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Episode 2 – The teacher and the train




The morning of the day after the tactile thread grew, the first thing I did when I woke up was to confirm that it was still there.


「It looks like it isn’t a dream」


The tactile thread was still growing out of my head.

Being a Monday today, I have to go to school.

Will because I’m neither stupid or a delinquent, I actually attend high school.

My grades are not bad and I go to a decent school too.

I have few friends, but that is understandable as I try not to get too involved with the surroundings.

Well, in saying that, that has not inconvenienced me since I’ve been like that from elementary school till the 2nd year of high school.

School life is not painful nor is it particularly fun.

However, it is going to be enjoyable from today.

I can use the power of this tactile tread as much as I wish.

I changed my clothes as I was ruminating on those thoughts.


「Good morning, Misaki…Mum」


「Gg, good morning」


Misaki-san looks at my face, turns bright red then immediately looks down.

By the way, my father left home earlier on.

He was gone by the time I woke up.

On weekdays, Misaki-san has breakfast with my Dad, so I have breakfast alone.

In saying that, because Misaki-san made me breakfast, she has no discontent.

I washed my face then sat at the table.


「Aaa, unnn, Takumi-kun…」


Misaki-san said to me, with an awkward expression and heavily blushing.


「Forget about yesterday.

I wasn’t thinking straight yesterday…」


Has her sense of reason been restored after 1 night?

However, that is why this is fun and enjoyable.

Having to think about such evil thoughts.


「Impossible, you know?

Yesterday’s “Misaki” was supremely erotic. 」


I purposefully dropped her honorifics to create the maximum psychological impact.


「Don’t say that…

If that person finds out…」


As it stands, I have a psychologically superior position.


「I won’t say anything to Dad.

In saying that, can Misaki endure without me? 」


「I, I~!」


「Yesterday, you were servicing me all on your own, begging me to pleasure you, Misaki was cumming hard.」




「Well, I guess you understand」


I head for school after I finished up with breakfast.

(It will take a little time for Misaki to completely fall)


When I was waiting for the train at the station, I was tapped on my shoulder with a “pon”.

When I turned around.


「Good morning, Houjou」


It was my health teacher Makihara-sensei.

Makihara-sensei is a female health teacher that is in her late 20s

She has a well ordered, beautiful face with thin makeup on.

Other than that, she has a good figure and an open-hearted character that is popular with students of both sexes in school.

Adding to that, she knows the name of all her students.


I monologed to myself.

「Someday I would like to examine that patient.

It is natural to want that, isn’t it?」


With that, a sense of mystique set fire to an enthusiasm towards perverted ideas of the health teacher.


「Good morning, Makihara-sensei」


Though, shouldn’t a teacher be getting to school earlier than students?


「OK. A proper greeting is the first step towards developing a good human relationship.

Well, for me who is late, myself, there is no persuasive power in what I’m saying, though」


Is it ok for a teacher to be late? I don’t think that is good for a teacher.


「Oo, The train is here.」


As I was talking to Makihara-sensei, the train arrived at the station.

I then got on the train with her.


(Has prey just approached me by herself?

Well then, let me enjoy, Makihara-sensei)


When we boarded the train, Makihara-sensei and I stood side-by-side in front of the door. Of course, it is packed to the brim.

This is convenient.

The length of my tactile thread is around 2 meters. I can’t use it on a subject far away.

However, at this distance, it is absolutely fine.

I pierced Makihara-sensei with my tactile thread.

The manipulated Makihara-sensei leaned in and rested on my chest.

Just like a sweetheart would.


(Fufufu, are you not confused?)


「Makiharha-sensei, what’s wrong?」


Feigning ignorance, I ask Makihara-sensei, but it seems that she is at loss as of how to answer.

Then, Makihara-sensei reaches down and touches my junk over my pants.




Makihara-sensei did not stop when I call out frantically. I can’t stop here.

She gently stroked me with her delicate fingers and my flaccidity was immediately reversed.

Then, Makihara-sensei grabs my hand and leads it to her secret place.


「It’s fine, play with my vagina to your heart’s content…」


She whispers into my ear.

The surrounding passengers do not notice our actions.

I’m having Makihara-sensei act as a female pervert.

I stroke her pussy over her underwear according to Makihara-sensei’s instructions.

With that, her body reacts with a quiver.

When I slowly and repetitively stroked with my finger, she started trembling.


(My excitement is growing with her confusion.)


Reading Makihara-sensei’s emotions, I proceeded to put my hands down her underwear.


「Aaa,nnn, guu!」

As Makihara-sensei was about to let out her voice, I closed her mouth with my other hand.

I did not think about the fact I could control her voice.

I immediately remove my hand from her mouth.

I slowly trace my finger over her secret place then along her slit.




Makihara-sensei desperately tried to stop her exclamation.

She took out a handkerchief and bit into it to endure.

When my fingers penetrated her vagina, her knees went weak and started trembling.

She clung to me as if she was unsure if she was about to collapse.

Makihara-sensei’s soft chest feels exquisite.


「Mou, I’m about to give up…」


She said that with her own intention and not via my control. But,


「It is an invitation from a teacher.

I’ll accompany you till the end.」


「Ahhh, no….」


I flashed an evil grin, then inserted my finger deep into her vagina.




Makihara-sensei bends back, trying to endure the pleasure.

However, it was fruitless as her pussy reacts to the stimulating pleasure and spills forth her love juices.

My hand gradually got wet with her lubrication.


(She is excited, but her shyness still remains)


In this circumstance, I’ll enjoy myself to the utmost.

Now that I mention it, I am really enjoying this situation.

I slip out the inserted finger and swap it with my right hand between her legs.

I then move my left that that is sticky with Makihara-sensei’s love liquids in front of her eyes.

Manipulated by me, Makihara-sensei, held my hand then proceeded to lick off her own love juices.

Feel it more, tried to endure it further then climax.


Makihara-sensei was getting more and more aroused with my machinations.

But due to not being able to move her body freely, she is unable to resist it.

Meanwhile, my finger that is stirring Makihara-sensei’s honey pot bumped into something that felt like a protrusion.

The instant I came in contact, Makihara-sensei bends back, her mouth starts gaping open and shut continuously like a fish gulping.

I assume that the protrusion is a clitoris and start flicking it with my finger.




Desperately trying to muffle her voice, her endurance is reaching the limit.

But I was not about to stop fingering her bean.

However, having her moan loudly here may not be the best idea.

So I manipulated Sensei.


「n? nnn~~! 」

Makihara-sensei grabs my head to face her and then proceeds to kiss me.

Then her tongue proceeds to extend into my mouth and tangles with my tongue.

Feelings of confusion gradually start to disappear from Makihara-sensei.

As her shame melts away, it was dominated by excitement.

The finally, I pinched her clitoris with decent force.




A muffled voice was raised, then her whole body started to convulse.

Even though I didn’t manipulate her, the put strength into her hand and turned my head.

Being convinced that I got her to climax, I finished off by embracing then kissing her and got off at our intended station.


We then sat at a bench in the station.

As the tactile thread has been withdrawn, Makihara-sensei can now move at her own volition.

However, she has lost all strength in her body due to the lingering effects of her orgasm.




Though her eyes look vacant, they start filling again with consciousness.


「Aaaa, I…」


She started recalling about the things done on the train and was clearly getting flustered and dismayed. Then,


「Houjou! You…!」

「It was Sensei that seduced me, you know.

Besides, it was only Sensei that came.

In addition to that, you forced a kiss on me…」


「St, stop!」


I basically attempted to destroy all criticism of me by punishing back with “facts”.

Even though she was being manipulated, she was fully conscious. She also has a memory of this incident.

That’s why the “facts” are undeniably the “truth”, she can’t deny it.

The effect of this argument is tremendous, Makihara-sensei can’t say anything.


「As for the matter of school…」


「If you want me to keep it a secret, I’ll need some form of compensation」


I said that with a villainous intent.


「Money? I can deal with a small amount somehow…」


「I don’t need that.


For the time being, I will consider it a “debt”」




With this, Makihara-sensei is psychologically cornered.

By making it a “debt”, she can’t refuse my requests.

Then, I’ll make her succumb gradually.


「By the way, can you please tell me Makihara-sensei’s given name?」


「…, It’s Mikoto」


「So, Mikoto.

I’ll collect on this “debt” gradually」


By calling her by her first name, the hierarchical relationship has been flipped.


(Mikoto, you are a good woman.

Like Misaki, I’m going to enjoy you falling)



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Chapter 3

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