Chapter 1

Chapter 2

「The consultation with the little sister!」

When knocking on my sister’s door… there was no response. Perhaps she might be doing something a little naughty, that excited me a little so I was expecting a little something.

「Yuka, I’m coming in」

As I entered the room, I noticed my sister reading a magazine at her desk, it was a fashion magazine for teens. I guess that subject has very little in common with me.

「Yuka, do you mind sparing me a moment?… I would like to have a little chat with bout but…」

By the way, Yuka kept her eyes on her magazine and had yet to reply to my question.

「Yuka, do you have boyfriend yet?」

Finally, Yuka responded to that question, her eyes moved from her fashion magazine slowly over to my direction. She looked over and a little frown emerged on her brows and she replied with a 「Haa, what are you talking about?! 」With that, I blurted out everything. Or rather, Yuka, stop staring at me like that! You are scary, have you been told that by your school friends? I guess I just have to be careful, there is nothing to be afraid about.

「Actually, I’ve had a girlfriend for the past half a year now so…」

Due to having to study for college entrance examinations next year, I was thinking about taking her alone somewhere for a vacation before that, so would like to have an ecchi consultation but Yuka’s eyes remain severe as per usual. It can’t be helped, as it is with my evasive line of conversation on the subject, I’ll get nowhere. I despaired but decided to spit it out and be direct in what I was intending on saying.

「Well, it is how to put her in the mood for her first time doing ecchi.」

Yuka had not yet uttered a single word, not looking directly at my sister’s eyes, it was scary, way too scary. Though, I now thought that this consultation was a mistake, it would be abrupt to suddenly stop here and continued the conversation as is.

「So I thought that I want to raise my experience before my first time and I should get Yuka’s help with that but… I don’t know what to expect…」



She spoke, finally! Just one word though.

「Ummm, so I was thinking, every time Yuka masturbates, can you tell me which parts of your body do you touch to feel good?」

Bashii!! My head was hit hard with the fashion magazine in her hand.


「Wait, I’m seriously asking so that my first experience would go successfully, please cooperate, if you’d like just show me what you have down there」

Bashii!! Bashii! I got hit consecutively with the magazine.

「GET OUT, hentai! I will tell mum about this! 」

Shit, what happened here? It can’t be helped, I didn’t want to do this but I’m now left with no choice.

「As a reward, I’m happy to pay you 10,000 yen if you cooperate.」

「… Huh? 10,000 yen? Really? 」

The hand that was striking me with the fashion magazine stopped and started to desperately look for an advertisement.

「Yay~! With this I can go to the Azuma Shin concert, can you seriously afford 10,000 yen? Really?!」

Tokyo Cinderella Boys, abbreviated to 『Azuma Shin』is a boy idol unit that boasts tremendous popularity with girls from elementary school to young ladies. It consists of 48 boys that dance and sing with other acts and contests in their concerts.

I can shake hands with my favourite members when I buy a CD and take a commemorative photo, the location is determined by the purchase of the single CD of each member, further to that there are 2 troupes and every year a junior one is picked to replace the senior troupe.

This system is called『Petit host system』and we have to spend money to support our favourite idols. It has become the hotbed of bullying due to girls in school substituting greeting each other by calling out the names of their favourite idol in 『Azuma Shin』to their friends, causing arguments if they don’t agree with each other.

So, it seems that Yuka is showing to be a huge 『Azuma Shin』fan.


Chapter 2

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