Chapter 6

Chapter 5
Chapter 7

My Sister Takes the Initiative Part:2

Yuka’s sucking my cock like a lollipop

She looks so absorbed in it, almost like a kid found a new favorite toy to pay with

But still, I never knew that having my cock sucked felt so good

Even though her technique is very bad, and her mouth can’t reach till my cock’s root, pleasure rushes up every time she moves her clumsy mouth

Especially when she licks the tip of my cock, my spine tingles as my dick trembles with pleasure

I don’t mind doing this every second for the rest of my life

Also, the sound of slurping from her mouth makes me feel even better

I’m going to cum soon

“I’m going to cum, take it inside your mouth”

As I was about to cum I held down her head to keep her from moving away

While I held her head I released my desires inside her mouth..

You might wonder how it all happened…

After yesterday night we didn’t speak the whole day like before

And she once again came here during today’s night

“Brother, isn’t your dick hard?”

As I didn’t know what to say to her daring and shameless question

She came near the bed and brought her mouth near my pants

“Should I give you a blowjob?”

Before I could decide on an answer, she quickly moved my dick out of my pants and began licking it

My little sister, holding all of my semen inside her mouth was requesting for tissues

As I gave her the box, she spits out my semen onto the tissues

The atmosphere was a bit weird, she was sucking my cock till a while back

But now we couldn’t even have a proper conversation

After a while yuka gets up and starts heading towards the door

She didn’t even throw away the tissue which was filled with my cum

“Good night”

“Hey! Where are you going?”

Without answering my question, she smiles and disappears beyond the door

What is she thinking?

Whatever, lets just sleep for now

After turning the lights off, I go back to sleep

She came here today too

Just like yesterday she came after all the lights were turned off

This time she didn’t even bother asking for anything

She came and kneeled down beside my bed

It was like she was waiting for me to present my dick for her to service it

I removed my pants and sat on the bed’s edge

She moved her mouth near my dick and started to take it inside

Yesterday she was only licking and moving her mouth, but now she was also sucking it

It felt like a vacuum was pulling on my dick

The pleasure was ten times better than yesterday

How did she get so better in one day?


A groan came out of my mouth due to all the pleasure I felt from her mouth

“Zhu zhu zhu….”

Obscene sounds of slurping were clearly coming form her mouth

The sound is louder than yesterday

The sound of my sister slurping on my dick was so sexy, it made my dick grow a little harder

But today I won’t cum so fast, I might be a rookie yesterday

But I won’t come so easily today

While she was sucking on my dick, I began moving her head with my hands

I pushed my dick deep throat and pulled it out

While she was sucking I began to move her head faster and harder

It seems like she doesn’t mind me abusing her, however I want

I’m almost at my limit, the moving of her head only brought me closer to climax

“I’m going to cum, don’t you dare spit it our!”

Unlike yesterday I would rather see her swallowing my cum in front of me



As I blew my load inside her mouth the pleasure was really good, but my dick didn’t go soft!

I could go for another round today

When I thought of this I smiled a bit evilly

After I finished cumming inside her mouth, I didn’t give her any time to respond

I pulled her body and pushed it onto the bed

Her face was facing onto the quilt and her ass raised high into the air

I began hitting her ass

“Pa, pa, pa ….”

“Ahu, mm”

As she didn’t still swallow my cum, she could only make weird sounds

But I didn’t let her go

“Let’s see how you will escape now!”

Saying that I pushed my dick inside her pussy, due to just cumming my dick was a bit sensitive

But I’ll still do it

She’s been running away after sucking my dick, today I’ll fuck her pussy turns into my dicks shape

“Here we go!!!”

Saying that I violently pushed my dick till the root all at once


She made a weird noise once again

She still hasn’t swallowed?

Lets see how long you won’t swallow it!

“Pa pa pa pa”

While pistoning I began slapping her ass with my hands

Once on her right, once on her left buttock

“Agu, agu, agu…..”

Her face is covered in pleasure, as she’s trying to swallow the cum inside her mouth, a little drips from the mouth

“How dare you spit out my cum!”

Trying to take advantage of the sperm dripping from her mouth, I hit her ass even harder



Although she violently trashes her ass, her face is excited

It seems like she wants to be abused

I began moving faster and slapping harder

“Zhu zhu zhu”

Along with the slapping sound, the sound of my rod going in and out could be heard

“Don’t you dare let my cum fall out”

As I reached the limit, I started cumming once again

But, because I just released a while back not a lot comes out

Still, her face is covered in pleasure


She moaned loudly from the sperm inside her pussy

I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick, it felt like she was trying to squeeze my dick dry

With releasing twice in the last half hour, my head began feeling a little dizzy

I fell onto the bed, while enjoying the scene in front of me

Her red ass with my white sperms dripping down, and her face covered with pleasure

This is life!!!

“Bye bye brother”

While she tries to run away like everyday, I slap her once again

But this time I slapped her on the pussy where I just released


While screaming from pleasure and pain, as I slapped her hardly

She began running out of the room, with her dripping pussy

Off to bed once again


Chapter 5
Chapter 7

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