Chapter 3

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A Contract with my Sister

After that, I carried out the still stupid sister to the room and threw her on the bed

Then I threw the towels, shorts, etc which were all dirty into the washing machine

After finishing it all I returned to the room and masturbated three times while remembering my sister’s actions.

Let’s add here that doing it three times is the best I have even done


For the next few days after everyone sleeps Yuka started masturbating at night

I slide my hand into my pajamas and stick my finger inside my hole

Then I crush my underdeveloped breasts with my other hand

After reaching out to the breasts I  change them into all types of shapes

My holes turn horny and start squirting juices

Yes, I was satisfied with it a while ago, but now it is not enough! It is unsatisfactory

Of course the cause is that “silly brother”

Before when I used to masturbate I used to be pleased till 50 points, while the maximum I find reach was 100

But now because of what he did my maximum pleasure reached 200

So my self satisfaction of 50 is not enough!!

What to do? I want to feel more  pleasant but I can not do it myself … I absolutely cannot ask that “fool” brother.

My pride does not allow me to inform my situation to that “stupid brother”

What to do … I can not talk to anyone like this. I can not say to mommy …. What to do · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


“What to do …”


The words spilled from her mouth unexpectedly were sucked into a futon in the dark room never to reach anyone.


(Kachach) After a small sound and the door of my room opens, at that moment “Bikri” it felt like my heart jumped up.

At last my sister came!

The only person who enters my room is the one and only sister


But at the same time I was relieved too.

Now my parents are absent

If they were here we wouldn’t be able to achieve a few things

But still I need to see where this conversation goes


A smile is present on her face

I can not read her son in coming here


“I want to earn more money!”

I was shocked the moment I heard it

My sister was here to sell her body!

I couldn’t believe it but I still maintained a calm face

“But it is too expensive for me I can’t pay you that much”

When I said that her eyes started tearing up like she was about to cry

“You have to take responsibility for you did! After everything that happened I can no longer feel good by myself! I wanted to speak to mom but I can’t do that! You have to be responsible or I will tell mom about everything!”

The moment she said that my heart was brimming with joy, but I didn’t show it on my face

“Okay, how much do you want?”

I can’t always pay her 10000 so I needed to see how much she would settle for

“Hmmmm, how about 5000 per month?”

Even though it is a bit costly, but it’s fine to pay her 5000

“Okay, let’s do it this way”

When I said that her face which was in the brink of crying smile like an angel

“Take off your pants, because it is in the way”


“Eh ~, Ya”


“Also remove your panties, it becomes harder when you wear your panties. The last time you wet them and I had to wash them”


“Gogaki … do not say panties ! ”


Saying that she threw away all the things she wore on her bottom half and then sat down in a chair.

She sat there staring at me with a red face


I don’t lose to my lust and try to ravage her, but like a gentleman I placed her pants on the bed and took out the tape from the cupboard


“Can you not use the tape, it hurts so much”

“It’s okay, I have prepared it properly this time”


As I peeled off the tape last time, red stamp marks remained on her hands and feet

And it also hurt a lot when I peeled them

But it is not good to leave any traces in her body

That’s why I prepared a towel this time, if you wrap this on the hands and feet first and then fix it with tape, it will not hurt or leave any traces.


“Well ~ okay then.”

It looks really good, although she was constantly complaining, this is the completion of the M-shaped open leg position


I turn up the dresses hem and fix it with clips so that it will not fall off

Then I sit back and enjoy the scene in front of me

And then I enjoyed the same thing I did the last time


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Chapter 4

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