Chapter 15

Chapter 14

Chapter 15 – Siblings Closer Relationship

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After licking her neck for a while, we stare at each other at point blank distance, so close that we could smell each other’s breath and we exchange sweet talk with each other.
「Nee-chan, I can’t take it anymore, let’s do it.」
「Go ahead….. from now on, you can do it whenever you want.」
「Are you sure, Nee-chan …….?」
「But you can only do it with me okay? Because I’m only doing it with you. 」

「Ye, yeah…… can I cum inside you today?」
「Go ahead,  didn’t I already tell you yesterday? I’m going to be on my period next week.」
「Even though you need to study before the exam, you also have to learn about a woman’s body.」
「Yes, of course….. 」
「Then, please … 」
「Nee-chan !」

I hug and embrace Nee-chan. We kiss and suck each other mouths wildly, and saliva flow between our mouths. Then, I rolled up her shirt and suck on her boobs.
「Aa, Ooh ! Nozomu, you’re too rough.」
「It can’t be helped, I can’t take it anymore !」
「Aaah! My voice is going to leak out, mom could hear it!」
「It’s fine, she can’t hear us because her room is on the first floor.」

Nee-chan raised both of her arms and I pull off her shirt. Looking at her naked upper body, it raises my sexual desire even more.
I lick around her lower armpit wildly, after i licked her, almost the whole upper part of her body became sticky with my saliva. While looking at her upper body that become wet and shining, I took off my pants.

Nee-chan laid her naked body on the bed like 大 character. (TN: She’s naked even though he didn’t take off her pants? okay) with such a beautiful Nee-chan in front of me, my dick just gets erect to the fullest.
I immediately took all my clothes off. After i became naked, i jumped right away onto Nee-chan’s body. I put both of my legs in between her legs and poked her clitoris with my dick violently for a while.

「Aaahh, Nozomu…..」
「does it hurt, Nee-chan?」
「No……. it feels good.」
Her voice changed from one of a dignified lady a while ago to one that whispered sweetly filled with pleasure. My breathing also became a little bit rougher.

The entrance of Nee-chan’s pussy already wet with love juice. After I roughly poked her vagina, love juice started leaking out.
「I’m going to put it in!」
「Okay…. go ahead.」
Nee-chan answered with a trembling voice. Nozomu placed his waist between her legs that were opened up like the M character.

I groaned slightly. I hit the mouth of her womb with my penis. As I push my penis in and she made erotic sounds. My penis now completely inside her pussy all the way to the root.
「Ahhh uhnn〜nn! 」
Nee-chan is clenching her teeth to suppress her voice from moaning.

I shake my waist violently and keep intense piston position in the missionary position. Every time I struck her pussy, a pleasant sound echoes from our crotch.
Nee-chan’s naked body bounces like a leaf tree that is rubbed by a torrent. her voluptuous boobs are bouncing erotically. her long black hair is disarrayed over the sheet.
(so beautiful…..)
I continue the piston movement without getting tired while also looking at Nee-chan’s naked body.

She still keeps her voice shut despite that the fact that  I’m pounding her intensely, but her moans are starting to leak out.
「Ahhhh! Nooo! it feels good…. Ohhh~ i, Nooo!」
Her neck shaking furiously left and right.

I was shocked because of her sudden move and it looks like she is in great pain, so i stop my movement and i drew my face closer to Onee-chan.
「nee-chan! are you okay!?」
「Ahh….., Nozomu…… please don’t stop.」
「It feels really good that it looks like my soul about to slip out of my body」(TL: I’m serious, this is what they talking about mid sex)
「Say what?」
「So…. anyway, this is my first time feel this good. hey, please continue.」

I continue my pistoning intensely. I continue to move my hips and I maintain my rhythm as I pound Nee-chan’s body in the missionary position, face to face lotus sitting position, Cowgirl position, face to face lotus sitting position again and missionary position again.
Nee-chan laid back on the bed as we went back to the missionary position. She squealed as she about to cum.
「I’m gonna cum!」
Nee-chan’s pussy tightened up on my dick and I can’t hold it any longer as a result, so I start to ejaculate deep inside her.
「Ahh, it’s coming! uuhh…..」
spurt, spurt, spurt, ……..
I push my hips all the way inside her and pour my semen deep inside her.

My ejaculation soon ended.
I give nee-chan an arm pillow, as I caressed her head, we kiss each other lightly. As we stared at each other at point blank distance and our lips are so close to each other, we began our sweet bed talk.
「Nozomu…… that was intense. but somehow …..」
「Was it a little too rough?」
「It’s okay….. but how did you feel?」

「I don’t know, it feels like my passion for Nee-Chan has become inflamed. That’s why I wanted to do it with Nee-chan passionately. Is it strange?」
「No, it’s not. You can do it rough…… I,m happy. I also love you dearly.」
「Come. I’ll embrace and kiss you」
Nee-chan wraps her hand around my head, brings my head closer to her and gives me a deep kiss.

After a while, I become hard again.
Because I’m still a bit tired, this time Nee-chan took the lead and take the cowgirl position.
Nee-chan wraps her arms around me and hugs my body as I start to cum. Her long hair covered her face and her drool dripped from her mouth.
With the smell of semen and Nee-chan’s womanly scent covering the room I fell asleep.

The morning came faster than I thought and just like yesterday, Nee-chan is licking my lips with her tongue just like a cat.
「Nozomu. wake up. hey, Nozomu. wake up.」
「Nee-chan……. Is it morning already?」
「Yes it is. It’s 6 o’clock already.」
It must be fate that I woke up at 6 in the morning on holiday.

「Do you leave at 6.30?」
「Yeah, so you should wake up too.」
Like yesterday, Nee-chan was already changed. Nee-chan is wearing neat feminine clothes that look good on her and I actually like it. S Pink cardigan with a white blouse and a thin brown knee length type skirt.

「Nee-chan, are you going to Chouginryuu Street with that appearance?」
Chouginryuu Street early in the morning on a Saturday is pretty desolate. Those kind of clothes are dangerous, it’s pretty inappropriate.
「That’s right, I cant? Well, you want to walk by my side right?」

「I’ll come with you. I worry about you when you are alone so I should come with you. Oh well, I can just go with you, the toy store should be close right? Then let’s go. I’ll go off by myself after. Nee-chan can just wait until 10 o’clock when the toy store is open.」
「Nozomu, you talk a lot, are you hiding a secret from me?」
「N, no, nothing at all.」
I shouldn’t mention Hirori Kei’s name, I don’t want to start a fight with Nee-chan.

「I can’t let you queue by yourself just for youkai cards, you are the head of Yamai family, I’ll go with you. I can help you in somehow such as queue up for you when you are going to the toilet, am I right?」
「well, it’s true but…….」

「Now, go wash your face and change your clothes. I’ve already made a sandwich for breakfast, let’s eat together.」
「Thank you, Nee-chan」
After being told that by Nee-chan, I quickly dress up. I chose cargo pants and a hoodie sweatshirt, compared to  Nee-chan’s clothing, I looked a little plain.

The two of us walk downstairs, mom seems to be still sleeping.
When I put on my shoes at the entrance, Nee-chan hugged me from behind and kissed me on the mouth, after several seconds, Nee-chan separated her mouth.
「I’m feeling, really happy, this will the first time we will be going on a date after we have started this kind of relationship.」
「You’re right.」
「…… this is a date.」
「Huh? Well, that’s right.」
We walked out as she caressed my hand as she held it.
Well, this kind of body interaction shouldn’t seem inappropriate among siblings, right?

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  1. A week before her period is her riskiest time. If she’s trying to get pregnant she really shouldn’t be encouraging her brother to actually look it up and catch her lie

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