Chapter 1


The Changing World – 1


My alarm clock went off to an anime song on my smartphone that was connected to the charging cable.

It’s 7 in the morning.

It is a weekday today. So, in saying that, I have to go to school.


I stopped my alarm that was playing the anime song then stared at the ceiling for about a minute in bed while waiting for my drowsiness to fade away.

I got out of bed and stood up and was attacked by a bout of slight dizziness. Staggering, I inadvertently smacked my hand on my study desk.


The view in front of me was distorted, I reflexively shut my eyes. I thought I might have had a fever but come to think about it, it might not be the case.

I have tinnitus in my ear, it is noisy. My head started to hurt. I guess I might have caught something bad. Cold sweat started running down my spine.


At the worst possible moment, a wave of exhaustion ran over me. I wonder if I was going to die like this.

That was what I was thinking at this time.


knock knock knock


The sound of someone knocking on the door rang out. That sound pulled back my consciousness.


「How long are you going to sleep for?! Please answer me?!」


My mother’s voice rang out from the other side of the door.


「Eee? Aaaa… …」

「Mou, you have been asleep forever, hurry up and get ready or you will be late!」


When I looked at my clock it showed that it was nearly 8 o’clock

Has that much timed passed? I thought it was only a few minutes at most. As soon as I was aware of that, my dizziness and headache settled down.

What was it, really? There was no more time to relax. If I don’t get ready quickly, I’ll be late for sure.


My body’s well-being became a concern to me, but right then I was concentrating on getting ready for school.


With that one incident in the morning, the day became one that was very unusual, exceedingly unusual.

It was good that I arrived before classes started but due to rushing to get ready in the morning, I forgot some of my textbooks and school work that I needed in class today. The girl that sits next to me seems to be aware of that but she made no effort to call out and share her textbook with me. Of course, I had no expectations of her doing that for me.


It was maths for the 5 period. The teacher noticed that I had no textbook on my desk.


「What? Have you forgotten your textbook? Well then, you next to him, share your textbook with him. 」

「… … Haiiii~」


The girl next to me replied in an annoyed voice. Then, she still does not share it!!

Despite being told to by the teacher, she still will not show her textbook to me. The position of her textbook hardly moved at all. Ano, I can’t read it here if it is in that position.

And that was that, the girl next to me never reacted to the voice in my heart and this continued till the end of the lesson.


In no way was I happy about the situation but with this, all of my classes ended. Finally, I returned home.

I wanted to withdraw to my room as soon as possible and made every effort to do this impeccably.  However, that started to backfire.


「Uwaa… …」


The first words to greet me when I entered the front door came from my sister that got home earlier and it was not “Welcome home.”

The look that emanated from my younger sister who saw me was unhappy. Yeah, I was detested by my blooded related younger sister.

I really did do my best to get home as soon as possible. I tried to reduce the time needed for my return trip by crossing the train crossing just as the signal went off with lucky timing. However, because of that, I met my sister at the front door.

If only I got stopped by that signal.


However, I would not begrudge god for such a misfortune. If you want to know why, it was because god did something far greater.

My sister, who sighed and returned to her bedroom, is very cute. Although we were definitely born from the same parents, I’m unattractive and my younger sister is cute. Such is the unfairness that was bestowed upon me by god.

Even with that, I won’t even say any reproachful remarks to god, nothing would come of it. The differences in appearance between my younger sister and myself is merely genetic mischief. I sighed the same way my sister did and headed straight to my bedroom.


「So now, I guess I’ll masturbate」


I took off my uniform and muttered under my breath. It has become routine for me to whack off when I come home from school.

I’ve already started to flop out my dick that was already half erect.

I opened my drawer at the bottom of my desk and took out an erotic manga that had a female knight getting fucked by an orc.


Unease immediately flooded me.


I have a number of erotic books stored at the bottom of my drawer and they were camouflaged by notes and printouts.  There is quite a thick stack from all the books and notes accumulated there. Right now, that thickness of the stack is clearly insufficient.

I hurriedly took everything out of that drawer in a panic but there was nothing there as expected. I especially went secretly to the bookstore several stations away by train to buy them, every one of my precious gems of erotic literature is gone.


Did my mum throw them all out?!

That was the first thing that came to my mind. In saying that, would she especially go through my drawers searching for erotic material to throw out… …?


In the first place, what are erotic books… …?




What am I saying… …? What is an erotic book, why is this?!


Right at that moment, dizziness like what hit me this morning happened again. In my head, all sorts of knowledge surfaced.

Then I understood.


In this world, there is no such thing as eroticism.



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