Chapter 1

The Changing World – 1


My alarm clock went off to an anime song on my smartphone that was connected to the charging cable.

It’s 7 in the morning.

It is a weekday today. So, in saying that, I have to go to school.


I stopped my alarm that was playing the anime song then stared at the ceiling for about a minute in bed while waiting for my drowsiness to fade away.

I got out of bed and stood up and was attacked by a bout of slight dizziness. Staggering, I inadvertently smacked my hand on my study desk.


The view in front of me was distorted, I reflexively shut my eyes. I thought I might have had a fever but come to think about it, it might not be the case.

I have tinnitus in my ear, it is noisy. My head started to hurt. I guess I might have caught something bad. Cold sweat started running down my spine.


At the worst possible moment, a wave of exhaustion ran over me. I wonder if I was going to die like this.

That was what I was thinking at this time.


knock knock knock


The sound of someone knocking on the door rang out. That sound pulled back my consciousness.


「How long are you going to sleep for?! Please answer me?!」


My mother’s voice rang out from the other side of the door.


「Eee? Aaaa… …」

「Mou, you have been asleep forever, hurry up and get ready or you will be late!」


When I looked at my clock it showed that it was nearly 8 o’clock

Has that much timed passed? I thought it was only a few minutes at most. As soon as I was aware of that, my dizziness and headache settled down.

What was it, really? There was no more time to relax. If I don’t get ready quickly, I’ll be late for sure.


My body’s well-being became a concern to me, but right then I was concentrating on getting ready for school.


With that one incident in the morning, the day became one that was very unusual, exceedingly unusual.

It was good that I arrived before classes started but due to rushing to get ready in the morning, I forgot some of my textbooks and school work that I needed in class today. The girl that sits next to me seems to be aware of that but she made no effort to call out and share her textbook with me. Of course, I had no expectations of her doing that for me.


It was maths for the 5 period. The teacher noticed that I had no textbook on my desk.


「What? Have you forgotten your textbook? Well then, you next to him, share your textbook with him. 」

「… … Haiiii~」


The girl next to me replied in an annoyed voice. Then, she still does not share it!!

Despite being told to by the teacher, she still will not show her textbook to me. The position of her textbook hardly moved at all. Ano, I can’t read it here if it is in that position.

And that was that, the girl next to me never reacted to the voice in my heart and this continued till the end of the lesson.


In no way was I happy about the situation but with this, all of my classes ended. Finally, I returned home.

I wanted to withdraw to my room as soon as possible and made every effort to do this impeccably.  However, that started to backfire.


「Uwaa… …」


The first words to greet me when I entered the front door came from my sister that got home earlier and it was not “Welcome home.”

The look that emanated from my younger sister who saw me was unhappy. Yeah, I was detested by my blooded related younger sister.

I really did do my best to get home as soon as possible. I tried to reduce the time needed for my return trip by crossing the train crossing just as the signal went off with lucky timing. However, because of that, I met my sister at the front door.

If only I got stopped by that signal.


However, I would not begrudge god for such a misfortune. If you want to know why, it was because god did something far greater.

My sister, who sighed and returned to her bedroom, is very cute. Although we were definitely born from the same parents, I’m unattractive and my younger sister is cute. Such is the unfairness that was bestowed upon me by god.

Even with that, I won’t even say any reproachful remarks to god, nothing would come of it. The differences in appearance between my younger sister and myself is merely genetic mischief. I sighed the same way my sister did and headed straight to my bedroom.


「So now, I guess I’ll masturbate」


I took off my uniform and muttered under my breath. It has become routine for me to whack off when I come home from school.

I’ve already started to flop out my dick that was already half erect.

I opened my drawer at the bottom of my desk and took out an erotic manga that had a female knight getting fucked by an orc.


Unease immediately flooded me.


I have a number of erotic books stored at the bottom of my drawer and they were camouflaged by notes and printouts.  There is quite a thick stack from all the books and notes accumulated there. Right now, that thickness of the stack is clearly insufficient.

I hurriedly took everything out of that drawer in a panic but there was nothing there as expected. I especially went secretly to the bookstore several stations away by train to buy them, every one of my precious gems of erotic literature is gone.


Did my mum throw them all out?!

That was the first thing that came to my mind. In saying that, would she especially go through my drawers searching for erotic material to throw out… …?


In the first place, what are erotic books… …?




What am I saying… …? What is an erotic book, why is this?!


Right at that moment, dizziness like what hit me this morning happened again. In my head, all sorts of knowledge surfaced.

Then I understood.


In this world, there is no such thing as eroticism.



There are things that I need to say first.

I’m reluctant to say but I’m kind of unattractive. I’m plump, I’ve got bad reflexes and I have bad communication skills.

Though I’m now a high schooler, I can count the number of times that I have spoken to girls, not to even mention getting intimate with one.


Even then the conversation would be,


「Argh, I dropped your eraser.」

「Aa, I’ve picked it up for you.」


「Aa. I’ve brought the dustpan. 」

「So, go pick up the rubbish and throw it away」


So, such conversations are indicative of my state of affairs.


As it appears, I can definitively say, I seem to be loathed by girls. It has been the same from elementary school till, now, in high school.

Even in such a situation, there is just one thing that I excel over others. That’s the size of my dick.

In that regard, I’m much larger than most guys. It is long, thick and when I cum, there is a large volume of semen and best of all, I get rock hard. Not only that, I have excellent stamina and my erection won’t go away even if I ejaculate many times!

Is there a woman that would criticise suck a penis? No, not one!

It is not too much to say that women would be absolutely pleased with my penis!

… … … …

Though that is what I would love to say, in reality though I’m unwilling to say this, I only use this penis for peeing. Since I don’t use it as a sex organ, it is probably fine to omit the mosaic even if it was broadcasted on TV.

Even though it pains me to say it, my penis is only ever used as a urinary organ.


Until that day… …


On this day, after school in the classroom, I was in luck as 3 girls started lusting for and competing for said penis.


All of them had entranced looks on their faces as though they have spotted the the most delicious thing in this earth, my dick was alternating between their mouths.

I stroked their heads as they looked up at me with happy looks on their faces.


Other than the 3 girls and I, there are other people in the classroom. Almost without exception, even throughout the years, the girls and young women here are really beautiful. All of them here are my women.

All the girls’ gazes where on my dick, all their attention was poured onto my rod. Whether it is because they can’t wait for their turns or for some other reason, they were fondling with their own nipples and clitoris to pleasure themselves.


As I beckoned for one girl, she showed a sweet smile and rushed over.

I caressed her hairless crack with my hand. I’ve got a fondness for hairless pussies, I make my women shave their pussies. Everyone accepted those instructions with pleasure.


One of the girls that was licking my dick could not endure it anymore, stood up and started rubbing her pussy on my penis.


From this day on, I will fuck all of them.


I am not doing this by force. It is because all these girls want it.

It is not due to power or money that I wield or even because I’m exceptionally attractive. Naturally, it is not because I’ve obtained special abilities like hypnotism or some miraculous application like that.

What changed was not me, it was the whole world.

So. The only one that stayed the same in the world that day, was me… …



Chapter 5

Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 4


I dropped my eyes and looked towards her lower half. Rina wore a skirt today, in the past, Rina never wore a skirt at home. It seemed like she noticed how I looked at her, but it feels so great to do so after she lost her caution about sex

I never even saw her panties, but now, after rolling up her skirt, I could see her pure white panties clearly

“Now lie down.”

“Like this?”

Rina laid on her back on the bed as I fully rolled up her skirt and pushed her legs apart a little.Rina’s eyes were filling with anticipation; she was waiting for me to make her feel good.

While looking at her crotch, I moved my face closer to it. Pushing my nose against it, I sniffed her crotch.

“Do I smell strange?”

Rina asked while feeling a little uneasy. Contrary to her anxiety, she didn’t smell at all.The only thing I could smell was the detergent!

“No, it’s good.”

“Really? It’s fine then.”

Even though she doesn’t know anything about sex. As a teenager, she felt insecure about her body odor.

It was a bit disappointing that I couldn’t smell anything unusual.Putting my hand on her panties, I pulled them down. Her pussy was exposed to my eyes, and there wasn’t much hair on it

I gulped audibly. Looking at her face, I could see her blushing while staring at me

“Is it embarrassing?”

She slightly nodded, of course, it is an excretory organ for her.
I once again pushed my nose against it and sniffed. It smells a little sour

“It smells nice.”

As I said that, Rina’s expression became a little looser It seems like she was quite tensed.

I moved my finger up and down on her vaginal lips


Rina responded to this action. As I gently stroked it up and down, it became more and more moist. Stopping, I moved my fingers and spread her lips. Eventually, the slit starts making weird noises.

“Huh, I have to pee???”

Rina slightly panicked. Shes never felt like this before

“Don’t worry.”


“It’s the same as me before; it isn’t pee.”


Even though she’s still feeling a little doubt, Rina calms down

“Just leave it to me, and relax.”

“If you say so.”

Once again Rina laid down on the bed and opened her lips even wider, it’s time to move on to the next step. Her clit could be seen on the upper side – my next target, I stroked her clitoris with my finger


Rina cried out without feeling reserved It seems like she’s feeling good I stroked her clit just like I did with her nipples earlier

“Oh, oh, yesssss!”

It seems like she feels really sensitive near her clit.Every time my finger moves, her voice keeps leaking out I brought my mouth close to her pussy and started licking it

I slowly inserted my tongue into her hole and began mixing my saliva with her love juices

“What are you …….?”

As she raised a voice of surprise, I ignored it and continued licking her

“Aii, yesssssssssss! Kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Watching her reaction, I began moving my tongue and fingers faster


“Ah, Ohhhhhhhhhh…..”

Rina trembles as more and more juices leak out from her. Not giving her an opportunity to recover from the climax, I pushed my dick into her.

“Huu, what!?”

“It’s going to feel even better.”

Rina’s eyes show an expression of expectation rather than fear when losing her virginity. My dick reacted even more just imagining.

My first time,
I’m going to defile my sister,
I want to ejaculate!
I’ll fuck my Rina!
I’ll fuck my Sister!
I’ll release my semen inside a second-year student!

I stopped moving

“What’s wrong?”

Rina looked at me realizing that I was not moving

“Rina, you, will you be my onahole?”

“What is an onahole?”

“It’s something that makes me feel good whenever I want.”

“Eh, that….”

“You’ll feel good too.”

“Oh, then yes! Please make your little sister an onahole brother! Make me feel more comfortable.”

Rina desperately appealed while looking at me My bitchy sister is begging to be my onahole!

“I won’t pay you any money, I’ll use your body for free!”

“Money……? Ah, yes! I don’t need money! I don’t need money!”

It seems like even Rina herself forgot about the money she asked for,
She’s my onahole!
I can use her however I want from now on!

“I’ll put it inside now.”


Rina answers while half understanding what I’m saying. I put a little strength into it and pushed my dick inside her. Its hard, the hole is too small, and my dick is too big .


Rina raises a bitter voice feeling a bit weird

“Haa, huh, I’m coming inside Rina!”

I won’t stop, I’ll push it inside! It feels like I tore through  something but finally, I forced my dick inside


Rina who was silent finally cried out

“It hurts! Stop! Stop it already!”

My dick enters until the end of her pussy, but not all of my dick is inside her. The hole is too small for my penis to fit inside her. It’s not as comfortable as expected.

However, it feels great seeing my dick inside her pussy. I’m even more excited, also though I feel sorry for her, my waist doesn’t stop,
I want to ejaculate inside her!

“I’m sorry Rina! But I can’t stop!”

“You are going too fast! Too fast!”

The face which was filled with pleasure a while ago was now distorted from pain as tears flowed out of her eyes. I want to ejaculate, but the hole is just too tight.As I kept rubbing my dick inside her, a little slime-covered it

“Painful, bastard, Aaaaaaaaan!”

At the same time, a sweet moan leaked out from her mouth

“Why? Oh huh!”

Rina doesn’t seem to understand what just happened, but the expression of pain and agony disappeared

“Fuh? What is it?”

Even I’m not sure what happened. Her tight unpleasant hole from a while back disappeared It was now wholly slimy and pleasant

“Ha, it’s good! Wow! What did you do Onii-chan.”

Even I don’t know how to answer her. Even with my knowledge about sex, I never practically done it.

“Haaaa, good! Wow!”

Rina stretched her hands and hugged me, I also brought my body closer and responded

“Rina! Rina! I love you, Rina!”

“Really? I’m so happy!”

“It feels so good!”

“Yes! I love you too Onii-chan!”

“You love me more than Yuta?”

“Yes, I love you more than Yuta!”

I sucked on her lips while moving my hips, Rina also desperately entangled her tongue with mine

Rina trembles as she clings on to me.However, I’m about to ejaculate soon too; I mercilessly and violently move my dick inside of her

“Haha, Yes! This is sooo gooood! Yesssssss!”

Rina stopped moving her body, but I can’t stop now Just a little more!

“Go! I’m going to cum!”


“Ahah ah ah annnnnnnnnn!”

The both of us cummed at the same time. Holding onto her body which was smaller, I released into her deepest part

As I release inside of her. The pleasure is transmitted to me; I hope this ejaculation never stops

“UU, Uoo”

“Huh, chuu!”

As my ejaculation is about to end, I once again kissed Rina


With that my ejaculation ended as well. As her pussy was too small, my semen overflowed from inside of her

“What is this?”

Rina looked at the milky white liquid that was flowing out of her

“This is the proof, that you belong to me from now on!”

“Oh, Rina only belongs to you.”

It seems like she’s happy, I stroked her head and kissed her one more time.



Chapter 5

Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 3


“What is that?”

“It’s a dick”

Rina couldn’t understand what was happening

After I took of my shorts she kept staring at my dick not knowing what I was doing

“What happened to it?”

“I am special, my dick is erected”


“Yes, I’m special. Now touch it”

“I should?”

Looking at my dick, even the ignorant Rina hesitated

“Don’t you want to touch it? It’s so hard!”

“Oh, fine”

Maybe her curiosity got the better of her?

She slowly moves her hand towards my dick, the moment her warm hand touched my rod, it trembled from the stimulus

“It trembled!”

While feeling shocked, Rina kept staring at my dick eagerly

But, even I was surprised

Why did it react this much?

Is it because someone else touched it?

It feels completely different from when I touch myself

“Well, don’t stop. Keep touching it”

After I said that, she brought her second hand too

While feeling the warmth from both of her hands my dick went a little more erect

“Your penis, it’s getting more stiff! And it’s so hot!”

Rina murmured holding my dick

“Now try rubbing it gently”



When Rina moved her hand up and down, it felt like electricity ran through my spine

It feels so good!

“Yes! Yes! More! Don’t stop!”

While bathing in pleasure, I urged Rina to move her hand even more

While thinking that my reaction was funny, she began moving her hand

“It fells good, Rina…more”

“Does it really feel good?”

“It fells great!”

“Is it the same thing I felt when you played with my nipples?”

“It feels even better than that!”

“Oh, really…….”

Rina muttered feeling envious

Did I ever have such a long conversation with my sister?

Since I can remember, this is my first time we’ve even been together for so long

“If you satisfy me…….. Maybe I’ll make you feel even more pleasant later on”


Rina’s smile turned a bit more happy

Ah man, she’s so cuteeeee!

“Ah, you’re peeing!?”

Rina suddenly moved her hands away from my dick

When I looked down, a little pre-cum started leaking

Did she think this was pee?

“No, it’s different. This isn’t pee”

“But, it’s coming out of your penis”

This idiot, after losing all knowledge about sex, she thinks everything that comes from a dick is pee

“It really is different”

Saying, I touched the pre cum with my finger and moved it

A thread grew from the tip of my finger till the dick

“Now do you believe me?”


As I said, Rina also moved her finger towards my dick

Just like when I did, a thread extended towards her finger

It’s so erotic!

“Try licking it”

“Ew! It’s dirty!”

“No, unlike pee this isn’t dirty at all”


Even though she still doubted me, Rina took my word and licked her finger


A small frown appears on Rina’s face

“How is it?”

“Somewhat salty”


“Now try licking it directly from my dick, it’s taste changes after being exposed to the air”


Still she moves her face closer and stretches her tongue

A little more…

5 centimeters more, 4, 3, 2, 1……..


With a audible sound I burst out releasing some semen straight on her lips

“Wow! It really does taste different”

Saying that she squeezed my dick with her hand, and licked my tip


A pleasant sensation ran over my body as she licked it

“Oh, but I might get addicted to this taste…”

Rina said so while licking my tip even more, trying to lick as much as possible

“Ri, Rina, wait a second”

As the pleasure kept increasing, I’m sure I’ll cum if this keeps up


But instead of stopping, she actually kissed the tip of my dick and slightly sucked on it


I panicked and pushed Rina’s face


“It’s your turn now! I’m satisfied!”

If I didn’t stop her I’m sure I would cum, thank god for my quick thinking


Chapter 4


Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 2


I extended my hand and touched her breasts

I rubbed it, but I didn’t feel soft as her boobs are too small




I looked at Rina’s expression, but there was neither embarrassment nor pleasure on her face

Are her breasts not sensitive enough?


Then, how about a nipple?

A small protrusion is on each of her boobs

The color is also lightly pink

Let’s try to pinch it with my fingers




Her appearance changed as I pinched her right nipple

I continued to slightly pinch and kneed her nipple

She shakes her body as a voice leaks out of her mouth


“It feels strange somehow…..”


Even though she doesn’t have any knowledge about sex, her nipples are still functioning as an erogenous zone

After confirming this I pinched both of her nipples at once


“Hey, aaa.”


Voices leak out from her lips

Rina leaned on my body as I twisted her nipple gently


“It’s pleasant”


Rina doesn’t even try to hide her voice

I don’t know if its embarrassment or pleasure

While hearing the obscene sounds coming out of her small parted lips, I wanted to kiss them


But my reason held me back

Is it okay? My first kiss will be my sister?


“Rina, do you have a boyfriend?”


Not knowing what to do, I asked her




Shocked by my sudden question Rina doesn’t know what to say, also as she was lost in the pleasure of her nipples she couldn’t properly answer


“So, do you have a boyfriend?”


“You mean a relationship?”


“Yes, are you in a relationship?!”


Getting angry with her idiotic questions I twisted her nipples even more


“Ahhhhhhnnnnn! No I’m not in a relationship…. But there are a few that I’m interested in”


Listening to her words I immediately kissed her small pink lips

Rina is mine!

I don’t care if you have a boyfriend, that eunuch of a boyfriend can’t satisfy her




As she was surprised and tried to move away, I didn’t let her

I held her face and inserted my tongue into her small mouth

Licking inside her mouth I didn’t leave a single inch of it

I poured in my saliva


“Muchu, Juuru, Muchu”


At first she was surprised, but soon she also pushed her tongue against mine

After enjoying my first kiss I moved my face away, and a small thread of saliva was between our mouths


“Huh, huh”


As I forgot to breathe while kissing I was slightly panting

Both me and Rina are panting while resting on each others shoulders


“How is it?”


“Yes……… I like……….”


Rina answered my question straightforwardly, but this time I won’t let her off


“Tell me what is it that you like”


“Well, when you pinched on my nipples and chuu chuuu… I liked them….”


It seems she doesn’t know the word kiss

That’s why she said chuu chuu trying to imitate the sound


“Who’s the guy that you’re interested in?”


She tries to evade answering my question


“Answer it”


As I raised my voice slightly, she spoke the truth








“Whom do you like more Yuta or me?”


“There’s no comparison, of course it is Yuta”


As expected, it seems like the pleasure was not enough

I’ll let you experience more pleasure, then lets see if you can still remember this Yuta!

Her pussy is still under wraps, its time to taste it

But before that….


I took of my shorts and exposed my inflated dick

I’ll definitely make you feel good

So let me feel good too


Chapter 3

Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 1

“Rina, can I come in?”

I spoke standing in front of my sister’s room


She didn’t answer but just ignored me

“I have something I’d like to ask you!”

I knocked even harder this time

“What is it?”

She finally answered

“It’s like this, if I could….”


Not even listening till the end she shut me down
But, I’m familiar with her personality, so I anticipated that this would happen

“I’ll pay you if you help me”


Now she’s interested!

“How much are you going to pay me?”

“Eh, ahh, a 1000 yen”


I can’t go back without testing my theory

“Well, how much do you want?”

“3000 yen”


I never did a part time job, so 3000 yen is a large sum

But, if my theory works out it will be worth more than 3000 yen



It seems like Rina is surprised, as I agreed to pay 3000 yen
Even though I’m not looking at her face, I can understand her surprise through the voice

“Well, I’m coming inside now”

Saying so, I opened the door and entered
If I ever came into the room, she would have scolded me till she feels satisfied
But as I’m paying her, she didn’t mind me and stayed quiet
She was on the bed reading a book
Ah, my sister is so cute
Short brown hair, with big eyes that look a little sleepy

“So, what do you want?”

My sister asked after a period of awkward silence
Rina’s line of sight is focused on my penis
Anticipating the future I had an erection, so it was pressing against my pants

“That, ?????”

Rina is a student of the second year
If this was the previous world, she would have knowledge about sex
And if I ever came like this into her room, I’m sure she would have me arrested
However now, she was watching my dick with interest

Yes! It seems that the concept of sex has truly disappeared

“Do it”


Not understanding what I was saying she looked at my face

“Take off your clothes”

“My clothes?”

“Yes, remove your clothes”

Is this ok?
Will she get naked?
Not knowing how I was feeling Rina removed and threw her T-shirt away
The small breasts of my sister are exposed as she isn’t wearing a bra
Tits! Raw Boobs!
I rubbed my nose to make sure I don’t bleed from excitement

“Is this it?”

Rina doesn’t understand why I’m excited

“No, not yet”

Although her breasts are small
It is worth 3000 yen
But I won’t stop! Lets go further!
I went and sat beside my sister
Small tits
These are definitely smaller than the ones of my classmates
When I move my sight towards Rina’s face, she’s looking at me like I’m mental
But there’s no indication of shame or hatred on her face
Yes! I can do ero things!
I am convinced of this
I moved my hand and pushed it against her boobs with my index finger

“HUH! What !?”

Surprised, Rina hid her chest with her arms
Will I get caught?
My heart started beating frantically
However my worries are useless
A surprised expression is present on her face, but neither shame nor hatred is present

“I was surprised, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

Rina’s in a bad mood
Although she doesn’t understand what sex is, she feels violated

“I’m sorry, but I want to touch your boobs a little more”

“You are going to pay me 3000 yen, just for that?”

This idiot!
She’s selling her body for money!
But this is natural, Rina is completely ignorant about sex

“Well, I still want to play with your boobs. So remove your hand”
Rina made a nod and removed her hands which were covering her breasts
Let’s take it a little slower this time