Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 14 – Sleeping Together

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After that, the meal progresses with small talk.
When we finished eating, a voice was heard from the entrance door
「I’m home〜」
It’s mom

I heard Nee-chan muttering something
「Damn it. why did she come back so soon….」
「It’s not even 8 o’clock yet. What do you mean you’re gonna come home late…….. That woman, she just wanted me to make dinner didn’t she?」
「Nee-chan, what are you talking about?」
「Nozomu, i want to take a bath」
「A bath?」
Maybe she wanted to take a bath together.

Mom is entering the dining room
「Oh, did you cook for dinner? thank you, Hitomi. you helped me」
「That’s fine, mom. I love cooking anyway」
「Your cooking is so much better than mine. From now on, I hope you continue to cook」
「Leave it to me, mom. You must be tired from work right?」
「You’re right. I’m gonna take a rest okay〜」

Mom works as a clerk at a local town factory. Her work must be hard. While mom said that, she went to her room on the first floor. It seems like mom is going to change her clothes.

Nee-chan whispered something.
「That woman, she is forcing me to do the housework, when she playing with another man behind our backs.」
「I wonder …..」
「Well, I think that’s fine. I don’t want you to eat anything that she has made anymore. 」
「So, starting next week, will Nee-chan make my bento too? It’s certainly delicious but could you please stop with the heart inside the bento?」


I went to take a bath and slept in my room on the second floor. Tomorrow is a holiday, I hate waking up early in the morning but I feel relief (TN: I guess he hates to wake up early but he went downstairs to check on his sister)

Nee-chan seems to be chatting with mom in the living room on the first floor. Even though Nee-chan badmouthed her behind her back, I wonder why she did that. i don’t understand women at all. By the way, what are we going to do tonight? (TN: Nozomu and Nee-chan) are we going to sleep separately?
Or maybe …………

After browsing the internet for a while, I took and read the information book about the high school I want to go to from my desk.
Now is the end of October and next month will be the entrance exam. I want to go to the public high school. I’m going to take the entrance exam using the preferential system, and just in case I also choose a private school.

The first choice is the same school as Nee-chan’s, that is Tsurashuu High School. The school located near home, however, the mock exam results from this month showed that I barely passed the exam. Even though I barely pass in the mock exam, I need to get a higher score if I wanted to pass the exam in february next year.

「Hmm. you also read this kind of book huh.」
Suddenly I hear a voice over my shoulder I was surprised and turn to see where the voice came from.
it was Nee-chan. she peeks at the book expressionlessly.
Her long hair drops over my shoulder and it tickles me, the scent of shampoo drifts from her hair.

「Hey, Nee-chan! since when…. please knock before you come in.」
「I did, it was a soft knock so you probably didn’t hear it.」
「It’s the same as not knocking.」
「I thought I’d do that because I didn’t want to disturb you when you were studying.」
「……. well whatever, so what do you want nee-chan?」

「Please go to the TsuraShuu High School, Nozomu」
「I want to, but apparently, my grade is barely passable.」
「barely passable, is that mean your grade is above the passing grade or under?」
「Then, I think it’s fine to choose Tsurashuu High School.」

Nee-chan’s expression softened and she gave me a sweet smile.
「Are you anxious because of your exam results? leave it to me. from now on, I will be your teacher」
「Yes, teacher」
「Thank you Nee-chan but ………」
「So, what subjects are you bad at, Nozomu?」
「Maybe language and social studies.」
「Those are the subjects that I’m good at, leave it to me.」

Nee-chan is one of the best students after all. It seems that she is an honor student with outstanding grades in all subjects.
I am good at science but bad at language subjects, it may be related to my social life and my self-interest.

「but why do I have to go to TsuraShuu High School, nee-chan?」
「Isn’t it obvious? Because it’s the best high school in the prefecture at the moment or don’t you want to go to the same school as I do?」
「Of course I want to ……」
「I want to protect you so it’s better if we go to the same school, well, good luck.」

「Then, let’s go to sleep.」
「Let’s wake up at 5:30 tomorrow, because we will start studying at 6:30, so let’s sleep early.」
「Alright ….. well, good night.」
I looked at Nee-chan in the eye while sitting on a chair for a while. Nee-chan didn’t move and has a blank expression.

「So, let’s go to sleep.」
「Well, I will tidy up my desk first and go to sleep after I go to the toilet.」
「Okay then, I’m gonna sleep first.」
「Okay, good night.」
Nee-chan walked to the bed.
She rolled up the blanket and slips underneath it, then she gets into the bed with a cheerful expression. I watched her and gave her a puzzled expression.

She lay on the bed and turned her face to my side.
「What are you doing? Hurry up and go to the toilet already.」
「well…… Nee-chan, are you going to sleep in here?」
「Didn’t we decide this already? Aren’t we going to sleep together from now on?」
「Well, if you sleep alone, you’re gonna feel lonely right, that’s not appropriate for the head of Yamai Family」
「Is, is that so?」

「When you want to do it, you just need to ask me okay.」
「Are, are you serious?!」
「Of course, isn’t that obvious? It’s a promise okay?
「……. Nee-chan!」

My sexual desire rises up and i wanted to do it so badly that I jumped at Nee-chan.
「Ahhnn! Nozomu! What about the toilet?」
「I can do that later. I want to do “it” with Nee-chan!」
「Geez, it can’t be helped then…… okay, do whatever you want.」

I get on top of Nee-chan, kissing her neck and rubbing her tits. Nee-chan’s sweet feminine smell mixed with the clean, neat fragrance of her fresh out of the bath increases my sexual urge. I began to devour Nee-chan’s body violently.




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