Chapter 6

Chapter 5
Chapter 7

Little sister invasion 2


Yuka started sucking my cock and I was really enjoying it, though before she started sucking me off, I was seriously pondering as to how I should approach breaking this unusual relationship off. She looks like a child that is engrossed after buying a new toy.

Still, I never imagined that having my dick hoovered could ever have such a pleasant feeling. Though her technique was still poor, the action of her licking my glans then sucking till the root with her fingers crawling all around then reintroducing it back into her mouth, sends shocks tingling up and down my spine.

Especially when she starts licking around the head of my penis, it feels really good and sends me into a shiver from sensory overload. Yuka is well aware of this as she watches my reaction while socking me off. She sticks her tongue out and rotates around my cock to stimulate it. Oooo, this feels sooo good, The mismatch between Yuka’s innocent smile and her giving me a blowjob makes me dizzy. As she strokes my shlong with her hand and sucks and licks my member all over, using her tongue and lips liberally, it sends the urgency to ejaculate skyrocketing.

「Yuka, wait, hold on, I’m cumming!」

I hesitate to cum in my little sister’s mouth, so I reach for the tissues in a hurry. Though I could not hold back long enough and if I pulled out now, I’d blow my load everywhere and make a mess. That was unavoidable. When the urgency of my desire was quenched, I patted my little sister’s head in an effort to stall and escape the aftermath.

Well, how did we get here? Yuka came the next evening again, opened the door suddenly, turned on the lights and asked 「Onii-Chan, are you still awake? 」with her brows in a cute furrow looking at me with expectation. She then came onto my bed and asked 「Should I give Onii-chan fellatio? 」as she crawled over.  I displayed a sleepy face in silent resistance as she took off my pyjamas. In a low growly voice, she said, 「Onii-chan, move your hand out of the way. 」 Due to me resisting, she was about to complain loudly, I got flustered and stopped her. Yuka-san, that is blackmail. So, my pyjamas were taken off in short order.

The younger sister who had one hand covering her mouth was already requesting tissues with her hand and was given a box of tissues immediately. My little sister spat my semen into the tissue as I clean my pal with another tissue, as we were doing that, Yuka studied the spat-out semen. Hey, hey, stop staring around like that, it is somehow very embarrassing you know.

「Oi, stop staring so much」

「Eh, why?」


「Whatever, just stop staring」

Yuka still does not quite grasp the situation, but she took her eyes off the tissue and slid off the bed. Oh yes, there is nothing better than destroying the evidence as soon as possible. But Yuka did not use the trash can in the room and started heading out.

「Good night~」

「Oi wait! Where are you going? 」

Yuka turned back to my call but she did not reply. just let out a giggle and disappeared out the door.

What is she thinking, what is she going to do, what is she going to do with that? ~~~~~ Damn, I was going to get a good night’s sleep, but I guess going to recover that tissue is horribly stupid. Thinking about it is bothersome, so I abandoned the thought and wrapped myself in my futon, here goes my 1st attempt at sleep… … She could have turned the lights out on her way out. I got out of bed and turned off the lights and finally got to sleep when I returned to bed.

Then the following night, Yuka was at it again, sucking my penis. I’ve lost all resistance. I know it would be trouble for me to raise my voice here.

「Soo, oni, how does it feel? (mumbled speech with a dick in the mouth) 」

Hey,hey, don’t talk with my dick in your mouth, though in saying that my penis feels really good in Yuka’s mouth. After saying that, she started moving faster and took me deeper into her mouth. Uu, it feels good. She is definitely getting more skilful. Last night she was just licking it in her mouth with her tongue, tonight she added sucking to her repertoire.  Is this what they call vacuum fellatio? The degree of adhesion with her tongue and the rest of her mucous membrane is raised and thus sensation is further increased. Where did she learn this from since yesterday? The way things are going, what happened yesterday will happen again tonight, I have to do something before I cum in my little sister’s mouth again. I thought I would have to restrain Yuka.

「Wait for a moment」

「Nnnn, what is it? (more cock-in-mouth mumbling) 」

That’s why, when you want to say something, take my cock out of your mouth.

「Anyway, move your ass over this way」

Though she did not know what I was going to do, she moved her ass over slowly. Pulling down Yuka’s pyjamas with her panties, her white smooth, firm like hard boiled eggs ass jumps up into view to my delight. She has absolutely no resistance to me taking off her bottoms suddenly. I continued pulling off her pyjamas and panties down the rest of her leg and off her feet to completely remove them.


「OK, here we go, straddle my face.」

Even after coming this far, Yuka should understand having to get into the 69 position to give each other mutual love. Getting pleasure alone is good, but there is nothing like pleasuring each other!

Sorry but that’s a lie, it is just an ecchi position that is on the list of positions that I want to do without fail. As Yuka has begun to suck my dick, I also start performing cunnilingus undauntedly.  I moved my arms from her waist to her ass cheeks and when I spread them I see her little pink anus. Yuka is kneeling and I’m lying down in bed so it is hard for me to reach her pussy without raising my head. After gently nibbling on her labia majora and minora, I licked and soaked the entrance to her vagina with saliva. I then use my tongue to spread her vaginal opening as much as possible. I guess Yuka was feeling it, she was shaking her butt to resist but she can’t escape from my attack because I’m holding her hips down.

That’s not to say that Yuka was neglecting in her own attack. Due to the change of posture, her tongue was now in contact with my sensitive glans which has increased the sensation. Yuka started to grip my penis with her mouth and pressed it firmly against her tongue. To be honest, this was difficult, if I lose concentration even for an instant, I would come instantly.

However, my competitive spirit blazes up and I intend on her cumming first, I start licking in the vicinity of her clitoris and around her vaginal opening. I start licking roughly like a hungry puppy trying to get at milk, licking at a high rate of speed.

Then, Yuka proceeds to grip my shaft while sucking the head. That’s bad, that shaves away my resistance from cumming. It seems that she wants victory in one stroke!

I discontinue my area attack and started concentrating on that one point. As soon as I attach to her clitoris, I start sucking it at once and forcibly peel back her clitoral hood while bashing her clitoris with my tongue.

Yuka who was being touched at her most sensitive spot quickly raised the white flag. She removed her mouth from my penis and raised her lovely voice. Fufufu, you are 10 years too early to win against me. I raised a declaration of victory even though in my heart I know at her tongue brought me to the edge of ecstasy.

「Owwwww, don’t grab my dick like that!」

I immediately tapped in Yuka’s ass. It seems that she was gripping my penis like she was wringing out a washcloth with all her might, just to endure the pleasure that she was experiencing. I slip out from under Yuka, kneeled behind her and introduced my cock into her hole. I’ll finish in here as I was not able to earlier.

When I inserted my cock into her, her pussy opened up to fit me. Ooou, it feels as consistent as it always has,  It feels best with a soft labia and tight vagina. Yuka collapsed onto her front just after a few thrusts, it morphed from doggie into her lying down flat, likewise, I collapsed flat onto Yuka.


「Oi, tilt your ass upwards and spread them.」

「Nooo!, Onii-chan, let me rest for a little.」

Is that so? I guess because Yuka just came from the attack a little earlier, she is still a little too sensitive to carry on. Well, in consideration for Yuka who just came, I’ll finish off as fast as I can. I started moving with this plan in mind but since my strength has been applied to my arms and back only, I’m starting to get tired. Is there a more comfortable position other than Yuka lying face down? I tried to think of another position but nothing comes to mind.

Yuka now has her legs spread a little so that my legs are now between hers, I brought Yuka’s legs together and straddled them. I then leaned my stomach on her butt as out genitals where connected. I thought that only a woman can straddle from the top but it looks like it is possible for a man too.

I’ll try moving a little as an experiment. Un, it is easy to move in this position, there is a feeling that Yuka’s tightness has improved with her legs closed. When I start to move in comfortable strokes, Yuka starts tapping.

「What’s up? Does it hurt? 」

「That’s not it Onii-chan, It feels way too good.」

Hoho…OK, OK, so you would willingly bring up your weak points stupidly yourself.

「Is that so~ Isn’t it great~ Yuka? I’ll make you feel really good. 」

「Nooo, wait ..」

I watch for Yuka’s reaction as I restarted my strokes.

Onii-chan’s penis, I’ll lick it all over and breath it in. When I saw it for the first time, it looked grotesque to me, the more I got used to seeing it the cuter it looks to me. Disgusting looking when flaccid but when it swells, stiffens, grows and the pink head shows itself it becomes adorable.

The penis that makes me feel so good, it has transformed my special places it experiencing pleasure. While I lick Onii-chan’s penis, I watch his reactions so that I can find out where and how to make him feel good. My Onii-chan’s cute reactions are also amusing, I make it feel better ~ I won’t stop till I make him feel good, then he stripped me of my pyjamas.  He then asked me to straddle his face. As one would expect, I hesitated as it was embarrassing but I abandoned the hesitation and boldly proceeded.

Aaa, this is enjoyable. As I lick Onii-chan’s penis to give him pleasure, the pleasure returns from him licking me too. Of course, the sense of oneness makes me feel comfortable and delighted. When I suck his penis hard, he suddenly sucks my clitoris hard. I suck harder when I’m sucked more strongly. When I grabbed his penis and stroked it with my hand while sucking the tip and kneading it with my tongue, he suddenly started sucking and licking my clitoris strongly. I moved my mouth off his penis and clenched my teeth and squeezed his penis by reflex while trying to bear the intense pleasure. I’m sorry Onii-chan, I can’t endure this awesome pleasure, Yuka can’t continue licking your penis because of this pleasure~ My older brother had to withstand me grasping wildly at his penis as I separated my mouth from his penis.

「Owww, don’t grab my dick like that!」

Apparently, I seemed to have clenched down on his penis unconsciously, I couldn’t help it, it felt too good. However, it was only a short break as Onii-chan had not ejaculated yet, we are unlikely to stop.

As I was thinking about that, Onii-chan crawled out from under me and put his penis in from behind me. The place that felt so pleasurable just a moment ago felt ultra-sensitive and I tried to escape without thinking.

「Oi, tilt your ass upwards and spread them.」

「Nooo!, Onii-chan, let me rest for a little.」

Waa, I want to rest for a bit, as I was taking a break, Onii-chan started rummaging around behind as I was soaking in the afterglow of an orgasm. So even if I wanted to take a short break, his strokes started nonetheless.

Eeeeh! How? How can we have sex in such a position? I was surprised when he moved suddenly and my intuition set off an alarm 『This is going to be bad』. I started to feel really good with just his penis moving in an out. I feel like I am going to exceed my upper limits of pleasure like I felt before. It’s dangerous, this is absolutely dangerous unless this stops now. I started to tap Onii-chan.

「What’s up? Does it hurt? 」

「That’s not it Onii-chan, It feels way too good.」

Anyway, I’ll have to put a stop to this for a little while.

「Is that so~ Isn’t it great~ Yuka? I’ll make you feel really good. 」

「Nooo, wait ..」

His strokes continued as soon as they stopped. Just when the stimulation started to calm down a little, it shot beyond what I felt until a while ago. Bad, bad, this is really bad, I tried to escape immediately but I could go nowhere as I was pinned down with Onii-chan was leaning on my ass. On the contrary, forget about escaping, I can’t even voice anything anymore and my body is no longer listening to me all I can do is endure the pleasure. Clenching my teeth and pushing my head into the futon, clasping at the bedsheets with both my hands, I struggled desperately and tried to tolerate the slight fear of losing consciousness from the agonising pleasure.


Hurry, hurry up and finish… It’s no good… mou no good, in front of my eyes a soft glow started to float, 『flying』 the feeling of my consciousness taking off, that instant, at last, Onii-chan’s copulation was coming to an end. Perhaps the hot thing she felt on her back was his semen. Even though my intercourse with Onii-chan was over, the afterglow of my orgasm still permeated throughout my body. While trying to catch my breath, I waited for the aftermath of my petite mort to fade.

「Oi, Yuka, how long are you going to lie there for? Have you fallen asleep? 」

At last, my body and breathing have settled down, my ass was slapped by Onii-chan, mou, you are not kind at all, not even worried about my body. Once I got my clothes on, I looked at him like he was a nuisance.  I think it is because I felt it so much. Aa, he is gradually getting angry.

I sat squirming on the bed while putting on my pyjamas. Due to the lingering reverberations flowing through my body, my throat still does not work. What should I do? I will not be able to sleep properly without retaliating to this indifferent guy.

「Onii-chan, g-o-o-d, night!」

After that slip of the tongue, I let fly a kick to his crotch and a muffled scream was heard as I got off the bed without minding it.  Hopefully, nothing got broken, I was worried about that. When I returned to my room, I threw myself in my bed and buried myself in the futon. Today was totally amazing, it felt better than my imagined limit again. I wonder what would become of me if I keep on doing this, I wonder if there are more amazing things ahead of the bone-shaking orgasm I felt today. Nevertheless, today, it really felt excellent~.




Chapter 5
Chapter 7

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