Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Episode 1 – Manifestation



What’s going on? 」


When I got up this morning as per usual, something was quivering in front of my eyes.

It is silvery and slender like a gossamer thread, it was waving in front of me with a pura pura.

Being that it is annoying, I pick at it.




There is an odd sensation when I touch it.

I pulled at it to have a closer look




It is growing out from the top of my head.

The sensation of insects crawling over me was felt.

It is certainly different from hair, there seems to be composed of nerves.

However, it was not only the weird tactile sensation, I can also move it around at will.

I can feel and move it at will.


「I’ve lived till now, the 2nd year of high school, and I’ve never seen or heard of a controllable tactile nerve growing out of a person before.」


With that idiotic thought notwithstanding, I notice having a sense of touch with it.


「The end is sharp.

Hmm? 」


The tip of the tactile thread was sharp and when I put some force into it, some sort of liquid came out.

Well, there is not much information as yet.

When I licked the liquid, it had no taste, colour or odour.

In addition to all of this, I don’t feel any change in my body.

Well, I guess my own bodily fluids are not toxic to myself.

I leave my room and go downstairs and maybe ask someone else.


「Ara, Takumi.

Good morning」

As soon as I descended from the stairs I saw

「Good morning, Misaki-san.

Aah, that’s not it, Mum」


I was my mother Misaki-san.

Even as I call her Mum, she is really my step-mother. My father got remarried to her.

My biological mother divorced my father when I was young.


Apparently, I have a twin sister, my father took me and my biological mother seems to have taken my older twin sister.

I don’t know many details, including their names. I don’t remember their faces either. I’ve lost all interest.

After divorcing my biological mother, my father and I started living with my grandmother, the 3 of us.


My grandmother passed away 3 years ago and my father remarried Misaki-san a year after that.

Misaki-san was an acquaintance when my grandmother was alive and I called her Misaki-san then.

Even now, after 2 years of marriage to my father, I still call her Misaki-san instead of Mum.

The reason it is that it’s awkward, due to the age gap.

That’s because she is 26 years old. She is closer in age to being an older sister rather than a mother.

Though I’m a bit of a problem child, Misaki-kaasan is a nice person, so the relationship is good.



「So, let’s have breakfast now. should we? 」


Misaki-san said as she puts breakfast on the table.

(Are? Have you not noticed the tactile thread growing out of my head?)

We sit opposite each other at the table and have breakfast.


「Where’s Dad?」


「He’s working on his day off.

He’s definitely a very busy person. 」


I start shaking the thread in front of our eyes while I was having a casual conversation with her, but I got no reaction.

(Maybe she can’t see it?)

I try to tickle Misaki-san’s ear with it and see what happens.

But, there is still no reaction.

(Can’t she feel it touching her?)

Being convinced of that, this time, I pricked the back of her hand with it.


There was no reaction from her, but I felt a change.

I feel like I’ve gained a second body.

When I try to raise the left hand of the second body.




Misaki-san raised her left hand.

In addition to this, when I tried scissors, paper, rock (jankenpon) with that hand, Misaki-san’s hand moves accordingly.

(Can I manipulate the person that I’ve pierced with the tactile thread?)

Not only that.

A feeling of bewilderment flowed into my head. It was not that clear, but I could understand it like a language.

(This must be what Misaki-san is feeling…)

Why is my hand moving all by itself and ignoring my intentions? That sort of feeling flowed into me.

(It looks like I can read people’s feeling too.)

I admired the tactile ability that I’ve gained.

(I wonder what happens if I inject that liquid?)

That colourless, tasteless, odourless liquid was released from the thread. Are, when I inject it…

I could not overcome my curiosity and I injected a small amount of said liquid into Misaki-san.

Immediately after that, Misaki-san’s emotions suddenly changed.

(Is this lust?)

Misaki-san seems to be getting sexually excited, Is that liquid an aphrodisiac?

Then, for now, I’ll withdraw the tactile thread from Misaki-san.


Misaki-san’s breath roughened, her lips parted slightly and she was looking down.

「I’ll clean up in a while.」

She said, the stood up.


However, it was obvious that her legs were trembling and her footing, unsure.

Then she started washing the dishes.


「I’ll help.」


I stand next to her and washed the tableware.

In the midst of that, I asked Misaki-san if she was in pain and she continuously ignored me.

Immediately after the dishes were done, I stabbed Misaki-san again with the tactile thread.

I can feel the sense of lust has grown bigger than what was sensed before.

I manipulated Misaki-san to kneel in front of me. Then




She said with upturned eyes. It was also possible to make her say it with words.

I manipulated Misaki-san’s hand to take my member out.

Misaki-san’s face moved closer with her tongue extended towards my penis.

My penis engorges with the pleasure.

Then I extracted the tactile thread.

It is boring just to force her.


The idea that she is consciously committed to proceeding herself rather than being manipulated is better.

What she does from here on is due to her own free will.

Misaki-san does not take her eyes off my penis under her nose.

However, she stopped moving.

It is probably a struggle between her lust and sense of reason.

Though, it seems that the aphrodisiac has won and she proceeds to put my penis in her mouth.

Then, she starts bobbing her head and commits to giving me a blowjob.


“Jupo, jupo”


A lewd, watery noise resounds from an intense deepthroat.

I can’t endure the intensity.


「I’m cumming!」


I flooded Misaki-san’s throat with my ejaculate.

She starts to purr then drinks it.


Some of the liquid drip out and fall on Misaki-san’s breasts.

She scoops up the dripped remnants and voluntarily licks it up.


Well, I’m not manipulating her right now.

It was all her own volition to proceed with the deepthroat, drink my semen and call it 「Tasty…」.


Moreover, Misaki-san is saying


「Please, mou, it is no good anymore…」


She clung and attached herself to my waist.

I help her stand, then lead her to lie down on the table.

Then rolled her skirt up.

Her underwear oozed a sense of adult sensuality.

A stain had started forming above her special place on her underwear.

When I pushed there gently.


「Ahhn, right there~~!」


She squirmed her hips back and forth.

I pulled down her panties in one stroke.

Misaki-san’s abundant and beautifully shaped butt is exposed.

I stoke her ass and enjoy the feel of her silky smooth skin.


「Aaa, my ass, don’t just stroke it…」


Misaki-san is incoherent but is obviously inviting it.

When I inserted my finger into her secret spot a fishy, feminine smell wafted over and her love nectar spilled out.


「aaa, aaaaa~~!


More, more, ooo~! 」


While the melodious sound of lascivious liquid fills, her juices fall down to the floor via rivulets along her thick thighs.

Wow, just how good is she actually feeling?

I lost all sense of self-control and grabbed Misaki-san’s hips.

And then I docked my hot member into her secret place.

But I have yet to insert it.

Just piercing her entrance with the tip, continuing to tease her.


「Nooo, don’t be mean!!!」


Misaki-san falls to depravity, loses to the stimulation and begs me to penetrate her.

At once, I plunged into her velvet tunnel to the root.




She lets out a sweet scream and bends back seductively.

Her vagina entwines my penetrated penis completely and starts moving internally in waves.

The sensation of her tightening down on me is exquisite.

I start to my hips with abandon.


「Excellent, yes, ooooh~~!!!」


I move my mouth to Misaki-san’s ear while she is absorbed in pleasure.


「Who do you prefer, Dad or me?」


I fired off a cruel question.


「Aaa, please don’t say anything about this to him~.


OK, I’ll forget it about it and ravish Misaki-san~~!!」


Misaki-san’s ass continuously smacks against my hips with a smacking sound.


「Mou, I’m cumming~~!!」


Misaki-san was about to reach her limit.

At the same time, I was losing my ability to endure.


「Misaki-san, me too, already..!!」


Where would you like me to cum?!

In your pussy?



I’ll do as you wish! 」


「Don’t cum in me~~!!

so, cum outside~~~!!!!」


I heard Misaki-san’s pleading

(has her reason not completely crumbled?

Well, it seems like it will be extremely fun in future)


I think while I passionately move my hips.


cumming, cumming cuuuuumming~~~!!!」


Misaki-san climaxes and bends her back backwards.

At that very moment, Misaki’s vagina intensely clamps down on my penis.

I desperately endured and pulled out at once.

I then came massively all over her ass.


「Aaa, warm…」


Masaki-san sang out with an entranced voice.

I went back into my room and broke into a broad grin.


「I don’t know what this tactile thread is but it is awesome.

With this I can conquer any woman.

I am going to enjoy this to my heart’s content」


I can’t help but laugh out loud when I think about what the future brings.



Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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