Chapter 7

Going back he entered the principal room

He found Carol the same way he left her, still standing in the middle of the room

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The two weights pulling on her nipples which looked like they about to burst at any given moment, and her legs squatted with the clit clamp hanging in between

Her body was covered in sweat from all the pain she felt till now

There was also a red shade almost everywhere, it seemed like she was too horny right now

“Masterrrrrrrr! Please forgive me! I won’t ever go against any of the rules”

Carol tried acting as pitifully as possible, even though she could bear the pain, the itch of not being able to masturbate was too much

She couldn’t think of anything other than her Master fucking the shit out of her

Maybe I should let her off now

“Will you ever go against the rules?”

While asking her he took out a ruler and hit it right on her nipple


“Ahhhhhhh! I don’t dare Master!”

She creamed and answered trying to make her Master believe him

“If I catch you breaking a rule the next time, I’ll disown you!”

“Ahhhhhhh! Please don’t Master! I’ll never go against you! So don’t let me go! PLEASE!”

Even though she feared pain and not being able to please herself, she couldn’t live if her Master left her

He was the reason she wasn’t dead, and she didn’t want to lose him

Carol didn’t mind killing herself, but she couldn’t bear to be left

As Edward looked at Carol who was on the brink of crying, his heart softened and a smile broke out on his face

“Silly girl, would I let you go after I trained you so hard? I never even let you serve an other man, you think I’ll let you go?”

“No Master! Even if you let me go I’ll never serve another man!!!”

Feeling quite pleased with her loyalty Edward went ahead and removed the clamps


Carol moaned everytime a clamp was removed

With how long they were left like that, it was obvious that a mark was left behind

Edward slightly squeezed her nipple which was dark red from all the torture


Being a masochist Carol couldn’t help but shout from all the pleasure she felt

Squeezing the other nipple too he went and sat down in the chair

“Call Anne into this room and lock the door!”

“Yes Master!”

Not caring that she was naked, she called Anne and told her to come to her room

After a few seconds Anne knocked on the door and entered the room

She was confused finding Edward in the principal chair, but before she could speak she was chocked finding the principal naked!

She was locking the door


Not knowing what to speak she just stood there with her mouth wide open

Enjoying her reaction Edward smiled and gave out an order

“Slave go ahead and kiss her, also try and strip her”

“Yes Master”

Without giving Anne an opportunity to respond Carol came forward and kissed her

Not letting her move away she tightly held onto her head and squeezed her tongue into Anne’s mouth


Anne who was still in shock went even further as she realized that her first ever kiss was forced on to her

And that too by a woman!

As she let go of the stunned Anne, Carol spoke in a charming tone

“Little Anne. Won’t you strip your clothes for my Master? He loves to watch sexy girls naked”

“I…….. principal you?”

Not understanding what was happening she was still in shock


Carol slapped her on the face

Her eyes were completely cold, she looked like a stone cold killer

“How dare you not do what my Master wants slut!”


Saying that Carol slapped her once again

Anne’s two cheeks were red from being slapped, she also started fearing what would happen if she rejected

Not daring to test it, she moved her hand to remove her clothes

“That’s a good girl”

While praising her, Carol lightly patted her head

From the cold eyes she went back to her normal personality. If that was her normal personality

As Anne was patted and praised, she strangely felt happy to be recognized?

Not understanding her feelings she stripped naked

As she was down to her underwear only, she once again hesitated

Unlike Carol who wore black underwear, Anne was in pure white

A white bra that held her breasts, and similar white panties

It almost made her seem like a fair and pure maiden who must never be sullied

Seeing through her hesitation Edward moved

“Strip slut!”

“I…. please?”

Not knowing why she was even begging, Anne tried to beg hoping to be freed from this room

Unlike Carol who slapped Edward didn’t use any physical violence

He was a Master of psychological games

“Are you sure you want to leave? If you want I’ll let you go”


Both shocked and happy Anne was hoping that he was speaking the truth

“Sure, you can leave right now. Go ahead and leave”

“Thank You so much”

As she tried to retrieve her clothes which she stripped

“Leave them here!”


“You can walk out of here, but with only the things you have on your body!”

With this Anne realized her naïve actions of wanting to reason with him

How could she walk out?

She had nothing but her panties and bra on her, and two red slaps on her face

If she was seen by anyone like this, she probably wouldn’t have a future anywhere

“What do you want from me!”

Finally gathering all the courage she had, Anne loudly shouted


Carol who was watching could no longer bear with Anne’s actions and hit her ass with the whip her Master used on her


“You lowly slut! How dare you question my Master! Ever disobey my Master and I’ll personally take care of you!”

Anne started shivering as she saw the cold eyed Carol, she felt like she would be tortured to death if she went against her

Seeing that Anne was still not speaking, Carol raised the whip and hit her ass once again


“Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Sorryyyyyyy!”

“Calm down Carol, she still need to be properly trained”

Slightly moving his hand over her butt which was red was being whipped, Edward spoke honey coated words

Anne felt like he was the only one who could keep her safe from the cold blooded Carol

“Yes Master!”

“So, Anne will you dare go against me? I doubt if you would want to be Carol?”

“NO no noooo! I’ll do anything Edward! Please don’t leave me to her!”

Remembering the cold eyes which looked at her like watching a dead animal Anne trembled all over from fear

“Hahahahaha sure my little Anne. I’ll train you well. The first thing you need to learn is to always call me ‘Master’ understand?”

Edward’s voice and expression turned cold towards the end of his speech

Anne who watched him started shivering, she understood that they would kill her if she goes against them


This was the moment when Anne had fallen to the lowest point of her life, and also from where she would be remade


Chapter 6

While leaving the naked beauty in torture Edward left the principal room and headed towards the staff room

After looking at the timetable Carol gave him, he found out that his homeroom teacher was Anne the S+ ranked virgin

Thinking about how she would look, Edward increased his pace

After a few turns he finally found the staff room, knocking on the door he entered the room

There were many desks inside the room, and each desk had a name plate of the respective teacher on them

Looking through he found the desk which belonged to Anne

He didn’t even need to do that, just looking at all of their faces was enough to understand who Anne was

She was like a proud crane in a flock of chickens

Her brown hair which was just till her waist

Her breasts which weren’t too abundant, but just enough to please a man

Dressed in a similar style to Carol, she was wearing a black suit

Just as Edward entered Anne bent down to pick up something

This allowed her ass to be shown through her tight skirt

The moment she bent down it was like all men turned animals

Even though they didn’t dare to touch her, they all looked like they would strip her naked and rape her right here

Maybe I’ll turn her into my slave

Thinking until this, Edward got angry with all the ugly gazes that were directed towards his next slave

“Ahem, AHEM!!!!!”

He tried coughing once to break the weird gazes, but it turned out useless

As he loudly coughed the second time, it was heard by everyone

Even though they didn’t care about the student himself, they couldn’t let him spread rumors about them

“Miss Anne?”


To his question she rapidly got up, causing her breasts to lightly jiggle

Without letting the men around him enjoy it, Edward quickly stepped forward and stood right infront of her to block the view

“I’m the new student, Edward. It’s nice to meet you miss Anne”

“Oh, so you’re a new student!”

Maybe it was due to her professional nature, or her maturity that she wasn’t affected by his charm

Interesting…. This one would be quite fun to remodel


“I was told to meet you before leaving for my class miss Anne”

“Oh, that’s quite alright. You can go and wait outside the class, I’ll introduce you during the homeroom”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting miss Anne”

As Edward walked out of the room, he failed to grasp that Anne who was right in front of him had a slight blush

It seemed Edward’s charm is too much for any woman

While asking around Edward walked toward his class and stood outside the room

Even though all he did was stand outside, he attracted a lot of attention

“Is he a new transfer student?”

“He’s so hot…..Should I ask him out?”

“If he joins our class it would be sooooo good!”

All the girls wanted him to be a student of their class

“God damm! Is he a fucking model!”

“Hope he’s not a member of our class!”

“Dude your gf is staring at him! Hahahaha”

In retrospect to the girls, all the boys were cursing him, and hoping that he wouldn’t join their classes

As they were discussing about him, the long bell was heard

This signified the starting of the homeroom

As Edward still didn’t enter any of the class, the girls around him didn’t want to leave for their classes

But reality was too cruel, their respective teachers scolded them and forcefully dragged them back into their classes

Miss Anne finally arrived, she was 5 minutes late to the homeroom class

It seemed like she cam running, because her face was covered slightly in sweat

Her brown hair lightly sticking onto her face, increased her charm

I’ll definitely turn her into my slave

“I’m really sorry Edward, I was caught up in a meeting so it took me sometime to come. Go ahead and enter the class, you can introduce yourself”

“Okay miss Anne”

While lightly smiling he patted her head and walked inside his class, leaving behind the stunned Anne

She couldn’t understand what just happened

Her cheeks flushed red, as she never was too close with any man

Shaking her head she went inside

“Hello everyone I’m Edward. I’ll be joining your class”

Keeping it short he just gave his name and nothing else

While the guys were boo-ing him for his apathetic actions, the girls were even more satisfied with his cool guy act

“So where shall we have Edward seated?”

While she was lightly speaking to herself, she underestimated Edward’s charm

While she was looking through the class to find a vacant seat suitable for him, a loud noise erupted shocking her

“Miss he can sit here!”

“Yes yes! He can sit with us here miss”

As she was thinking the girls arranged themselves leaving a seat in the middle of all their desks for him

They coordinated so well, that it didn’t seem to be the work of teenagers

This was how powerful Edward’s charm was


Before she could finish speaking Edward walked straight and sat down in the seat

Which guy wouldn’t want to get seated between so many cute girls?

“Fine, Edward can sit there”

As he went by himself she could no longer stop him, so Anne just went with the flow

After the classes started there weren’t many major attractions or incidents

The classes smoothly ran with no disturbance

The girls all kept glancing at Edward trying to find an excuse to speak to him

Some girls even threw their stationary near him hoping to touch his hand, when he returns them

Of course this was just a fantasy

Even before Edward could move, the other girls would take care of it

Jealousy was a very powerful thing

Since they couldn’t touch him, they wouldn’t let others touch him as well

The classes went on till the lunch break

“Edward want to have lunch with us?”

“Yes yes, we have too much food anyway”

“Please have lunch with us!”

“Sorry girls, I’ve already got plans for today. Maybe some other time”

Turning them down he walked out of the classroom, leaving the girls feeling disappointed

Time to finish her punishment


Chapter 5

“The punishments not over slave!”

Saying that he striked with a cane once again

He brought that cane out of the same bag as the other tools

Unlike before he didn’t strike it on her ass, but straight on her asshole


With another sound he once again hit on her ass

A dark red mark appeared over her ass hole as the cane landed right on it

A god awful shriek came out of Carol’s mouth as she felt pain

But still she didn’t dare let go of her hands from her ankles

“Slave spread open your asshole to let me strike it”

“Yes Master!”

Even though she knew it would bring a lot of pain, she still followed through with her Master’s order


The moment she spread it, the cane landed leaving a dark red mark on it

As she once again shrieked out of pain, Edward threw the cane aside

“Will you dare break the rules ever again slave?”

“No Master! I’ll never break another rule!”

Satisfied with her response Edward moved his hand over her ass which was red from all the whippings she suffered

As Edward moved his hands he could feel her pussy dripping from being whipped

“What a horny slave! You dare get turned on from a punishment!”

“Sorry Master, I couldn’t control myself!”

“This calls for additional punishment”

While saying that Edward smiled and reached into the bag to bring out other tools

He took two nipple clamps, and one clit clamps

“Come here slave”

As Carol came without any resistance he reached out for her nipples and started to slowly turn the screws on the clamps

As the clamps slowly closed on the nipples, causing the tips to become engorged with blood

The tighter they got, the more agonized the look on Carol’s face became

Finally Edward stopped as her nipples looked like they were about to burst

Doing the same for her other nipples he fixed two nipple clamps tightly

After that he attached two balls each weighing 5lb onto each clamp

The moment they were added Carol screamed from the pain

Her two nipples which were already crushed due to the clamps were even more tightly pulled due to this

Not giving her time to rest he took the clit clamp and moved his hands towards her pussy

Adding the clip straight on her clitoris he let go, the ball of 5 lb’s was similarly attached to the clamp


A scream left her mouth as each of her sensitive parts was being pulled on by a clamp along with 5lb’s ball on each of them

“You’ll stay like this till I come back to see you understand!”

“Yes Master!”

While listening to her he picked up the cane he threw away before

With that he once again hit her





Three times he hit her on three sensitive places

Once on each nipple, and the last time on her clitoris

He hit the three of them which were already looking like they were about to burst from the tightness they were clamped with

“And if you dare please yourself or cum, you know what’ll happen right slave?”






An other shriek left her mouth when he striked the three places once again

“Yes Master! I don’t dare!”

“Okay then, take care. I’m going to be back when its time for lunch”

While saying that he walked out while closing the door

Inside the room was the still naked Carla with weights hanging from her breasts and clitoris

And her ass turned red from all the spankings she received

Not knowing what to do she just stood there

Fighting off the urge to masturbate, she just stood there waiting for her Master to come back as soon as possible


Chapter 4

Carol moved her hands to unbuckle the pants and lowered them, and finally completely removed them

Doing same to his underwear she turned Edward naked below his waist

Edward’s dick was already hard and ready to go

Standing 9” tall and pointing towards the sky, just seeing it was enough to mesmerize women into lusting for him

“Ah! NO matter how many times I see it, I can never get used to it Master!”

“Hahahahah, go ahead and feast on it slave!”

“Yes Master!”

Carol was waiting to be told that, the moment he spoke she thrusted her head forward to take his dick into her mouth

Not taking it all at once, she first began licking it from the tip to the root

While kneeling, she had both of her hands behind her back

She could only give a blowjob while moving her head, this was taught during her slave training

After applying her saliva by licking his dick, she began taking it inside her mouth

Spreading her mouth she took in the tip first

Slowly bobbing her head she began taking it in and out

As the dick went in and out, she kept sucking it like a vacuum

Not wanting to disappoint her Master she began taking the huge cock till the root

She deepthroated his dick without even gagging on it, this showed the amount of training she went through

While sucking obscene sound could be heard from her mouth

She intentionally raised her voice to let the slurping sound become more audible

“Master please cum inside my mouth!”

“Serve me well slave, maybe I will”

Saying that he held onto her head and began moving it front and back

Like he was fucking a pussy, he began humping her mouth

Instead of feeling angry or pain, Carol started moving her tongue even more fiercely

While fucking her mouth Edward finally reached climax

“Take it inside your mouth slave! Don’t let a single drop fall down!”

“Yassh Masshhterrr!”

With his dick still inside her mouth, she tried to speak the best as she could

Finally unable to bear it anymore Edward harshly pulled on her hair to not give a chance of moving away

And then he unleashed inside her mouth

“Agu, agu….”

Sound could be heard as his semen went straight down her throat, after a few seconds he finally finished cumming

As he removed his dick from her mouth, Carol opened her mouth to show all the semen inside it

Her mature face showed a slutty expression with milky white liquid inside her mouth

While mixing it with her saliva she began gulping it down not wanting to waste a single drop of it

“Thank you for the meal Master!”

“Now it’s time for your punishment. Do you know why you are being punished?”

“Yes Master, I broke the slave rule no 3”

“And that is?”

“Have my pussy always shaved and ready to be used by my Master!”

“Good! Since you understand your faults it will be easier to discipline you. Where’s the tool bag kept at?”

“It’s right below the table Master”

Just like she said below the table a black duffel bag was present

Edward took it out and opened it

Inside it were many sex tools

Ranging from nipple clamps, butt plugs, strap-ons, and many other things were inside it

“Now stand up”

“Yes Master”

As she stood up Edward began removing the tools from the bag

He took out the cat-o-nine tails first, it was made from pure leather and was black in color

“Bend over and hold onto your ankles! If you dare move the punishment will be increased!”

“Yes Master!”

While saying that she bend over and held onto her ankles, while pushing her ass to provide better access

Taking out the nine-tails he whipped it right on her perky ass


With an audible sound it landed right in her ass leaving behind 9 red marks

The sound reverberated throughout the room


Carol shrieked from pain as the whip landed on her butt cheeks

Not giving her time to rest Edward once again brought the whip and hit it continuously on her butt cheeks

One on the left and one on the right




With everytime it landed, the sound increased alongside Carol’s shrieks which were also increasing with every strike


After hitting her ass 20 times, Edward finally stopped

Her ass was completely red from all the whips that landed on her

“Thank you for punishing me Master!”

As she tried to stand up after apologizing

She stopped in her tracks as she shrieked from pain again



Chapter 3


The moment Edward entered the room the woman inside shouted

It was easy to see that she was filled with happiness

Almost like finding her long lost lover back the woman couldn’t suppress her excitement

But, she didn’t hug, kiss, or do anything similar to it

She just kneeled down in front of him

With her head facing him, still grinning like an idiot

“Hey Carol, didn’t know it was you who was positioned here”

“Yes Master, I was ordered to be the principal by the Mistress two months back”

“Now that explains everything. She’s more calculative than me isn’t she?”


“You don’t need to answer that Carol”


Like she heard an inside joke she lightly giggled

This was enough to make a man infatuated

Her lightly tanned skin, D cup breasts which jiggled along with her movement

Blonde hair flowing till her shoulders

A mature aura could be felt around her

Even though she was just 22, the charm made her more attractive

“Let’s get down to business. Slave no 3 brief me about the targets!”

“Yes Master!”

The moment the words ‘Slave no 3’ were heard by her she completely changed

The previous giggling and self satisfied look was no where to be found

Her eyes turned cold and decisive

It looked like she was willing to do anything and everything for him

That was how they were trained

Personal slaves trained by the Master and Mistress of the House of Hetaera

One order was enough to have them kill others or even kill themselves!

“The two targets this time are Lisa Cooper and her mother Becky Cooper

  1. Lisa – 18 years old, her body’s ranked as B+, headstrong girl, also a smart at studies
  2. Becky – Lisa’s mom, 35 years old, body ranked as A+, got married and pregnant when she was 17, loves her daughter more than anything else, ‘his’ wife”

“It’s going to quite some work this time right?”

“Nothing is impossible for you Master!”

“Hahahahaha, Everyone of you is just like that”

While saying them her reached out his hand and patted Carol’s head

Just like Stacey she started giggling with excitement, it almost looked she was about to climax just from that little contact

Her face flushed red and breathing heavy

“You’re that turned on already, Carol?”

“It’s not like thatttt Masterrrrrr! I haven’t had sex or pleased myself in the last two months as I was on duty!”

“Oh my, that’s too bad isn’t it?”

It was just like she said

Any Slave when sent out on a mission was not allowed to please herself no matter the situation

Unless she was given permissions before

As for having sex with others?

Don’t even think about it, being with anyone other than their Master and Mistress was punishable by death!

Even if their partner was a woman!

“There’s something else I found Master. This could count as a bonus on your trip”

“You’re quite hard working aren’t you? Tell me what you found”

“Well its not what, but who I found. Her name’s Anne Hare, she’s a science professor for in the school, 25 years old, still a virgin, and she’s been ranked as S+”

“An S+ ranked virgin? What’s wrong with her?”

“Nothings wrong with her personality as far as I know Master”

“I’ll decide it when I see her, is she going to be teaching anyone of my class?”

“Yes Master, you’re classes have been arranged similar to Lisa. And it just so happens that Anne’s classes are along them”

The woman ranking was developed by the mistress of Hetaera

Women ranked between C- and B+ were never turned into a personal slave of the Master or Mistress

The slaves could have sub-slaves but they were at least ranked A-

For everyone ranked S or higher they were turned into a personal Slave

For example Carol was ranked SS before she was turned into a slave

So it was quite surprising that an S+ ranked was still a virgin at the age of 25 years

“You did well Carol. As a reward I’ll let you masturbate in front of me”

“Reallyy Masterrrrr?”

Like she was gifted a million dollars Carol was so happy that her face was beaming

It almost looked like she was about to tear her clothes to start pleasing herself

But still maintaining her mindset she asked a question

“Master….. I….i ?”

“What is it Carol?”

“Master can I lock the door? And maybe ……… suck it?”

Her voice kept getting smaller the more she spoke, and at the end it was almost inaudible if you weren’t close to her

But Edward clearly heard all of it

“Lock the door and strip Carol”


She was so happy that she even forgot to call him master

Running she locked the door and cam back

She stood before Edward and started stripping

As a principal she wore a professional outfit

She had a Black T shirt worn

Over it was a grey tight jacket buttoned till the breasts

And a grey skirt just till her knees

And below it all was a black pair of stockings

Which Edward knew that it was a garter belt that she wore

Carol started stripping

She removed her over coats and all that remained was her black garter belt and black bra

They complimented her tanned body

Everymove she made was more and more intoxicating

“Come and kneel Slave”

“Yess Masterrrrrrrr!”

Unlike before when called slave, this time she was turned on

Almost running she came and knelt before him who was seated in the principal chair

“Remove the remaining too slave”

“As you order Master”

She moved her hands to unlink and remove the garter belts and panties above them

Also she unclasped the bra hook behind her

As soon as the bra was removed her breasts spilled

Her nipples were slightly red, unlike the pink shade of Stacey they were more dark

A small bush could be seen near her pussy

“You deserve to be punished slave! How dare you don’t shave your pussy!”

When spoken in a slightly authoritative tone, Carol got flustered

She knew that she would be punished for not properly maintaining her body

But, instead of feeling afraid she was even more turned on

“Yes Master! Carol has been a bad slave that deserves to be punished!”

A wry smile appeared on Edward’s face as he heard her

I forgot that she was a masochist

“You will be punished! Before that, come and suck me slave!”

“Yes Master!”


Chapter 2

“Wake up Stacey!”

While smiling Edward spanked her tight and perk ass to wake her up

He knew that she was awake but just pretending like she always does

“Heheheh, Good Morning Master!”

While feeling happy that her master woke him up like every other time

Not letting go of the opportunity she pecked him on his lips and ran away without giving him any chance to say anything

“You silly girl”

While smiling at her childish actions he got out of bed and walked naked down the stairs

As he entered the bathroom, the two women from yesterday were already naked and waiting for him

“Finish it quickly!”

“Yes Master!”

The two said in union as they began pouring water on Edward

After he was completely wet he sat down on the stool in the middle

The two women pored liquid soap onto their bodies and rubbed each other

After their bodies were covered in lather, they added some more soap to their bodies

Then they started rubbing their bodies onto him

One at the front and the other one at his back

As they began moving up and down his body started lathering

After he was soaped up they once again washed him down

Immediately they washed themselves and began drying Edward

“Good job”

While patting their heads he walked out of the room with nothing but a towel on his lower half

The two girls blushed from the compliment

They watched as Edward left, his well defined muscles were glistening with the slight moisture still on them

Going back to his room he could see Stacey waiting inside the room

She was dressed in clothes similar to yesterday

“Shall I help you dress up Master?”


Edward accepted with a small smile

As she helped him dress up she was watching his body like a hungry animal

Feeling happy with himself Edward lightly kissed her when she was done helping him


Ignoring the giddy woman, Edward walked out

The 18 year old was dressed in a high school uniform

Even this was not enough to reduce his charm which was intoxicating to women

He walked down the stairs and into the dining room to have his breakfast

The breakfast was once again ready and waiting for him

Slices of toast and sunny side up omelet was on his plate

As he sat down to eat, Stacey came down and sat in the chair next to him and had her breakfast

“Are you done? Its time to leave”

“Yes Master!”

Stacey was done even before Edward, she completely gobbled down the food

Still it looked alluring even when stuffing her face with food

Not speaking anymore Edward walked out while Stacey brought a school bag with her and came behind him

Reaching the i8 they once again entered and drove away

But this time the two women did not follow them

“Are you well rested Master? We’re about to reach our destination”

“I’m fine”

While giving a short reply he looked outside to find a high school a few cars were parked outside from which students were entering the school

But the i8 caught a lot of attention the moment it came close

It was meant to happen

The i8 was a luxury anywhere in the world and the blue i8 was never seen before in Kyoto

“We should have come in something a bit less extravagant right?”

“It doesn’t matter what you come in Master, you will always shine brightly!”


While feeling happy from the cheesy lines Edward kissed her and stepped out of the car

The moment he came out all the girls felt their hearts skip a beat

The boy was 6 feet, his complexion was white but not too much

Pure black hair to compliment his complexion

Well defined facial features, and a body which didn’t look overly bulk but well defined muscles could be slightly peeked at

He was like a walking chick magnet

Even a few married women couldn’t help but feel intoxicated

Obviously used to this, Edward didn’t think too much or feel nervous

He walked with a light smile on his face while waving his hand towards Stacey

This small gesture was enough to make all the girls more intoxicated with him

His smile felt like it was lighting up the whole world

A few women were thinking of offering up their bodies to him

Obviously angry with the way they were looking at her Master, Stacey small the horn and took off in a rash driving manner

This broke the women out of their stupor

With a wry smile Edward continued walking

He understood what happened

This little girl will never change


While lightly sighing he kept moving

Every time he walked past a group of girls they would start furiously chatting about him

“Did you look at him!”

“You think he’s a model?”

“Maybe I’ll propose to him”

“Like he will accept you!”

All kinds of talks could be heard while Edward walked the hallways

Because he never came here before he didn’t know the directions

Spotting a group of girls ahead of him

“Excuse me, could you tell me the directions toward the principal?”



After stuttering a few times due to his dazzling smile

They were finally able to answer

“Go go.. straight and take a lefttt, the rooms at the end!”

As one girl finally spoke out, Ed felt quite happy because of obtaining directions

“Thank you”

Throwing out another dazzling smile he patted the head of the girl who answered and walked according to the directions


Feeling quite happy the girl shrieked

While the other girls were disappointed that they weren’t the ones who answered him

As he finally reached the end he could see the Principal’s office

He lightly knocked on the door

Before long an answer came form the inside

“Come in!”

Opening the door he entered the room



Chapter 1

“I’m off to bring in the next target, bye Car!”

Edward said while heading out of the mansion

While he was leaving a woman of 24 years old followed him out

She was Caroline, the most important person in Edward’s life

While walking him out of the mansion, she kissed him

And it was not a little peck on the lips, or cheeks like a kid

She pressed her tongue into his mouth, and tightly held onto his head to savor the moment

If possible she wouldn’t want him toe leave, she would rather Ed stay with her for the rest of the lifetime

But, ironically it was all because of her was Edward leaving

“Come back as soon as possible honey”

“You know that I always do”

Like that Ed left her and walked out the mansion

‘House of Hetaera’

These words were written on the mansion

On the pure white mansion these words were written in purple

The lightest shade but the brightest contrast

The color had an almost mesmerizing effect

It was similar to an alluring woman calling men towards it

But not many dared to come here

Anyone who stepped inside was a person of stature and money

As Ed was leaving he could see the patrol guards moving

What was surprising was that, every guard was a woman

They were also good looking; even though they couldn’t count as the most gorgeous they were more than enough to tempt almost any kind of a man

They all were dressed in black and black

Black pants, black shirt, black shoes, black gloves, …..

It was completely black

The dress covering them was so tight, that it showed off their perfectly trained bodies

But, it didn’t obstruct any kind of movement

Every guard also had a gun attached to their hips!

As Edward was walking out, every guard saluted him whenever they saw him

Not a single one dared to not

After walking through the path to the main gate, a silver Mercedes AMG was waiting for him

On the side of it a woman was standing

She was 5.8”, long black hair tied into a ponytail till her waist

Her expression was similar to an animal waiting to pounce on you

She was dressed in black pants that complimented her perfect ass, a white T-shirt which was bulging due to her F-cup breasts, and on top of it all she wore a black jacket

The dress complemented her pure snow white skin

There were also two guns on both sides of her hips

She was similar to the guards around the mansion

With slight differences, this was due to her higher ranking position

She was Stacey, the head of security

Also the only one among the guards who could ever dress as she wishes

“All ready, Stacey?”

“Yes, master! Everything has been prepared according to your wishes. All the tools are in the trunk”

“Well done”

While saying that he patted her head, her expression which could scare a man to death immediately melted into a grin similar to an infatuated teenager

The smile was dazzling enough to infatuate any man

If anyone who knew her was here to watch her smile, they would definitely feel that they were dreaming

This woman never even smiled when in front of anyone else

“Let’s go Stacey”

“Yes, Master!”

While saying that she opened the passenger door to let him get in

The moment he got in she closed the door and ran towards the driver seat not wanting to waste a second

She started the car and drove away immediately

Their destination was Kyoto

This was almost straight opposite to where they were Sapporo

It was a 1h55min fight to travel

After reaching the airport Stacey stopped the car

Two women came from nowhere and opened both of the doors to help them get out

These two were also guards of the mansion

Slightly nodding towards them Edward started walking into the airport

This slight nod was similar to being blessed

The two girls blushed furiously, they couldn’t control themselves

Not bothering with them, Stacey brought the bags out of the trunk and followed Ed

From the time of boarding Ed never spoke once

He was continuously lost in thought, and Stacey dared not express any kind of jealousy or tried to disturb him

After the flight landed, they made their way towards the exit

Similar to before, two women were waiting for them

The two women immediately picked up the bags and followed behind them

Ed and Stacey entered into the BMW i8 and left, while the two girls followed behind in another car a Porsche 911

After a 40 min journey they finally reached the destination

Edward walked into the villa while the three followed behind him

It was almost 11 at night by then

Having dinner which was ready for him, he went into the master bedroom


Within a few seconds she came running inside

“Yes Master!”

“Who are our targets this time?”

“We have two targets this time master. Both of them are special cases, Becky and Lisa”

“If they weren’t special targets do you think I would have made a trip personally?”

Edward said with a slight chuckle

In response Stacey blushed and bent her head to try and cover her shame

She was ashamed of herself

“Don’t blame yourself, come here”

After working with her for a long time, Ed knew how she behaved

He immediately understood that she was feeling depressed

In response to his beckoning Stacey jumped into his arms

Not even giving a chance to push her away, she wrapped her arms around his neck

Edward didn’t push her away but instead kissed her on the lips

After intwining their tongues Ed moved his mouth away

Stacey still unhappy and unsatisfied tried to kiss him again

But Ed didn’t let her


“Yes master!”

“Come help me take off my clothes”


Unable to conceal her joy she helped him strip as soon as possible until he was completely naked

But against her expectations he didn’t invite her to have sex but just lied on the bed

“Get naked and sleep with me, I’m busy tomorrow. So no sex today”

“Yes Master…”

Obvious disappointment was shown on her face, but she dared not complain and just removed her clothes

Her naked body was like and angel who fell down to earth

Pure white mounds were perk even though they were huge

Pink color nipples were hard and standing

Her pussy completely bare without a strand of hair

Her body was enough to make a man horny

Just imagine how her naked body would affect a man

But Ed still didn’t have sex, he just enjoyed the scene infront of him

“Come here”

Not wanting to see her disappointed he pulled her near him

Without any warning he kissed her lips once again

He didn’t even let her go for a long time

The whole time he pushed his tongue inside her mouth

He didn’t let go till she was choking for air

“Good night Stacey”

As Edward drifted off into sleep while saying that

A smile blossomed onto Stacey’s face

She was so happy that it took her a long time to calm down and fall asleep