Chapter 5

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Little sister invasion


To be honest, the younger sister did not dislike the older brother taking charge, though she would prefer if her older brother takes responsibility for applying the brakes when needed. Now, after I’ve calmed down and reflected, I feel a little sorry that I’ve done such a preposterous thing. In saying so, I do not regret it.

When it was all done, my little sister’s consciousness seemed to be still a little hazy… …

Apart from that, that was the issue of the cold war between brother and sister that may have now extended into overtime. Although there was no sense of urgency as before, there is a off, vague sense of 『let’s have sex feeling』left there instead. As it was a bad idea between a brother and sister, the awkwardness was first-rate. Even our parents read the atmosphere and asked 「 Are you two still fighting? 」 For now, 「Yes, though I apologise for it. 」, though I don’t know if I can mislead them this time.

Though it was not easy to talk about in particular to my parents about the awkwardness with my little sister for the moment. For now, I decided to be outwardly calm and mature. Like the previous cold war, I take care to minimise my presence and take care when opening and closing doors. I quietly slipped into bed around 11 o’clock that evening. How long do I have to continue to do these things? As it was a rhetorical question with no answer, I accompanied it with a sigh, closed my eyes and cleared my mind.

After turning off the lights, within 5 minutes, the door opened. As mentioned before, the only person that opens my room door without knocking like this is that little sister, as such I determined it was neither of my parents.

Yuka did not say a word and started to climb into the bed. To that, I didn’t think there was a need to pay any mind to the action, but further to that, she climbed over and straddled me. This person, she sure is lewd.

Aaaa!! Damn it, is this not the mount position? I was overcome whilst I was absentminded, is this little bitch wanting to fight?

「Onii-chan, you are still wake aren’t you?」


My voice quivered, however as I was in the dark, my expression should not be visible. I can see though, that she was definitely smiling, is this a declaration of war after all?

「Nee, hey」


What, why are you sneaking in to my room in the middle of the night and saying that?

「That’s not it, I want to do something ecchi」

As she said that, she grabbed my hand and slit it under her pyjamas and the moment my fingertips touched Yuka’s breasts I involuntarily pulled my hand away.

「Wait a minute, what on earth are you thinking?」

「That’s why, let’s just do it~」

It seems that Yuka’s disposition seems strange, acting like a child throwing a tantrum, at the same time she has climbed on, stuck her butt on my thigh and started masturbating by grinding on it.

「Hey, using my body to masturbate, aren’t you the odd one, what’s wrong with you?」

「What?! I have become like this because of Onii-chan, has it not? 」

「Baka, stop yelling」

I wave my hand in front of Yuka to dismiss her complaint.

Is that so? As expected, is there a possibility that that is the reason why you ran over here? Well, I guess as much as what I did was terrible, it must have felt really good too. Say nothing of Yuka experiencing extreme pleasure 4 times besides she was not really interested in ecchi things so much, so I get she had no immunity for it. In other words, I flipped Yuka’s 『motivation switch』 And so it seems that she has become increasingly more dismissive of the taboo of approaching her older brother for sex.

My little sister’s masturbation does not stop while I think about how I should persuade her, not only that, she reached out her hand towards my penis. She starts massaging it from on top of my pyjamas.

「Oi, stop it!」

Although I said that to stop her, my penis decided to get firmly erect. I can’t help that I’m a completely honest 17-year-old guy when it comes to this and even when applying the brakes in my head, my body does not stop… … What should I do? In this state, it is difficult to make my little sister understand, as it stands, is is extremely mentally fatiguing and my defences are wearing away. There must be a method to resist… .

「I have no choice but to have sex」

When I utter that decision out of my mouth, I raised my body, put my hands on Yuka’s shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed and she obediently fell, I them put my hands to her waistband to bull off her bottoms and she lifted her hips to accommodate. Really, she is now obedient, I hope she is like this from now on, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Finally, I rolled the hem of her pyjama top up till I could see her breasts.

「Listen, you have to be quiet ok?」

Haaa, at last! Onii-chan is finally feeling up to it. Even though I play with myself, of course it feels good, but I can never feel as much pleasure and I get eternally frustrated. Onii-chan rolls my nipple with his tongue, aaaa, his tongue licking me feels great, I don’t feel the same when I fondle myself, I feel a little ticklish and itchy and it starts becoming unbearable. At the same time, Onii-chan’s hand gradually moves downward, heading towards my pussy. The 1 finger penetrates, the anticipation of that touch almost makes me gasp in pleasure, though I caught it in my throat.

The suddenly inserted finger goes in without caressing the rest of my pussy and starts going in and out without warning.

Aaaa, its bad, I totally masturbated before coming in to this room and am totally wet, has this been exposed to Onni-chan? Why is it that the touch of another person feels so good and is not the same as when I do it myself? Even though, before this, my hymen prevented fingers from going in all the way, now it allows fingers in easily, it is deep enough to penetrate till the base of his fingers. To think that I just lost my virginity recently. I wonder if any of my friends have also experienced becoming a woman, it would be nice to know if 1 or 2 of them have also experienced it. The 2 fingers stretch my vagina, moving in and out, back and forth and rotating around, stimulating my pleasure spots.

「Faa, uu Guuuuunnnn…」

With the upmost effort, I endure vocalising my pleasure but yet an unintentional voice leaks out as my body reacts to the sudden play with my clitoris. It is such a pleasant feeling that I can no longer control my body.

At last his hands stop moving. I think Onii-chan has lost his willpower and starts taking off his pyjamas. Onii-chan laid on my and whispered.

「Do not leak, ok?」

As I have decided to enjoy myself in this occasion, I decided not to say anything about it. It’s inevitable, I was pressured into having sex and am committed to this short-term battle. First of all, I’ll torture her nipple and extend the other hand to her pussy. Nnn? Even though I’ve yet to caress her pussy, it is already wet… This person must have masturbated before coming to my room, oh well, to avoid any arguments, I’ll ignore it.

When I inserted 1 finger, there is nothing obstructing it and my finger buried itself slowly to the root. Hmmm, it makes me think back to when I took my little sister’s virginity. The feeling of guilt starts pricking at my conscience. Anyway, it would be bad if my thoughts get carried away and I perform badly, I better concentrate on what’s in front of me. I massaged her pussy all over while tweaking her nipple and got her ready. I then took off my pyjamas and got ready for insertion. Before I plunged myself into her joy hole, I reminded her 「Don’t leak, ok? 」as I pinched her cheek at the same time. Nooo, its because you… make me cum so hard when we have sex.

I pulled myself together and recommenced insertion, being the second time, I think it would be better. My cock was already gripped from the tip to the root. It seems that Yuka suddenly stiffed up her body, so she might still be in a little pain.


I hear Yuka’s muffled voice in the dark and the wet sounds where our groins have collided. Although I think it is imperative that our parents downstairs can’t hear is, I feel anxious and the impatient sense of urgency to come to a climax of the encounter.

It is extremely pleasant. Even though I feel that I can cum anytime, I brace myself from losing control and try my best to to finish so quickly. Upon insertion and pulling back out, the feeling of my glans rubbing up the wall of flesh in her vagina is exquisitely intense and I desperately fight the relentless impulse to leak my voice. What should I do? So much time has passed for me to calm down but yet I’m still on edge.  I don’t want to be thought of as a premature ejaculator…

Looking at Yuka, she is also enduring the impulse to cry out as she covers her mouth with both hands.

「Yuka, are you good now? I’ll start. 」

As I said that, Yuka nodded whilst covering her mouth.

I move towards the last spurt, in saying that, it probably last 1 second or one stroke as my limit. When I increase my pace, the bunk bed started creaking and I stop moving immediately. Of course, this creaking is bad… so what should I do? With how stimulated I am right now, this is an opportune time to take a break, calm down and change positions. I raise Yuka’s legs up, and I positioned myself over Yuka and pumped her from top to bottom rather than forward and backwards. The bed still creaks but it is considerably better than before. It is time for that last spurt for the second time. Yuka’s pleasure is also written all over her face, doubling the eroticism.

Yuka’s tightening vagina breaks the limit of pleasure. My penis screams in ecstasy as semen shoots through my urethra. The burst of pleasure saps the power out of my body as I endure the overwhelming sensation. As I lowered her raised legs back down to the bed and laid on her body while immersed in the afterglow of my climax, Yuka started to slowly rub my back with her hand. It seems that Yuka is drowned in the after effects of her ecstasy too and it is just a little embarrassing dealing with the aftermath of sex between lovers. I somehow resist the temptation to fall asleep just like this.

「Yuka, get up, we have to get ready to go to bed」

Just thinking about it, it is a weird phrase to say just as I am pulling my cock out of her love sheath, letting the cool air of the room surround it. I pulled 2 tissues out of the box beside the bed, then handed Yuka the box. It seemed like such a stupid thing to do right after that~, it is good that the room is dark. After dealing with the clean-up, we said 「good night」then Yuka left my room but did not go straight to her room, instead she went to the 2nd floor toilet. The quiet room reverberated with gentle noise of the washlet’s motor.

That’s right, I came in her again tonight~, as I should have expected, cumming inside of her time and time again is bad, it would probably make a mess of her futon. Let’s take some time this weekend to carefully discuss what’s going on, if we don’t do something to end this kind of relationship, the consequences of this situation would it very regretful for our parents.

『OK, let’s stop this!』I feel as though I have to swear to it with a heavy heart. With this, I feel that I will be able to sleep soundly tonight, I fell right asleep with confidence as soon as I shut my eyes.



Chapter 4
Chapter 6

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