Chapter 5

Chapter 8
Chapter 6

My Sister Takes the Initiative

Honestly, my sister didn’t dislike us having sex

But, as the elder one it was my job to put a brake and not take it too far

Now that I think about it, what we did was completely ridiculous

But still, I do not regret what I did

After us having sex, there was an awkward atmosphere between us brother and sister

It was similar to the cold war, we didn’t speak and tried to not even make any form of eye contact

As we were acting more distant than usual, our parents noticed it

“Are you guys fighting about something?”

Not knowing what to answer, I just chuckled awkwardly and shook my head

After we had sex, I don’t how to be with her anymore

I can’t consult anyone to find a solution, and definitely not my parents

For now lets just sleep through it

I got into my bed at 11’o clock, I’ll think about it tomorrow

After about 10 minutes all the lights were extinguished throughout the house

As my parents went to sleep, I heard the sound of my door being opened

I know who it is, but lets pretend to be sleeping

As I acted to be asleep, my sister climbed into my bed

“Brother, are you awake?”

As I didn’t answer and tried to act asleep, she came and sat on my thighs

Then she began moving her hips front and back

Although I can’t see properly through my closed eyes, I could feel the flesh moving on my thighs

“Ahh, brother is so goooodd!!!”

It seems like my sisters become addicted to masturbating

She began moving faster and faster

It seemed like she was hungry for sex

She was willing to use my body to masturbate, this shows that she doesn’t mind me finding out about her slutty actions

“Fuckk me, fuck meeeeeeee!”


“Yessssss, I love you brother!!!”

As time went on, she began moaning a bit loudly, I started fearing that my parents would hear her

And my dick started getting hard, even though I tried to suppress myself

It was impossible to do when you could hear the sexy voices from her

Unable to control my desires anymore, I pushed her bellow me and started to remove my clothes

“Brother you’re awake!!!”

Unlike her voice which showed fear, her face was full of expectation and craving

I didn’t bother answering but removed all the clothes I wore

Seeing that I wasn’t caring enough to answer her, she also tried to help me remove my clothes

After I was naked I moved my hands to touch her

One hand went straight towards her breasts, while the other I moved it inside her pajamas

Her breasts were still the same, small and soft

Also, her pussy was dripping wet, it seems her masturbating on my body made her horny

“Do not moan too loudly, okay?”


Yesssssssss, my brother feels the same way!

Even though I do it myself, it was not comfortable, it feels frustrating to masturbate and not feel good

Only being with my brother will make me feel pleasure

My brother started to remove my clothes after feeling my whole body, I should also help him

Together we removed my clothes very quickly, that was because I wore no underwear when I came here

He starts moving his tongue all over my nipples, ahhhhhhhhh it feels so good!

Like I thought only my brother can make me feel good

He inserted one finger into my pussy and began moving it in and out


Even though I tried to control it, my voice leaked out

Why does it feel so good, when he touches me?

It feels a hundred times better than when I touch myself, and I use almost my whole hand to masturbate!!!

My brother took his hands back and started to bring his dick near my pussy

Maybe because he noticed that I was wet, he decided to ignore fingering me anymore

Although I lost my virginity just a few days back, I can’t wait to have sex!


I will fuck her for the 2nd time!

Whenever I think about the time I took away her virginity, I’m always filled with guilt

I won’t care about it anymore, I’ll never let her go

I started moving my hips, my dick was completely inside her till the root

It seems she still feels a little pain, as her body turned stiff

“Zhu, zhu zhu…..”

The sound of meat moving in and out could be heard through the room

The sound is well audible, I should finish as soon as possible

It would be a huge problem if my parents heard it and came to check on us

Even though it feels really good, and I don’t want to cum before she does

I will have to do it

Also it won’t be a problem to cum with all the pleasure I’m feeling


Hearing her sweet moans, and the feeling of her tight little hole, its impossible to not cum

As Yuka started moaning I desperately covered her mouth with both of my hands

I can’t let her moan that loud!

“Yuka do you feel good? I’m going to cum inside you”

Because I covered her mouth she can’t speak

But she nods her head to say that she understood me

After seeing her agree, I went on my last sprint

Even if I’m going to cum I might aswell enjoy myself before letting it out

After moving my hips till I was satisfied, I finally blew my load inside her

The bed also stopped rocking as I started cumming inside her

Just like I remembered it felt, ridiculously goodddddd


Even when her mouth is covered her moans leak out

Her face is covered in pleasure, and her pussy is becoming even more tight

Suppressing my desire to fuck her once more, I pulled out my dick

As I didn’t even masturbate in the last few days, I released a lot inside her

My sperm was dripping out of her slutty meat hole

Even though it is really enjoyable to watch it, I can’t

After enjoying the view, I handed her a few tissues to clean her hole

I did the same with my dick and then I sent her away

I cumshoted her vagina!

That was all I could think of as I fell asleep


Chapter 8
Chapter 6

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