Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Episode 4 – Female Slave


「St, stop it…」

Okita begs in a weak voice.

However, her feelings of delight are dominating.

「Do you really want me to stop?」

I asked her sadistically while I was fondling her breasts.

「 . . . 」

She averted her face and does not answer.

I seem to have obtained silent acknowledgement as I massage her breast plenty.

Her breasts are supple and they are putting me into a trance.

「Aa,aan, it’s no good… 」

Today, the first day, she has climaxed repeatedly yet it has not been resolved.

She reacts in fascinating ways to my caresses.

Though she has grabbed my wrists, she is not seriously resisting.

She is also panting with a bewitched expression.

I was fascinated with her tits and started sucking without hesitation.


I sucked all around her breasts leaving kiss marks all over.

Before I knew, her hands move to the back of my head and embrace it.

(I’ve not manipulated her to do that and yet…?

It’s probably the effects of the aphrodisiac)

I lick all over her chest and cover it with my saliva.

However, I avoid the nipples.

When I looked up at her, our eyes met.


She is appealing to me with her eyes.

「What do you want to do?」

I asked.

「No, don’t make me say it.

It should go without saying. 」

「I don’t know what you want if you don’t say it.」


Please play with my nipples too…」

When I heard her plea, I lightly poked her nipples with my fingertip.

「Aa, mou, more…」

I think there is no longer a need to tease her, I move on to pinch her other nipple.

「Waa uu!」

She bent backwards with that.

Then her nipples hardened with the stimulation.

「Thats’ good~, very good~!」

Her body writhes with desperation.

While playing with one nipple, I proceed to suck on the other.

「Ku aa~!」

All I did was roll her nipple with my tongue.

「Auu, ann, more~!」

I start play-biting her nipple.


She raises her voice and goes crazy.

Her feeling right then was full of delight.



While still enjoying Okita’s breasts, my idle hand moves towards her lower body.

When my hand touched her thighs, she reacted by “twitching”, as expected, her reaction is not an indication of refusal.

I stroke her thighs and enjoy the sensation of her skin.

Then my hand moved toward the inside of her thighs and her anticipation was further heightened.

As my trace my fingers up her thighs with my fingertip, I slowly approached her most secret place.

I stop at the very last moment just shy of her secret place and move away again.

「Aaa, yann!」

Her anticipation and impatience swell up.

「Ww, why… Ann! 」

She attempts to appeal but it does not work as I continue to work on her breasts.

After teasing her for a while, my finger finally touches her secret spot over her underwear.

Even without looking, I can tell she is soaking wet just by touch.

I trace her slit over her underwear.

「Aa, Fuaaa~」

She raises her voice whilst trembling and her impatience grows steadily.

I separate my face from her chest for a moment.

「If you take it off yourself, I’ll touch it directly.」

I whisper that in her ear and she then gave me a reproachful look but still immediately lower her underwear.

I then, as promised, moved to fondle her secret place.

I stroke her outer labia, then proceed to insert a finger.


She bent backwards by reflex when the inside of her vagina was stirred and stimulated.


Ii,It feels so good~!」

However, I won’t let her cum right here, right now.

I move my face under her skirt and move my mouth to her secret spot.

「Ahh and you are doing that~!」

As expected, shame came to the forefront but I proceed to lick her secret place.


She was engulfed in the joy of her pleasure.



I felt my limit was nearing and I stand up.

I then take out my thing.

It seems that she can’t seem to take her eyes off my thing that was standing tall and proud.

I sit in a chair and manipulate Okita.

「Eee? Why? 」

While perplexed, she straddles me on her own.

“My own action, my own will” is how I would like her to lose her virginity.


It is my first time and it hurts–! 」

I penetrate her while she takes a seating position facing me.

She screams from the pain of tearing her hymen.

I then promptly injected the aphrodisiac.

Thereupon, her bewilderment overflowed.


But why does something, something that feels so good seem to be welling up-?!

AaaAaaa–! 」

Pleasure from the release of her frustration and the aphrodisiac mixed with the pain of her deflowering flows through.

She is so confused she can’t think straight.

I enjoy both her reaction as well as the sensation of her vagina.

I then start thrusting from below.

「Sss,stop stabbing me-!」

Ignoring, Okita’s plea, I continue piercing her.

「I, I feel strange-!

I don’t understand, it hurts but I feel so good–!」

Okita’s confusion is at her peak.

The constant ache of sexual arousal, forced masturbation then voluntarily mounting my penis.

This is pretty impressive on it’s own, pain from her deflowering and pleasure from stimulation simultaneously.

I doubt that her mind can be at peace with this.

「Sso, something is  wierd–!

ff, feels really good, I’m cumming!!」

It seems that her pleasure is surpassing the pain.

On the other hand, I am getting drunk by the sensations I am getting from Okita’s vagina.

Not only big breasts, she also has this excellent, rare article.

The beauty of her large breasts bouncing in my presence is also a joy for my eyes.

Her womanly scent excites me like pheromones.

Even if she is not one of the “12 Zodiacs”, she has nothing I can criticise.

Isn’t 『Ophiuchus』the runner-up to them?

As I get more excited, I start thrusting in Okita more vigorously.

I manipulate Okita further and make her move her hips on her own.

「You are moving your hips on your own, you are so lewd」

「I,I’m not-!」

「What do you mean you are not?

Masturbating in the classroom, straddling me all on your own then moving your hips on your own volition.

It is all evidence as to your lewdness」

「We,well that is not true–!!」

I know the “truth”, I’ll guide her heart with “facts”.

So, I stop moving my own hips.

I don’t stop her movements and due to the shallowness of the thrusting, sexual frustration starts to grow.

「Wh,why are you being mean again?」

「Admit it.

Say that you are lewd.

If you do, I’ll do it」

I whispered my instructions to her.

From then on, she hesitates, though

「I,I Okita Akira am lewd and horny.

I am a pervert that masturbates in the classroom.

I was so horny that I mounted you on my own.

Please violate this lowly bitch. 」 TN: not the Japanese bitch(slut), 雌犬 (female dog).

The words of a sex slave were uttered.

「Is Akira a bitch?

I don’t have any preferences to fucking dogs though」

「That can’t be!」

「Then I’ll commit to being your female sex slave!」

So she violently declared.


So, so intense–!!」

「We should be more intense, right?

My female slave, Akira! 」


I, Akira, commit to being your female slave–!!

It feels so good–!!」

She becomes half-crazed.

「I want to yell out that you are cumming when you cum」


I start desperately thrusting my hips.

Every time her body bounces, her breasts sway violently.

「I, I’m cumming, I’m cuuuming–!!!」

She was rapidly approaching her limit.

「I’m cumming too!」


「I’ll cum in your pussy!」

「Tha, that much, please no–!!」

With that now said, I’ve been given permission to cum in her.

「Cc, cumming–!!」

She cums with all her strength and bends backwards at the same time.

As her vagina starts clamping rhythmically, my balls tighten.

However, I don’t cum.

The danger of pregnancy, as well as the enjoyment from her despair over it, is the flipside of it.

I laid her down, pulled out and ejaculated all over her entire body.


She kept accepting my discharge in blank surprise.



I admired that I was able to fire out that much.

I left Akira’s whole body covered in semen.

I got dressed then took out my smartphone.

I then manipulated her into a W peace sign pose.

Half-naked, entire body covered in semen and doing the W peace sign.

A completely perverted look doing it in public.

I take her picture with my smartphone.

After I took her picture, the sound of the camera made by the smartphone triggered the recovery of Akira’s sanity.

I also pulled out the tactile thread and freed her.

「Don’t take photos!」

She implored me.

「It’s ok, I won’t show anyone else」


「Of course, I will not blackmail Akira.

I was merely taking a commemorative photo」

Well, about half of it was a lie.

Of course, I don’t intend to show it to anyone else.

Just the fact that I have the photo would weigh on her mind.

If she were to go against me, I would use it to shackle her down.

In not so many words, Akira can’t oppose me.

「Besides, there is no need to threaten,

because Akira is my lewd female slave. 」

「It can’t be…」

She gives a look of despair.

「I take care of my slaves properly.

When we can’t endure it again, we will have sex」

I said to her in a gentle tone with a hint of sadistic undertone as we walked out of the classroom.

(Akira falling so quickly was beyond my expectation.

Well, a female slave is not so bad, so there is no problem)




Chapter 3

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  1. Great… But… Will he did this for more than 12 girls? (12 zodiacs++)

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    1. I’ve yet to read ahead, I tend to read it as I translate. That helps me keep the motivation up to translate as I too would like to know what will happen ?. i agree with you, I hope there is going to be a good developing story other than just ecchi.

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