Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A talk with my sister


I knocked on my sister’s room · · ·


There was no reply, maybe she’s  doing something naughty, and I can see it! And, with a little expectation.

When I entered the room saying my sister was reading a book sitting on the desk, a fashion magazine for teens I guess

“I have something I want to talk about”


But she doesn’t even look at me

From the time I entered the room she didn’t even look at me

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Finally, Yuka responded to this question, the line of sight that was watching the fashion magazine slowly moved towards me.

There is a wrinkle on her eyebrows, “Haa, what are you saying” are clearly emerging on her face

I could no longer bear the awkwardness and blurted our everything


“Okay, it’s about the atmosphere that makes a girl for the first time have sex”

Yuhua has not issued a single word yet, it is scary, scary

I can not see my sister’s eyes properly

Even though I know this is  a mistake, but I can not stop it now, so I continue talking.

“So I thought that I wanted to raise my experience somehow before I have sex , but …”

“And then?”

Finally, she spoke

Even though it wasn’t much it was enough to let breath a sigh of relief

“Well, that is, that is, that is, what kind of masturbation are always doing? what kind of place do you touch to feel comfortable or…”

Before I could finish a magazine hit me on the head

“Go out!”

“Wait, I am seriously asking you, whether my first experience will succeed or not depends on this!”

Basie! Bashi!

Continuously two more magazine hit me on my face

“Go out! If not I will tell mom about this”


“I will also pay 10,000 yen After out Cooperation finishes”

“… Oh! 10,000 yen? Really?”

My sweet little sister … You fell into hell just for money!

I your brother is sad

“Well, when are we going to begin, I want the money as soon as possible”


The superior attitude with a smile seems to be pitiful in my eyes

But in this case, let us use her  wonderful ignorance to my advantage


Chapter 2

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