Chapter 5
Chapter 1

There are things that I need to say first.

I’m reluctant to say but I’m kind of unattractive. I’m plump, I’ve got bad reflexes and I have bad communication skills.

Though I’m now a high schooler, I can count the number of times that I have spoken to girls, not to even mention getting intimate with one.


Even then the conversation would be,


「Argh, I dropped your eraser.」

「Aa, I’ve picked it up for you.」


「Aa. I’ve brought the dustpan. 」

「So, go pick up the rubbish and throw it away」


So, such conversations are indicative of my state of affairs.


As it appears, I can definitively say, I seem to be loathed by girls. It has been the same from elementary school till, now, in high school.

Even in such a situation, there is just one thing that I excel over others. That’s the size of my dick.

In that regard, I’m much larger than most guys. It is long, thick and when I cum, there is a large volume of semen and best of all, I get rock hard. Not only that, I have excellent stamina and my erection won’t go away even if I ejaculate many times!

Is there a woman that would criticise suck a penis? No, not one!

It is not too much to say that women would be absolutely pleased with my penis!

… … … …

Though that is what I would love to say, in reality though I’m unwilling to say this, I only use this penis for peeing. Since I don’t use it as a sex organ, it is probably fine to omit the mosaic even if it was broadcasted on TV.

Even though it pains me to say it, my penis is only ever used as a urinary organ.


Until that day… …


On this day, after school in the classroom, I was in luck as 3 girls started lusting for and competing for said penis.


All of them had entranced looks on their faces as though they have spotted the the most delicious thing in this earth, my dick was alternating between their mouths.

I stroked their heads as they looked up at me with happy looks on their faces.


Other than the 3 girls and I, there are other people in the classroom. Almost without exception, even throughout the years, the girls and young women here are really beautiful. All of them here are my women.

All the girls’ gazes where on my dick, all their attention was poured onto my rod. Whether it is because they can’t wait for their turns or for some other reason, they were fondling with their own nipples and clitoris to pleasure themselves.


As I beckoned for one girl, she showed a sweet smile and rushed over.

I caressed her hairless crack with my hand. I’ve got a fondness for hairless pussies, I make my women shave their pussies. Everyone accepted those instructions with pleasure.


One of the girls that was licking my dick could not endure it anymore, stood up and started rubbing her pussy on my penis.


From this day on, I will fuck all of them.


I am not doing this by force. It is because all these girls want it.

It is not due to power or money that I wield or even because I’m exceptionally attractive. Naturally, it is not because I’ve obtained special abilities like hypnotism or some miraculous application like that.

What changed was not me, it was the whole world.

So. The only one that stayed the same in the world that day, was me… …



Chapter 5
Chapter 1

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