Chapter 4

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My First Sexual Experience


Just like he said, brother rolled towel around my limbs so that i would not hurt




Brother put his face on my pussy and started licking it

Has he lost his mind, it’s the same as asking me to lick his dick

Who would do that?


But as he kept at it, his tongue slowly invaded inside my pussy and started moving

It felt funny at first, but later it felt really goooodddd!




Why does it feel good, that place is where i pee from

Atmost i would shed some blood from it at the end of every month

But it feels really good


I don’t want to feel comfortable but i can’t help it

Because my body is tied I can’t move, so there’s no choice other than bearing with it

Brother puts his arms around my waist and holds me so that I can’t even move my crotch away


Even while doing this his hand doesn’t move away from pleasing my breasts

The stimulus just keeps adding, so I start moaning

Because of how good it was feeling, i don’t think of brother licking my crotch as disgusting


While I was feeling good, brother was moving his hands even better than before

As this kept on happening, I started reaching climax

My whole body felt like it was about to melt

I couldn’t take it any longer and my pussy started climaxing



While she was climaxing, this reminded me of how good her nipples smelled the other day

Her whole body was trembling

And finally she let out her cum




While she was about to start climaxing, i didn’t let her go and started pinching her nipples

With my other hand I inserted it into her ass

As she was just about to climax i started sucking on her clitoris

While doing that i tightly bit on it to increase the pleasure she would feel




Like that she climaxed, but this time she didn’t pee all over the floor

Is she had done the same thing again, i would have to start doing this in the bathroom from now on

While she was climaxing, my dick felt really hard

When I looked down I saw my dick was as big as it could be

There was also precum all over it

This was a complete natural satisfaction I got from watching my sister groan in pleasure


“Wow, I’m so excited!?”



“Yuka, do you understand what i will do? Understand why I am naked right now? This is because i will insert my dick into your pussy. Then you will feel even better!”


When I heard all of this, i understood what was happening!

Brother wants to have sex with me?

I am going to have sex with my brother!!!


“Wait a moment, you will start feeling good!!”


“Don’t insert it, you are my brother!!!”


“What’s wrong with that?”


“Eh …”


I couldn’t answer the question

Why don’t siblings have sex? It’s because if they have kids there will be problems

But why can’t we have sex????????????

While I was thinking about it my brother’s dick advanced even further it was almost near my crotch


My brother holds onto my waist and inserts his dick into me with all his force

His dick breaks apart my hymen and enters all the way inside without anymore resistance

Painnnnnnnn!!!!!! That was what i felt at the beginning, but within seconds that turned into pleasure


“Does it hurt?”


I should reply that it hurts, but before i could


My brother began moving his waist

In this way his dick entered and exited my pussy

Slowly my hole got familiar with his dick, even the small amount of pain that was remaining was turned into pleasure

A pleasant feeling started to rise through my body

Everytime his dick hit the furthest end of my hole i pleasure was increasing

Ahhh, I really can’t stand it anymore.

I’ll become crazy, I feel funny ~ ~ ~



Yuka began moaning with all the pleasure she felt

Drool started dripping from her mouth, and she tried to move her waist even further



I didn’t know that a girls pussy felt this gooodddd

I could ejaculate at any moment, but this is my first time so i should enjoy it for a long time


I started pounding her for 30 secs while holding back from cumming




Sounds started leaking from my mouth

It was understandable as i kept holding from cumming

I decided to no longer hold back and started moving as violently as i can




Feeling my momentum Yuka starts moaning even louder

As i got closer to release i increased my speed further

And finally i released all of the white sperm inside my sister’s pussyy




While sighing with pleasure i enjoy the look of my sister in front of me

LIke this I lost my virginity at the age of 17

Not to a rape, not to romance, and not by force

But i lost my virginity to my sister!


Chapter 3
Chapter 8

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