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Sister Again

Honestly, after seeking a girl’s privates all stimulated I think it is impossible to put the brakes on getting carried away. I feel pretty bad and sorry for myself when I think back and calmly remember what I have done. But, honestly, I don’t regret it.

After that incident, I moved Yuka who was still in a stupor and attached to the chair then threw her in bed. I then threw the towel, sorts, etc. dirtied with urine into the washing machine, after that, I returned to my room and whacked off three times to the memory of my sister’s silliness. Let me add here that those were the 3 best masturbation sessions I’ve ever had.

Other than that, this might have broken the cold war situation in our household between us older brother ~ younger sister. Let alone conversation, of course staying in the same room was an issue. Though, naturally this would usually end up in a fight between siblings would start with 『Just make believe it is Azuma Shin』 『You also get engrossed and lost in your games and have no other hobbies other than that so you can’t talk! 』she would deflect with that defence.

This time though, if my little sister goes out and tells my parents when they get home, it won’t just be a sibling fight. If my wrong doing is found out, my life would be over. Naturally, I would imagine, I could forget about the current living arrangements and probably would be sent to a distant boarding school so there would probably may be a challenge living the lonely life. I probably could find a job in the local area but I probably would have to forget ever seeing my parents or little sister again for the rest of my life.

Speaking about it, I’m still up to the task of actioning『working on my little sister’s intoxicating pleasure』. Say nothing about listening to CDs or watching TV, I’m careful when I open a drawer or open a window, I try not to make any noise so as to be unnoticed. I try to kill my presence when I walk on the floor or the stairs. Life holding my breath will have to continue for the time being. Aaaaa, my stomach hurts…

At night, when everyone has gone to sleep, my hand slips in to my pyjamas. Though my breasts are still small, they have a good shape, and I massage said breasts to try and make myself feel good. I then tweak my nipples with my fingers and feel them start to stiffen as I fondle them. The pleasure from fondling my nipples starts spreading to the rest of my breasts when they firm up.

As soon as my breasts feel stimulated enough, my hand creeps down towards my special place. My love hole is already wet with lubricating fluids, and I gently and slowly scoop up the fluid with my soft fingertips then gently start caressing my pussy. I then return to my love hole and lubricate my finger again with my love juices that are overflowing and start spreading it on my clitoris.

As that happens, my clitoris swells as I continue to round it with my lubricated fingertip. I start to feel happy from the pleasant feeling that I was experiencing. No, but I was disgusted.


Yeah, sure, I would have been more than satisfied a while ago with this. Now though, this is entirely unsatisfactory, totally insufficient. Of course, it is all the fault of that 『Baka older brother』 I can’t even achieve 100 points on the pleasure scale with the masturbation I’m doing. At best, I’m getting to 50 points on that scale, I thought that I possibly get a vague chance to get to 100 points doing erotic things with a person I’m attracted to, maybe.

However, the upper limit of pleasure is no longer a 100 points, the pleasant situation created by that 『Baka older brother』is probably more like 200 points! No, I’m sure it was much more. It feels so good up to here, so what would happen if I actually have real sex? My body involuntarily trembled as I imagined it.

What am I to do? I want to get to greater heights of pleasure but I’m unable to achieve that myself… in saying that…. I definitely, certainly, without a doubt cannot ask that 『Baka older brother』.  Mt pride would not allow me to show that weakness of mine and beg that 『Baka older brother』. But maybe, I can ask to borrow that strange tool that my brother used to masturbate. What am I to do?…. I can’t talk to anyone else about this. What can I do… I can’t ask MaMa anything about this. What should I do… ….

「What should I do… …」

I unintentionally vocalised those words I was thinking as my head was buried in my futon in my dark room, with those words reaching no one.

(Kacha) a gentle sound was made as the door of my room opens. That moment of 『surprise』made my heart leap in my chest. Finally, my little sister came! When my mum comes to my room, she calls out to me and knocks on my door before opening it. As it is too troublesome for dad to come upstairs, he usually calls me down to him downstairs. There is only 1 person that would come in unannounced, that would be that little sister.

However, at the same time, I was relieved. Now that my parents are absent, my aim would be not to antagonise but to reinforce what has been done to my little sister. However, I don’t feel confident yet, I can’t read her right now so I’m not sure how to act.

「Onii-chan, can I have a minute?」

With a soft, gentle kitten voice? A gentle smiling face? What is going on? I can’t read this girl.

「Tommorrow!, I’m going out with friends, however~~, my spending money is a little worrying~~」

「… …?」

「It would save me a little if you could help me out, but~」

Uwa! This person here has the gall to extort me, I’m assuming from this pattern that this treat is how it is going to be for now.

「Well, then I do not mind if you can do naughty things to me again」

eh! What did she just say? It sounds more like a transaction than a threat. It could be a profitable scenario for me, but I have to be cautious for now.

「You are mad about the other day are you not?」

「I decided that I should be mad, right?!」

She yelled whilst pulling my ear with her claws.

「Ouwwwwww, why are you digging your claws into me, aaahhhhhhh!」

「Well, it’s because I’m suffering so much! I have thought about having a heart to heart with mum so many times, but when I think about the dreadful awkwardness that would permeate the house and the sorrow that mum and dad would feel. I felt absolutely devastated but I can’t go down that route. So, this is the only and best concession that I can make. 」

In one breath, she blurted it out 『How it is』whilst displaying a practiced glare and arms crossed. The situation looked somewhat intimidating as I was sitting down in my chair as she stood over me with that menacing posture while waiting for my answer.

「Aaa, Yes That’s fine, I have no complaints」


It seems that the price for naughty play with Yuka is to help her out with her pocket money when she is short. However, I still feel uneasy.

「So, how much is this going to cost me?」

I can’t do it if it is too much, I’d like to know how much it is going to cost me every month.

「Nnnn~~~~~, what about half of the last time?」

『I like the sound of it』I can take that into consideration. 5000 yen huh, it is still a hefty chunk of change. I asked if it could be cheaper and caught a chop on the head. It is extremely bad to destroy the mood now.

「I need it tomorrow, so how about it?」

「I haven’t said anything to mum or dad yet」

Well, this has progressed well beyond my expectations, I guess I can humour her with this much, let’s not push our luck and ruin the mood.

「Take off your panties, they are in the way」

「Eeeee~, I don’t want to」

「It is hard to do it with your panties on. I don’t want to have to wash your panties again when you leak yourself again」

「Grrrrrr…, stop saying panties! 」

Even as she said that, her panties appeared under the hem of her dress and she quickly took off her panties and threw it at me that was still sitting on my chair. Firstly, she was thoroughly embarrassed with me saying what I did and just stood that glaring at me.

「Fuuu」There are still more emotions to come from this girl as the event matures, so I think while grasping Yuka’s panties. Of course, I’m a true gentleman and did not put her panties on my head or sniff them. I put her panties on my shelf then proceeded to get the duct tape from under my bed and started preparations.

「I don’t want that, it hurts」

「It will be ok, I’m well prepared this time」

When I removed the duct tape from Yuka the last time it left red raw marks on her limbs, it hurt when I pulled it off and it was not good that I left marks. That’s why I was prepared with towels this time, if I wrap her limbs beforehand, it won’t leave any traces or hurt when I remove the restraints.

「Well~~ I just noticed that」

Yuka quietly proceeded to get into the same M pose so common in AV as we did the last time and waited to be strapped in.

I rolled up the hem of her dress and fixed them with bulldog clips so that it does not slip down and obstruct the front of Yuka. And displayed prominently before my eyes, is the plump, soft vulva ready for tasting.



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