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Episode 3 – Masturbation in the Classroom


I parted from one of my important things as I arrived at school.

「O, Houjou.

Good morning」

「Good morning.


I greeted my male and female classmates respectively.

I have few friends but I’m not isolated.

Around here, the secret to success in life is the same, it can’t be helped.

Well, we have no other relationship other than being classmates.

However, there are exceptions.

「Naaa~ Houjou.

Will you give me your seat? 」

The guy speaking to me with an overfamiliar attitude is Kuze.

Thought it seems that what this guy says has no context, this is the way that he greets me.

The girl that sits next to me is the reason for his greeting.

「Kuze, you sure are persistent.

You don’t seem to get tired of it every morning. 」

「After all~

The person sitting next to you is Kamiya-san, one of the “12 zodiacs”.

Then on the other side of you is Okita-san.

it is too enviable~! 」

Kuze mentioned the “12 zodiacs”, the title given to the 12 most popular girls at school, especially amongst boys, that is, pretty, beautiful girls.

As you would expect, these 12 people don’t exactly form a group.

It is just a popular name given to them without their consent.

In saying all of that, the number of boys rejected by the “12 zodiacs” is plentiful.

I think a majority of boys have given up attaining the flowers growing up on a high cliff.

That is why the title of “12 zodiacs” came to be, existences that are shining in a place that is out of reach.

Although I have a fair bit of self-confidence, with quite a few boys failing at their confession, everything is sunk.

One of the “12 zodiacs” 『Aries』Kamiya Madoka is in the seat next to me.

She certainly has a cute face. She is a beauty of the finest quality.

Moreover, as if she is not aware of this, she has not a speck of arrogance.

She has a great personality and is also very popular with the same sex.

Next to the popularity of the “12 zodiacs”, there is Okita Akira.

She has somewhat of a cute looking face, but her bodyline is beyond that of a high school student.

Especially her chest. In Kuze’s words, “It is definitely the school’s number 1 treasure”.

It is probably because I get to see it all the time that my viewpoint here might be unreliable.

However, you look at it, it is easy to understand even over her uniform.

She is called “Ophiuchus” because she is the constellation just after the 12 constellations in the “12 zodiacs”.

I ignore the envious Kuze that is agonising over this whilst returning to his seat.

「Good morning, Houjou-kun」

I will answer Kamiya-san’s greeting as well.


Okita-san continues to read her book (novel?) with an expressionless look on her face.

It brings up the feeling of, “It’s no concern of mine”.

「Hey, look, sit down in your seat~」

As the teacher comes in, today’s lesson begins.

During class, my attention is focused on my 2 seat neighbours.

However, it is not a feeling of love, more yearning and aspiration.

「Who should I violate first? How should I do this violating? 」

I was pondering on these 2 points.

With my tentacle ability, I can make mine the “12 zodiacs” and the number 1 big tits.

Then, I reached my first conclusion.

「Should I start with Okita first?」

I’ll start my course of action.

I pierce Okita-san with my tactile thread and inject some aphrodisiac.

I detect embarrassment and a feeling of lust from her.

The feeling of sexual desire and lust is steadily rising.

Due to her being in class though, she has no alternative but to endure.

Her emotions are filled with the need to endure and lust.

Then, I start manipulating her body.


Her hand starts moving arbitrarily and confusion is flooding in..

But I do not care and have her lower her underwear.

Obviously, I do this quietly without being noticed.

When I glanced to my side, I’m faced with a face red with shame.

Naturally, this is not the end.

What I’m thinking about doing is making her masturbate while class is going on.

Since it is hard for me to confirm with my own eyes, this is inherently difficult.

However, I can sense her whole body.

Though I can’t sense her pleasure or pain, I can comprehend what is where.

So it is possible.

Okita-san’s finger start tracing her vulva


She couldn’t hold back a faint sigh.

She inserts a finger from her left hand into her secret place.

Then she lightly stirs her finger around the entrance.

「A, aan…」

A sweet sigh that could not be held back was uttered.

Her feeling of shame was pervasive, but the feeling of relief and euphoria of the impending release from sexual torment was rising.

I have her intensify the stirring of her secret place.

「Uuu, guuu, kuuu~~!」

Desperately enduring, her voice slipped out.

However, the impending limit can be felt.

In one more push, she will cum.

Then that sweet voice will not be able to be suppressed.

That’s why I


I let her stop masturbating.

Her emotions of embarrassment, relief, persistent arousal and disappointment flooded in.

The feeling of not being able to finish was the largest.

Okita-san breathes in deeply to try and regain her original composure but there is no way that I can permit that.

I begin making her console herself again.


I guess that is what she is thinking.

She stiffens her body and endures the pleasure.

Her peak was approaching now in short order.

Okita-san’s emotions are flooded with lust and expectation.

Then, her masturbation stopped right then.

Disappointment flushed and a feeling of grief swirled.

Yet, it is not over.

As soon as she calms down, I restart her self-service.

Yet again, this stops right on the edge of her petite mort.

I repeated this pattern throughout the lesson.

“KinKonKanKon” (bell ringing)

I pulled out the tactile thread at the end of the 1st period.

As soon as the teacher left, Okita-san made a quick dash to the toilet.

Perhaps she went there to finish off her masturbation.

Probably this is due to the constant assault that she endured throughout the first period and her lust was at the very breaking point.

Though it seems that she was unaware.

The fact that this was only the ending of the 1st time…

Then, Okita-san came back just before the second-period bell chimed.

She had a visibly exhausted looking face, flushed with the aftermath of her climax.

The teacher for the 2nd period came in and class resumes.

My next move has been decided.

I pierce her at once with my tactile thread.

I will bring Okita-san to the edge of ecstasy again. Masturbation, over and over again.

For her, it never stops.

I did it in all the classes.

Okita-san hurries to the toilet every time the period ends.

By the time morning classes where over, her visible fatigue was clearly discernible.

As expected, I didn’t do anything at lunch.

It would be more fun if I give her the chance to restore her physical strength.

The same thing would resume in the lessons after lunch.

When my eyes caught hers a couple of times in the last lesson, her eyes were tearing up from being brought to the edge of climax several times.

Then, the last class ended.

After the final class, students started to leave for home.

However, she won’t stand up. It was not possible to stand up.

I won’t let her stand up.

Okita-san will stay even after the last class is over, she really wants to run the toilet as soon as possible.

I won’t allow it though,

Everyone has left the classroom except her and I.

「Houjou-kun, aren’t you going home?」

「No, I’m heading home

See ya, Okita-san」

「Un.  See you tomorrow. 」

She was smiling as she was saying that.

It was a smile that conveyed the sense of pleasure that she felt from the perceived lack of interference.

When I left the classroom and pulled out the tactile thread, I stood by the nearest toilet.

There is no conceivable way that she could persevere through all the agonising teasing till the brink that she has experienced.

After the final class, she has only 2 paths that she can take.

One is to masturbate in the toilet.

At that time I’ll capture her with my tactile thread.

I’ll manipulate her body and have her masturbate in front of me.

But she has not come out of the classroom at all.

As I approached the classroom


I heard a seductive voice.

The scenery that a I saw in the classroom was as expected.

She took the other option and was masturbating in the classroom.

She had her legs spread wide in her own seat, her posture uncovered her big tits, and the lewd, horny girl was self-absorbed in masturbation.

「I..I, what has gotten into me…」

Okita-san exposes her large, beautiful, shapely breasts.

「My body was aching for it in class…」

She massages her breasts firmly, changing the shape.

「I can’t endure it when this place is touched…」

She inserts a finger under her underwear and starts fondling her secret place.

「Despite that, I couldn’t make myself cum…」

The movements of her finger were becoming more and more intense.

「In the toilets during the breaks…」

She arches her back backwards.

「Mou, I’m cumming~!」

Just before she orgasmed, I opened the door.


Ho, Houjou, you?!

No way, why?…」

Okita-san’s confusion was funny.

I got her.

「You surprised me.

Surely there is no way Okita-san is masturbating in our classroom」

I slowly displayed a cruel smile.

「Che, it’s not true!」

She was desperately denying it.

「It is useless for you to deny it like that」

No matter what the half-naked her says, it is not convincing.

When I pointed this out to her, she realised her appearance, hit her chest and slammed her legs shut.

I got close to her and stabbed her with the tactile thread.

I manipulated her hands away from her chest.

And her twin milk hills that she grabbed with her hands to cover up were again uncovered.


She reacts, startled.

I read her emotions.

Despair and shame. But the feeling that was caught in my heart was joy.

The taste of the combined scene of her masturbating to the edge then running to the toilet to finish off and calming down.

In the end, she tried to finish herself off in the classroom but, once again, was stopped by my appearance.

Her body that was filled with lustful desire and not satisfied was reacting to my hand.

Now, Okita. I will violate you plenty.



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