Chapter 18

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After Sayuri’s husband finally noticed how bad the conditions were he came back to somehow destroy the contract

After entering Masashi watched Sayuri being entered by two men at the same time and enjoying the pleasure while screaming like a slut

Unable to control Masashi began begging his wife to come back home with him

But Sayuri rejected him without any hesitation

Later Masashi was thrown out by the guards

Masashi felt the greatest humiliation of his life

As he though about the treasure of his life being played with two men for the rest of her life

He could no longer bear it and lit a fire to the wooden style building they were in

As the building in which his wife was begging for pleasure was burning

Masashi did not leave but threw himself into the fire



Chapter 17

Final sacrifice

“Ah, Mr.Ohashi such a thing”

As Ohashi started licking the protruded nipple on top of her breasts

“Ahhhh, it feels so good!”

From behind her Matsuda still rammed his waist in and out of her while spanking her ass

“Ahhhh, it’s amazing. Sayuri feels great…… aahhhhhhh!”

Ohashi licked and squeezed her nipples without giving her any time to breathe

“Not anymore, I’ll die with all this pleasureeeeeeeee!”

Contrary to the words of rejection, Sayuri began moving her waist even more vigorously


As Sayuri increased her pace Matsuda felt much more pleasure and began groaning

Sayuri turned her head back and begged Matsuda to kiss her

While seeing Sayuri’s face which was mixed with pleasure, exhaustion and excitement Matsuda could no longer keep his calm

He kissed her and violently inserted his tongue into her mouth

Sayuri also began entwining her tongue with Matsuda’s

The both of them began pouring in their saliva and swallowed them


Matsuda began pinching the other nipple of Sayuri

Sayuri’s chest was so soft that his fingers felt like they were melting

Even though Matsuda was violently crushing her nipples

Sayuri’s body was thirsty for pleasure

She began enjoying the pain all over her body

“Ahhhh, yes…. Mess me more!”

With Sayuri’s begging Matsuda began moving even faster than before

As he began pistoning even faster, the harsh sound of skin overlapping could be heard echoing throughout the room


As Matsuda pulled his lips away from her and pounded her even harder, Sayuri began drooling from the pleasure

Ohashi took this chance and once again pushed his dick into her mouth

Sayuri no longer cared about anything but pleasure

She even forgot about her husband

All she felt was the pleasure of two men from both the front and back

While Sayuri sucked on Ohashi’s dick obscene sounds started coming from her mouth

“Ahuu, myan”

“Good slave”

While feeling good about the service he received Ohashi pulled his dick out of her mouth

“Oh, Ohashi’s dick is delicious!”

Sayuri looked towards Ohashi and began begging for his cock without any shame

“Then take it in bitch!”

As Sayuri’s words lit a flame inside him, ohashi once again violently plunged in his dick which was about to burst

“Drink it, don’t spill a single drop!”

“Umumumu num”

Sayuri desperately drank all the cloudy liquid that Ohashi released inside her mouth

While she was swallowing she didn’t forget to move her waist against Matsuda’s dick

“Oh…you’re amazing bitch!”

Matsuda’s penis began swelling as Sayuri began trying to devour his dick like a hungry slut

“Ah Mr.Matsuda mess up my pussy! It feels goooodddd!”

As Matsuda began pouring in all of his cum, her pussy began squeezing even tighter with all the pleasure she felt

“Ah….. I’m feeling strage…more more moreeee!”

After finally reaching climax Sayuri finally became an obedient slave of Matsuda and Ohashi


Chapter 16

Slave wife


Sayuri strongly rubbed her tongue behind the glans head as the penis went in and out of her mouth

Sayuri felt a peculiar pleasure when she dedicated her service to Ohashi

“Mu, Mu Mun”

Sayuri sucked Ohashi’s cock making obscene notices

Ohashi desperately withstood the pleasure while holding his head.
His face looked like a prisoner who was being torture.

“Bitch, you’ve already become a very horny majo slave.”


Matsuda kept pushing his dick in and out of her pussy

While feeling pleasant with how Sayuri’s meat hole felt he raised his speed

“Aahhbb, Oh, Uou, Mr. Matsuda, something like that, oh, it feels good”


The moment Matsuda’s penis reached her deepest part, Sayuri took off her mouth from the Ohashi’s penis, without thinking much


Ohashi sat down on the ground, as if relieved from suffering.

At that moment Ohashi hated himself for not being able to perform properly

And looking at Matsuda’s dick which kept fucking her made him even more depressed

“Oh, no, Mr. Matsuda this goooodd, ahhh, yesssss! .”

Matsuda’s penis, which repeatedly enters and exits, is producing fine white bubbles due to the honey liquid coming out of Sayuri’s hole

In addition, the secret meat of Sayuri is entwined like a mollusk to the penis of Matsuda who is going in and out


Ohashi unable to bear the humiliation pulled on Sayuri’s hair and brought her face near him

And then started violently kissing her

Chapter 15

The Wife’s Service

*Oh, what has become of me?

I’m accepting humiliation from other men without any resistance*

Then, Ohashi moved his waist back and forth, causing the penis to enter and exit Sayuri’s mouth.

Then Sayuri began moving her tongue to entwine with the dick in her mouth.

“Uu, wow, great, amazing…”

Sayuri now turned into a longing woman, unlike before, she did her own lip service.


Ohashi desperately swung his hips back and forth.

“Mr. Ohashi, is fierce, but this time let’s do something else to enjoy”

Matsuda put his hands behind Sayuri’s knees.

The whispers of the devil increased  the expectations for pleasure, not only in Ohashi but also in Sayuri.

When Matsuda picked up Sayuri, he quickly sat down and put his penis into Sayuri ‘s honey jar.

“Auu, Gouou”

Sayuri, whose mouth was filled with the penis of the Ohashi made a cry but cannot speak any words.

However, the cry was not the type that showed hatred at all, it was not the type that suppressed the spread of pleasure.

Penetrated by two men at the same time from the back and front. Sayuri experienced Rapid sex, which she never done before. Sayuri forgot everything but pleasure.

“Ou, Ou, Fuu”

Sayuri swallowed his penis and began moving her mouth front and back, while she swung her waist back and forth on Matsuda’s crotch.

Ohashi desperately moved his hips to keep up with Sayuri ‘s movement.

Matsuda crushed up her breasts with his right hand while thrusting up his penis and rubbing clitoris with his left.

To stimulate the desires of men who are added to the whole body, Sayuri forgot everything and became a beast.

While burning with pleasure, Sayuri thought that she would go crazy like this.

However, Sayuri at this time who did not feel any further pleasures, she started learning from the hell of shame…

Chapter 14

Moaning Slave


The two sweaty men walked towards Sayuri, while enjoying the view of her supple white skin.

Sayuri was so humiliated that she couldn’t even raise her head and face the two men.


Matsuda slowly reached over and started taking off the ropes.


As soon as he was done, Sayuri collapsed while screaming, as she didn’t have much strength left in her.


“Aaahn!… “


Not caring about how she felt, Ohashi started speaking.

“Well, are you ready for the archive round, slut?”

Then Ohashi crouched down and tried to touch her body.

Sayuri, who suddenly raised her face, saw the bald head of Ohashi, blood-runned eyes, and sagged cheeks.

“Oh wah! ”

Sayuri unintentionally turned her face away.


Ohashi got angry toward the rude attitude she was showed him, and suddenly raised his hand.

“You dare look away? bitch!”



Right at the moment when the hand of Ohashi tried to hit Sayuri cheeks,

Matsuda came between them and stopped it.

“Somehow, we no longer are strangers. So the isn’t a need to go that far, right?”

While saying that, he raised Sayuri’s chin up. After which, he spoke to her.

“I don’t care if you hate Ohashi, you slut, if you don’t do what you are told, things won’t go good for you.

I know that you’re a masochistic pig, so stop acting like a woman, do you understand? If you don’t serve Ohashi, your husband will be in big trouble.”


While saying that, Sayuri desperately clinged on to Matsuda’s hands.

When he got the confirmation, Matsuda violently tugged in her hair and forcefully kissed her.


Sayuri closed her eyes and accepted Matsuda without any resistance.

When Matsuda noticed this l, he pressed his tongue into her mouth, which she also accepted with her own tongue.

Matsuda and Sayuri started hugging each other tightly and began drinking each other’s saliva.

A twinkling thread of saliva shimmered  between the two people when they released their lips.

Quickly, Matsuda went behind Sayuri, slowly rubbing her rich two bulges with both hands. he slowly spoke in her ears:

“Come now, Mr. Ohashi, join in the company”

Matsuda whispered while slowly twisting his tongue behind her ear.


Holding Matsuda’s head with one hand, Sayuri closed her eyes.

Ohashi, who was taken aback at the transformation of Sayura, who was a married woman with chastity, hurriedly removed his pants when he heard Matsuda’s whisper.

“Serve Mr. Ohashi properly, slut.”

Matsuda urged Sayuri without loosening his caressing hands.

“Oh, Nfuu”

Sayuri could no longer stop herself and opened her lips naturally.


Ohashi, after watching the whole scene became filled with excitement, and brought his penis before Sayuri ‘s face.

When Matsuda pushed Sayuri ‘s whole body forward, Sayuri did not refuse and took Ohashi’s penis into her mouth.


Sayuri accepted Ohashi with plenty of wrinkles between her brows.

As she was wondering why she accepted the man’s penis,

He violently thrusted into her mouth, and she felt the swell of pleasure  springing out of her body from all the cruelty.

Chapter 10

Mad Cow

Matsuda continued to push his dick further, and aimed for her ero zone.

Skillfully rubbing her ass while piercing her, he bit her earlobe

“Ah, yessss”

Sayuri took in all the pleasure while being bound and violently stabbed.


Matsuda whispered in her ears:

“How is it, nympho?”

Sayuri, unable to hold it, raised voices of pleasure.

“My master is so violent. I love you master.”

Having completely lost her sanity, Sayuri fell into his grasp.

“Who is better? Me or your husband?”

Like a devil’s whisper, he slowly corrupts her.

“Ahmmmm, no that, i….i!”

“Who do you want? Me or him?”

While he was saying those words, he pulled his dick out.

“Ah don’t, it’s you master, I want you. Don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck me up”

With that, she betrayed her husband in both her mind and heart.

“Huhuhu, that’s a good girl”

Then, he once again pushed his penis into her waiting vulva.

“Oh, yess”

As Matsuda repeated his pistoning more violently than before. Sayuri began to move her body to the rhythm while lustfully devouring the pleasure.

“Anhhh, this feels gooood, more master, give me more. Fuck me out of my brain, mess me up.”

Sayuri’s insides tightened as the pleasure grew and began to narrow around his penis.


Finally the pleasure starts building up inside of Matsuda and a groan leaks out

“Oh, yesss, im going crazy, ahhh Sayuri’s becoming strange, help meeee”

While her sweat started leaking out, Matsuda sped up his pace.

A lot of love juices started leaking out from her vulva. Entwined with his penis, obscene sounds echoed from her vagina.

“I can’t hold it anymore, take it all inside you bitch!”

While saying this, he once again tightened the rope as his dick started pulsing.

Sayuri’s pupils contracted and her pussy tightened onto Matsuda’s dick.

Matsuda also increased his pace while rapidly reaching ecstasy.


*uggghhh ughhhh*

And finally exploded inside her

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Ecstatic wife


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“No, please don’t look! Don’t loookk!”

While pleasing herself with the ropes, she desperately pleaded to the two men.

However, despite being humiliated, she didn’t stop rubbing the knot against her crotch, and tries to push it inside.

Knowing that others were watching her masturbating, another pleasure unknown to Sayuri was felt.

“Ohhn…. Aaahh!”

The feeling of pleasure started seeping into her body, and she slowly got addicted to it.

“You don’t have to hold back, you should be faithful to your desires. Enjoy yourself bitch!”

When Sayuri heard Matsuda’s voice, she replied:

“Oh, yes, yes, Sayuri’s becoming strange, fuck yesss!”

After hearing him, Sayuri could no longer hold herself back and began rubbing her clitoris against the knot.

Liquid slowly dripped down her pussy as the pleasure increased.

“Ha, ha, nicee!”

The more pleasure she felt, the more vigorous her body’s movement became.

She no longer cared about exposing her shameful body to the two beasts inside the room.

“Yes, look at me, yesss!”

Unable to hold herself back, she gradually fell into lust

Everytime she moved, the black ropes dug deeper into her body.

Matsuda and Ohashi watched the whole thing lustfully. No longer being able to control themselves, they started moving towards her.



Chapter 7

A Lips Caress

“Oh, yess, yeahh, it feels good. Master, it feels great.”

*This feels great.

Humiliate me, humiliate me even more.*

Sayuri began convulsing, even though she was tied up, she was just with his fingers.

Sayuri fell deep into the pleasures of hell from which she would never come back.

Seeing this, Matsuda sat down and slowly took of his clothes.

But he did not know that Sayuri was still not at her most bottom part of hell.


When Sayuri saw Matsuda take of his pants, she tried to move her head away.

However, Matsuda forcefully held onto her face and made her look at his bulging cock.

“Look at it, you slut!”

Saying that, he put his penis in front of her eyes.

Sayuri, who never saw it for the first time, felt afraid when she saw its size.


Similar to what the devil would say;

Sayuri, whose chin was held by Matsuda, was whispered these words:


“Suck it bitch!”


Regardless of her actions, Matsuda forcefully pushed his dick into her mouth.

Sayuri, with no other option, could only helplessly accept it.

Her half-opened mouth just accepted the tip and wanted to stop. Matsuda then pushed it inside.


Unexpectedly, Sayuri did not reject it, her tongue entangled his penis.

For the first time ever, Sayuri felt a new type of pleasure.

As Matsuda removed his penis out of her mouth, she had a look of longing on her face.

When he saw that she unable to control herself, Matsuda violently pushed his dick to the tip into her mouth.

She greedily sucking on it.

*Oh my god

What am I doing?

This is so humiliating

But I just can’t stoooppppp*

Sayuri slowly looked up.

Seeing her face, Matsuda’s animal instincts  kicked in.

“How is it, bitch?”

While saying that, he tried to remove his dick.

Sayuri moved her neck and swallowed it deeper


Chapter 8

Immoral wife

Matsuda forcibly pulled out his dick, which caused Sayuri to fall down before him and collapse.

As it was not possible to move her hands, her figure was completely exposed.

Her waist was raised up high.

“No, please don’t look, it’s embarrassing”

As Sayuri desperately begged, Matsuda stood behind her to enjoy the scenery.

“Huhu, this is a nice view.”

Hearing this, Sayuri’s vaginal lips trembled with pleasure.

While enjoying the view, Matsuda pushed his fingers forward.

“No, no no..”

Ignoring her, he pushed his fingers inside her meat hole.

“It is wet inside, you are just a horny bitch.”

“Don’t say that please…”

“You get wet while sucking other peoples’ dick. You are a slutty wife.”

After saying so, he extends his tongue to lick her sweet spot.

“It tastes good bitch.”

“Ah, huh..”

While he continues to suck on her clitoris, unable to maintain herself, she starts moaning.

“You are so slutty, just sucking on it has made you wet again.”

As Sayuri was shaking her waist with enjoyment,

“Ha ha haaa haaaaaa”

Matsuda stood up and pushed his black meat stick towards her pussy.


Filled with anticipation, Sayuri couldn’t hold herself back.

“Master, please fuck me, fuck your slave to death.”

But Matsuda didn’t push it in. Instead, he just rubbed it on her plump ass.

“Please, don’t tease this slave. Master, push it innnnnnn…”

“Okay slave, take it in.”

“Yesssss, anhhhhhhhhhhh”


Chapter 9

Beg for it

Even though Sayuri tried to maintain her sanity, with Matsuda’s skillful techniques, she couldn’t hold herself and started howling madly.

Matsuda didn’t stop, he ravaged her violently

“Please master, fuck me harder. Ahhhhh, ahhhhh”

Sayuri felt a swell of pleasure, a feeling she never felt before.

But Matsuda suddenly stops.

“Ahhh, don’t, push it in”

“Explain properly, slave.”

“Please fuck me master.”

“Where do you want it, slave?”

“There, there, fuck me in my meat hole. Please fuck this slut in her hole.”

“Since you really asked for it…”

Matsuda resumed his pistoning.

Bam bam bam

The sound of flesh striking against each other echoed through the room.

“How is it, slave?”

Instead of answering, Sayuri shook her head to hold onto her leftover dignity.

But then, Matsuda stopped pistoning her and asked again:

“If you don’t answer me, I will stop doing it.”

While saying this, he tightened the ropes near her waist and rubbed her breasts.

“Ahhh, don’t stop, it feels good, yes please fuck, fuckk….”

“Your pussy feels good, slave”

“Aayahhh, huuuh”

Matsuda violently banged her ass again and again

Even though it was feeling good, Sayuri, with her mature woman body, slowly got accustomed to it.

She started craving for stronger stimuli.

*More, more, moooreeeeeee!!!!!*