Chapter 1

Gratitude for the 1000th Masturbation


I’m Ijima Shouta, 15 years-old.

I’m in the midst of puberty.

My favourite type of woman is a big breasted, blonde Onee-sama.

However, I really like brunette Onee-samas too.

Even Lolis are cool.

In any case, I’m a normal junior high boy that is really into foreign girls. Also known as “DC”. (TN: I’m not sure what this really means, if anyone knows, please tell me.)


My sexual nature was awoken when I reached 12 years old.

I came across an erotic gravure book of a blonde woman that was tossed out into a riverbed.

Though I was nervous, I secretly slipped the book home and masturbated secretly in my room.

After that awakening, all my female classmates suddenly just looked like children and my interests totally shifted solely to big breasted blonde women.


However, 3 years on and my interests have subtly been broadened.

Not just blondes, brunettes, black-haired, redheads or silver hair, as long as she was a beautiful foreigner, it was all good.

Even my preferences for breasts was widened, be it large or small, it stopped being a matter of concern. Though, don’t you think bigger is still better?

It is hard to have a normal romance as a junior high school student with those preferences.

While the rest of my classmates were obsessed with the idea of having a normal romance, I was diligently studying my erotic book and endeavouring to masturbate every day.

As soon as I came home from school, I stripped off as I entered my room and got naked.

It was standard for me to masturbate totally naked.

Using the blonde Onee-sama as my spank material and my preference for being naked due to feeling rude if I was partially dressed is the common theme.


As both my parents work, I usually alone at home so my masturbation lifestyle is possible.


「So, I’ve been waiting for this! Today, it is time for me to make myself feel good! 」

I say this while I talk to my erotic book.

Come to think about it, that sounds insane, doesn’t it?

Naturally, I think of it as a courtesy to all involved.


It is almost 3 years since I was awoken to this masturbation lifestyle, for the most part, thanks to this book.

I’ve never masturbated to anything else but this erotic book.

All my semen has been dedicated to this erotic book. Aa, but I have never ejaculated on the book, you know?

This erotic book is very unusual, I think.

When I first found it by the riverbed, I did not think it was an erotic book.

The cover is unlike any other erotic book when I first saw it, I thought it was a foreign dictionary or something.

The book was massively thick with gold bindings and a thick hardcover.

To the back of the book, there was something shimmering.

I mustered up courage and opened it.

In it was a world that I have never known before.


At a glance, there were foreign Onee-samas, nude and half-naked smiling at me.

Onee-samas with clothes that I’ve only seen in fantasy styled games or anime, they were all stunningly beautiful.

For example, a princess wearing a gorgeous dress.

Or a female knight with full armour and only the breastplate removed, showing off her amazing big breasts.

A beautiful redheaded mercenary with slender, taut muscles, wearing an eye patch. Devine looking nuns in a field, and a cool beauty elf with long ears, in any case, the variation of beauties in that book is abundant.

And so, with so many Onee-samas there, there is a great possibility of masturbating many times.

For 3 years, this has been my sole spank bank every day. Sometimes I do it several times a day.

Even when I go on camps or school events and excursions, I’d sneak in my erotic book and hide somewhere to masturbate.

For me, this erotic book is already an indispensable existence.

By the way, I’m so familiar with this erotic book that my ejaculation count to it has reached 999 yesterday. I perfectly recorded the number of times I’ve whacked off to it.

And today will be the memorable 1000th masturbation.

However, that is no more than a checkpoint.

I will continue to masturbate to this erotic book, I will devote my 2000th and 3000th ejaculations to this erotic book as well.


Eeee? Won’t interest be lost?

That is a foolish question.

Do you get tired of breathing?

For me, masturbating to this erotic book is synonymous with breathing!

Even when talking becomes futile, my masturbation would still be the priority.

Which Onee-sama should I dedicate my semen to today?


After all, it has to be the princess, doesn’t it?

Or should I do the female knight?

But it is hard to discount the female mercenary or the other Onee-samas, it is difficult to say who is better.


Even while contemplating my choice, it seems that, like hot magma, from my testicles through to my penis to the tip, my semen is about to erupt.

「Aaa Aaa Aaaa! Nooo! Cumming! Semen is coming out! All you Onee-samas are so beautiful, you are all squeezing the semen out of my penis Uuuuu!!」

I let out a loud voice that can only be done because there was no one home, and my 1000th ejaculation leaked unexpectedly.

With semen that had much more volume and thickness of males of the same age, it drew a parabola from the tip of my penis and made its way towards the open pages of the erotic book.


Oh no.

The way it’s going, I’m going to cum all over my erotic book, I’m going to contaminate erotic book-sama!

With my fading consciousness, I closed the erotic book with my empty left hand.

Then my sticky semen was dashed all across the front cover of the book.

Ahh, I did it, I was relieved that my Onee-samas did not get soiled by my semen, I breathed a sigh of relief.


The next moment, something that I did not predict happened.

「… … Ee? W-what? 」

The cover of the erotic book that was smeared with my semen started glowing a little.

When I first picked it up, I thought I noticed it glowing but it soon faded away so I paid it no mind.


The current illumination was brighter than the last time, the light was now pulsing bright to dark like it was living somehow.

Well, kind of like a heartbeat… …

Then the pulsing sped up and the light’s intensity grew……

The light became too glaring and I no longer could keep my eyes open … …

I seemed to have lost any memory from that point on.


When my consciousness finally returned, I noticed that I was in a poorly lit room.

It was not nighttime when I lost consciousness.

This is not my room.

The floor, the ceiling and the walls, everything was made of stone.

This is definitely not some fancy, modern one-room apartment with undressed raw concrete.

This is real stone… … a prison.


The prison room had an outward facing wall with a small window with iron bars across it to let light in and a door on the opposite wall made of iron.

However, one looks at it, this is a prison, a perfect prison cell.

I was nude in this cell.

I was also not the only one in the cell.

Everyone was crouched down clutching their knees, huddled around the corners of the cell … all in all 5 people.

When I had a closer look, everyone seemed to be around the same age as myself or at best, slightly older.


Everyone had pale skin and blonde or brown hair.

It just took but moments to realise that they were foreigners.

There were no other Asians other than me.

Although everyone was ragged and dirty, they were wearing clothes.

Wait, why am I the only one nude? It that not odd!?

Ahh, wait, come to think of it, it is natural for me to be naked because I was masturbating.


So that’s how it is, OK, OK… … Hey, why the hell am I OK with this?!

I’m just a normal junior high school student who is enjoying his masturbation lifestyle in his own room, why am I locked up in a prison like this?!

I – I don’t understand! This is really strange!

I seem to be sitting on my own, the others are looking at me like a rare animal at a zoo.

Well, I don’t know if a naked Japanese boy is rare, but I thought that it’d be nice not to be stared at so much.

So, for the time being, I should concentrate my efforts on gathering information about my current situation.

I spoke to the blonde boy that was closest to me.


「Wa,Haro. (TN: not trying to be funny here, translated as is, pronunciation from the original Hiragana はろー) Nai su to u – mi – chu-. (TN: Nice to meet you. As above, ないすとぅーみーちゅー。) Ma, mai nemu izu, sho tai – ji ma a… …」 (TN: *facepalm* *points to top* My name is Shota Jima.ま、まいねーむいず、ショータイージマぁ……)

I attempted to introduce myself in junior high school grade English and gave a smile that was peculiar to the Japanese. Perfect.

Soo, how will this blonde boy respond?!

「… … ee? W-what? What’s with this guy? 」

It was returned to be decisively in Japanese … …

For fuck’s sake! If you could speak in Japanese you should have said so!

While thinking that, I continued to speak to him without stopping my smile.


「Aa, I’m sorry. I just would like to ask a question, where are we? Why am I here? Who are you? Aaa, by the way, my name is Shouta. My best regards. 」

While saying that, I presented my right hand.

Bu the blond boy looked at my had with strange eyes.

I did not get a response to my offer of a handshake… … I don’t know if he was being cautious or I was being disliked, looks like the future would be full of difficulties.


「Umm… … I’m Karl. As for where we are, we are probably at the Teito slave trading company… … we are here to be sold… …」

「… … Eee? 」


「Well. as for you, once we were put in here, I don’t really understand but suddenly there was a bright light shone… … then you fell naked… I’d like to ask you as well, who are you, how did you get here and are you a magician or something? 」

Well… … OK, I kind of understand what has happened.

First of all, this is no longer Japan.

For some reason, they speak Japanese here, we are in the imperial capital and it seems that slaves and magicians are the norm here. Being that those things are unfamiliar in modern Japan, I’m anxious.

To add to all of that, I really don’t understand how I got here.

It was mentioned that a bright light happened then… … that happened to the erotic book when I came on the cover too… …

Ero book-sama, huh… … glowing… …. Ero book-sama… … … …

「Yes! Ero book-sama! 」

As I exclaimed suddenly, all the children in the prison trembled with fear.

But that is just not possible! For me, my ero book-sama that is more important than life itself is nowhere to be found in prison!

No way! If ero book-sama no longer exists, my masturbation lifestyle is going to be destroyed!

What will I do if I can’t masturbate for the rest of my life?! My penis would be in a constant state of extreme rage!


My eyes became bloodshot and I started to wander the cell aimlessly, while I was in a state of array, the iron cell door opened noisily.

The iron door swung open with a grave sound and 2 men appeared from there.

The men were middle-aged, one had brown hair and the other was a ginger, they looked at me and yelled out.

「「Who are you?!」」

I know, right?


Then they caught me easily.

Even though it was already near impossible for me to escape, I was completely treated as a suspicious person.

Well, that is the way it is. One would be alarmed if suddenly confronted with a naked Japanese youth in a prison cell that should only contain boys who are captive as slaves.

In any case, the boy slaves and I were taken out of the prison cell.

The boys were lined up in a single file, the middle-aged men then stiffed and straightened their backs.

I was the only one not in line and was walking whilst having my arm grasped by one of the men.

「Oww oww oww! I’m not going to run away, so stop gripping me so tightly! 」

「Shut up! Just move your feet quickly! 」


After walking away from the prison cell for a little while, a corridor appeared laid with red carpet.

This lead to a splendid looking western-style hall, this brought forth more evidence that this was no longer Japan.

I walked rapidly through the said corridor with my arm still firmly grasped.

Eventually, I arrived at the wide hall.


It had a luxurious chandelier hanging off the ceiling, candlesticks on the walls, a huge tall painting on the main wall and a big double wooden door.

There was a morbidly obese middle-aged man surrounded by knight looking guards.

From the very top of his head to the bottom of his feet he was dressed in ostentatious splendour, very much like the nouveau riche.

The morbidly obese, balding old man spoke in a sharp tone of voice when he caught sight of us.


「Oi, who is that person over there?  Where did you find him from? 」

「Well, you see, he was in the prison cell with the other boys unnoticed… … he had no clothes on either and so that’s the reason why we are here」

The middle-aged man that was giving his explanation was worried.

I’m sorry that I’m an unidentified Japanese. Well, I’m far more troubled than you lot!


「Fumu… … However, if you look closely, he has unusual black hair and eyes, I’ve been in the slave trade for a long time and I’ve never seen someone with both back hair and eyes. 」

「Eee? Is it so? 」


Aa, crap. I listened as per normal.

Looks like it is helpless. It looks like being in this foreign country for the first time, no one has seen anyone that looks Japanese before.

「… … Oi, bring the boy over here. I want to have a better look」



My arm was pulled by the middle-aged man with a jerk and I was taken the obese baldy.

Then that obese baldy started to touch my hair, he grabbed my jaw suddenly and jerked my head from side to side inspecting me closely as he pleased.

Even though it was a guy, it is unpleasant to be looked at so closely while being nude.

It would have been nice if it was a foreign Onee doing the staring instead … …

「Fumu. Black hair and black eyes, that as well, his skin complexion is different from ours. Is he not from the empire? 」

「Umm, aaa… …. Ja, Japan is the country I’m from」

「Jahpan? Where is that? Isn’t it common wisdom that there isn’t a country that is not ruled under the empire… …? 」(TN: Japan was written in Katakana not Kanji like it should be, normally indicating unfamiliarity with the word. I’m unsure of how else to indicate this)




That’s strange. There are kingdoms in this world but no longer empires.

Other than the Japanese royal family, there is no one else claiming the title of Emperor.

「Ummm… excuse me, what country is this? 」

「What? You bastard, do you not know of the Dragon god empire??」


Dagon god empire? What’s that? (TN: Same deal with above comment about Japan)

「The supreme ruler of the Eruvarian continent unified the whole continent 3000 years ago, you have said that you have not heard of the Dragon god Empire… … did you grow up in the sticks? 」

That old man glanced at me in pity.

Shirane! Set 2 places up in the kitchen!

It is a parallel world, ya know!

…… a parallel world, huh?

Huh? This is a parallel world?


「Ahh, well.」 I thought I had an average appearance, but it seems that black hair and eyes are rare. I guess I can be sold at a higher price to noble women. Someone take me! 」


「Ee? Umm, where am I!?」


While I was flustered, the large door opens.

What appeared was a luxury carriage hitched to a white horse and behind it was a prisoner wagon with iron bars.

「It has been decided. This my largest customer… …」


The scenery that was presented before me when the large door opened has totally convinced me that I’m no longer on our planet, let alone Japan… …

「The only one in the capital, as well as the only one in the empire, male brothel … … a pleasure paradise for women, hell on earth for men… … Valhalla – The Penis Mansion」

……I’ve got a very strong feeling that this is definitely a parallel world when I think about it, any idea that this is a joke or prank has all been blown away.




Chapter 5 Part1

Hildegard Part 1

When my consciousness became better, I noticed I was in the dressing room and Charlotte was wiping me

Why is Charlotte wiping the semen that is sticking to me?

I’m glad that she is doing it, but why is she?

As she’s cleaning my semen her breasts keep shaking with the momentum ……Charlotte is so erotic

However this didn’t last long, I am hurriedly dressed

Since my hair hasn’t properly been dried it is still a bit wet, all I was given to wear is a bathrobe, and no underwear either

Even though the bathrobes material feels good, the length is really short

It is similar to the mini skirts worn by those from earth, if I bend a little forwards my ass will be visible to everyone

But I don’t think I can complain about this

Charlotte and the other maids pulled on us to another location

“Are they still not ready? I can’t wait any longer!”

That voice belongs to the fat man!

Is something happening?

By the way, Joanna seems to have been left naked in the bath

She might catch a cold……

All of us are standing in front of a door

Is this where the director is?

I have a strange sense of nervousness standing here

I suddenly feel someone pulling on the bathrobe

Is that homo doing something weird?


When I try to look behind me, Charlotte moved a little bit away after I saw her

While saying something behind my ear, she lightly sighed

Her hot sigh tickled my ears, wait what did she say?

As I was going to ask her, one of the maids knocked on the door


A very beautiful voice came from the inside

The voice is so beautiful

Who might this woman with such a beautiful voice be?

It is the director!

I’m getting excited just thinking about her

As the maids open the double doors one by one……

The director’s office is very spacious

It might even be bigger than the principals office in my school

At the back of the room is a high desk and a black leather chair

But the director isn’t there

Looking in another direction there are two black sofas and a small low table there, similar to a coffee place where they sit around and drink

Both me and Karl are lined up in front of them

There are 3 figures in the sofas

First is the old fat man who I met before

But, the atmosphere around his completely different

His whole body is covered in sweat, even though he is wiping it the sweat just doesn’t stop

The next one….. a child?

A very cute girl is sitting on the sofa

White skin similar to porcelain, platinum blond hair, I’m sure that she will grow up to be a very beautiful girl in the future

Small body, and not too long limbs

She could develop in the breast area

Sitting there she seems to be enjoying the sweats and cakes

But there is one unusual characteristic

One is the horns that are growing on the side of her head

From her blond hair, curling horns similar to a goat or a sheep are growing

…..Are they real?

And the other strange thing are her eyes

Her eyes are gold in color and shining from time to time, and the pupils are elongated like a cats eyes

What is this………?

But even all of these don’t reduce her charm

Rather it makes me even more excited

Is she younger than me?

I want to see how she will look after growing up………

And the last person

Long flowing silver hair

Very Beautiful

Very Glamorous

Very Sexy

She might be the famed director of Valhalla

Smoke comes out of her mouth, she’s smoking a pipe with one hand

Charming eyes, exquisite lips, white and glossy skin

Her huge tits which are tightly pressing against her black clothes

Her breasts are really huge!

I want to keep looking at them forever

But I don’t think I can do that, so I will burn this image into my mind

Not only her breasts, her thighs are sexy too

Everytime she moves, I try and peek at her little zone between her thighs

She is definitely doing this on purpose

Her charm is over devastating for a virgin like me

Unable to handle such an erotic woman, my dick is slowly turning hard and standing up

The atmosphere in the room is a bit tense?

Charlotte and the other maids seem to be very nervous, their faces pale too

Trying their hardest to stand as erect as possible

Even this fat man is scared, that is why he is sweating so much

If this goes on he might faint

Shouldn’t he be familiar with the director since he regularly sells slaves?

But he is still so scared?

He looks like a prisoner waiting for his death sentence in the row for the guillotine

How sacred you might ask

His teeth are clattering, knees shaking, overly sweating

Even Karl is acting the same, isn’t this his first time meeting the director?

But why is he so frightened?

Am I insensitive to some kind of otherworldly pressure or something that is coming from the director?

It doesn’t seem like the director is doing anything remotely close to intimidating

“Nice to meet you. I am the director of Valhalla. My name is Ursula”

She smiles a little after introducing herself

A goddess…….

Her voice, breasts, appearance, no matter what you look she is definitely a goddess

She even used a little honorific while talking to the servants, it doesn’t seem like she’s a bad person

While I’m becoming more and more fascinated by Ursula the little kid looks at me with a disgusted look

She stopped eating and is just looking at me

I stare back at her without even blinking

Why is she looking at me?

Is my face that unusual?

Or is it because of my black eyes?

I don’t know what to do….

I’ll just smile and wave at her

As I did that

The fat slave camp director scoffed at me actions and then shouted

“What do you think you are doing! Do you even know who she is……..?”

“That’s enough Budgeha”

In a cute and low voice the little girl speaks, but there is definite anger in it

For a moment it felt like the room temperature suddenly dropped

“Who gave you the permission to speak?”

The little girl stared at the fat man with ice cold eyes

Her whole atmosphere changed in a split second, she doesn’t seem like a little girl anymore

“Ahh! I’m sorry! Please forgive meee!!!”

The fat man started prostrating and begging for forgiveness

Oh also his name is Budgeha

Suddenly thinking of something I raised my hand and

“I would like to ask a question?”

The whole room froze looking at me doing this

Everyone the maids, Ursula, Karl, Budgeha, everyone is looking at me with a surprised face

But the blond girl slightly smiles, and points her fingers towards me

“I’ll forgive you for your rudeness. Now ask what you want”

Is she a noble or something?

But I don’t remember being rude?

Did I say something to tick her off?

“Can I know your name first?”

“Fufufufufufufu my name is it? Hildeg……. Ah no, just Hilda. Feel free to call me Hilda-chan”

“Okay, Hilda-chan how old are you?”

“Oh, I’m 12 years old”

“Well, those horns on your head…..are they real?”

“Real? Why are you interested in them? Then why don’t you touch them and check if they are real?”

While saying Hilda ran up to me from the couch and stood before me

Hilda is a little shorter than me

I’m 153 cm, Hilda is maybe a 140 cm?

Still felling a bit afraid, I reached out my hands towards her hands with curiosity

Oh, it is a bit rugged after all, but it has a certain feel to it

“You are the first person to ever touch it for such a long time without refraining”

Looking at me still touching her horns, Hilda speaks in a low voice with a slight blush

Ah she looks so cute!!!

“O, I’m sorry! Did it feel bad?”

As I withdrew my hand in a hurry, Hilda grabbed onto them tightly

“Not really, you can touch it as long as you want”

Hilda lightly laughed while speaking

Does she want me to touch her or?

Well it might be rude to reject a cute girls invitation

But it might turn into a habit if I touch it too much

At first my hands were still shaking, but slowly I grew bold


While she was still laughing, I started rubbing her hair too

It is so soft and fluffy, I might get addicted to this feeling

“Why are you suddenly stroking my hair?”

Moving my hand through her soft flowing hair, I lightly pinched on her earlobes

“Ahhhh, what ……… Fuwa?”

Her cheeks are even more red than before

“This is just the beginning………”


I suddenly came back to reality due to that voice

My hands were on Hilda’s face mushing her cheeks, and the red color was even brighter than before

Chapter 4 Part2

“Shota where are you from? I’ve washed over 1000 men, but you are the first one ever with black hair. Are you from a far away Empire?”

“Oh, that……….”

He neither denies it or accepts it

Well whatever, everyone has their own secrets

And I don’t really care too much about it

Seeing that his hair is completely washed and without any dirt, I once again poured hot water on it

As the water washes away the soap, his black and glossy hair comes into view

It looks even better than before, even though his face doesn’t have that much to speak about

With this hair, he will definitely became a high level prostitute

It seems like I grabbed onto a promising stock this time

For those high class prostitutes a personal maid is available who helps them with simple works

I’ve never had such a position before, but that might change with him

As I was still indulging in my fantasies

“Stop! Please Stop!”

“What do you think you’re doing? Lick it properly!”

A scream similar to a beast came from behind me

As I looked towards the voice….

Joanna was there naked pushing the blond guys face against her face

It seems like she got too excited and decided to rape him here

I knew that this job was too early for her

“Hey Joanna! Face-Knocking is too high level for these newbies! Don’t turn them too afraid!”

I sternly warned her, but

“Aw come on! These
animals are here to be used as we please!”

While saying so, Joanna
grasped his head and began pressing it against her pussy even more
harder than before

“Ugh! Nnnnnnnnnnnn!”

“Aha! Looking at him
struggling makes me feel so good!”

While saying so Joanna puts
more pressure on his head and starts to even rub her pussy on his face

Ah…… lucky…..

What, no!

If she goes too crazy, the slaves will definitely lose their spirits

The blind might even die from shock right below her

After all a man is a delicate creature

Their only use is for women to please themselves

Even though they are a tool, it would feel too boring to fuck a man with dead spirit

I can’t take it anymore

I’ll punch Joanna and help the blind boy

Then he’ll say that “I love you”, after that he will spend his entire life trying to please me

Yes! It will definitely happen!

But before I could do something, the black haired boy already started running towards her

“Let go of him! I’ll do
it in his place!”


Every maid including me is shocked after hearing him

A man voluntarily chose to sacrifice himself for someone else?

“Is that so?”

Because of being interrupted Joanna seems to be a little angry

She might take it out on Shota!

Looking at him act so courageous… pussy is getting more wet

“Fufufufufu………. This is

Saying so Joanna lets go
of the blonde’s head and stands up

Oh no, she switched her target to Shota!

But I can’t really stop her now, he chose to do it himself

All I can do is pray that he won’t lose his ego from this

Going near him she
pushes him onto the floor

“Since you want to take
his place…… get ready for this”

While standing on top of his face, she squats down and brings her pussy closer to his face

“Haaaaaa, lick it

While I’m thinking of how we will face the trauma

But still, I want to see his face which is full of fear

Against all of my expectations, something else happened

“Wow! It’s so delicious!”




What’s happening here……….




“Hyaaaaaaaaa! More more!
It feels goodd!”

I’ve never seen a man who is daring enough to actually lick a woman’s pussy

Even Joanna seems to be
enjoying herself

She looks so comfortable………….

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! It
feels so gooood! More! Lick it even better!………..”

It looks like Joanna’s reaching her limits

Wait what!

It hasn’t even been a minute!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………..This feels really ♡♡♡  This guy is
making me feel sooooooooooo pleasant ♡♡♡♡♡

However, what Shota did
was even more shocking than that

As Joanna cummed on his face, her whole body began trembling from pleasure

And even Shota started ejaculating!

Compared to the men whose cum is like water and very less, Shota cummed so much that it covered almost all the behind of Joanna

If ordinary men are a small ripple in the pond, then Shota is a huge storm

The quantity that came out of him is just unbelievable……..

Furthermore his dick…… it is so big!

Really really big!!!

Even when compared to all the men I’ve raped, and the prostitutes I’ve tried no even has a dick that is close to this size

As ordinary man’s dick is similar to one finger, while the prostitutes might have as big as 2 fingers

But Shota’s dick in both length and thickness is more than twice the size of the biggest dick I’ve ever seen……maybe even bigger


This might be the legendary dick which has the power to please any womam and turn her obedient and infatuated…..

“The Dragon Dick”

Joanna falls over Shota, as she faints from pleasure of her climax

Even Shota closes his eyes and seems to have collapsed after ejaculating

All of us maids are looking at him like fools

And that semen’s smell is so great!!!


The men from the slave merchant company open the door

Even while still afraid he speaks to us

“What are you all still doing? It has been so long. Prepare them quickly and bring them out”

“Yes they’ll be out soon”


Looking at their expressions, they both fear us but still try to act brave

It’s unusual seeing them hurrying so much, is something wrong with their director

……wait a minute…..

It’s bigger than the directors………!!!

As soon as I figured it out, I kicked Joanna’s fainted body without mercy and picked up Shota before running towards the preparation room

Chapter 4 Part1

Charlotte part 2


This is the largest male prostitution hall in the whole continent

The one and only Valhalla – The Penis Mansion


A heaven on earth for all women, and hell for all me

A woman can enjoy and pleasure herself here however she likes

But the life of a prostitute is sad and full of despair, treated like animals and fucked whenever the customer wanted


This isn’t something special in just the Ryujin Empire, the same thing is followed throughout the continent

The whole continent is dominated by us women It is a matter of course, but not limited to the Ryujin Empire, the Elvan continent is dominated by women.


A woman works and earns money, a woman fights against foreign armies and demons, and finally a woman uses any man however she wants

This has been the way of our continent since the beginning


Since us women do everything, we have a very strong sexual desire to please ourselves

So we constantly seek men to fuck and relieve ourselves


A man is after all a weak creature who is need of protection from a woman

The few things which men could be used for are sex, and childbirth


Today a few more slaves have come to the gate of Valhalla


“Hey the slaves have come!”


Johaina, a colleague is standing beside me while looking at the gate from the second floor


And soon we can see the carriage park in front of the gate

On the chariot are our new slaves!


To us Valhalla, a large number of Slaves are provided by various small and large sized slavers


Among them Budgeha is the most famous

This is because they have always provided us with the best quality slaves, most of our high ranking prostitutes were brought in by them


The president steps down from the carriage

He is an old man with too much fat on his body

But there are a few women who like to use such fat men


Oh, I forgot to introduce myself


My name is Charlotte

I work as a maid at Valhalla

I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been working here for 5 whole years

I started working here as soon as I turned into an adult


Why do Iwork here?

That’s a stupid question

I guess it is because I like prostitution, since I can use many different kind of men


The difference between common men and those we have here, is similar to heaven and earth


I raped more men than you can count with two hands in my home place before I left when I turned 15 years old

But never once have I felt satisfied, not even once!


Their semen is too thin and less in quantity!

And it isn’t even worth mentioning their dick

With having nothing else to do, I bitterly left my home place and started traveling


I learned about Valhalla on one of my trips

A place that us similar to heaven for women, hearing this I wasn’t able to control myself, as I started my journey to the imperial capital


I’m really lucky to be able to work here

There are so many beautiful and higher quality men here, similar to flowers in a garden

And even if the man is completely dried up by a customer, they will return to their prime in at most 3 days


It is really enjoyable to rape a man who is crying and begging to be let go

Even though they can leave after 3 years, a few of them cry the whole time they are here


But, still having no hope, they can only bear with it and try to earn some extra money while they are still here


And as a maid you have the extra perk of playing around with the prostitutes as you want

But you can’t damage the prostitutes in which case you’ll be fired


Oops, the talk deviated

Since the slaves are here now, our director will handle the negotiations with them for the sale price


But before the slaves are shown to our director, they must first be washed and groomed properly

This is also the work of us maids



The slaves in this batch look pretty good, wait….


“Hey, Johanna, didn’t you say that there were going to be five new slaves today?”


“Hmm … um …… That was how it should be, but there is one more person.”


“Nude and black haired?”


Not only Joanna, even the other maids make a fuss after seeing him

I can’t really say that I wasn’t shocked too


In all the time I’ve worked here, I have never ever seen a person with black hair

Neither men nor women


Is he special?


While calling the other maids, I started heading towards the entrance

Fufufufu…… new slaves


We meet the new slaves near the entrance  


The black haired kid is crying already

And compared with the other men, his face isn’t too good looking

It’s just a little average


After speaking the words and explaining about how it works here, I finally paid proper attention on him

His eyes are black too

It’s pretty rare to have black eyes


Is he really something special?

Even though he isn’t anything special with regards to his looks

There seems to be something special……


And why is he hiding his crotch?

Usually men try hiding their ass, or chests


His skin is slightly yellowish, but that just makes him seem even more erotic

I hurriedly moved my eyes away when he saw right at me

What the hell is wrong with me?!


“Before you meet the director, we’ll have tour bodies washed and groomed”

In order to keep them from acting crazy, I hug his hand tightly and close to my breasts


Unexpectedly his hands
feel good against my breasts, also his sweat has a certain smell to it

Unknowingly my nipples turned hot and perked up, looking at the boy I made sure he didn’t notice it

After seeing that I was safe, I pulled on him, similarly the other maids also either held onto their arms or waist or pulled them

But why is this boy trying to get closer to me?

He still seems to be crying?

I don’t really understand this boy

Since we are the most famous prostitution hall in the whole continent, of course the mansion in really great

Even the mansions of the four noble houses, and others can’t match it

The only building which is better than our mansion, is the castle which belongs to her majesty Annabel

As we head towards the bath, many other maids, and trainees pass by us

Each of them staring at the new prostitutes like hungry animals

A few of them even came and touched them

But we can’t go overboard, since they are fresh slaves a few are left pure and un-defiled for our customers to enjoy them

But none of the males care about the women, their eyes seem to dead

It’s only the black hired boy who is looking a bit cheerful?

“This is the special bath for you guys”

As this place was created for men to unwind and relax, no money was spared in making it enjoyable

This place has a really good reputation within all the prostitutes

“Oh, is this place just for us?

Does he like baths or something?

It seems like his whole body is freed from tension after seeing this\

“Not really, this is a bath house for all the prostitutes, and the usage depends on their levels. But isn’t it really luxurious?”

“Yes it is, even though I don’t really know much about art. It looks really good and relaxing”

The black haired boy is really enthused looking all around the bath

All the other slaves are looking at him with cold eyes, I’ve never seen a slave so excited till today

On the contrary us maids are grinning looking at them trembling and afraid

Well, I fully understand their despair

Almost all women who come to the imperial capital visit this place, and a few of them visit us multiple times

I don’t know how many women fuck a single man every day, but it definitely isn’t less than 5 women per each man

Apart from the black haired boy, I’m sure that the blond boy will sell really well

With his appearance he will definitely be popular

But with us women’s unclench able sexual thirst, it just means that he will be used many more times than a normal man

And with multiple uses comes the loss of his mind breaking down

Most of the new slaves only have one thing on their mind, to earn as much money as possible and leave as quickly as they can

“Well, the director
is waiting so there is no time for fucking around. Wash them quickly!”

As I finished speaking, the other maids began stripping them very quickly

While looking at so many nude slaves, the yes of mine and the other maids turn red with desire

A senior once mentioned to be careful and not go crazy with the new slaves

If we force them too quickly, they won’t last even a few months

And some might die right on the spot

” What is your

“Well, that………..Shota,”

“Shota, huh. You
call me Charlotte “

When he looks at me smiling, his face flushed into red

Fufufufufu his reaction is so cute, my pussy is becoming hot!!!!

Calm down!

I’m a professional!

“Sit down I’ll wash your

As he sits down in front of a mirror, I bring some hot water and pour it all over his body

Looking at his wet body, my desires just keep growing

Calm down!

The reason for this bath is to not only clean them, but also relieve a little bit of their tension by acting as gentle as possible

After making sure his
hair is wet, I poured the liquid soap on his hair

This is usually used by the nobles in the empire

The soap is made through magic and a few fruit essences, this soap is specially available and made in Ryujin Empire

If you wash your hair
with this, irrespective of the type your hair will become soft and fluffy

This isn’t much available to the regular public due to its high price, only nobles can afford to use this

But since this place is made by her majesty, she let the prostitutes use this even though it is a luxurious good


As soon as I began massaging him, the foam starts forming

It seems like his hair wasn’t that much dirty

The more dirt in their hair, the longer it takes to froth and start foaming

Chapter 3

Charlotte Part 1


A real life maid!

Not like the fake ones in my previous life

A real foreign maid!

A maid apron and a black dress, long skirt, white gloves……..this is a genuine maid

God and Buddha, thank you for this wonderful present

At just15 years of age, I got to see a real life beautiful maid

I couldn’t hold back, as rears rolled down my face

“Well here are the maids who handle the miscellaneous tasks within the mansion…….You……. why are you crying?”

As I suddenly bursted into tears, everyone focused on me

“Have you started missing your hometown so quick? But don’t even think of running away, because it’s impossible!”

Why would I even want to leave this place?

“There are only two options if you want to leave. 1. Save enough money to buy your freedom, and 2. Have a rich lady buy you as her personal slave”

Will a blond mature woman buy me?

“But, before that you have to work for a minimum of 3 years in the hall”

I can enjoy 3 years with women everyday!

“Wait….why are you naked?”

Finally the maids noticed me and started questioning

While they have a disgusted expression on their face, they want to lick my huge dick

Rather, I want them to lick my dick and all over my body

I meanwhile noticed the maid who was talking the whole time

Red hair till her waist, sharp eyebrows

She looks like a perfect maid from every angle

As the red haired maid looked at my dick, her face became flushed

Does she have a fever?

“Anyway, before you meet the director, we will have to wash your beautiful bodies to make them less dirty……hee hee!”

The red haired maid grabs onto my arm near her chest and pulls me



It feels so soft!

I don’t mind dying like this

While pressing her breasts against my hand she pulled my hand towards another hall

Following me, Karl and the others are pulled by the other maids

But the others don’t seem to be very happy

Rather they seem to be irritated by the contact

There are a few children who look like they are about to cry

Even I am crying along with them

But, of course my tears are from happiness

Not only the exterior, even the interior is really amazing

The mansion seems really luxurious

The whole mansion has a sense of calmness

Even though I am not much familiar with western style buildings, it feels like this mansion has some kind of an elegance  

While we are still moving, we come across some other maids

They all smile while looking at us, a few even touched us while walking

But Karl and the others still look like dead fishes with no expression

While I can’t even control my emotions

“We are here, this is the public bath exclusively for you male prostitutes of the Valhall”


Hot water is pouring out of the lion sculptures mouth

What kind of an aristocratic bath is this?

“Does that mean… that any prostitute can enter whenever they want?”

“Not really, the bath time is according to the prostitutes rank. But isn’t this bath luxurious enough for you?”

“Yes, although I don’t really understand art, this bath is really wonderful!”

While the new prostitutes are still feeling sad, the maids look at them grinning

What is happening here?

We can have sex with women, earn money, and enjoy a luxurious bath!

What is there to be unsatisfied?

Still I’m a little anxious, because I’m a virgin

With his looks I’m sure that Karl will be popular among the customers

And popularity will earn you even more money

I don’t know what kind of circumstances Karl and the other have been through, but I will earn enough money to be free

“Well since the director is waiting for you, there isn’t enough time to fuck you. Let’s just wash you all quickly”

Saying so, the maids began stripping the others

The maids are all acting like hungry wolves and pulling on the clothes

“Hey, what is your name?”


“Shota huh……..Shota you can call me Charlotte”

While Charlotte speaks a small smile is present of her face

Along with this my dick which just turned a little soft, once again turned hard

I really can’t do anything about it, I’m a 15 year old virgin

“Sit down, I’ll help you wash yourself”

It seems like Charlotte wants to wash my body…..


Isn’t this the dream of every man

Having a beautiful maid wash your body, my dreams are finally coming true

While I sit down in front of a mirror installed in the bath, Charlotte draws hot water into a basin and comes back with it

Pouring hot water all over me, she drops a mysterious liquid on to my hair

After that she began massaging my hair

Is this an other world shampoo?

“Shota where are you from? I’ve washed over a 1000 men, but I’ve never seen black hair till now. Are you from a far away empire?”

“No, that’s not it”

Even though I can’t explain where I came from, it’s better to not claim to be another world person

“Oh, well. It doesn’t really matter”

Charlotte doesn’t seem to mind me not answering her question

She continues to gently wash my hair

My dick is growing harder by the minute

What will Charlotte think after seeing my dick?

I only ever used it to masturbate till now, what will she think about it!

……..while I was still in thought

“Stop! Please Stop!”

What is happening?

As I turn around to look towards the screams

Karl is shouting with a girl sitting on top of his mouth


The brown haired maid is naked

Her small tits, and wet ass…….I think I’m going to cum!

My first ever ejaculation might just happen now!!!

“Hey Joanna! Face-Knocking is too high level for these newbies! Don’t turn them too afraid!”

Charlotte sternly spoke to the maid called Joanna

“Aw come on! These animals are here to be used as we please!”

While saying so, Joanna grasped Karls head and began pressing it against her pussy

Is this a reward?

I want it too……… someone do it for me!

“Ugh! Nnnnnnnnnnnn!”

“Aha! Looking at him struggling makes me feel so good!”

Joanna is pleasing herself, while Karl is crying?

What the hell man!

Is he crying from such a heavenly thing???

Maybe Karl is gay!

That would explain everything!

Since he is gay, he wouldn’t want to do it with a woman

This isn’t good!

He might kill himself later if he is forced!

Before I even knew I’m already running towards him!

As I tried to help Karl, Joanna noticed me and became irritated

Even though I don’t what his problem is, I can use this situation for myself

All maids including Charlotte are looking at us like animals, but I don’t care

I will use this to taste a pussy for the first time ever

“Let go of him! I’ll do it in his place!”

“Is that so?”

Say yes!

“Fufufufufu………. This is unexpected”

Saying so Joanna lets go of Karl’s head and stands up

I’m sure that homo is quite thrilled after being freed


No matter what you want, bring it on Joanna!

I’m ready to do anything!

She came near me and pushed me down on to the floor

“Since you want to take his place…… get ready for this”

While saying so she stands right over my face

Woooooooooo……… that’s her pussy!

Since she has no hair, I can directly see her pussy

Yes! Come on Joanna!

Slowly bending her knees, Joanna brought her pussy closer to me……….slowly……..

“Haaaaaa, lick it properly”

Joanna’s pussy is closely sticking to my face, she also has a light smile on her face

Her pussy seems more natural than those pictures in that book

That pussy she pressed against me is covered is some unknown juices

Oh, I know this!

She’s covered in her love juices!

Thinking till here, I lost all of my reason

“Wow! It’s so delicious!”



It’s sticky!

I’m face fucking her pussy!

It’s so sweet, it tastes like a fruit!

It’s amazing! The pussy of a different world feels really tasty!

No wonder they say that women are sweet and tasty!

Is this fruit flavor because this is a different world?

Who cares? I want even more! I want to drink this! I want o suck her pussy dry!




“Hyaaaaaaaaa! More more! It feels goodd!”

Even Joanna seems to be enjoying herself

I’m really glad to be alive

Since the day I began masturbating, I’ve dreamed about this day everyday

Since I used to be in the band, I’m quite confident in the use of my tongue

With my exquisite tongue skill, I’ll lick all inside her pussy

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! It feels so gooood! More! Lick it even better!………..”

Even though I am a virgin, I’ll definitely try my best to make her feel pleasant

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………..This feels really ♡♡♡  This guy is making me feel sooooooooooo pleasant ♡♡♡♡♡

As Joanna raised her voice to a high pitch, something started coming out of her pussy

Some kind of liquid started flowing out of her pussy

It feels like a mix between Peach and Mango and Lemon maybe in the ratio of 5:4:1

This is what an adult tastes like, though it is a little sour

At the same time my dick started reaching it’s limits

Since this is my first time tasting a foreign woman

Even though I didn’t touch my dick it feels pleasant

So the same time as Joanna, I also ejaculated

This was the best ejaculation I ever had

As my semen fell all over Joanna’s back, she started falling down on me

Honestly she felt quite heavy, but it feels good

Her body pressing against mine, is really comfortable


Soon a loud noise echoed through the bath, similar to someone shouting

But I didn’t notice it

However soon after I feel asleep, I was once again woken up

I didn’t know that I caused a huge problem


Chapter 2

Towards Valhalla – The Penis Mansion



The carriage is shaking while moving

The sky is blue, and the sunlight is keeping my naked body warm

Yes, I’m still naked


Paved stone pavements, bricked houses, dragons flying……..

No matter how you see it, this is undoubtedly a different world

When I masturbated I cam to a different world.



This isn’t a normal laughter, but a laughter of insanity


While being transported I heard some bits of information from the guards

The place we are going to is the Imperial capital of the empire


The Ryujin Empire has been standing strong for more than 3000 years, with a powerful military force on its back

During the 3000 years of the empire, many others have either been neutral if not destroyed completely or conquered by the strong military


And the imperial capital is the most prosperous city in the empire with a population of 1 million citizens

But what is this Valhalla – The Penis Mansion?


“Valhalla – The Penis Mansion is a place of prostitution made by the Emperor”


Karl tell us

He has a perfect blond hair, if I was gay I’m 100 % sure that I would fall in love with this guy


“What does the emperor want with a prostitution hall?”


“I have only heard rumors, but it seems that the prostitutes who become famous are called by the emperor one day. And if the emperor feels like it, they are made into concubines”




“Wait a moment! The prostitutes are all male right? Does this mean that the emperor is a sick homo?”


As I start feeling scared, Karl looks at me like an idiot


“Shota, where did you come from? You really don’t know about our great emperor?”


I’m from a different world!

But I can’t say it out loud

All I can do is try to act embarrassed


“Sigh, our Majesty is Annabel is the great emperor of Ryujin Empire, a woman of the age 22 years old. She was crowned just last year”




“It isn’t just our Emperor, the knights order, the dragon knights, court magicians, and all the key positions in the empire are held by women”


Now it all makes sense!

Valhalla the Penis Manison – is the largest “male prostitution” hall in this empire


“One more thing…..the customers are all female right?”


“Isn’t that an obvious thing? Not only the Ryujin Empire, but in the whole continent men are only sexual tools to be used by women”


Sexual tools……..


“Basically, men aren’t even given any rights. Young men like us can only be used to a woman’s comfort and as a livestock to be used for childbirths”




“And there isn’t a single man who dares to wave flags of rebellion against it. So, we can’t do anything but earn a little money by prostitution. And when it comes to popularity, Valhalla is the pavilion made by her Emperor the great, thus it has a large amount of popularity”




“Even though we aren’t treated well, Valhalla won’t treat us badly. As long as you satisfy your customer there won’t be any problems. But if not you might be killed due to your lack of use, if you are found repeatedly useless”




“Hey are you alright? There’s no need to be that scared…….Why are you laughing?”




Karl is looking at me with pity, thinking that I’m in despair

But that isn’t right, this isn’t despair or terror this is delight


I should have noticed it, other than a few men, the rest of them are all women

Either young girls, mature women, older sisters


As I enjoy looking at all the foreign beauties while still naked

My dick starts swelling



Not now!


Standing up I began waving my hands at all the women around the carriage

At the same time the women screamed a little watching my dick shake along with me


I finally understood all about this world

Everything in this world is opposite to my previous world

I’m going to be a prostitute at Valhalla the biggest male prostitute hall in the whole empire


Finally the carriage stops

The building in front of us is a 5 storey mansion

Is this the famous Valhalla?


But I am a bit sad

Looking at Karl and the others, I’m sure that women will pay well money to spend their time with them

But what about me?

They even said that my black hair and eyes are unusual


“You are all way too dirty and useless. First head to the bath with them, then we’ll see”


As I headed along with the other men


No way!


A Maid!

A real life maid!


Looking at the maid, my dick once again turned hard



Chapter 1

Chapter 2/7 this week

Also, this chapter is really long

1000th Masturbation



My name is Iijima Shota

I’m 15 years old, and right in the middle of puberty


My favorite type of women are big-breasted blond older sisters

I don’t mind if they are brown haired either

It’s cool even if it’s a loli

Anyway, I’m a normal junior high school student who’s into foreign girls


I awoke to sex when I was 12 years old

I found an erotic picture book lying near the riverbed

After taking the book back home, I masturbated secretly in my room


From then, I lost interest in my female classmates, my only interest was big breasted blond women

But during the 3 years my interests widened


Not just blond hair, be it black, red, silver, or any other, it was fine as long as she was a beautiful foreigner

Even the breasts size didn’t matter, but I still prefer breasts rather than no breasts


Due to my weird fetishes, I can’t have a normal romance life

Even though a few of my classmates are in relationships, I enjoy masturbation every day


Just like every day

After coming home from school, I entered my room and took oh my clothes getting naked

I always masturbate naked


Because both of my parents are working, I’m alone in the house


“Time to make me feel comfortable”


I said as I took out the erotic book

Is it weird that I just spoke to a book?

Whatever, i think of it as a courtesy


It has been three years since I found this book

I always masturbate using this book, nothing else


When I first found the book, I didn’t think that it was an erotic picture book

It had a thick gold cover, so I thought that it was a foreign dictionary or something


So I went ahead and picked it up

Inside it was a world that I had never seen before


The foreign sisters were smiling naked

Everyone of them were either wearing fantasy costumes, cosplay, or completely naked

But each and everyone of them was beautiful


Like a princess with a gorgeous dress

Or a female knight with a body armor covering her overly large breasts

Female mercenaries with beautiful muscles, and red hair

Even elves with elongated ears, and cold eyes

There were plenty of variations to enjoy inside the book


From the day I found the book, I never went without masturbating even for one day

Sometime I would do it several times a day

Even during camping’s, and school trips/events, I would take this book and secretly masturbate


For me this book became an indispensable existence

I even count every time I masturbate with this book

I reached a total of 999 times yesterday

And today is my memorable 1000th masturbation


But this is just a passing point

I will continue even after this, I will sooner or later achieve 2000, and 3000 too


Won’t I get tired?

Do you get tired breathing?

For me using this book to masturbate is synonymous with breathing


Which sister should I cum on today?


A princess?

Female knight?

Maybe a mercenary?

It’s a hard decision


Even while I was skipping the pages I didn’t stop masturbating


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! All of you are so sexy, I’m going to cum!”


Because I’m the only one at home, I raised my voice as the 1000th eruption was unleashed

My semen is much more thicker and has more volume, than a boy of my age


Oh no!

If I don’t stop I will spill my sperm on the book!

While thinking that my sperm landed on the book’s cover


I breathed a sigh of relief as I didn’t spoil any of the pages

But, at the next moment something unexpected happened


As my sperm fell on the cover, it began shining

Similarly like the time I first picked it up, but this time the light didn’t fade

But, it became more and more brighter

It was so bright that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open


When I finally opened my eyes I was inside a dim room

It wasn’t night when I fainted


This room isn’t mine

The floor, ceiling, walls, and everything are made of stone

This is a real stone……prison


There’s also a small window with iron grill for sunlight, and a door at the entrance

This is probably the perfect prison


I was completely naked, also I wasn’t the only person inside the prison


A total of 5 people are inside

Their ages are either the same as me, or slightly older


Every one has either blond, brown, or other color hair

It means that everyone is a foreigner

I’m the only asian here


Although everyone is dirty, they have some clothes

But I’m the only one naked!



Was I thrown in jail for masturbating?

That is impossible!


Even though I’m not doing anything, the eyes of everyone are staring at me like a rare animal

I spoke to the blond who was closest to me


“Yeay, well, I’m Ijiima Shota…”


I introduced myself with an amiable Japanese laughter

And the boy’s response was!


“Eh? What is wrong with you?”


It was returned in Japanese!


“Oh, I’m sorry….. I want to ask you, who are you?”


“This is a slave shop, we are being sold………”




Instead of answering my question, he told me something that completely shocked me

I began thinking of the gold shine before I fainted

Was I teleported somewhere?


“My BOOK!”


As is shouted everyone looked at me with fear

But, I don’t care!

That book is the most important existence for me


If that doesn’t exist what will happen to my masturbation!

While I was shouting, the door opened and two men came inside

One of the, asks me


“Who are you?”




I’m quite happy

Even though I was originally unable to escape by myself, they will let me go as I’m a stranger

But that didn’t happen


The next day me and the other boys were taken out of the prison

We were all lined up in one row, and the same man as yesterday was leading us

Only I am not in the line, but walking beside the middle aged man


“Noisy! Walk without wasting time on talking!”


After a while we walked on a red carpet, and came near a western building

Eventually I entered a wide space


There was a big wooden door and on top of it something written

I front of it was an old lady with many men

Her clothes are of high quality, and she’s covered in way too many accessories


“What is this! Where did you find him?”


“Well, I, prison, naked?”


I was unable to properly explain. Because even I don’t know what’s happening


“Hmmmmm, he has black hair and black eyes…….this is quite strange, I’ve never seen anyone like him”


“Is that so?”


I listened to his speech

It can’t be helped as there probably wouldn’t be a Japanese here


“…….Bring him near me”




The middle aged man pulled on my arm and took me near the one who was questioning us


“Hm, even his skin color is slightly different. Is he not from our empire?”



Are they joking around?

There have never been any Japanese empires ever


……different world?

Is this a different world?


“Well, he is a bit good looking. So bring him, you may be able to sell him at a higher price”




I was once again pulled on without any prior warning

A luxurious carriage was pulling on a metal cage with prisoners inside it


As I looked at the scenery, I began believing in my speculation

There has never been such a place in japan


“We ware going to the imperial capital! the organization is a place of paradise for women and hell for men…… Valhalla – The Penis Hall”


I heard the men talking about where we are going to be sold