My Last Post

I really thought that i could deal with all the haters and other crap………

But it turns out that i couldn’t….

SO, i decided to stop translating as of today!

I’ll release all the chapters i have already translated today

But, since i have a few patorns i can’t leave them all hanging

So, a few dozen chapters will be exclusively released on my Patreon

[Links to access for my Patrons – Hypnotized Harem Chapters 6-9- (No longer exists)

I have the only ero knowledge Chapter 7-10-(No longer exists)

Books to dominate married women Chapter 4-5 – (No longer exists)

Beautiful Females in the Underground Prison V2C2-V2C7-(No longer exists)

A world where all wome are managed by men Chapters 8-16-(No longer exists)

Also If anyone wants to pick them up and continue translating, they can do so

Thank You, And Good Bye

Monthly Mass Release for March 2018

Sorry guys, but there will be no mass release this month.

since no one sponsored any chapters, and I didn’t reach even the lowest patreon goal I set, there won’t be any mass release this month

Maybe next month?


I’ve had enough!

I don’t give a damm about you fools anymore!

From now on I’ll just translate and release however I want and whenever I want!

Read if you want, and don’t if you don’t want!

I don’t care about you haters anymore.

If you think that mine is mtl, then don’t read.

I’ll just release however I want from now on, read or don’t read I don’t care!

It’s not like you guys are paying me anyway!

I’ll probably only release a few chapters starting next month, I’ll only focus and release more translations on my patreon instead of here!

From now on I won’t care about what you self centered narcissistic fools think about me!

Everything from this point on will be done however I want!


Enough with the hate mail!

I’m not someone who doesn’t appreciate criticism, honestly, I welcome it

But, enough with the hate mail!

If you hate the fact that I have too many ads then don’t visit my website!

I’m not asking you to come and read my translations alright

And for those idiots who think that my translations are mtl, stop reading it then!!!

If you think that my translations are mtl, then stop reading them!!! Don’t fucking complain!!!



Hey guys

In a recent poll I found out that a lot of you want me to release 2 chapters every day

However, since I’m running my Patreon which has 6 chapters in advance available for every novel and also,  I recently started translating adult short stories to release on special occasions…..

I don’t really have that much excess time


But, I’ll try and release more chapters whenever possible

Sorry, but this is the best I can currently offer

If you really want even more chapters,  help me achieve my Patreon goals!


Major Updates

Hey guys,

I made a few major tweaks to my website

Check out the monthly release schedule at –

Check out my monthly mass release queue at –

From now on you can check for my releases locally at –

Stay tuned for any news regarding my website, or new translations and other events at –

And finally, I have new and better functioning polls set up for both rankings – and pickup requests –

You can vote once every 24 hours

Comment if you need any other feature, I’ll have it done if it seems like a good one

One more translation!

The Duo who hunt Women

Similar to the last time I would appreciate it if someone would deal with the NU stuff

Here is the raws link –

Next Translation

Women’s Dormitory Manager is my next translation


P.S – I’d appreciate it if someone could deal with the NU details like making the page for the new series and other things

Here is the raws link –



Next translation

Due to my excess time, I’ve started the translation of another novel

How to become a demon king

This novel is ranked within the top 10 of all time famous Series Novel on Syosetu Noc

Check out more about it here

Extra Releases

Starting tomorrow I’ll release one extra chapter every day, since I have a lot of free time starting tomorrow

That means that I’ll release 7 more chapters per week

Hope you enjoy my translations

Also support me if possible

Thank you