Chapter 5

My Sister Takes the Initiative

Honestly, my sister didn’t dislike us having sex

But, as the elder one it was my job to put a brake and not take it too far

Now that I think about it, what we did was completely ridiculous

But still, I do not regret what I did

After us having sex, there was an awkward atmosphere between us brother and sister

It was similar to the cold war, we didn’t speak and tried to not even make any form of eye contact

As we were acting more distant than usual, our parents noticed it

“Are you guys fighting about something?”

Not knowing what to answer, I just chuckled awkwardly and shook my head

After we had sex, I don’t how to be with her anymore

I can’t consult anyone to find a solution, and definitely not my parents

For now lets just sleep through it

I got into my bed at 11’o clock, I’ll think about it tomorrow

After about 10 minutes all the lights were extinguished throughout the house

As my parents went to sleep, I heard the sound of my door being opened

I know who it is, but lets pretend to be sleeping

As I acted to be asleep, my sister climbed into my bed

“Brother, are you awake?”

As I didn’t answer and tried to act asleep, she came and sat on my thighs

Then she began moving her hips front and back

Although I can’t see properly through my closed eyes, I could feel the flesh moving on my thighs

“Ahh, brother is so goooodd!!!”

It seems like my sisters become addicted to masturbating

She began moving faster and faster

It seemed like she was hungry for sex

She was willing to use my body to masturbate, this shows that she doesn’t mind me finding out about her slutty actions

“Fuckk me, fuck meeeeeeee!”


“Yessssss, I love you brother!!!”

As time went on, she began moaning a bit loudly, I started fearing that my parents would hear her

And my dick started getting hard, even though I tried to suppress myself

It was impossible to do when you could hear the sexy voices from her

Unable to control my desires anymore, I pushed her bellow me and started to remove my clothes

“Brother you’re awake!!!”

Unlike her voice which showed fear, her face was full of expectation and craving

I didn’t bother answering but removed all the clothes I wore

Seeing that I wasn’t caring enough to answer her, she also tried to help me remove my clothes

After I was naked I moved my hands to touch her

One hand went straight towards her breasts, while the other I moved it inside her pajamas

Her breasts were still the same, small and soft

Also, her pussy was dripping wet, it seems her masturbating on my body made her horny

“Do not moan too loudly, okay?”


Yesssssssss, my brother feels the same way!

Even though I do it myself, it was not comfortable, it feels frustrating to masturbate and not feel good

Only being with my brother will make me feel pleasure

My brother started to remove my clothes after feeling my whole body, I should also help him

Together we removed my clothes very quickly, that was because I wore no underwear when I came here

He starts moving his tongue all over my nipples, ahhhhhhhhh it feels so good!

Like I thought only my brother can make me feel good

He inserted one finger into my pussy and began moving it in and out


Even though I tried to control it, my voice leaked out

Why does it feel so good, when he touches me?

It feels a hundred times better than when I touch myself, and I use almost my whole hand to masturbate!!!

My brother took his hands back and started to bring his dick near my pussy

Maybe because he noticed that I was wet, he decided to ignore fingering me anymore

Although I lost my virginity just a few days back, I can’t wait to have sex!


I will fuck her for the 2nd time!

Whenever I think about the time I took away her virginity, I’m always filled with guilt

I won’t care about it anymore, I’ll never let her go

I started moving my hips, my dick was completely inside her till the root

It seems she still feels a little pain, as her body turned stiff

“Zhu, zhu zhu…..”

The sound of meat moving in and out could be heard through the room

The sound is well audible, I should finish as soon as possible

It would be a huge problem if my parents heard it and came to check on us

Even though it feels really good, and I don’t want to cum before she does

I will have to do it

Also it won’t be a problem to cum with all the pleasure I’m feeling


Hearing her sweet moans, and the feeling of her tight little hole, its impossible to not cum

As Yuka started moaning I desperately covered her mouth with both of my hands

I can’t let her moan that loud!

“Yuka do you feel good? I’m going to cum inside you”

Because I covered her mouth she can’t speak

But she nods her head to say that she understood me

After seeing her agree, I went on my last sprint

Even if I’m going to cum I might aswell enjoy myself before letting it out

After moving my hips till I was satisfied, I finally blew my load inside her

The bed also stopped rocking as I started cumming inside her

Just like I remembered it felt, ridiculously goodddddd


Even when her mouth is covered her moans leak out

Her face is covered in pleasure, and her pussy is becoming even more tight

Suppressing my desire to fuck her once more, I pulled out my dick

As I didn’t even masturbate in the last few days, I released a lot inside her

My sperm was dripping out of her slutty meat hole

Even though it is really enjoyable to watch it, I can’t

After enjoying the view, I handed her a few tissues to clean her hole

I did the same with my dick and then I sent her away

I cumshoted her vagina!

That was all I could think of as I fell asleep


Chapter 8

The Day My Sister Became An Exclusive Meat Toilet

“Remember what you said to me last week?”


“As long as I don’t harm your body, and make you feel good. You’ll obediently do anything I tell you”


Yuka still has a smile on her face while answering

“Now that you’re here, strip naked”

Yuka starts undressing

I don’t know if she’s embarrassed but she’s doing it very slowly

One button at a time, but somehow it looks even more erotic like this

Take off her shirt she put it on the floor, and she doesn’t have a bra on

Then she takes of her pants, the only thing remaining are her panties

She moves to take them off too

Her elegant look while stripping near the door looks really good

My completely nude sister fidgeting in front of my door looks really cute

Lightly rubbing her legs and trying to hide her breasts and crotch, she looks really cute!

Even though I want to enjoy the scene in front of me, my dick is already hard and waiting for a long time

“Alright, now come here”

My naked sis came closer like I ordered her

As I’m sitting on a chair, my eyeline is right on her mini breasts

I can see that her nipples are already erect and tingling

“Give me your hands”

I attached each of her wrists with a carabiner I bought

Next I put a choker full of rings on her, and finally also tightened her ankles to the each end of the bed

And like that I tied her up like an X on the bed naked

“Okay, not let’s begin”

Yuka can’t do anything anymore

I reached out my hand towards her crotch and pushed one finger inside her

“HA. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I haven’t even started anything, but she seems to be quite wet

I increased one more finger and began moving them


While Yuka is still panting and moaning, I start kissing her nipples and pinching the other one with my free hand


As I began moving my fingers even faster, Yuka started moaning loudly while screaming my name

“You want to pass away?”

“YES! Like before I want to pass away feeling good! I want my head to go white Onii-Chan!”

Yuka’s speaking honestly about her desires

Even my dick is too hard, it’s time for me to enjoy

Pulling my dick closer I pushed it inside her till the root

Ah! It feels so good

Her little pussy wrapped around my dick so tightly

I grabbed onto her waist and began pistoning as hardly as I could


Sounds of out bodies hitting each other echoes through the room

I grit my teeth and move even faster

Feels so good!

“Annn! Onii-Chan, it ffeelssssssssss goddddddddd!”

As I was fucking her even faster, I saw that Yuka reached her limits and began cumming


She even started peeing from all the pleasure!

I always felt bad about finishing before a girl

But, finally I’m feeling a bit proud


Chapter 4

My First Sexual Experience


Just like he said, brother rolled towel around my limbs so that i would not hurt




Brother put his face on my pussy and started licking it

Has he lost his mind, it’s the same as asking me to lick his dick

Who would do that?


But as he kept at it, his tongue slowly invaded inside my pussy and started moving

It felt funny at first, but later it felt really goooodddd!




Why does it feel good, that place is where i pee from

Atmost i would shed some blood from it at the end of every month

But it feels really good


I don’t want to feel comfortable but i can’t help it

Because my body is tied I can’t move, so there’s no choice other than bearing with it

Brother puts his arms around my waist and holds me so that I can’t even move my crotch away


Even while doing this his hand doesn’t move away from pleasing my breasts

The stimulus just keeps adding, so I start moaning

Because of how good it was feeling, i don’t think of brother licking my crotch as disgusting


While I was feeling good, brother was moving his hands even better than before

As this kept on happening, I started reaching climax

My whole body felt like it was about to melt

I couldn’t take it any longer and my pussy started climaxing



While she was climaxing, this reminded me of how good her nipples smelled the other day

Her whole body was trembling

And finally she let out her cum




While she was about to start climaxing, i didn’t let her go and started pinching her nipples

With my other hand I inserted it into her ass

As she was just about to climax i started sucking on her clitoris

While doing that i tightly bit on it to increase the pleasure she would feel




Like that she climaxed, but this time she didn’t pee all over the floor

Is she had done the same thing again, i would have to start doing this in the bathroom from now on

While she was climaxing, my dick felt really hard

When I looked down I saw my dick was as big as it could be

There was also precum all over it

This was a complete natural satisfaction I got from watching my sister groan in pleasure


“Wow, I’m so excited!?”



“Yuka, do you understand what i will do? Understand why I am naked right now? This is because i will insert my dick into your pussy. Then you will feel even better!”


When I heard all of this, i understood what was happening!

Brother wants to have sex with me?

I am going to have sex with my brother!!!


“Wait a moment, you will start feeling good!!”


“Don’t insert it, you are my brother!!!”


“What’s wrong with that?”


“Eh …”


I couldn’t answer the question

Why don’t siblings have sex? It’s because if they have kids there will be problems

But why can’t we have sex????????????

While I was thinking about it my brother’s dick advanced even further it was almost near my crotch


My brother holds onto my waist and inserts his dick into me with all his force

His dick breaks apart my hymen and enters all the way inside without anymore resistance

Painnnnnnnn!!!!!! That was what i felt at the beginning, but within seconds that turned into pleasure


“Does it hurt?”


I should reply that it hurts, but before i could


My brother began moving his waist

In this way his dick entered and exited my pussy

Slowly my hole got familiar with his dick, even the small amount of pain that was remaining was turned into pleasure

A pleasant feeling started to rise through my body

Everytime his dick hit the furthest end of my hole i pleasure was increasing

Ahhh, I really can’t stand it anymore.

I’ll become crazy, I feel funny ~ ~ ~



Yuka began moaning with all the pleasure she felt

Drool started dripping from her mouth, and she tried to move her waist even further



I didn’t know that a girls pussy felt this gooodddd

I could ejaculate at any moment, but this is my first time so i should enjoy it for a long time


I started pounding her for 30 secs while holding back from cumming




Sounds started leaking from my mouth

It was understandable as i kept holding from cumming

I decided to no longer hold back and started moving as violently as i can




Feeling my momentum Yuka starts moaning even louder

As i got closer to release i increased my speed further

And finally i released all of the white sperm inside my sister’s pussyy




While sighing with pleasure i enjoy the look of my sister in front of me

LIke this I lost my virginity at the age of 17

Not to a rape, not to romance, and not by force

But i lost my virginity to my sister!


Chapter 3


A Contract with my Sister

After that, I carried out the still stupid sister to the room and threw her on the bed

Then I threw the towels, shorts, etc which were all dirty into the washing machine

After finishing it all I returned to the room and masturbated three times while remembering my sister’s actions.

Let’s add here that doing it three times is the best I have even done


For the next few days after everyone sleeps Yuka started masturbating at night

I slide my hand into my pajamas and stick my finger inside my hole

Then I crush my underdeveloped breasts with my other hand

After reaching out to the breasts I  change them into all types of shapes

My holes turn horny and start squirting juices

Yes, I was satisfied with it a while ago, but now it is not enough! It is unsatisfactory

Of course the cause is that “silly brother”

Before when I used to masturbate I used to be pleased till 50 points, while the maximum I find reach was 100

But now because of what he did my maximum pleasure reached 200

So my self satisfaction of 50 is not enough!!

What to do? I want to feel more  pleasant but I can not do it myself … I absolutely cannot ask that “fool” brother.

My pride does not allow me to inform my situation to that “stupid brother”

What to do … I can not talk to anyone like this. I can not say to mommy …. What to do · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


“What to do …”


The words spilled from her mouth unexpectedly were sucked into a futon in the dark room never to reach anyone.


(Kachach) After a small sound and the door of my room opens, at that moment “Bikri” it felt like my heart jumped up.

At last my sister came!

The only person who enters my room is the one and only sister


But at the same time I was relieved too.

Now my parents are absent

If they were here we wouldn’t be able to achieve a few things

But still I need to see where this conversation goes


A smile is present on her face

I can not read her son in coming here


“I want to earn more money!”

I was shocked the moment I heard it

My sister was here to sell her body!

I couldn’t believe it but I still maintained a calm face

“But it is too expensive for me I can’t pay you that much”

When I said that her eyes started tearing up like she was about to cry

“You have to take responsibility for you did! After everything that happened I can no longer feel good by myself! I wanted to speak to mom but I can’t do that! You have to be responsible or I will tell mom about everything!”

The moment she said that my heart was brimming with joy, but I didn’t show it on my face

“Okay, how much do you want?”

I can’t always pay her 10000 so I needed to see how much she would settle for

“Hmmmm, how about 5000 per month?”

Even though it is a bit costly, but it’s fine to pay her 5000

“Okay, let’s do it this way”

When I said that her face which was in the brink of crying smile like an angel

“Take off your pants, because it is in the way”


“Eh ~, Ya”


“Also remove your panties, it becomes harder when you wear your panties. The last time you wet them and I had to wash them”


“Gogaki … do not say panties ! ”


Saying that she threw away all the things she wore on her bottom half and then sat down in a chair.

She sat there staring at me with a red face


I don’t lose to my lust and try to ravage her, but like a gentleman I placed her pants on the bed and took out the tape from the cupboard


“Can you not use the tape, it hurts so much”

“It’s okay, I have prepared it properly this time”


As I peeled off the tape last time, red stamp marks remained on her hands and feet

And it also hurt a lot when I peeled them

But it is not good to leave any traces in her body

That’s why I prepared a towel this time, if you wrap this on the hands and feet first and then fix it with tape, it will not hurt or leave any traces.


“Well ~ okay then.”

It looks really good, although she was constantly complaining, this is the completion of the M-shaped open leg position


I turn up the dresses hem and fix it with clips so that it will not fall off

Then I sit back and enjoy the scene in front of me

And then I enjoyed the same thing I did the last time


Chapter 2

Masturbating my Sister


Since she said that she wanted money as soon, she wanted to start as soon as possible

Fortunately my parents are absent from home

As I brought Yuka into my room, I made her sit on a chair while I got ready.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”



“Why am I bound to the chair?”

“It’s not binding, it’s….. ”

“What? Explain yourself properly!”


The current Yuka is wrapped in gum tape both her hands and neck and wrapped around the post of the backrest and fixed.

Both legs are placed on both sides of the armrest and raised so that the butt comes forward.

Of course both her ankles were fixed too[the_ad id=’224′]


She can no longer escape by herself

Her position is similar to that of the M-shape, which AV actresses do

It’s quite erotic looking at my sister like this

“Well, it’s, because I want to.  I’m paying you 10000 yen, so I will use you however I want”

“What are you doing, don’t touch my shorts!! Do not take it off! Do not touch me directly! ”

Still sitting in front of my sister who is legged M I ignore her and remove her outer layer of clothes

“So, how do you usually masturbate?”

I directly asked questions without holding anything back

As she cannot move I can do anything I want with hsr

“Wow !! Well ~~~ I usually start with my chest”

Oh, that’s right, consciousness tends to go towards the bottom, but after all it’s basic to start from a girl’s breasts

While listening to her I push my hand onto her t-shirt and move it towards her breast

“Eh!  brother! ”


My sister raised a voice towards the sudden violence, but I was the one who raised a surprise voice the next moment.

“You’re not wearing a bra? ”

“It’s only when I’m at home”

So it is like that, this is good as well.

Now I can enjoy raw breasts thanks to Yuka’s actions

My sister’s breast that I touched for the first time ever ate really soft  The petit nipple hitting the palm is very ticklish.

Then I massage it to wrap my whole hand

It’s so small, maybe it’s B size


Although it is not big enough to fully enjoy the rubbing feeling, the softness is a feeling which I have never experienced before.

“Oh , a bit nice … … it feels better then when I touch myself…”


Oh no! Mad things like touching one boob at a time.

I pull out the left hand and push up the sweat trainer and pack it in  the hem so that it will not fall down and cover her breasts again

I will crush her breasts!

“A bit..  brother I’m felling wierd, what is … no, stop, stop it”


It’s fun! ! I never imagined that rubbing breasts was so much fun, and it seems like I will never get bored at all.
Synchronizing both hands and picking up the nipple, I feel like the nipples are becoming harder …

“That, you’re nipples become harder didn’t they?”

“No! ”

I pinch her nipple with my forefinger and middle finger and lightly pull it, it seems that Yuka is biting her lip to not let out a voice


Now let’s try pinching and twisting her nipples

“Ha !, Oh!”


The pleasant moaning comes out from her mouth

I move my finger more violently


Well, what shall I do next?


I want to  taste her boobs.  

I take my hand away from her breasts and go stand before her


And with a bit of excitement, I gently placed her nipples inside my mouth

“Whaa!? ”


When I breathed in the scent near her chest I feel a sense of superiority

No longer controlling myself I began licking her nipples that I had in my mouth.

“Why, stop ya, yeah”

Elegant words gradually become obscene and are replaced with a panting voice.

I knocked around the nipples that are in my mouth with a tongue, knocked them, played up and down, and sucked on them


After enjoying her body’s taste I reluctantly let go and move away


Taking our a pink rotor which I purchased a long time ago, I go near my sisters pussy

I inserted the rotor inside her underwear right above her clitoris and start it

It starts vibrating right above her pussy

“Well, whaaaaa …. …”

At this time, Yuka was immersed into an intense stimulus.

As she tried to protest against my actions, a voice leaked out of mouth  

“Uh oh! Suwesseeloy”


When I was enjoying the scene in front of me

She could no longer control herself and started moaning

And not long after that her pussy violently sprouted love juices



I enjoyed the scene of her pussy dripping with liquid and staining the chair  

Still it did not stop and kept flowing out

It even formed a puddle on the floor

Only then did I realize that it was not love nectar

“Hey Yuka !! Are you Pissing!? ”

“Eh, wipe, wipe it with a towel!


I don’t care about what she’s saying

I enjoy looking at her body that had a pink glow and filled with sweat

Her ass was drenched in liquids making it even more attractive


“I’m sorry if I have to wipe it I will do it like this.. .”


While saying that I lower my head near her pushy

I slide her panties away

Now I can clearly look at her pussy with no obstruction

Her pussy had pink color lips

“This is … a gorgeous hole …”

Gently stretching out my hand I inserted a finger into her hole, the inside was slimy and amazingly hot and soft.


As I push forward with my fingers it comes in contact with something stopping it from moving further….. Is this a hymen?

“No, what are you doing?”

First I got up, while it was a nice thing, I should try something else?

I pick up the rotor I was using until a while ago and press it against the foreskin of her clitoris directly

“Hit !! Stop, Ah, mmmmmm! . ~ ~”

Her body trembles with pleasure
I feel superior

With a movement of my hand I can control what my sister will do

If I press it harder against her clitoris she screams out loudly

If I push it inside her pussy she starts moaning

“Haa …  Aaaaaaaa ”

“How do you feel? Are you comfortable?”

“Oh, well …… ……”

Yeah, since you don’t want to answer I will force it out of you.


Now I  push the rotor into her hole and attack her chest with my empty left hand.

“· · · · · · ·”

No matter how comfortable she’s feeling she isn’t speaking

I couldn’t take it anymore and tightly pinched her nipple and pushed to rotary completely inside upto her hymen




No longer able to control herself she screamed out loud

Her body trembled and muscles stiffened and she started cumming

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Chapter 1

A talk with my sister


I knocked on my sister’s room · · ·


There was no reply, maybe she’s  doing something naughty, and I can see it! And, with a little expectation.

When I entered the room saying my sister was reading a book sitting on the desk, a fashion magazine for teens I guess

“I have something I want to talk about”


But she doesn’t even look at me

From the time I entered the room she didn’t even look at me

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Finally, Yuka responded to this question, the line of sight that was watching the fashion magazine slowly moved towards me.

There is a wrinkle on her eyebrows, “Haa, what are you saying” are clearly emerging on her face

I could no longer bear the awkwardness and blurted our everything


“Okay, it’s about the atmosphere that makes a girl for the first time have sex”

Yuhua has not issued a single word yet, it is scary, scary

I can not see my sister’s eyes properly

Even though I know this is  a mistake, but I can not stop it now, so I continue talking.

“So I thought that I wanted to raise my experience somehow before I have sex , but …”

“And then?”

Finally, she spoke

Even though it wasn’t much it was enough to let breath a sigh of relief

“Well, that is, that is, that is, what kind of masturbation are always doing? what kind of place do you touch to feel comfortable or…”

Before I could finish a magazine hit me on the head

“Go out!”

“Wait, I am seriously asking you, whether my first experience will succeed or not depends on this!”

Basie! Bashi!

Continuously two more magazine hit me on my face

“Go out! If not I will tell mom about this”


“I will also pay 10,000 yen After out Cooperation finishes”

“… Oh! 10,000 yen? Really?”

My sweet little sister … You fell into hell just for money!

I your brother is sad

“Well, when are we going to begin, I want the money as soon as possible”


The superior attitude with a smile seems to be pitiful in my eyes

But in this case, let us use her  wonderful ignorance to my advantage



First let’s introduce ourselves.
My name is Tatishi Yueto, Second grade of high school, not participating in any club activities.

To be honest, I am interested in girls and sex. Rather than friends and studies

I was always interested in girls
To have sex with a girl I will do anything
And finally I found a girl I like

I gave up on club activities to study harder so I would appear more appealing to her
I plan to have sex with her within the next half year

And also as I take away her and mine virginity I want to be the best sex she ever has
This is all because of the pride I have as a man

However, as I never had a real life experience before I don’t know what to do

Even though I have watched all types of porn, even the uncensored one

It’s the same as having no knowledge at all

Anyway, I’d like to raise my experience by a little bit before my first time with her

There is only my younger sister whom I can ask for help

Let’s introduce my sister here.Tatishi Yuka, junior high school student 15 years old

I think that I was crazy about TV animation and girls’ comics until I went up to junior high school


I thought we were getting along as brothers and sisters, but after my hobby turned into fashion and idol in junior high school

There is a cold impression when being silent, but when she laughs you change your impression of her


She is popular among the boys if her school

And there is no news about her having any boyfriend


The length of the hair is medium and only the tip of the hair is slightly curled.

It is probably due the influence of fashion magazines that she  tampered with her hair  

It is difficult with her as I never even praised her before

But I have no other option