is impossible to stop the flow of urine by hand for a moment and because urine is sprayed randomly around when said hand is removed when going to get a towel, it is just an impossible situation. Wait the 20 seconds for the feeling of a stream of liquid pressure on the palm of one’s hand or take the hand off and concentrate on mopping it up with the towel. With this being the second time, we managed without much hesitation.

Next is to take of the trainer that the pee has splashed on as well as the soiled sweatpants, while doing so, my penis smacked on to my stomach with a 〈bachin〉. When I looked down at my penis, what I saw a rock-hard erection that pulsed to my heartbeat. When I rushed to pull off my sweatpants, my penis got stuck and pulled down with the waistband then snapped back as a reaction.

The tip of my cock was wet with pre-cum and from the looks of it, my briefs had a wet spot where it leaked.

「Uwaaa, did I really get that excited!?」

It develops into a perfect erection when I smear the pre-cum all over my glands with my hands, it feels great.

「Hey shithead, what the hell are you doing?」

Eyes dewy from the post orgasm bliss, love juices mixed with saliva glitter and shimmering on her pussy. I guess it would feel great to introduce my cock in there. Then I recalled the feeling I got when I had my fingers and tongue there until just a while ago. I want my penis to taste the same feeling of the warm, soft flesh that melted and quivered with the incitement of my fingers and tongue.

However, it would be bad to do that suddenly, but I really want to put it in, doing so is a point of no return, doing it just because it would feel good is bad I guess… … I decided to leave the decision to Yuka as I was conflicted.

「Let’s stop because you seem to hate it so much」

It felt good, it felt really good. It is my third time so far, but it was by far the most pleasant. It was totally unexpected that he did it with his mouth, but it was just as unexpectedly good.  I feel unbearably happy as the post orgasmic bliss drifts away. what I’m saying is that it is like enjoying being wrapped in a futon, soaking in the sunshine enjoying the fluffy (MofuMofu) feeling… Aa aaa, I want to continue to be immersed in this lingering feeling, I want to soak in it but somehow, I’m being interrupted by a noisy bystander.

I’ll just try to listen to the static for the moment, 「.. even..though..maybe..」

「Yuka, may I insert it?」

Finally, I started to comprehend what Onii-chan was saying, huh? In front of my eyes was a raging boner? Has Onii-chan taken his pants off to have sex with me? What the? Where? While contemplating those questions, Onii-chan’s penis was rubbing against my pussy and it felt deliciously pleasant.

「OK, I’m going in」

Having a gam in knowledge when it comes to sex, Yuka was not able to get a firm grasp of the situation other than the realisation that 『something’s wrong』. Meanwhile, whist still in her daze, said penis commenced entry into her vagina.

Ummm, this is sex, right? Eeh? I’m having sex with Onii-chan.

「Hold it, wait Onii-chan!!」

「What? I’m putting it in already」

「It’s no good, sex between a brother and sister」

「Why is it no good?」


The excessively straightforward question stumped Yuka, why is sex between a brother and sister no good… that’s it, hereditary issues with babies born between whatever do you call it, no that’s wrong, is there a reason why we should not have sex? While Yuka was panicking, said penis was advancing his invasion and the glans was already no longer visible.

Ummm, the reason that brothers and sisters should have sex…

「Yuka, here it comes」

The older brother said to Yuka and thrust in to her hips without taking into consideration to the resistance of her hymen. The thoughts that she was gathering in her head shoot off into oblivion.

Ouch! Is that the pain of my hymen tearing? I am really having sex with Onii-chan. This is bad, really bad.

I don’t like the word 『bad』I prefer to enjoy fun, happy things, happy surprises, delicious things, everything else other than bad. This seems to be and advertisement on the indictment of the quality of my vocabulary. Though I try to push it to the back of my consciousness, in this situation can’t think of any other word to describe it other than bad.

What’s worse is that the pain still throbs right now but pleasure is washing over the pain, diminishing it. The 『pleasant』sensation is much greater than what I experienced a while ago. If I accept this, I’d go absolutely crazy.

「Yuka, does it hurt?」

I wonder on how I should answer, sure it hurts but.

「I’ll start moving」

After that statement, my older brother slowly started to move his hips, I could feel his hot penis withdraw and it felts like my insides were being drawn out with it, I instinctively grit my teeth in breathlessness.  Then the foreign body that does not leave even a 1mm gap between my vagina and itself starts its invasion again and I start to understand that it would fill me up.

In this way as his penis slowly sides in and out of my vagina, Onii-chan’s thing and my insides gets accustomed to each other, the pain that was in the surface starts to fall away and I start feeling this amazing feeling I felt earlier permeating my body and I start feeling the stimulation in my vagina immediately. Pleasure floods my my body as the penis rubs against my vaginal wall. As Yuka’s sexual organs and her bothers rub against each other, the pain becomes less relevant and the sensation starts to push her to the heights of pleasure.

Aa aaa, really bad, I can’t take it anymore. Crazy, I’m going to go nuts ~~~

Not having seen the full aspects as to the height of pleasure she is yet to receive, Yuka still was starting to leak and erotic voice and gasping unconsciously, she was starting to drool a little and despite it being her first experience, she was losing to the pleasure that that penis is to bring.

On the other hand, the other party was at his limits too.

Damn, this exceedingly erotic pussy feels absolutely out of this world! Soft yet intense, slimy folds of flesh, throbbing and tightening hard. I could not, for the life of me, imagine that a girl’s vagina would feel this good. I feel my ejaculation coming at any time, I desire to cum in Yuka’s erotic vagina quickly. I feel like I could cum at any time. I just have to increase my stroke and pitch upwards a little. However, its wasteful to finish my first experience so quickly, I want to immerse myself more.

What should I do? Looking at Yuka’s face whilst trying to hold a manly, dauntless appearance, I see that she is panting and gasping with a face that looks like she is slightly in pain. Damn it, who cares, I’ll endure and put in my full effort.

I increase my pace from 1 stroke every 4 seconds to 1 stroke every 2. It is quite a slow pistoning speed but this is a really tight vagina. After increasing my pace, I don’t think I can last more than 20 seconds.


I uttered a strange noise, I know, but I can’t help it. I slam my hips right up to Yuka’s crotch with no room to spare with the overpowering desire to be as deep as possible in Yuka’s vagina. 『Bashu』I could almost hear my semen gush out of my urethra due to the tremendous force exerted, extreme pleasure explodes all over from the very tip of my penis all the way through the depths of my hips and my knees go weak and give out. The extreme pleasure comes on 3 waves, attacking my body with no mercy.

While wiping the sweat from my brow, my breathing slowed while I was immersed in the lingering ecstasy.

「Damn, the pleasure was intense…」

Taitashi Yueto, 17 years old, My first experience was with my little sister, it felt intense but I was inconsiderate to my little sister, it lacked romance, it was naïve but overall it felt really good.



Chapter 3

Sister Again

Honestly, after seeking a girl’s privates all stimulated I think it is impossible to put the brakes on getting carried away. I feel pretty bad and sorry for myself when I think back and calmly remember what I have done. But, honestly, I don’t regret it.

After that incident, I moved Yuka who was still in a stupor and attached to the chair then threw her in bed. I then threw the towel, sorts, etc. dirtied with urine into the washing machine, after that, I returned to my room and whacked off three times to the memory of my sister’s silliness. Let me add here that those were the 3 best masturbation sessions I’ve ever had.

Other than that, this might have broken the cold war situation in our household between us older brother ~ younger sister. Let alone conversation, of course staying in the same room was an issue. Though, naturally this would usually end up in a fight between siblings would start with 『Just make believe it is Azuma Shin』 『You also get engrossed and lost in your games and have no other hobbies other than that so you can’t talk! 』she would deflect with that defence.

This time though, if my little sister goes out and tells my parents when they get home, it won’t just be a sibling fight. If my wrong doing is found out, my life would be over. Naturally, I would imagine, I could forget about the current living arrangements and probably would be sent to a distant boarding school so there would probably may be a challenge living the lonely life. I probably could find a job in the local area but I probably would have to forget ever seeing my parents or little sister again for the rest of my life.

Speaking about it, I’m still up to the task of actioning『working on my little sister’s intoxicating pleasure』. Say nothing about listening to CDs or watching TV, I’m careful when I open a drawer or open a window, I try not to make any noise so as to be unnoticed. I try to kill my presence when I walk on the floor or the stairs. Life holding my breath will have to continue for the time being. Aaaaa, my stomach hurts…

At night, when everyone has gone to sleep, my hand slips in to my pyjamas. Though my breasts are still small, they have a good shape, and I massage said breasts to try and make myself feel good. I then tweak my nipples with my fingers and feel them start to stiffen as I fondle them. The pleasure from fondling my nipples starts spreading to the rest of my breasts when they firm up.

As soon as my breasts feel stimulated enough, my hand creeps down towards my special place. My love hole is already wet with lubricating fluids, and I gently and slowly scoop up the fluid with my soft fingertips then gently start caressing my pussy. I then return to my love hole and lubricate my finger again with my love juices that are overflowing and start spreading it on my clitoris.

As that happens, my clitoris swells as I continue to round it with my lubricated fingertip. I start to feel happy from the pleasant feeling that I was experiencing. No, but I was disgusted.


Yeah, sure, I would have been more than satisfied a while ago with this. Now though, this is entirely unsatisfactory, totally insufficient. Of course, it is all the fault of that 『Baka older brother』 I can’t even achieve 100 points on the pleasure scale with the masturbation I’m doing. At best, I’m getting to 50 points on that scale, I thought that I possibly get a vague chance to get to 100 points doing erotic things with a person I’m attracted to, maybe.

However, the upper limit of pleasure is no longer a 100 points, the pleasant situation created by that 『Baka older brother』is probably more like 200 points! No, I’m sure it was much more. It feels so good up to here, so what would happen if I actually have real sex? My body involuntarily trembled as I imagined it.

What am I to do? I want to get to greater heights of pleasure but I’m unable to achieve that myself… in saying that…. I definitely, certainly, without a doubt cannot ask that 『Baka older brother』.  Mt pride would not allow me to show that weakness of mine and beg that 『Baka older brother』. But maybe, I can ask to borrow that strange tool that my brother used to masturbate. What am I to do?…. I can’t talk to anyone else about this. What can I do… I can’t ask MaMa anything about this. What should I do… ….

「What should I do… …」

I unintentionally vocalised those words I was thinking as my head was buried in my futon in my dark room, with those words reaching no one.

(Kacha) a gentle sound was made as the door of my room opens. That moment of 『surprise』made my heart leap in my chest. Finally, my little sister came! When my mum comes to my room, she calls out to me and knocks on my door before opening it. As it is too troublesome for dad to come upstairs, he usually calls me down to him downstairs. There is only 1 person that would come in unannounced, that would be that little sister.

However, at the same time, I was relieved. Now that my parents are absent, my aim would be not to antagonise but to reinforce what has been done to my little sister. However, I don’t feel confident yet, I can’t read her right now so I’m not sure how to act.

「Onii-chan, can I have a minute?」

With a soft, gentle kitten voice? A gentle smiling face? What is going on? I can’t read this girl.

「Tommorrow!, I’m going out with friends, however~~, my spending money is a little worrying~~」

「… …?」

「It would save me a little if you could help me out, but~」

Uwa! This person here has the gall to extort me, I’m assuming from this pattern that this treat is how it is going to be for now.

「Well, then I do not mind if you can do naughty things to me again」

eh! What did she just say? It sounds more like a transaction than a threat. It could be a profitable scenario for me, but I have to be cautious for now.

「You are mad about the other day are you not?」

「I decided that I should be mad, right?!」

She yelled whilst pulling my ear with her claws.

「Ouwwwwww, why are you digging your claws into me, aaahhhhhhh!」

「Well, it’s because I’m suffering so much! I have thought about having a heart to heart with mum so many times, but when I think about the dreadful awkwardness that would permeate the house and the sorrow that mum and dad would feel. I felt absolutely devastated but I can’t go down that route. So, this is the only and best concession that I can make. 」

In one breath, she blurted it out 『How it is』whilst displaying a practiced glare and arms crossed. The situation looked somewhat intimidating as I was sitting down in my chair as she stood over me with that menacing posture while waiting for my answer.

「Aaa, Yes That’s fine, I have no complaints」


It seems that the price for naughty play with Yuka is to help her out with her pocket money when she is short. However, I still feel uneasy.

「So, how much is this going to cost me?」

I can’t do it if it is too much, I’d like to know how much it is going to cost me every month.

「Nnnn~~~~~, what about half of the last time?」

『I like the sound of it』I can take that into consideration. 5000 yen huh, it is still a hefty chunk of change. I asked if it could be cheaper and caught a chop on the head. It is extremely bad to destroy the mood now.

「I need it tomorrow, so how about it?」

「I haven’t said anything to mum or dad yet」

Well, this has progressed well beyond my expectations, I guess I can humour her with this much, let’s not push our luck and ruin the mood.

「Take off your panties, they are in the way」

「Eeeee~, I don’t want to」

「It is hard to do it with your panties on. I don’t want to have to wash your panties again when you leak yourself again」

「Grrrrrr…, stop saying panties! 」

Even as she said that, her panties appeared under the hem of her dress and she quickly took off her panties and threw it at me that was still sitting on my chair. Firstly, she was thoroughly embarrassed with me saying what I did and just stood that glaring at me.

「Fuuu」There are still more emotions to come from this girl as the event matures, so I think while grasping Yuka’s panties. Of course, I’m a true gentleman and did not put her panties on my head or sniff them. I put her panties on my shelf then proceeded to get the duct tape from under my bed and started preparations.

「I don’t want that, it hurts」

「It will be ok, I’m well prepared this time」

When I removed the duct tape from Yuka the last time it left red raw marks on her limbs, it hurt when I pulled it off and it was not good that I left marks. That’s why I was prepared with towels this time, if I wrap her limbs beforehand, it won’t leave any traces or hurt when I remove the restraints.

「Well~~ I just noticed that」

Yuka quietly proceeded to get into the same M pose so common in AV as we did the last time and waited to be strapped in.

I rolled up the hem of her dress and fixed them with bulldog clips so that it does not slip down and obstruct the front of Yuka. And displayed prominently before my eyes, is the plump, soft vulva ready for tasting.



Chapter 2

Little sister’s soft fair skin


Since Yuka stated that she wanted money quickly, we should start the plan immediately. Fortunately, my parents were not home at this point. I prepare at once, I bring Yuka into my room and sit her in a chair.

「Onii-chan, can I ask you something for a moment?」

「What’s up Yuka?」

「Why am I tied up to my chair?」

「I’m not tying you up, just fixing you to your chair.」

「Why on earth are you fixing my to the chair?!」

Currently Yuka is duct taped with both arms taped to the arm rests and neck taped to the head rest. Both legs are fixed to either side of the arm rests and her butt was scooched to the front of the chair. Of course, as expected, both ankles were braced with duct tape so there is no escape. It is the familiar M pose seen in AV videos. It is quite an erotic pose my little sister is making.

「Even if you decide to say『On second thoughts, I don’t want it anymore 』you can’t run away now, I’ve paid you 10,000 yen so I’ll do what I said.」

「But why do I have to do it here? Why are you taking off my shorts already! It is absolutely not okay to touch me directly! 」

I sit down in front of my younger sister that is lecturing me and complaining whilst displayed in the M pose.

「So, Yuka how do you normally masturbate?」

I look at my sister that is suck to the chair from a dominant standing position.

「Eh?! Ehh?! Uuuu nn well as you would expect, I start from my breasts…」

Ooo, is that so? I mistakenly thought that I should start from the bottom but after all, it should be common sense to start from the girl’s breasts.

I sneak around the back of the chair and put my hands under Yuka’s clothes and slide them towards her breasts.

「Eeehh! Wait Onii-chan!!」


My little sister suddenly raises an angry, surprised voice. However, it was me that expresses my surprise the next moment.

「Hey! You are not wearing a bra. 」

「It is only when I am home…」

Ahh so, thanks to that, Yuka-san I get to enjoy the feeling of raw naked breasts.

Being the first time touching my younger sister’s breasts, I fondle them slowly. Her little nipples tickle the palms of my hands. I then massaged her whole breasts with my hands. What is she, a B cup? Although it is not enough to fully enjoy fondling a full handful, this softness is something that I have never experienced before. Just trying to squish them in my hands bring forth an exquisite softness and elasticity. What’s with this texture! It feels like touching silk or a high-quality velvet. Even though I thought about my younger sister’s taped hands and legs, I was enjoying the feeling of her breasts like crazy with my left hand. I begin to tease Yuka’s right breast with my left hand and will thoroughly enjoy the sense that I was experiencing a while ago with her left breasts, I move my left hand to Yuka’s collarbone.

「Nnnn… wait a little, Onii…chan, just a little…waaa, mou, Onii-chan… 」

Aaahh mou!!! Just doing it one handed feels incomplete. I pull up Yuka’s trainer when I pulled out my left hand and rolled the hem up so that it met the collar and wouldn’t unravel. I renew my squishy massage of Yuka’s bare boobs with both hands.

「Wait a moment Onii-san, what….ummm, Ssttt…nnn, stop」

So enjoyable!! I never imagined that rubbing breasts is so much fun, it seems I will never get bored of this.

Syncing up both hands and concentrating on her nipples at this moment, with that action, I felt her nipples get harder…

「Are, your nipples are getting hard, aren’t they?」

「Nooo, they haven’t!」

「No, no they are definitely getting hard. Look! 」

I start to pinch her nipple between my index finger and middle finger with both hands and pulled gently, Yuka sees to endure this whilst spilling out a voice with her mouth. Now I swap pinching her nipples to my thumbs and middle fingers and start to poke her nipples with my index fingers. No change yet…then let me move my middle finger to flick and stretch her nipples with my fingertips and nails.

「Wa uuu! Aaaaa」

Yuka seems to have felt it as she exclaimed in pleasure. I’m impressed that Yuka is feeling it from the caress from my fingers and I start to move more vigorously. Well, what should I do next? I still want to taste these boobs. I have now enjoyed them with my fingers, so I will have to taste them next. I can’t stop now. I take my hands off her boobs and moved around to Yuka’s front. And with a bit of excitement, I moved my face close to her chest and gently placed my mouth on her nipple.


My nose is stimulated at the same time when my face is pressed onto Yuka’s chest. A light smell tickles my nostrils, a scent that I have never smelt before, a sweet smell of sweat. What is this scent? Is it Yuka’s body odour?  I inhaled Yuka’s smell the whole time I was sucking her nipples in my mouth.

「Nnnn, yaaa nooo, aaaaan」

Yuka’s voice gradually became obscene and she started to replace her words with panting. I kneaded her nipple and twirled it around with my tongue, flicked it up and down, sucked it as well as started to gently nibble. Of course, I did not neglect to caress the other breast with my hand. Then I slowly slide my free hand downwards from the valley of her breasts, down the pit of her stomach, along to her belly button and reach my destination. I felt a sense of incongruity as my fingertips traced the shape of my little sister’s body slowly above her shorts. I thought 『perhaps』then I took my mouth of her nipple and resat back in front of Yuka. And I noticed a wet spot forming there.

「Noo, not there, noooo…..」

As I thought, Yuka’s place was definitely feeling it, aaaa, I want to see her pussy but I promised not to take her shorts off but I really want to see it.

The wet spot seemed to have spread and when I was staring at her shorts, I noticed the shape of her crevice forming. Aaa! If you get any wetter, your shorts would be see through! When you get wetter your shorts would stick to your bare skin and get transparent, your pussy would be visible when your shorts get stuck to your skin won’t it?

I take out the pink rotor that was left on the bed, introduced it to Yuka’s clit and promptly turned it on. Yuka’s butt suddenly jumped up from its spot and she seemed to complain but I did not hear anything. I move my right hand to her crack and used my fingernail to scratch and torture her crack.

「Nooo, what are you doing…Nnn」

At this time, Yuka is at the mercy of the intense stimulation to her pussy. She started to protest her older brother’s violent stimulation but her panting and erotic calls over it and she could only endure, gritting her teeth.

Meanwhile, I was obsessed with this erotic play that I’m doing for the first time so I kept giving stimulation without looking at Yuka’s reaction. I was scratching her pussy like I would if winning numbers coming out one after the other and was not stopping. Then she came suddenly.

「Uuaaa! Incredibly erotic! 」

Whilst I scratched at Yuka’s pussy, her love juices gushed out with a 『pyu』sound.

「O! Wow, you let out a lot of love juices」

As I was engrossed, more love juices leak out of her shorts and accumulates on the chair.  Not stopping, her love juices overflowed and began spilling onto the floor. A that point, I start to notice that it was not just love juice but also piss…

「Oi Yuka!! Pee, pee is coming out」

I looked up to see that Yuka had her head sloppily drooping to the side with her eyes closed and mouth open. Aaa! Before I knew it, it seems that she was transported to heaven… I’m dumfounded and stunned, her pee was still flowing out and pooling on the floor.

「Ummm, so how is this situation?」

I wonder if I should stop all the excessiveness I forced upon her.

「Umm, what should I wipe with? So… towels, a bath towel」

After hesitating momentarily, I took a towel out of the drawer whilst panicking and used it under Yuka’s ass to stop the pee from adding to the pool already on the floor. I wonder if this is like stuck taking care of my little sister when she gets old and decrepit and wets herself… well this is my fault right now through.

Looking down at her, Yuka still has not gotten out of her orgasmic trance… erotic! Her limbs are still retrained and clothes rolled up and bare breasts on display. A piece of cloth protecting her protruding ass has also absorbed plenty of urine and is on the verge of no longer being able to fulfil its function.

「Here, I have to clean here too」

As someone looking for excuses to do more, I murmur a soliloquy as if being a third party making an excuse. I seem my own finger tips tremble. I can’t remove it because her legs are spread open and taped down but I will move her shorts from her ass. In one stroke, Yuka’s most important place is immediately on display, I gulped my saliva down my throat involuntarily. I’m surprised I still have saliva to swallow! I thought my throat would be dry, I thought as I peered at Yuka’s parts.

「… … lewd」

My first impressions of what I saw was that it was grotesque then the thought of how erotic it looks exceeded that. I don’t understand why I’m so excited to see what is there so much. I can feel my helmet which should be contained within my briefs is erect and poking out without touching it. Reaching towards the glistening hill of flesh, I spread her vulva to the left and right and saw a small depression directly to the bottom.

「This is Yuka’s vagina…」

I gently stretched out my hand and inserted my finger into the hole. the inside was slimy and amazingly hot and soft. 『I can imagine what a great feeling it would be to put my penis in there, so is that why everyone wants to have SEX?』As I continue to push my finger forward whilst thinking idly, it bumped directly into something and stop entering. Is this her hymen? I’m not even up to the second joint of my finger.

「No, stop. What are you doing?!」

Anyway! Why does she have to wake up at such a good point?

I pick up the rotor I was using and pressed it against the hood of her clitoris.

「Hiii Aaaa!! Np, aaaa, nnnnn ~~」

With her trembling and shaking body, she lost the ability to complain further.

Fufufu, silly. So, does it seem like I have a sadistic mind? No, it seems like I am satisfied with the desire to control. The cheeky, conceited little sister is being played with by me and squirming is really refreshing. When I keep the rotor vibrating on her clitoris and continuously fondling her labia minora, it seems that she is unable to contain her screams.

「Waa… aaaaa aaa aaa」

「How is it Yuka? Does it feel good? 」

「Nnaaa… … nnnnnnnn yaaa aaaa~~~」

Mmm, I’m not heard. Now I moved the rotor to her vaginal entrance and inserted it into the hole, I then peeled back her clitoral hood with my empty left hand. Then, Yuka’s sticky love juices start to overflow as I attack her clitoris with my right hand.

「… … nnn, nnn …」

It seems that the stimulation is enough to trap her voice in her throat. Even though she is shaking her ass to the left and right to avoid the excessive stimulus, this motion ends up being unintentionally, extraordinarily sensual. When I press the inserted rotor with my finger she reacts with a jolt. Her whole body stiffens and her abdominal muscles cramp slightly.

Are you going to cum soon? I missed it before, this time I will not miss it. I move the rotor from her vagina back to her clitoris. Now that I have pushed back her clitoral hood, it should be much more stimulating. In addition to the rotor, I inserted then rotated 2 fingers in her vagina, stirring up her insides.

Yuka’s body began to tremble, twist and twitch as she fought the pleasure and restraints on the chair she was fixed to. I pushed the rotor more firmly in contact with her clitoris and moved my fingers more vigorously.


Yuka’s whole body stiffed and screamed silently then slowly sank back into the chair.



Chapter 1

「The consultation with the little sister!」

When knocking on my sister’s door… there was no response. Perhaps she might be doing something a little naughty, that excited me a little so I was expecting a little something.

「Yuka, I’m coming in」

As I entered the room, I noticed my sister reading a magazine at her desk, it was a fashion magazine for teens. I guess that subject has very little in common with me.

「Yuka, do you mind sparing me a moment?… I would like to have a little chat with bout but…」

By the way, Yuka kept her eyes on her magazine and had yet to reply to my question.

「Yuka, do you have boyfriend yet?」

Finally, Yuka responded to that question, her eyes moved from her fashion magazine slowly over to my direction. She looked over and a little frown emerged on her brows and she replied with a 「Haa, what are you talking about?! 」With that, I blurted out everything. Or rather, Yuka, stop staring at me like that! You are scary, have you been told that by your school friends? I guess I just have to be careful, there is nothing to be afraid about.

「Actually, I’ve had a girlfriend for the past half a year now so…」

Due to having to study for college entrance examinations next year, I was thinking about taking her alone somewhere for a vacation before that, so would like to have an ecchi consultation but Yuka’s eyes remain severe as per usual. It can’t be helped, as it is with my evasive line of conversation on the subject, I’ll get nowhere. I despaired but decided to spit it out and be direct in what I was intending on saying.

「Well, it is how to put her in the mood for her first time doing ecchi.」

Yuka had not yet uttered a single word, not looking directly at my sister’s eyes, it was scary, way too scary. Though, I now thought that this consultation was a mistake, it would be abrupt to suddenly stop here and continued the conversation as is.

「So I thought that I want to raise my experience before my first time and I should get Yuka’s help with that but… I don’t know what to expect…」



She spoke, finally! Just one word though.

「Ummm, so I was thinking, every time Yuka masturbates, can you tell me which parts of your body do you touch to feel good?」

Bashii!! My head was hit hard with the fashion magazine in her hand.


「Wait, I’m seriously asking so that my first experience would go successfully, please cooperate, if you’d like just show me what you have down there」

Bashii!! Bashii! I got hit consecutively with the magazine.

「GET OUT, hentai! I will tell mum about this! 」

Shit, what happened here? It can’t be helped, I didn’t want to do this but I’m now left with no choice.

「As a reward, I’m happy to pay you 10,000 yen if you cooperate.」

「… Huh? 10,000 yen? Really? 」

The hand that was striking me with the fashion magazine stopped and started to desperately look for an advertisement.

「Yay~! With this I can go to the Azuma Shin concert, can you seriously afford 10,000 yen? Really?!」

Tokyo Cinderella Boys, abbreviated to 『Azuma Shin』is a boy idol unit that boasts tremendous popularity with girls from elementary school to young ladies. It consists of 48 boys that dance and sing with other acts and contests in their concerts.

I can shake hands with my favourite members when I buy a CD and take a commemorative photo, the location is determined by the purchase of the single CD of each member, further to that there are 2 troupes and every year a junior one is picked to replace the senior troupe.

This system is called『Petit host system』and we have to spend money to support our favourite idols. It has become the hotbed of bullying due to girls in school substituting greeting each other by calling out the names of their favourite idol in 『Azuma Shin』to their friends, causing arguments if they don’t agree with each other.

So, it seems that Yuka is showing to be a huge 『Azuma Shin』fan.




First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Tatishi Yueto, I’m in my second year of high school, average height and build and am lax when it comes to club activities. I am slightly above average for your normal 17-year-old when it comes to studies.

To be honest, I am more interested in browsing the internet for porn since buying a PC when I entered high school than forming deep relationships with other people.

I found a girl that caught my eye half a year ago. I slacked off on club activities so that I could concentrate my time on studying to impress her and yet spend my free time going out and having fun.

The problem started from there. A good atmosphere finally formed to when she was going to let me have sex with her for the first time after a half year relationship

Even if I can’t achieve anything else, I want to get rid of my virginity and have sex for the first time. In addition to that, as a matter of a man’s pride, it is my real intention to make her first time as pleasant as possible.

In saying that, because I have no experience on the books and am visibly nervous, it does not bode well. Of course, I have watched uncensored porn videos and have some surface knowledge of what to do with a woman but is not quite the same. Even though I have gathered knowledge of positions, actions and play types, I don’t think it would be totally useful in real life. 『One eye-witness is better than many hearsays』as the Japanese proverb says.

Anyway, I’d like to raise my experience level, even by a little, before I have sex with her for the first time. I don’t want to have to gain that experience in a Soapland though (I also don’t have the courage to go there either).  I really don’t want to be spotted by anyone I know as well. With that the only option that remains is my little sister…

Let me introduce my little sister here. She is a 3rd year junior high schooler, 15 years old, her name is Tatishi Yuka. We got along really well when she still had an interest in anime and shoujo manga which was basically up to the time I turned 15 and was about to graduate junior high. Since then, her interests morphed in to fashion and idols, we lost our bond and have not spoken much. It is now a delicate relationship that can’t be called a good one but neither is it bad. As for looks, from a biased eye of an older brother, I think she is pretty cute. The cold silent treatment though makes one change that impression completely, so much so that it makes me laugh. 「A smiling face draws in people」the saying is exactly how I feel and the gap moe is shown when she does that, it really makes a man want to see that smile again.

She is apparently popular amongst the boys at school but it seems that there is no word on her having a boyfriend.  She has medium length hair, straight except for a slight curl kicking out at then ends. It is probably inspired from all the fashion magazines she reads, done with a brush or curlers, It is a difficult topic to broach for a guy that has not complimented his little sister on her appearance.

I am going to ask that sort of sister for a consultation on Ecchi, but I’m worried.