Chapter 5

Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 3


“What is that?”

“It’s a dick”

Rina couldn’t understand what was happening

After I took of my shorts she kept staring at my dick not knowing what I was doing

“What happened to it?”

“I am special, my dick is erected”


“Yes, I’m special. Now touch it”

“I should?”

Looking at my dick, even the ignorant Rina hesitated

“Don’t you want to touch it? It’s so hard!”

“Oh, fine”

Maybe her curiosity got the better of her?

She slowly moves her hand towards my dick, the moment her warm hand touched my rod, it trembled from the stimulus

“It trembled!”

While feeling shocked, Rina kept staring at my dick eagerly

But, even I was surprised

Why did it react this much?

Is it because someone else touched it?

It feels completely different from when I touch myself

“Well, don’t stop. Keep touching it”

After I said that, she brought her second hand too

While feeling the warmth from both of her hands my dick went a little more erect

“Your penis, it’s getting more stiff! And it’s so hot!”

Rina murmured holding my dick

“Now try rubbing it gently”



When Rina moved her hand up and down, it felt like electricity ran through my spine

It feels so good!

“Yes! Yes! More! Don’t stop!”

While bathing in pleasure, I urged Rina to move her hand even more

While thinking that my reaction was funny, she began moving her hand

“It fells good, Rina…more”

“Does it really feel good?”

“It fells great!”

“Is it the same thing I felt when you played with my nipples?”

“It feels even better than that!”

“Oh, really…….”

Rina muttered feeling envious

Did I ever have such a long conversation with my sister?

Since I can remember, this is my first time we’ve even been together for so long

“If you satisfy me…….. Maybe I’ll make you feel even more pleasant later on”


Rina’s smile turned a bit more happy

Ah man, she’s so cuteeeee!

“Ah, you’re peeing!?”

Rina suddenly moved her hands away from my dick

When I looked down, a little pre-cum started leaking

Did she think this was pee?

“No, it’s different. This isn’t pee”

“But, it’s coming out of your penis”

This idiot, after losing all knowledge about sex, she thinks everything that comes from a dick is pee

“It really is different”

Saying, I touched the pre cum with my finger and moved it

A thread grew from the tip of my finger till the dick

“Now do you believe me?”


As I said, Rina also moved her finger towards my dick

Just like when I did, a thread extended towards her finger

It’s so erotic!

“Try licking it”

“Ew! It’s dirty!”

“No, unlike pee this isn’t dirty at all”


Even though she still doubted me, Rina took my word and licked her finger


A small frown appears on Rina’s face

“How is it?”

“Somewhat salty”


“Now try licking it directly from my dick, it’s taste changes after being exposed to the air”


Still she moves her face closer and stretches her tongue

A little more…

5 centimeters more, 4, 3, 2, 1……..


With a audible sound I burst out releasing some semen straight on her lips

“Wow! It really does taste different”

Saying that she squeezed my dick with her hand, and licked my tip


A pleasant sensation ran over my body as she licked it

“Oh, but I might get addicted to this taste…”

Rina said so while licking my tip even more, trying to lick as much as possible

“Ri, Rina, wait a second”

As the pleasure kept increasing, I’m sure I’ll cum if this keeps up


But instead of stopping, she actually kissed the tip of my dick and slightly sucked on it


I panicked and pushed Rina’s face


“It’s your turn now! I’m satisfied!”

If I didn’t stop her I’m sure I would cum, thank god for my quick thinking


Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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