Volume 1 Chapter 8

Extra 2

This is my husband

“Oh, huh….Hiiii!”

I started panting from pleasure and Sharon used me from my behind

His dick is so big inside my pussy (Sharon taught me that is what they call a girl’s crotch)

Everytime he pushes his dick inside my pussy, it becomes more and more wet

Sharon is using me to release his sexual desires

We just finished having breakfast, and Irina left for school

Sharon my son was born 6 years ago, he’s always been smart since the day he was born

He never used to cry, even when he was hungry he would just knock on the basinet

When he was 1 year old he started talking properly, this really surprised me and my husband

Even without our help, he learnt everything by reading books

My husband thought that something was strange, but I was happy that my son was gifted by the heavens

I always wondered how my son would grow up to be

And now my pussy is being penetrated by my son’s huge dick everyday…

“It is natural to handle your son’s desires”

So when Sharon asked for my body after breakfast, I rushed upto him and stripped naked immediately

Laughing he hugged me from behind and started violently pounding me

“Haaa……haaa….huh..ah!!! Sharon…your dick……is the best……”

“Yes, mom’s pussy is also very good. It feels like I could cum at any moment. I’ll pump you full of my semen, maybe you’ll once again become pregnant!”

While saying he tightly held me from behind and released his semen inside me for the first time today

The feeling of my son’s thick and hot sperm is making my insides feel so gooooddddd!

But still not satisfied he began moving once again while I was still trembling in pleasure


I often used to do the samething with my husband till Sharon was born

However, compared to Sharon my husband is not even worth mentioning

But with Sharon, he kisses me, fucks me in my butthole, and also makes me feel so comfortable……since the time I’ve been born only with Sharon have I felt so good

Occasionally I wonder if this is right?

But, whenever I see his smile and feel him cumming inside me, all my worries disappear

My pussy is holding onto sharon’s dick tightly like it’s afraid of losing it

“Ah… it’s becoming even tighter. My mother’s pussy really is so gooooddd! You are just like a newly found girlfriend begging for sex. I’m going to cum inside you once again mom! I’ll use you as my onahole forever!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sharon! Yes! Fuck mommy with your huge dick! Yes! Oh yeahhhhhhhh!”

I could no longer hold it in as I was being stabbed by his huge dick

I started begging for sex from my son

My pussy even further tightens hoping to squeeze his dick till its dry of semen

While our waist are hitting each other with each moment (PA! PA! PA!), finally Sharon pumps my cunt with his cloudy semen

“Fuuu….. Mom’s pussy is overflowing with my sperm….. thanks for letting me use your pussy to masturbate mom………. I love you!”

As soon as I heard his love filled words, my body couldn’t hold back the pleasure of me climaxing multiple times and fell down powerless

While looking at me who fell down on the floor wtill climaxing, Sharon lightly patted my head and left the room

Perhaps he went to study, or practice magic

When I recall his words (Mom I love you) and his action of patting my head, I feel a different kind of heat accumulating near my lower body

After Sharon was born, my husband spent more and more time with his business and didn’t bother with me

It was then that Sharon gave me happiness while embracing my body, not leaving a single part of me alone

“Mom, Lisa and Aina need more milk”

Sharon impregnated his sister and breeded her, the result of that was Lisa, his daughter

And my child his sister/daughter Aina

The baby was not born long ago, along with Aina I now have 3 children

“Oh…I’ll feed them as soon as possible Sharon”

While straightening myself, I stood up with my feet still trembling

As I walked Sharon’s sperm was still dripping down my thighs as a proof of my affair with him

When hading towards the babies room, a smile formed on my face as I looked at Sharon along with Asha standing there

“Thanks for looking after Lisa and Aina husband”

I slightly murmured, not daring to call him that out loudly

“Mom you said something?”

“NO, nothing. Lisa and Aina come here I’ll feed you now. Drink as much as you want and grow bigger”

While I sat on a chair, I started feeding both of the girls with my milk

While feeding my daughters I’m surrounded by cute maids, making me feel even more happier

Sharon stared at me for a while, before coming behind and hugging me


“What is it Sharon?”

After a slight pause he brought his lips closer to my ears and slowly whispered

“I want to sleep with you tonight Mother”

Saying such things like a demon tempting me

I began feeling heat near my pussy once again as I heard those words

“Whatever you want Sharon”

While looking at him I couldn’t refuse anything, Sharon my son – my husband

This is my husband

My – beloved Husband


Volume 1 Chapter 7

Episode 6

Sharon rapes a 6-year-old girl

While pulling on Asha’s hand I left my house

After putting my sister and daughter to sleep I left them with the other maids (I never said this, but we have maids other than Asha)

We are actually shopping for dinner, while holding hands the both of us look like brother and sister

Since I had too much sex today, my dick is lightly numb

So I won’t do anything erotic and just enjoy the walk

Also I don’t feel like having anymore public sex today

I fucked Emily’s ass while hugging her this morning. And then while she walked on all 4 like an animal I kept fucking her from behind

Of course I used a hallucination spell so that others wouldn’t notice

I’ve being doing things like this all the time

Like masturbating with just their nipples on my dick

Oh well, life is supposed to be enjoyed to its fullest

I can feel Asha’s soft hands, and a small spoiled smile on her face

It seems like she’s enjoying out alone time, even if it’s just shopping

“Gouu, aaaaaa”

…….suddenly a child’s crying voice could be heard

Pulling on Asha I head towards the voice


There was a pretty girl similar to an angel crying in the middle of the streets

I wonder if she’s lost

A girl shedding tears roadside…..

….No, honestly she’s a child

Maybe 6 years old, she tries to wipe her tears with her cuffs, but the tears just keep overflowing

I went towards her along with Asha

The little girl raised her head and looked at us who were approaching her

Her white porcelain skin, with red cheeks is stained with tears as she loots at me with uneasiness

While looking at her my blood gathers near my lower half

“What’s wrong little girl?”

I gently speak to her, trying to no scare her away

Gathering magic in my hand I perform spells to remove all the fatigue on my lower body

This girl seems to be the same age as me

“What’s your name? Can you tell me anything about yourself?”

“Minerina…Aionfon…fuu,fuu…6 years old”


An aristocrat?

If my memory is true, then this girl Minerina must be someone important in the Aionfon family

Maybe she got lost from her servant

I know the location of her family, so I’ll send her back with someone

But that’s for later

My smile switched into a grin as I activated a magic spell to encloses all the 3 of us

A magical circle appears below us and completely isolates the space around us

This is a barrier that isolates the space from its surroundings

It also has additional properties to brainwash those around it from not noticing it

Also, it’s soundproof , so no matter how much we shout no one will be able to hear us

Based on the current situation

A pretty innocent fairy of 6years old, and my dick which recovered due to magic

Let’s rape her along with my 12 years old obedient maid

In a swift instant I start removing her clothes

Since I’ll have to send her back, I might as well keep the clothes neat so that no doubts will be formed

Even though Minerina tries to resist, she’s just too weak in front of me who has the strength of an adult

Within a minute all that’s left are her panties

While undoing my pants I take out my dick for the angry eyes of Minerina to stare at


She trembled as she saw my dick

I could no longer hold myself back, so I pushed her down onto the stone hard floor

“No! I’m sacred! Please let me go! PLEASE!!!”

As she shouts and wriggles below me, her soft things press on my dick to further accelerate the excitement

But if she keeps thrashing like this my dick won’t be able to enter her

“Asha, help me hold this child in place”

I decided to have Asha hold onto her lower body and keep it in place

“Yes Master”

I can now enjoy her happily, without too much effort

Thanks to Asha, Minerina’s resistance is now no more

While slightly shifting her silk panties I put my dick near her petite pussy

Of course as a virgin, her pussy is tightly closed so I’ll have to force my way through it

“NO! I’m scared please stop!”

“No, no. be a good child Minerina! Stay still and I’ll make you into an onahole for me. And then I’ll break your virginity and fuck you and finally cum inside you! So don’t resist me”

“NOnonononon! Stop! Aah!”

As I thrusted into her pussy breaking her virginity, Minerina started shouting from pain

Hearing her screams I thrusted even deeper enjoying her cries

While she was screaming with her mouth wide open and panting with pain, I started licking her whole face

Not leaving a single spot, I drenched her face in my saliva

Minerina a 6 year old being raped on a dirty road while covered in saliva is not a thing I could see in my past world

So my dick gets harder enjoying the sensation and situation

I released a little magic and let her pussy heal, before I began pulling my dick out and inserting it again

“Oh! Ahhhhnnnnnnn! !?”

Everytime my dick goes inside her Minerina lightly groans signifying her pleasure from being raped

But because of the sound barrier neither her voice nor her screams will go outside

Fuck and rape a girl you just in the middle of the street, I love this world!

“Minerina’s pussy is tight and pleasant….. even though it’s small you really are slutty already. I’ll cum inside you Minerina! Swallow all of semen little slut!”

“OH, Ayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“I’m cumming Minerina!…….Uh!”

“NO, ah aha ahaah!”

As I reached my limits, I increased my pistoning speed to enjoy the pleasure while hitting out waists vigorously against each other

While screwing y dick deeply inside her, I pour my semen as deep as possible inside the pussy of a 6 year old

“Ah…. It feels good…..It’s fun to rape a girl on the roads, I’ll have to try it out more often. Get the clothes ready, I’ll have her cleaned up”

“Yes Master!”

Asking her to get the clothes I threw away before, I look down on Minerina who’s still convulsing while holding onto my dick inside her pussy

Just like any other rape victim there isn’t anymore emotion in her eyes

I got a little more excited looking at my first rape victim, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pulled her face near it

As she still didn’t respond, I lightly opened her mouth and screwed my dick inside her

She still didn’t bother with my dick inside her mouth


Finally, as I screwed her throat till the root of my dick she finally reacted

I could hear a groaning voice, it seems more painful than I though

Not caring about it, I hold onto her head with both of my hands and began pistoning my dick inside her tight and moist mouth

Deepthroating is something I enjoy with Emily at home

Every time my dick loosens and comes out of her mouth, she desperately tries to breathe

Feeling her breathing roughly onto my dick makes it even harder

I decided to use her as a proper onahole and started fucking her mouth even harder

Soon I reached my limit and cummed a lot inside her throat straight into her stomach

“Hahaha……… it was really good slut. Minerina’s mouth is almost as good as my mothers. Let me use it again someother time”


Minerina right now looks like a frog specimen that has been dissected on its back

With sperm leaking both from her mouth and pussy, and an occasional voice leaking out of her

Her body which I used for my sexual desires is covered in sweat, dirt, saliva, and my semen

“Thank you so much! Thank you so much!”

Minerina’s servant was found rather easily, he’s now bowing again and again thanking for helping him out

While thanking me he never let go of her hand, afraid that she would slip away

After fucking her I dressed her up and got her ready to be sent back home

Holding onto her hand, they eventually disappeared from my line of sight, not knowing what I did

The girl he took isn’t Minerina, she’s just a random girl who i brainwashed and transferred Minerina’s life into

The actual Minerina is beside me

I walk away along with my newly acquired family

Today was also a good day


Volume 1 Chapter 6

Episode 5

Maid > Maid Handjob

“Yes, Asha. Aaaahnnnnnn!”

Currently I’m having lunch in the garden with Asha

After dumping my cum all over my wife and daughter I enjoyed my breakfast, and then studied till noon

From morning till now, I cummed inside ass once, two deep throats, and one hair masturbate

Although I can use magic to recover my physical fitness, it’s not good to use too much

Tomorrow Emily is supposed to meet the neighborhood ladies for having some tea

And Irina is also having a lunch with her friends tomorrow

Starting next year, I can attend the royal academy, I could start this year

But I need to make sure that my daughter remembers the taste of my semen, so I’ll start next year

And now I’m having lunch

Asha is sitting face to face in front of me

I pour the egg salad which I chewed until now into her mouth

Her food is filled with my saliva, but feeling like she was in heaven she smiled and began chewing it and swallowed it at last

Asha basically eats her three meals out of my mouth

I never even asked for Asha to do something so perverted

A few months back was Asha’s 12th birthday, when I asked her what she wanted as a gift

“I’d like to eat my meals from masters mouth if possible….”

Asha spoke with a red face, that seemed like it would start bleeding

Even though I didn’t mind, I slightly scolded her and then accepted

I took another bite of the sandwich and held onto Asha’s face and kissed her

Pushing the saliva filled food into her mouth with my tongue, I started licking her tongue

Every time our tongues intwined with each other, Asha’s breathing became rougher

Eventually I no longer cared about the meal, and began kissing her completely devoted

A 6 year old, kissing and embracing a 12 year old out in the open was something so hot, that my dick which was calm now once again turned erect

“Asha, how about you please me with your hands?”

“Yes, Master!”

While still being kissed by me, Asha moved her hands towards my trousers and began touching my dick

I got even more excited feeling Asha’s hand running up and down all over my dick

For a couple of minutes nothing happens as I keep kissing her and she pleases my meat rod

Soon, my dick starts pulsing and cloudy white liquid bursts out covering Asha completely in my semen

“Master, did my hand feel good?”

While asking me she started scooping my semen that was all over her and put it inside her mouth

“Yes, watching Asha using her cute hands to please me, made me so excited that I came a lot. Thank you for being such a good maid Asha”

Rubbing he cheek I praised her for the good job she always does

Her expression turned ecstatic as she was praised


Volume 1 Chapter 5

Episode 4

Sis Hair Masturbation > Sister Anal Plugging > Daughter Cum Therapy

After finishing my morning running, and magical exercises, I entered the house and wiped myself with a clean cloth that Asha gave me while greeting at the entrance

In the living room, Emily, and Irina are seated, they’ve started eating their breakfast

Irina is shaking her ass while eating

In her ass is an anal butt plug to keep the semen and urine from not leaking outside

The plug had an imitation of a dog’s tail

Of course I made it, there isn’t anything like a buttplug in this world

A dogs tail slightly lifting the skirt and poking outside, is really cute to look at

You might wonder who inserted the buttplug inside her

This is all thanks to my hypnosis, “When you wake up, if your ass is filled with cum, or urine, use this plug to seal it”

I got this idea one day, when I cummed inside her sleeping ass and didn’t want it to fall out of her

“Sis, I came inside your ass, but my dick is once again hard. Give me your hair to masturbate”

“……Yes………. As long as Sharon wants it….. I’ll give you anything…….”

I pulled her waist length hair and began rubbing it on my dick

The feeling of her soft hair, makes my dick lightly tremble and release some pre cum, covering her hair

It looked so erotic seeing her hair covered in my cum

“Ha Ha….oooooh…..my sis’s hair is so smooth, it feels so good… you really are an onahole that can be used anytime, and any part of you body can be used. I’m going to cum on your hair sister!”

As I came all over her hair I pushed the anal plug even more inside her

While covered in semen she was trembling from anal pleasure

Realizing, that I haven’t urinated after coming back from training I let it lose

Her semen entangled hair was washed with my urine showing her face which was adorably red with pleasure

I urinated for almost a minute, my sis was completely drenched in urine and a puddle was formed below her

As my dick was still hard I looked around to decide on the next toilet

I found my baby who was recently born near the table

Lisa my daughter was born half a year back, but I used my magic to increase her growth rate

Now she looks like a year old girl

Both Irina and Emily and breastfeeding their daughters

Only Aina isn’t here, I think she’s still sleeping

Aina is my sister/daughter whom Emily gave birth to

All this time Lisa was sucking on Irina’s nipple

Even when I was peeing all over her mother she enjoyed her feed

Even though Irina’s breasts aren’t big, they are moderate enough to feed her child

While getting up I move my dick closer to Lisa

Noticing it, Lisa turns and gazes at my huge dick with pure eyes

“Suck on daddy’s dick Lisa”

Not waiting, I pushed my adult extra large into her baby sized mouth

While Irina was still holding onto her I began moving my dick not caring that she was still a baby

My dick forcefully went inside her throat and then out

Her narrow mouth felt so good and tight

Even though she was just a 1 year old, her tongue was rubbing against my dick like it was something natural

I reached my limits while using my daughter as a tool of pleasure

“Ahhhh.. my Lisa’s mouth is so comfortable…… you’re almost as good as your mother…… in the future I’ll make sure that you please my dick everyday… I’m going to cum Lisa. Drink your daddy’s milk! Grow up like your mom who loves my semen!”

I caught her face with my hands and pushed my dicks tip till her throat and started cumming


As her mouth couldn’t take too much of my semen I took it out and scattered it on her face

Lisa who’s face and mouth was filled with semen groaned

“Fuuu……. It was a pleasant experience Lisa. Was papa’s milk delicious? I’ll cum all over your face to make you even more beautiful”

I enjoyed looking at her face which was covered with semen

An infant covered in cloudy white liquid is really erotic

My dick now turned even harder then when it was before

“Now, I’ll let your mom drink my semen!”

I pushed my dick inside Irina’s mouth who was watching her brother ejaculate on her daughter


Not caring about my onahole’s groaning I began fucking her mouth to relive myself

Instead of how it was only tight with my daughter, my sisters mouth felt better because she even knew how to use her tongue well

As the excitement finally reached climax, I deep throated her in front of her daughter and began cumming

“Ha, Ha, huh…….it was so comfortable……. Lisa’s mouth feels good, but her mother’s mouth is even better. I want Lisa to remember my semen’s taste, but as my onahole I’ll use you whenever I want”

While removing my cum coated dick, I rubbed it on my daughter face to clean it

Enjoying the look of urine and semen packed mother and daughter, I finally began my breakfast


Volume 1 Chapter 4

Episode 3

Anal Sex with Sleeping Sis > Urinating in Sis Anal


I always wake up early in the morning

Since I was young I never chose to miss out on training, so I always wake up earlier than the sunrise

After lightly stretching my body, I try to get up

Lying beside me is my Sis, wearing a thin silk negligee

As it was morning my meat rod is erect and waiting

As I look up her negligee I can see her perk ass and pink colored pussy

I don’t let any of my slaves wear underwear when at home, because they would be ready for whenever I want to have sex

Except Asha sometimes, I have her masturbate through her underwear

Looking at the obscene scene of a young girls butt, my dick slightly trembles with excitement

I move my dick closer and rub it on her ass, enjoying the soft feeling

Not able to control myself anymore, I pushed it inside her anal a little by little

As I keep pushing my dick inside her ass the sense of ejaculation became more and more evident


As my dick went more inside a little groan leaked out of me

My thick and huge dick went completely inside her anal

“Haha…it feels good, sis. Your butthole is even more firm than your pussy! Are you feeling good while being fucked in your sleep? Get ready for my morning sperm sis….. I’ll come inside your ass, my nympho meat toilet!”

While enjoying the pleasure I began moving my waist

My dick trembled with even more pleasure as it went in and out of her ass

I started stepping closer to cumming while fucking the ass of a sleeping girl

“Ah….. I’m going to cum! Take it all in your slutty ass!”


I gave out a lot of semen inside her ass

I looked towards m sis and found her cheeks flushed red from pleasure

It seems like she’s feeling good even while sleeping

As I was immersed in the pleasure of her tight ass, the morning sun was visible through the window

I decided to go train as it would become too late otherwise

I vigorously pissed not taking my dick out of her ass

As my warm urine went inside her in large quantity, I could feel her ass twitching inside

“Ha… my sister’s butthole is the best toilet. Even my sis is feeling good when I use her as a toilet”

While speaking I pulled my dick out of her anal and rubbed it on her negligee to get rid of anything sticking to it

Even after I removed my dick, both the semen and urine are still inside it

After using my 9 year old meat toilet sister, I headed towards training wearing the clothes that Asha prepared for me

P.S: I’ve had enough!


Chapter 3

Extra –

This is my Master


My name is Asha, and I’ll only serve Master Sharon throughout my life


It has been one and a half year since I started serving my Master

Master was 5 years old when I met him

My life was the lowest before I met him


I was an orphan, I grew up with the others in an orphanage

Even though we were poor I worked hard by polishing shoes to earn money


But everything ended when I was 10 years old

A theft occurred at the orphanage

And the criminal was one of us, she was a girl similar to me


Black hair, big eyes, an amiable smile on her face all the time

After the theft the orphanage threw us all on the road, this was better than being sold as a slave anyway

After being thrown on the streets I resorted to begging to survive

I sometimes even stole food to make sure that I won’t die from hunger

My life was similar to rats, and cockroaches


“Oh? Are you …… maybe………. Asha? You’re still alive?”


It was the same girl who stole from the orphanage

And around her were ten or so men

Saying that she hated how I looked, she had the men kick me and finally threw me into the garbage dump


I couldn’t move for half a day

I was groaning from pain till the sun set down, eventually the hunger got the better of me

I tried to stuff whatever I could find in the dump to eat


Dragging my body, I tried to move

As I crawled to the alleys end I looked up to see a little boy


My Master

He was the one who changed my life forever

His clothes proved that he was from a wealthy family

Light brown hair that was fluffy looking

He was the most beautiful boy that I’ve ever seen




I though he would also kick me and insult me

But he didn’t do anything like that

After staring at me for a while he ran back to a mansion

Looking at him I lost my consciousness


I hadn’t eaten a proper food for the past year, and finally I felt something in my mouth

As I regained my consciousness, the same boy was in front of me forcing bread into my mouth

Not even letting the scrapes that fell on the ground, I licked them up like a dog


Finally I looked up and saw the boy who saved me

Even though he was younger than me, it seemed like he was the most knowledgeable person in this world

After looking at me for a while he stretched and offered me his hand




Not minding that I was dirty, he pulled on my hand and helped me stand up

While staggering, I managed to somehow stand up

The boy pulled on me and lead me towards the mansion


I panicked

Regardless of how I go in, with my look they will arrest me for trespassing and kill me

I tried to shake away his hand, but he was unexpectedly too strong


Thinking of the situation, I won’t have any regrets even if I die

The small boy in front of me gave me the last happy moment of my life

However, nothing like that happened


He pushed me onto a chair near the table

While still confused, I rest on the soft chair

He came back after a while and put a tray in front of me

On it was a steaming bowl of soup, and bread similar to which I just ate


Looking at the food, I lost my reasoning

I started stuffing the food, I finally felt that my life was happy too

When the food was over he placed a few more trays letting me eat as much as I want

After I finished a small bump formed near my belly due to eating so much food


The boy smiled while looking at me





The door was opened

I started trembling as I see a man enter the room


“Shaoron, who the hell is this ugly pest!”


He must be the boys father, just looking at me his face distorted from disgust

He looked like he was about to throw up

I started shivering from fear of what was about to happen


“Mind your own business”


The boy spoke in a cold voice


“Okat….. I understand”


The father spoke with blank eyes and left the room

I looked at Master with trembling heart

He faced me and showed a soft smile


While lifting me up he started walking

Even though my body is weak, it isn’t something a kid of his age could even pull, let alone lift!

He brought me to the bathhouse inside the mansion


Laying me down, he began undressing me

Even though he doesn’t use too much force, his fingers have fine moments

He completely undresses me, even though I’m afraid I’ll let him do whatever he wants

My naked body was completely exposed in front of him


Tears fall from embarrassment as I compare my body with his

My face is covered with tears

I would rather die then feel so miserable

Even if I can’t die, I’ll try and run away


As I somehow managed to hold my clothes and began running, he hugged my body

I’m afraid to remove the hands which are covering my ugly face

Even he is naked, both of our naked bodies are pressed against each other

Even after seeing how ugly and dirty I was, he didn’t let go of me


For the first time in my life I left like I could cry on his shoulders

He was the first person to ever accept me

My body which was covered in wounds, was completely cured by him at once


Even the bad smell was replaced after a bath, I smelled like a refreshing herb

Later he gave me his older sister’s clothes, for the first time ever I was dressed in beautiful clothes

Sharon’s older sister is younger than me, but the size is a proper fit


Because I’m malnourished

While pulling on me he let me rest in his bed room

As the fatigue got the best of me, I slept for 2 days straight


As I woke up my stomach made noises claiming to be hungry

Hearing my tummy, the boy brought me food just like last time

He smiles and offers the food once again


“By the way, my names Sharon, what’s yours?”


“Hiiiiii! Asha……….11 old years!”


“Asha, it’s a nice name. you can call me Master, or Sharon-sama”


“Yes, Master”


My face gets hot by calling a younger boy Master


“Well, Asha do you have a family?”




I answered while shaking my head with trembling lips

My hands went cold I was afraid that he would send me away

After a moment he spoke again




The same smile was still on his face as he was looking at me




“What happened Asha?”


“Nothing Master!”


I’m kneeling in front of him, it’s afternoon now

Unlike stupid kids who go to school and study, my Master’s a genius he completed all his studies till the age 20

He stays home and has sex with his mother


I always cry from happiness as I remember what happened

As Master was sleeping on my lap my tears fell on his beautiful face

While lightly pushing away my tears he smiled

Getting up he kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ears


“You’re mouth is so soft, even your lips. I love you Asha”




He is My Master

My- Dear Lover


Chapter 2



Episode 2 –

Morning Mother Mouth Fuck > Mother Mouth Urination > Mother Hugging Sex


I won’t repeat all about the world in which I have been reborn

But I’ll tell you that I wish to have a fairy onahole


Incidentally there’s no concept of a parallel world here

I was born and raised in the kingdom of “Karaten”

The population of the whole country might be more than a few million, while roughly 100,000 people live in this kingdom


Even though the civilization can be described as similar to the medieval period on earth, everything is way better compared to earth

Such as hygiene, water supply, sewage system, etc are all much better

But things like slaves are much too common in this world


In this world you can kidnap and rape whenever and however you want

I was excited thinking about kidnap and rape


I’m going to ejaculate in the mouth of Emily, my birth mom


“Nn.. I’m h=going to cum mom”


“Oh? That’s okay, you can release…”


Ignoring her speech I grab her head and start fucking her mouth

As I’m moving faster my dick goes even deeper inside her throat with every thrust


“Duff, Duff, Huh!………Huh,……..Ahh”


While enjoying her mouth pussy, I released my morning sperm inside her mouth

As I didn’t pull my dick to let her try and swallow my cum, she chokes on it and throws it out

My sperm comes out of her mouth, and also her nose her face looks very erotic right now


Well, I’ll explain about my mom Emily


Emily is 23 years old now

She got married when she was 13 years, and gave birth to my sister when she turned 14

Her appearance is similar to me, blond hair, height a little short of 150cm

And she looks very sexy when I cum inside her mouth


After her daughter grows up, it’ll almost look like the two of them are sisters

Her character is very warmth

Emily had 3rd children till now


After I raped her, she got pregnant and had another baby

I even made sure that the baby didn’t belong to my father

All of the women in this house are mine!


With the help of my magic she gave birth in half the time as a regular pregnancy

And the baby was delivered six months back


Along with reducing the time till birth, I also made sure that the child would be a girl

With this I’m now a little confused

If I rape her would it be father-daughter sex? Or brother-sister sex?


Irina also gave birth during the same time as Emily

Then I decided that Irina’s child would be my daughter, and Emily’s daughter would be my sister


As both of my sister, and daughter grow up I’ll rape and turn them into sexual objects too

Just thinking of a blowjob from a child who has no teeth, it makes me feel so excited


“Mommy, open your mouth I want to pee inside it”


“Fuh…Huh, so much…..”


After ejaculating inside her mouth, I now want to piss inside her mouth like always

As she still is trying to swallow all of my semen, I bring my dick closer to her slutty mouth pussy, and started urinating inside it


“Fuu…Was my semen delicious mommy?”


“Yes, it was the most tastiest semen ever Sharon. Today was even thicker than usual, yesterday I saw Irina’s ass filled with your cum and I got so jealous”


“Oh, you want to be fucked like an animal from the behind too mommy?”


“Yes, I’ll make sure to clean my ass after breakfast, so you can cum inside it as much as you want son. I want to be seen by everyone around the town while you fuck me like an animal”


Emily said while wrapping a clean cloth around my dick and cleaning it

My desires resurfaced as I felt her gentle hands on my dick


“Hold on tight mommy!”


“Yes, yes, ahnnnnnn!”


While thrusting my dick inside her I lifted and held onto her body

While holding her like a koala bear with my dick inside her, I began walking towards the living room

With every step, my dick went inside her, and the both of us felt pleasure


I was getting more and more excited looking at her face which was panting and moaning while being fucked by her son

It is likely going to be a fun day today

Chapter 1

My Sister Irina > Raping my Sister > My Sister a Meat Toilet



My sister raise her voices as I move my waist and fuck her
Showing off her obscene appearance she enjoys having sex with me
And I cum inside her ass without feeling any hesitation
This is how my daily routine has been of recent

My name is Sharon
I have light brown hair, and amber colored eyes
And I’m 6 years old this year

My name and appearance which were supposed to be Japanese are all Western, this is all because I have been reborn in a different world – a world similar t the medieval earth period

Yes, there was no encounter with god or anything like that when I was reborn
But, I somehow knew that were was magic, and magical powers in this world
Also I know that there are various races, and sub-races

However I am an abnormality
I started showing intelligence since the day I was born
Most of my time since birth was spent on reading books about magic

Due to this I was seen oddly by my family members
My father hated me, and chose to avoid me as much as possible
But, my beautiful mom and sister overly loved me
But, everything changed 1 and ½ year back

I found a magical book written by our ancestors deep inside the library
This book contained all about – brainwashing, hallucination magic, hypnosis, and many more
This helped me dispel the worries that my family had towards me
After a light hypnosis I managed to not make my family suspicious

I then began to sexually harass my elder sister
Next I used other magic’s to improve my physical prowess
I practically accelerated the growth of my body, strength, bodily functions, internal organs, etc
And then I decided to rape my 8 year old sister and impregnate her

Even now when I remember that occasion, I get excited
I raped her when I was 5 years old
I decided to rape her when we were eating breakfast, and I was too horny
Considering my age I’m not sure what I should call it

But generally I would be called a lolicon as her age was between the age of 1-13
Even though I knew what everyone would think of me I didn’t care
After my rebirth, my inherited memories were fixated on incest, gangbang, meat toilets, rape, etc
And just looking at my sister who is 3 years older then me reminds me that I want to fuck her
While sitting on the table beside her, I remove my pants bringing out my erect dick

“Eat this next sister! But don’t bite it”

As soon as I said that she moved her mouth to start a blowjob
Similar to eating an ice cream she licks it
As a young boy, I naturally reach my limits too quickly
Wanting to ejaculate inside her mouth, I grabbed her head and thrust my dick deeper inside her without any hesitation

“Fuh! Fu!!!!!!”


I sighed lightly while getting excited with the look of an 8 year old sucking on my dick
Enjoying the pleasure inside her mouth, I continued my ejaculation
I forgot to mention that my sister’s name is Irina

A beautiful girl, with blond hair and blue eyes
The sight of a blond haired dripping cum from her mouth and nose was too wonderful
You could masturbate a few dozen times while looking at her

Taking off my pants I threw them away to feel more comfortable
While I was thinking of what to do next, Asha our maid entered the room
Asha’s 11 years old
Both her hair and eyes are black in color
Even though her body is smaller than an average 11 year old, it won’t be a problem for me
I picked her up a few months back near the garbage place
It turned out that she was an orphan

As I was looking for an experiment subject, I found her just lying there
Honestly it felt better to test my magic on a beautiful girl, rather than someone random
I made her brainwashed to have eternal loyalty to me
As I looked at her Irina’s slutty face my dick became even harder
I decided to take her virginity away that day

“Asha come here and support me”

“Yes, Master”

I called Asha near me and made her bend Irina over the table and hold her
As Irina was bended over, she was still unconscious
Getting behind her I pushed my dick inside her meat hole
It was also really wet, I think it might be due to being naturally a horny bitch
Bearing with it, I pushed my dick even further and broke through her hymen

“Wha……Ahhhh………Hurts!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! It really hurts!!!!!!”

The moment I broke through her virginity with full force, Irina seems to have regained her consciousness due to the pain and started screaming
I got even more excited hearing her scream in pain
Not letting her run away I made sure Asha held her tightly
Still she tried to thrash around, but this just made me even more excited

“Pleaseeeeee don’t! let go of me! Mama! Papa! Help me!”

Don’t forget that I decided to rape her while having my breakfast, so we are still surrounded by the rest of our family members
It seems like Irina’s hypnosis was broken as she felt a high amount of pain
I keep moving my waist, which sound out everytime it move my dick inside her

“Sha, Sharon? You…….Hiiiiiiiiii………..Stop it, Please stop it Saron! Let go of me! I’m your sister Sharon!!!”

Not caring about her, I kept on raping her in front of my parents
My parents don’t seem to mind us, rather than that

“Irina-chan, if you eat so slowly, won’t you be late for school?”

My father said, feeling deeply impatient that his daughter is eating so slowly
Watching Irina beg father for help while I rape her in front of me, makes me feel even better

“It’s painful! Sahron!……My stomach hurts! Please!!! Let me go!!!!”

A beautiful girl is deprived of her virginity while shedding tears in front of her parents!
Keeping up the pace I cummed inside her pussy

“Ohh! Sister if you get pregnant make sure to give birth!”

“Kids? Hiiiiii! What’s that inside my stomach? Sharon is peeing inside me!!!!!!stop! please don’t pee inside me!!!!!!”

It seems like she isn’t too smart about sex
While thinking for a moment I press my hand against her womb that is filled with my semen
I use magic and forcefully impregnate my 8 year old sister
I would like to have more sex and enjoy, but it’s time to move on

“Haaah! Fuuu!”

While still holding onto her ass from behind, I suddenly feel the urge to pee
So, instead of removing my dick I decided to relieve myself inside her
I continued urinating for almost 2 minutes before it ended
Feeling reluctant I remove my dick from her vagina semen, blood, urine, jump out at the same time

“Phew! I’ll have you give birth to my child sister! From now on you’ll be incharge of making sure that I’m comfortable! Oh, yes, as a sister turned meat toilet shouldn’t you introduce yourself to everyone here?”

“Yes, I….am Sharon’s toilet! If Sharon ever wants to pee he can use my mouth, pussy, or ass…..”

While speaking till that far she faints

It seems that the fatigue got the better of her

“Fufufufu, if Irina gives birth to a daughter, I can have sex with her too! It’ll be a lot of fun to make grandchildren with my daughter! Also I want another sister! So I’ll fuck and rape my mom next! A mom and sister meat toilet!”

My mom is 23 years old
It seems like she gave birth when she was 14 years old
I raped and impregnated my sister, mother, and daughters too
While using them as tools for my sexual needs, I decided to live in this world of unlimited sluts
My different world sex life began from here