Chapter 2

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Masturbating my Sister


Since she said that she wanted money as soon, she wanted to start as soon as possible

Fortunately my parents are absent from home

As I brought Yuka into my room, I made her sit on a chair while I got ready.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”



“Why am I bound to the chair?”

“It’s not binding, it’s….. ”

“What? Explain yourself properly!”


The current Yuka is wrapped in gum tape both her hands and neck and wrapped around the post of the backrest and fixed.

Both legs are placed on both sides of the armrest and raised so that the butt comes forward.

Of course both her ankles were fixed too[the_ad id=’224′]


She can no longer escape by herself

Her position is similar to that of the M-shape, which AV actresses do

It’s quite erotic looking at my sister like this

“Well, it’s, because I want to.  I’m paying you 10000 yen, so I will use you however I want”

“What are you doing, don’t touch my shorts!! Do not take it off! Do not touch me directly! ”

Still sitting in front of my sister who is legged M I ignore her and remove her outer layer of clothes

“So, how do you usually masturbate?”

I directly asked questions without holding anything back

As she cannot move I can do anything I want with hsr

“Wow !! Well ~~~ I usually start with my chest”

Oh, that’s right, consciousness tends to go towards the bottom, but after all it’s basic to start from a girl’s breasts

While listening to her I push my hand onto her t-shirt and move it towards her breast

“Eh!  brother! ”


My sister raised a voice towards the sudden violence, but I was the one who raised a surprise voice the next moment.

“You’re not wearing a bra? ”

“It’s only when I’m at home”

So it is like that, this is good as well.

Now I can enjoy raw breasts thanks to Yuka’s actions

My sister’s breast that I touched for the first time ever ate really soft  The petit nipple hitting the palm is very ticklish.

Then I massage it to wrap my whole hand

It’s so small, maybe it’s B size


Although it is not big enough to fully enjoy the rubbing feeling, the softness is a feeling which I have never experienced before.

“Oh , a bit nice … … it feels better then when I touch myself…”


Oh no! Mad things like touching one boob at a time.

I pull out the left hand and push up the sweat trainer and pack it in  the hem so that it will not fall down and cover her breasts again

I will crush her breasts!

“A bit..  brother I’m felling wierd, what is … no, stop, stop it”


It’s fun! ! I never imagined that rubbing breasts was so much fun, and it seems like I will never get bored at all.
Synchronizing both hands and picking up the nipple, I feel like the nipples are becoming harder …

“That, you’re nipples become harder didn’t they?”

“No! ”

I pinch her nipple with my forefinger and middle finger and lightly pull it, it seems that Yuka is biting her lip to not let out a voice


Now let’s try pinching and twisting her nipples

“Ha !, Oh!”


The pleasant moaning comes out from her mouth

I move my finger more violently


Well, what shall I do next?


I want to  taste her boobs.  

I take my hand away from her breasts and go stand before her


And with a bit of excitement, I gently placed her nipples inside my mouth

“Whaa!? ”


When I breathed in the scent near her chest I feel a sense of superiority

No longer controlling myself I began licking her nipples that I had in my mouth.

“Why, stop ya, yeah”

Elegant words gradually become obscene and are replaced with a panting voice.

I knocked around the nipples that are in my mouth with a tongue, knocked them, played up and down, and sucked on them


After enjoying her body’s taste I reluctantly let go and move away


Taking our a pink rotor which I purchased a long time ago, I go near my sisters pussy

I inserted the rotor inside her underwear right above her clitoris and start it

It starts vibrating right above her pussy

“Well, whaaaaa …. …”

At this time, Yuka was immersed into an intense stimulus.

As she tried to protest against my actions, a voice leaked out of mouth  

“Uh oh! Suwesseeloy”


When I was enjoying the scene in front of me

She could no longer control herself and started moaning

And not long after that her pussy violently sprouted love juices



I enjoyed the scene of her pussy dripping with liquid and staining the chair  

Still it did not stop and kept flowing out

It even formed a puddle on the floor

Only then did I realize that it was not love nectar

“Hey Yuka !! Are you Pissing!? ”

“Eh, wipe, wipe it with a towel!


I don’t care about what she’s saying

I enjoy looking at her body that had a pink glow and filled with sweat

Her ass was drenched in liquids making it even more attractive


“I’m sorry if I have to wipe it I will do it like this.. .”


While saying that I lower my head near her pushy

I slide her panties away

Now I can clearly look at her pussy with no obstruction

Her pussy had pink color lips

“This is … a gorgeous hole …”

Gently stretching out my hand I inserted a finger into her hole, the inside was slimy and amazingly hot and soft.


As I push forward with my fingers it comes in contact with something stopping it from moving further….. Is this a hymen?

“No, what are you doing?”

First I got up, while it was a nice thing, I should try something else?

I pick up the rotor I was using until a while ago and press it against the foreskin of her clitoris directly

“Hit !! Stop, Ah, mmmmmm! . ~ ~”

Her body trembles with pleasure
I feel superior

With a movement of my hand I can control what my sister will do

If I press it harder against her clitoris she screams out loudly

If I push it inside her pussy she starts moaning

“Haa …  Aaaaaaaa ”

“How do you feel? Are you comfortable?”

“Oh, well …… ……”

Yeah, since you don’t want to answer I will force it out of you.


Now I  push the rotor into her hole and attack her chest with my empty left hand.

“· · · · · · ·”

No matter how comfortable she’s feeling she isn’t speaking

I couldn’t take it anymore and tightly pinched her nipple and pushed to rotary completely inside upto her hymen




No longer able to control herself she screamed out loud

Her body trembled and muscles stiffened and she started cumming

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