Volume 2 Chapter 2

Vagrant Gangbang Part 2

【Thursday, August 10, 2017, 14: 00】


“I….. its my first time….. I’m still a virgin….please let me go!”


“So what? That makes me even more excited you bitch!”


My first time…..is a gangbang!!!


It seems useless to scream, but no matter what it is tough for a virgin to get used to this situation


“Well….how about use the other hole?”


Runa asked while feeling both embarrassed and hopeful

She hoped to not lose her virginity to vagrants who don’t even know her




The old man gives an unenthused answer

Runa understood and gave up against persuading

But she had one thing she didn’t want to give up on


“Well…….please use a condom!”


“I don’t have one”


“Yeah! We’ll cumshot inside you!”


Even though they won’t agree, Runa doesn’t want to give up


I can’t become a mother in junior high!


“Then…..please…..please…..use a condom….. I’ll do anything you want!”


Clothes torn apart, shoe marks all over her body

Runa feels pain, but she feels humiliation more than anything

Tears start emerging from her eyes


Please anything but vagina cumshot!!!


It was too embarrassing to be in only underwear before 20 men on the side of a road


“Okay, we’ll think about it”




Runa was hopeful

She didn’t want to get pregnant


“Yes, remove your clothes first!”




With no other choice she chooses to remove her bra and panties

The sense of being exposed to outside air is too real

Having nothing to hide her body she places her hands by her sides




“Both butt and tits are small, but I can manage with this”


“I want to cum all over her body”


The men around her began insulting her and start taking pictures

They do whatever they feel like

Runa’s face and ears were completely red from all the shame


Her pure white skinned body like marshmallow, somewhat small breasts, two small pink nipples protruding themselves, flat stomach, and small but curved butt

Her pussy completely hairless, and slightly dripping with excitement from what the old woman did


“Hey, look at her….she’s a hairless bitch!”


“Hahahahah, it’s already wet!”


“It’s different……..Ah…….don’t touch it!”


The blame was completely on the old woman

The men bring their faces close to her pussy and sniff it passionately

Looking at the pink vagina and the puffing labia


This is tooooo embarrassing!!!

When is this going to end!!!


Second Rape by Policemen

“Ha,huh……..huh……..finally…….10 people are over………….now I can finally go home…..”

After being fucked by 10 persons she was barely breathing, but still excited as she could now go home

Her body was filled with bruises from being slapped, whipped, and semen that convered her completely

And above that she was even pissed all over

But, the rape was finally over…….

However, as Runa looked up the number of people increased to more than 20!

“If you all who enjoyed her body move away, we will fuck her now”

It seems that a few students sahred the address, and more people came to fuck her  

It also became the top topic of the bulletin boards

Runa was now a celebrity all over japan!

“Maybe a few more groups will come over”

“Yup, maybe she’ll be raped till she dies”

“Now that would be soooooooooo awesomeeeeeeeee!”

The 20 men around her had inflated dicks in their pants

“Let’s continue the gangabng!!!!!!!”

This was just the beginning

Thursday, August 10, 2017 18: 00

4 hours had passed since her rape began

She was continuously fucked the whole time with different partners

She was completely dehydrated, but didn’t dare drink the bottle of pee that they gave her

But all the men took breaks by drinking and enjoying their time

I…………will……….be…………..fucke to……………death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017 21: 00

7 hours has passed since the rape began

“What the hell is this semen?”

“IS this bitch enjoying being covered in semen!”

“This 13 year old pussy is soooo awesome!”

“I’m next in line to fuck this garbage!”

While 5 men were fucking her at once, one her pussy, one her ass, one her mouth, two each using her hand another man was whipping her breasts and other parts to his pleasure

“Ahhh yes!!!”

Another man blew a tide inside her pussy, and moved away after finishing it

Not giving her time, one more man came and pierced her pussy again

Until now she was fucked 40 times in her mouth, and 46 times in her pussy

And it was still not over……..

Saturday, August 11, 2017 2: 00

12 hours has passed since the rape began

“Cover her to death in sperm!”


“Fuu. Runa cumshotted to death! Hahahahahahah!”

After 12 hours, Runa was lying on the road covered in semen

If it was anyother girl, they would have been dead by now

But since she could not die due to the curse, she was somehow alive

As the time got more and more late, most of the men cleared out leaving behind only 6 homeless men

This was because they were like bottom less well of sexual desires

Runa kept staring at the telephone booth nearby

All she needed to do was dial 110 and the police would come save her

And everyone who raped her would be arrested

But remembering the curse from the old witch, she didn’t bother trying it

Also her body was unable to move due to all the pain she was feeling from the 12 hour never ending torture

Even if the police come here, I don’t want them to be arrested

This all happened due to the witch’s brainwashing

They don’t deserve being arrested for this

But still having a small hope, she murmured “I am sorry” and ran towards the public booth

It doesn’t hurt!

While trying to comfort her aching body she kept running

“Hey, that bitch ran away!”

“Don’t you dare try anything funny meat toilet! If you don’t stop I’ll seriously kill you!”

While the men chase her, still threatening her

They couldn’t catch her as Runa was faster than the others

She somehow managed to reach the public booth

She didn’t have money to dial 110, so she pressed the emergency button

“110, what’s the emergency?”

It was immediately answered

“I’m near the Kusatsu park! Men are raping me ! help! ………”

“Where do you think you can escape to slut!”

Even though she was caught, she was happy that she managed to share her address before they caught her

I can definitely endure till the police come

Runa fell down on the floor and covered all her vitals from any additional pain



Second Rape by Policemen Part:2

While the men were kicking her to release their anger on her

“Hey! What is going on there!”

A police car came and two young officers came out of it

Were they 30 seconds later, Runa would have probably died from the violence

She could no longer speak or move her body

“Wow…..this is terrible…….!”

The policemen ran over and looked at the 13 year old who was totally naked and covered in bruises, sperm, and piss

There was also “Junior high school meat toilet” written across her belly

“Are you ok? “

“Call for an ambulance………”

The policeman gently held onto Runa


Runa was about to respond but couldn’t

“You guys raped Runa!”

“Well its fine as ling as you didn’t kill her:”

Runa was shocked hearing the sudden change in the police men

“Runa got gangbanged by vagrants midnight here? HAhahahahahah!”

Another police spoke in a disgusted tone

“Being fucked here! You’re no different than an animal!”

Runa wanted to contradict, but she was too tired and fatigued

“Now you need to leave before we arrest you”

“Fine fine”

While muttering the vagrants went back to their tents

“Calling us in the middle of the night to help you! what are you thinking you fucking meat toilet!”

“As a punishment, lets fuck her!”

“Call everyone who wants to fuck this bitch!”

As she couldn’t move, the two policemen carried her away

Friday, August 11, 2017 5: 00

After the two men took her away, they started double penetrating her

After some time it turned into four men fucking her

Later 6 more joined them and fucked her non stop

Tuna was fucked for 15 hours in a row

She was cummed 88 times inside her mouth and 102 times inside her pussy

The number of times men cummed on her was more than 1000 times

You can’t even count the number of times she was  whipped, beaten, or slapped

This is just the 1st day

According to the old woman this will happen till she dies!



Vagrant Gangbang Part:8

And finally came the 10th person

“Huh……huh……finally! The last one!”

Finally, after being raped by nine man and insulted through various methods it was about to end

Runa’s whole body was trembling from pain

Still she was also convulsing from pleasure as her body had been remodeled by the old witch

The last man was the oldest man among the vagrants, also he was the most stinkiest man of them all

“He never takes a bath”


The men say shocking things about him

“Water will wash away my holy body! God forbids the washing away of greatness!”

This smell……!

Even among the homeless this man was isolated by everyone

His eyes had a weird shine

And that smell was almost similar to a chemical weapon

Laughing the man stepped forward getting ready to fuck her

His teeth were dyed black and yellow

It seemed like he never brushed his teeth

Runa didn’t want to go near him as his odor was really terrible

Even more was his dick which was covered in layers of weird substances

Runa felt like this was the most stinkyiest thing she ever smelt

Even her eyes were hurting from the smell

“Do you want to clean this up with your lovely mouth?”

“??? No! that’s absolutely impossible!”

“DO you want to be fucked by a few more people before we let you leave?”

Saying that he slapped her pussy which was already inflamed

The men around her laughed enjoying her reaction

Please don’t hurt me anymore. Let me go. Someone help me……….

Runa felt like crying while looking at the nasty thing before her eyes

But no man stepped up for her

“Now quickly start sucking my dick slut!”

Having no choice Runa kneels down infront of the man


The man seemed to be enjoying himself

Runa cannot even open her eyes due to the pungent smell coming from her

Not daring to sniff it, she tries to lick it

Bearing with the nausea she tried to keep licking it

Her tongue was covered in the yellow color that was around his dick

“Now chew it 30 times and then swallow”


It was a really cruel command

Runa felt like her mouth would definitely smell like that if she chewed it

If I chew it for 30 times she might aswell kiss herself

Unable to bear it she vomited, which even caused a lot off sperm to come out off of her mouth

“How dare you vomit it you bitch! You better lick it off the floor”

“Rina aren’t you thirsty? All of us peed inside this bottle, go ahead and drink it!”

The men around her began insulting her even more by enjoying her reactions

And like that the 10th man finished fucking her

However, the gangbang never ended



Vagrant Gangbang Part:7

Fifth person


Even after being left alone for 10 minutes, Runa still couldn’t stand up

She was hugging her stomach which was filled to the brim with semen

It would take at least 3 days for her body to become normal after all the torture she went through

“Oy meat toilet! Enjoyed your break? Because, I’m going to continue raping you!”

While saying that the man walks forward and steps on her pussy

But Runa couldn’t move, as she was still desperately closing her eyes from the pain

Even though her face was filled with pain, all it did was excite the men even more

“How long are you going to sleep Runa? You should serve us all properly!”

While the men enjoyed taunting and insulting her, Runa was holding her stomach trying

She was still hoping for this to be a dream

“Well, lets restart the rape! Let the 5th person fuck her!”

“I always wanted to fuck a girl like an animal from the behind!”

While saying that the 5th guy stepped forward and pushed Runa to face the road and lifted her ass a bit higher

He stroked her ass and slapped it twice to fulfill his sadistic nature


The rape continued once again, her body still filled with pain and fatigue

As Runa’s body was remodeled it overflows with juices from her pussy while being raped by and scorned by the men around her

The 5th man started violently fucking her while pulling on her hair from behind her

While fucking her in a doggy position, he choked her trying to fulfill his dreams

At one point Runa fainted while still being fucked in her pussy

She was later woken up as she was kicked on her stomach and a large amount of semen came pouring out of her pussy

“It’s impolite to fall asleep while being fucked bitch! The next time you fall asleep I’ll fuck you till the morning, not letting you go!”

Runa was terrified just imagining what would happen

The 6th man was someone who liked to deepthroat fuck women

Making Runa kneel he grasped her head and began fucking her mouth like a onahole

He didn’t care if she was suffocating, and poured his semen down her throat

From behind her a blonde man extended his hands and kept playing with her clitoris

The 7th man had a really big dick

It was almost as thick as Runa’s arm

“Please don’t! Anyone but him! I’ll die! I’ll really die!”

Of course he didn’t bother listening to her

Even though he knew that a 13-year-old girl couldn’t bear it, he didn’t mind it

“Wow your little slutty hole is just too tight! But I’ll just force it inside you!”


Seeing that his dick wasn’t entering her vagina, he forcibly pushed his waist and shoved it inside her

Runa felt like all of her internal organs were shaking due to this

His dick could be seen by the people outside as a bump formed near her womb

“Awesome……. This feels gooooodddddddd!”

The man graoned and shouted while feeling pleasant

His dick went almost inside her womb

The shape of Runa’s vagina turned into the shape of a male dick on the inside

“Nooooo…….Fu, fu,……”

Runa’s voice sounded like she was dying

“Well now I’m going to piston you to death bitch!”


While pushing his dick in and out, he managed to move it even further inside her

Even though it felt cramped up, the man enjoyed and moved even faster

The man was seriously thinking about breaking her insides


As Runa was crying from intense pain, the man cummed inside her

She once again almost lost her consciousness

Not being bothered with her situation the eight man stepped up and lifted one of legs up high

He started moving his waist while his dick was fucking her pussy in the air

As his ugly dick was rubbing her clit everytime he moved she kept moaning from oain and pleasure

While she was being fucked another man stepped up and inserted his foot into her mouth trying to choke her in his own way

As the man cummed inside her, he slapped her ass and dropped the legs which he had held in the air

The 9th man liked to fuck a woman while slapping her

This was something he could only do in his dreams

Until now….

This guy is good…

Runa finally felt like someone was properly having sex

She also moved her waist to try and enjoy along with him

“Are you feeling good?”

When the man asked her, Runa was just about to answer when he slapped her

“The most important thing during sex is to beat her through a surprise attack!”

I’m still so naïve! I almost believed in him!  I though that he really was a good person!!

“Please anything but my face, don’t hurt my face!”

“Hahahahaha, sorry slut! I love slapping your bitchy face while fucking you”

While saying that he once again slaps her

And he kept slapping her as long as he was ejaculating

He slapped her almost 30 times while cumming inside her



Vagrant Gangbang Part:6

Even after the man removed his dick and moved away Runa was still blowing tide after tide

Her vagina was trembling even though no one was fucking it

The fourth person was a genuine sadist

He was a doctor who lost his license because he raped a girl on the table after giving her anesthesia

He was angry from losing everything and wanted to torture a prostitute

But he found Runa being gangbanged and decided to release his anger on her

“Whoa………. Runa is feeling comfortable aren’t you”

The man spoke in a cheerful ton, but Runa couldn’t answer with a dick inside her mouth

But her face showed frustration

“Well, I guess I must do this…..”

The man muttered in a low voice and raised his arm, he brought it down fast and slapped it right on her still trembling pussy



Even though she could not speak Runa howled with pain and pleasure

As her pussy was still in euphoria from having climaxed the man’s actions increased the pain

He didn’t stop and continued slapping her again and again

With all the pain she’s feeling she won’t even be able to urinate properly

The man slapped her a total of 20 times

The man felt like he was born for bullying girls

And this girl Runa was a treasure he found with luck

On the other hand Runa could no longer breathe, she started spitting out semen through her mouth and nose

She lost her conscious

But she was woken up everytime due to the pain from her pussy slapping

After the man finished his slapping Runa collapsed on the ground and the man cummed inside her unconscious mouth

“Ah, tuna fell unconscious. Should we take a break?”

“This slut only has 500 yen! Puh!”

“Whatever, find some drinks to buy with her cheap money”

“Yes, if you want to pee use her body so that it won’t go dry! HAhahahahah!”

As the men were thinking of having a drinks break, no one cared about Runa who was still trembling on the floor from pain and pleasure



Vagrant Gangbang Part:5

Thursday, August 10, 2017, 18: 00

Four hours had passed and Runa was continuously fucked without a seconds rest

Every single man around her fucked Runa at least once

More accurately speaking a few more men joined as they were walking by the gangbang and joined them in fucking her

Her body was gang raped at least a dozen times


After the first man released inside her and moved away


The next guy came and started pressing Runa down to fuck her next

He pushed her down and put her in the missionary position and started pistoning

But Runa couldn’t even speak up against him, as another man started moving the dick he placed inside her mouth

Runa’s body was bent in the symbol of a reverse ‘’ both her pussy and mouth were being fucked at the same time

The man grabbed onto her neck without letting her move away, he then pistoning his dick inside her mouth

He moved his dick into her throat and moved it was commonly called as deep throat fucking

I can’t breathe!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously the size of a 13 year old girl could not hold onto the dicks of old men

But, still the man forcibly thrust his dick into Runa’s mouth, it almost went into her food pipe

On top of that he did not stay still but violently pistoned her throat

The dick which had not been washed in many years was inside her mouth

As the filth was removed from his dick it fell into her mouth

As for the smell, every time the man moved his waist, Runa’s nose was filled with unbearable smell

So even breathing became difficult

“Ahhhh, your mouth is good bitch! Now take it all inside!”


Unable to speak or move to reject him, Runa could only listen to what he said

The man reached his limit and directly poured all his semen straight into her stomach

To not let her remove her head he held it tightly, only after he released all inside her did he move his dick away

“Huaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaa”

Finally as Runa was happy to be able to breathe again, another man pushed is dick inside her mouth

As she was coughing to try and remove the semen which went inside her, some semen came out from her nose

I can’t breathe! I will die by drowning in semen!!!

“Runa you bitch! This is really awesome she is being fucked in both holes and she’s releasing semen from her nose! I’ll put this on our online forum!”

“Ohh, suck it harder bitch! Suck it harder!!!”

As the man was pistoning Runa’s mouth the man below also began moving faster

As a recent virgin she felt more pain whenever the man below moved

“Ugo uguuuuuuu!”

The male below her released all his semen inside her and moved away

Runa who was held back could not even try to scoop out the semen inside her pussy

The next guy who stepped up was a blond haired young man

“Runa it’s my turn! Hahahahah!”

The man took over her vagina and began moving

His hands moved towards her cherry nipples and tightly pinched on them

He tightly crushed and twisted them with both of his hands

The influence of the old woman even went to her nipples

As the boy began pinching her nipples he moved even faster

The obscene sounds of water could be heard as Runa was getting horny and released more love juices

“Ah yes, I’ll release inside you bitch!”

Why am I feeling good!?

While she was feeling good, she remembered the old woman’s words

She said that her body had been remodeled and it would make her feel pleasure even in pain

It seems that the old woman did not lie

Runa felt her whole body trembling and finally she released her tide and climaxed

“Fufufufu, Runa’s meat hole is tightening! I will cum inside you now!”

Finally the blond man also ejaculates


As Runa felt her first ever climax she began twitching her body while the man cummed inside her

Her eyes turned white and the pleasure invaded her mind



Vagrant Gangbang Part:4

“I don’t care if you cry. Now lie down and get ready to be fucked by me”

As Runa was made to lie on the floor, the first man approached and pressed down her body and thrust his finger into her pussy without any reserve

The secret part of Runa which was never invaded was forcibly entered by a finger


There’s no pain???

“Hahahahah, now beg for me to fuck you!”

While saying that he removed his clothes


“If you don’t beg me to fuck you, I will punish you again!”

As the man in front of her threatened her Runa could no longer care about anything

“…..Meat toilet Runa, begs you to fuck her virgin pusyy….”

As soon as Runa spoke the man in front of her stabbed his dick into her pussy without any hesitation

Runa felt like her organs were being torn

Runa felt like she would pass out due to the pain

“Aaaaaaaa…. It hurts!!!!!!!! It’s really painful!!!!!!!!”

“Come on man the bitch is still a virgin take it easy”

“What a shame… I wanted to fuck her virgin pussy”

While Runa was crying due to pain and despair

The men around her were laughing and cheering

“Move bitch move!”

While raping her, the man tells Runa to move her ass to help him feel more pleasurable

The man then pulled his dick outside of her

“Clean your dirty pussy!”

While saying that he gives her a cloth that’s torn and smells like garbage

When Runa thinks about rubbing this cloth on her pussy she almost began crying again


While wiping the blood Runa could no longer hold back the tears she was choking on

She would never forget her experience if losing her virginity to a vagrant gangbang

“Why are you crying! I will fuck you again bitch!”

“Ahhhh…. No don’t, soryy….”

But the man didn’t listen and once again put his dick inside her and began raping her again

What is this feeling?

As the man starts moving his waist, Runa left her pussy tingling

Even though the sex was one sided, she couldn’t help but feel pleasure

Why am I feeling like this!!!

This was all due to the old woman

As she trained her body into pleasure for 10 minutes

Although she never had any experience as a 13 year old, due to the old woman her whole body was turned into an obscene item

As her body had been remodeled Runa’s sensitivity had reached an adult woman’s

After the mans pistoning finished his 10th round

Her vagina began turning wet, her whole face flushed red while sweat spewed out of her body

Her face slowly began showing signs of pleasure

When the other men noticed this

“This fucking pig is feeling good even when we’re raping her! Hahahaha!”

“I’m going to fuck you till you die bitch!”

Runa was trembling with pleasure as the man raped her

Even though she was feeling uncomfortable due to the rape, her body couldn’t stop feeling pleasure

Even though she felt pain from all the beatings she took

And she tried to remind her that this is a rape

Her meat hole began tightening

A pleasure like never before entered her brain

I’m being violated

“How is it slut? You feel good?”

While grasping her waist with both his hands, the man like a rogue began moving even faster

He used his fingers to tightly pinch on her clitoris

He began pinching and pulling on her clitoris


While Runa was feeling really good and moaning

The man began reaching his final stage

“It’s too tight…. I’m about to cum!!!”


When Runa recover slightly she understood that he was about to cumshot her

So she desperately screamed and tried to move away

As the man saw through her tricks

He even more tightly grasped her waist so that she would now run

He held her down so that he could pour all of his semen into her pussy

“But but bububu……. But you said you wouldn’t cum inside me!!!”

“Don’t tell me you actually believed that?”

Then the man began to violently laugh

And finally he blew his tide inside her pussy he didn’t even move his body until all of his semen was inside her

Runa who was a sexual virgin couldn’t hold back the pleasure she felt from the hot semen inside her pussy

Her muscles started tightening and she moaned in pleasure

She was filled with pleasure, pain and frustration

For what reason did I lick everyone’s foot and get my ass whipped?

It was all for nothing!!!

“I need to take it out…. I can’t get pregnant! I can’t have a baby!”

She tries scraping out the semen insider her pussy

Although she tried to pull it out she couldn’t be a 100% sure

She cried hoping that she wouldn’t become pregnant

“Next it’s my turn!”


As the first man moved away the second man took his place

Ans the gangbang continued


Volume 2 Chapter 3

Vagrant Gangbang Part:3


Of course this won’t end

Runa doesn’t know if her virgin pussy can handle all these men

Her pussy which she never even masturbated with before

“Hey, let’s make a photo session with Runa. Lets magnify her ass and stick them on the school bulletin board”

“Hey, lets fuck her in our classroom in front of all her classmates”

Everyone around her are talking about how to even more humiliate her while lewdly laughing

Runa could only hope they were kidding, if they really fucked her in the classroom, she won’t be able to go to the school anymore

“Hey, Runa, sit down and open your legs. Then spread your pussy with both your hands!”

“Also later spread your ass until we can see inside it!”

“Hahahah, I’m filming all of this! You better do it well”

The photo session began

Runa could only follow the unreasonable demands of the men to not spoil their moods

She sat down and began spreading her pussy’s walls as much as possible

A man came near her and wrote “Junior High School Meat Toilet” on her stomach, and then started taking pictures

The humiliating photo session lasted for 30 minutes

“Hahahah, now lets kiss this slut!”


A homeless man took away my first kisss!!!

Not only her lips, all her face was licked

It was so stinky that she couldn’t even breathe

Vagrants began kissing her one after the other, they made sure to lick all her teeth and gums too

After kissing her for 5 minutes they finally released her

“Ugh Uh…………”

Finally after a long time Runa was able to properly breathe

She thought she might suffocate to death with all the kissing

“Even though her lips are soft, it doesn’t taste good….. She’s the lowest kind of women!”


Was what Runa wanted to shout out

But she didn’t dare to

“Now kneel down and start licking our shoes slut!”

“……..yes yes yes….. I will do whatever you want, please don’t put it inside me……..”

Then Runa kneeled down and began licking the shoes of everyone one by one

She felt like crying even harder then she was crying now

It seemed like she was about to became a slave to these men

No, she was already a slave

“Hahaha, when you kneel down your ass looks similar to a dog begging to be fucked!”

Then, the man folded his belt and made it into a whip

While she was desperately licking their shoes he began swinging his belt onto her ass


A trace of red was left behind when the belt struck her perk white ass

The man became excited after seeing this and began rapidly swinging his belt, he struck her ass with full force again and again

The sound of his belt smacking her ass was heard clearly

“Good good… I will also go this”

“Hey, continue licking!”

After Runa finished licking all the shoes of everyman there was here, Runa was forced to raise her buttocks in front of them

Then every man began whipping her ass till they felt satisfied

There was no trace of whiteness on her ass, it was completely red due to all the whipping

Due to the pain it was possible that she won’t be able to sit on a chair for a few days

They striked her ass over 200 times!

“Please…..forgive me……..do not hurt me anymore…… please let me go home….”

Runa begs while holding her red ass that was too painful


Volume 2 Chapter 1

Vagrant Gangbang Part:1

Thursday, August 10, 2017 13: 30

What should I do?

If what the old woman said is true, then the world won’t care what happens to me, and with the curses of “prohibition of suicide”, “recovery”. “no madness” I won’t even be able to die

It is also possible that there are no such curses

Like the poor four victims before me, will I also be violated and killed?

Even though it is summer I feel a chill when I think about it

I should go home soon, even if I call the police they won’t believe me

The shortest way is through the big park, with half anxiety I decide to walk

“You girl…”

While trembling I turned around

I know that vagrant’s live in the area near the park

“You dropped this”


It was my wallet that I had in my hand

Due to my upset mind I dropped it on the floor

“Thank you very much!”

I thank him while bowing at 90 degrees

The reason he called was due to the kindness he was showing me

I was filled with shame and guilt that I received kindness, while suspecting that old woman

I apologized in my mind again and again

That old woman was wrong, there’s no such thing as she said

However just as Runa was about to take the wallet away the vagrant grasped her hands

“Oh…….is there something else?”

“Well, I’ve decide to have you her, so be patient!”


I blanked out for a moment

And then I understood what the man just said to me

I tried to run away but it was already too late

For a petite girl of 143 cm and 33.5 kg, a man in his 50s can easily overcome her

She was thrown on the ground and the man sat on her like he was riding a horse

“Someone help me!!!”

As the old man stroked her body Runa screamed for help

She didn’t have a cellphone so she could only scream and hope for the police to come

“Please call the police!! Please!!!”

As she was screaming a house wife was walking towards them

But she didn’t care about what was happening, she looked at them like they were trash and kept walking away

And while she was screaming a few more men gathered around her

They too all came from the tents beside the neighborhood

They too were vagrants

“Hey, let us join too”

“Yeah yeah I never fucked an elementary kid”

“Yes let’s rape this bitch”

Six more people came this time they were university student

They held down the girl

The old man ripped her clothes exposing her bra and panties

“Surveillance cameras are here!!!”


I do not know if it is true

However there was no effect

“Who cares?”


The curse is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The police won’t care even if they raped me in front of the police station

“You better be prepared little bitch! The six of us will fuck you till we are happy!”

Saying that the vagrants hold all her limbs stopping her from moving

Runa couldn’t believe that she will be raped by vagrants

She couldn’t even stand the stench that was on their bodies

As they haven’t taken a bath for many years their hair is full of dandruff, weird powder is covering their faces

They smell like sewage

I will be fucked by homeless people on the street……………I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

I started scratching on his face to try and run away

But he hits me on the stomach very hardly

“Stupid meat toilet! You dare resist! I will break all your bones you slut!”

“Don’t worry with all of us here she can’t run away”

Now everyone starts tearing at Runa’s clothes

Her uniform is completely torn, and rashes and shoe marks are all over her body from being hit

Occasionally a few people walked by them, but never stooped or cared

No matter how much Runa begged they treated her as air

Sometimes a few men even joined in hitting her

As a result Runa’s first experience began to increase from six to ten people

“Now do you understand! If you dare resist I will hit you even harder!”

The man says while feeling exhausted

“Answer bitch!!!”

This time the man kicks Runa’s secret place like kicking a soccer ball

Slowly Runa’s conscious comes back with all the pain she was suffering from

She did not think he would actually kick a junior high school girl’s that place!

“Gou…..runa ……is bad……I’m sorry for rebelling….”

I start apologizing while crying

My heart breaks as I apologize

“Good, the pain would only increase if you resist”

A man was laughing looking at Runa’s appearance

What is so funny?

But the real nightmare was about to start

My virginity will now be scattered by these 10 men