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Little sister’s soft fair skin


Since Yuka stated that she wanted money quickly, we should start the plan immediately. Fortunately, my parents were not home at this point. I prepare at once, I bring Yuka into my room and sit her in a chair.

「Onii-chan, can I ask you something for a moment?」

「What’s up Yuka?」

「Why am I tied up to my chair?」

「I’m not tying you up, just fixing you to your chair.」

「Why on earth are you fixing my to the chair?!」

Currently Yuka is duct taped with both arms taped to the arm rests and neck taped to the head rest. Both legs are fixed to either side of the arm rests and her butt was scooched to the front of the chair. Of course, as expected, both ankles were braced with duct tape so there is no escape. It is the familiar M pose seen in AV videos. It is quite an erotic pose my little sister is making.

「Even if you decide to say『On second thoughts, I don’t want it anymore 』you can’t run away now, I’ve paid you 10,000 yen so I’ll do what I said.」

「But why do I have to do it here? Why are you taking off my shorts already! It is absolutely not okay to touch me directly! 」

I sit down in front of my younger sister that is lecturing me and complaining whilst displayed in the M pose.

「So, Yuka how do you normally masturbate?」

I look at my sister that is suck to the chair from a dominant standing position.

「Eh?! Ehh?! Uuuu nn well as you would expect, I start from my breasts…」

Ooo, is that so? I mistakenly thought that I should start from the bottom but after all, it should be common sense to start from the girl’s breasts.

I sneak around the back of the chair and put my hands under Yuka’s clothes and slide them towards her breasts.

「Eeehh! Wait Onii-chan!!」


My little sister suddenly raises an angry, surprised voice. However, it was me that expresses my surprise the next moment.

「Hey! You are not wearing a bra. 」

「It is only when I am home…」

Ahh so, thanks to that, Yuka-san I get to enjoy the feeling of raw naked breasts.

Being the first time touching my younger sister’s breasts, I fondle them slowly. Her little nipples tickle the palms of my hands. I then massaged her whole breasts with my hands. What is she, a B cup? Although it is not enough to fully enjoy fondling a full handful, this softness is something that I have never experienced before. Just trying to squish them in my hands bring forth an exquisite softness and elasticity. What’s with this texture! It feels like touching silk or a high-quality velvet. Even though I thought about my younger sister’s taped hands and legs, I was enjoying the feeling of her breasts like crazy with my left hand. I begin to tease Yuka’s right breast with my left hand and will thoroughly enjoy the sense that I was experiencing a while ago with her left breasts, I move my left hand to Yuka’s collarbone.

「Nnnn… wait a little, Onii…chan, just a little…waaa, mou, Onii-chan… 」

Aaahh mou!!! Just doing it one handed feels incomplete. I pull up Yuka’s trainer when I pulled out my left hand and rolled the hem up so that it met the collar and wouldn’t unravel. I renew my squishy massage of Yuka’s bare boobs with both hands.

「Wait a moment Onii-san, what….ummm, Ssttt…nnn, stop」

So enjoyable!! I never imagined that rubbing breasts is so much fun, it seems I will never get bored of this.

Syncing up both hands and concentrating on her nipples at this moment, with that action, I felt her nipples get harder…

「Are, your nipples are getting hard, aren’t they?」

「Nooo, they haven’t!」

「No, no they are definitely getting hard. Look! 」

I start to pinch her nipple between my index finger and middle finger with both hands and pulled gently, Yuka sees to endure this whilst spilling out a voice with her mouth. Now I swap pinching her nipples to my thumbs and middle fingers and start to poke her nipples with my index fingers. No change yet…then let me move my middle finger to flick and stretch her nipples with my fingertips and nails.

「Wa uuu! Aaaaa」

Yuka seems to have felt it as she exclaimed in pleasure. I’m impressed that Yuka is feeling it from the caress from my fingers and I start to move more vigorously. Well, what should I do next? I still want to taste these boobs. I have now enjoyed them with my fingers, so I will have to taste them next. I can’t stop now. I take my hands off her boobs and moved around to Yuka’s front. And with a bit of excitement, I moved my face close to her chest and gently placed my mouth on her nipple.


My nose is stimulated at the same time when my face is pressed onto Yuka’s chest. A light smell tickles my nostrils, a scent that I have never smelt before, a sweet smell of sweat. What is this scent? Is it Yuka’s body odour?  I inhaled Yuka’s smell the whole time I was sucking her nipples in my mouth.

「Nnnn, yaaa nooo, aaaaan」

Yuka’s voice gradually became obscene and she started to replace her words with panting. I kneaded her nipple and twirled it around with my tongue, flicked it up and down, sucked it as well as started to gently nibble. Of course, I did not neglect to caress the other breast with my hand. Then I slowly slide my free hand downwards from the valley of her breasts, down the pit of her stomach, along to her belly button and reach my destination. I felt a sense of incongruity as my fingertips traced the shape of my little sister’s body slowly above her shorts. I thought 『perhaps』then I took my mouth of her nipple and resat back in front of Yuka. And I noticed a wet spot forming there.

「Noo, not there, noooo…..」

As I thought, Yuka’s place was definitely feeling it, aaaa, I want to see her pussy but I promised not to take her shorts off but I really want to see it.

The wet spot seemed to have spread and when I was staring at her shorts, I noticed the shape of her crevice forming. Aaa! If you get any wetter, your shorts would be see through! When you get wetter your shorts would stick to your bare skin and get transparent, your pussy would be visible when your shorts get stuck to your skin won’t it?

I take out the pink rotor that was left on the bed, introduced it to Yuka’s clit and promptly turned it on. Yuka’s butt suddenly jumped up from its spot and she seemed to complain but I did not hear anything. I move my right hand to her crack and used my fingernail to scratch and torture her crack.

「Nooo, what are you doing…Nnn」

At this time, Yuka is at the mercy of the intense stimulation to her pussy. She started to protest her older brother’s violent stimulation but her panting and erotic calls over it and she could only endure, gritting her teeth.

Meanwhile, I was obsessed with this erotic play that I’m doing for the first time so I kept giving stimulation without looking at Yuka’s reaction. I was scratching her pussy like I would if winning numbers coming out one after the other and was not stopping. Then she came suddenly.

「Uuaaa! Incredibly erotic! 」

Whilst I scratched at Yuka’s pussy, her love juices gushed out with a 『pyu』sound.

「O! Wow, you let out a lot of love juices」

As I was engrossed, more love juices leak out of her shorts and accumulates on the chair.  Not stopping, her love juices overflowed and began spilling onto the floor. A that point, I start to notice that it was not just love juice but also piss…

「Oi Yuka!! Pee, pee is coming out」

I looked up to see that Yuka had her head sloppily drooping to the side with her eyes closed and mouth open. Aaa! Before I knew it, it seems that she was transported to heaven… I’m dumfounded and stunned, her pee was still flowing out and pooling on the floor.

「Ummm, so how is this situation?」

I wonder if I should stop all the excessiveness I forced upon her.

「Umm, what should I wipe with? So… towels, a bath towel」

After hesitating momentarily, I took a towel out of the drawer whilst panicking and used it under Yuka’s ass to stop the pee from adding to the pool already on the floor. I wonder if this is like stuck taking care of my little sister when she gets old and decrepit and wets herself… well this is my fault right now through.

Looking down at her, Yuka still has not gotten out of her orgasmic trance… erotic! Her limbs are still retrained and clothes rolled up and bare breasts on display. A piece of cloth protecting her protruding ass has also absorbed plenty of urine and is on the verge of no longer being able to fulfil its function.

「Here, I have to clean here too」

As someone looking for excuses to do more, I murmur a soliloquy as if being a third party making an excuse. I seem my own finger tips tremble. I can’t remove it because her legs are spread open and taped down but I will move her shorts from her ass. In one stroke, Yuka’s most important place is immediately on display, I gulped my saliva down my throat involuntarily. I’m surprised I still have saliva to swallow! I thought my throat would be dry, I thought as I peered at Yuka’s parts.

「… … lewd」

My first impressions of what I saw was that it was grotesque then the thought of how erotic it looks exceeded that. I don’t understand why I’m so excited to see what is there so much. I can feel my helmet which should be contained within my briefs is erect and poking out without touching it. Reaching towards the glistening hill of flesh, I spread her vulva to the left and right and saw a small depression directly to the bottom.

「This is Yuka’s vagina…」

I gently stretched out my hand and inserted my finger into the hole. the inside was slimy and amazingly hot and soft. 『I can imagine what a great feeling it would be to put my penis in there, so is that why everyone wants to have SEX?』As I continue to push my finger forward whilst thinking idly, it bumped directly into something and stop entering. Is this her hymen? I’m not even up to the second joint of my finger.

「No, stop. What are you doing?!」

Anyway! Why does she have to wake up at such a good point?

I pick up the rotor I was using and pressed it against the hood of her clitoris.

「Hiii Aaaa!! Np, aaaa, nnnnn ~~」

With her trembling and shaking body, she lost the ability to complain further.

Fufufu, silly. So, does it seem like I have a sadistic mind? No, it seems like I am satisfied with the desire to control. The cheeky, conceited little sister is being played with by me and squirming is really refreshing. When I keep the rotor vibrating on her clitoris and continuously fondling her labia minora, it seems that she is unable to contain her screams.

「Waa… aaaaa aaa aaa」

「How is it Yuka? Does it feel good? 」

「Nnaaa… … nnnnnnnn yaaa aaaa~~~」

Mmm, I’m not heard. Now I moved the rotor to her vaginal entrance and inserted it into the hole, I then peeled back her clitoral hood with my empty left hand. Then, Yuka’s sticky love juices start to overflow as I attack her clitoris with my right hand.

「… … nnn, nnn …」

It seems that the stimulation is enough to trap her voice in her throat. Even though she is shaking her ass to the left and right to avoid the excessive stimulus, this motion ends up being unintentionally, extraordinarily sensual. When I press the inserted rotor with my finger she reacts with a jolt. Her whole body stiffens and her abdominal muscles cramp slightly.

Are you going to cum soon? I missed it before, this time I will not miss it. I move the rotor from her vagina back to her clitoris. Now that I have pushed back her clitoral hood, it should be much more stimulating. In addition to the rotor, I inserted then rotated 2 fingers in her vagina, stirring up her insides.

Yuka’s body began to tremble, twist and twitch as she fought the pleasure and restraints on the chair she was fixed to. I pushed the rotor more firmly in contact with her clitoris and moved my fingers more vigorously.


Yuka’s whole body stiffed and screamed silently then slowly sank back into the chair.



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