Chapter 7

Chapter 6

The Quiet Before The Storm

Yesterdays sex was awesome

I came three times! It felt so good doing that

In order to keep going like this I have to find a way to not get tired

It’s 11:50 currently, the lights will go out in some time like usual

Today I don’t even have any condoms, let’s see how she can still continue attacking me today

I’ll have her start with a blowjob today, and then make it a 69, I’ll have her completely exhausted before I take the upper hand

It’s a bit after 12, but my sis still hasn’t come

Now that I think about it, Yuka did have a fight with father today

And she seemed to be quite angry, maybe she won’t come because of that

Well, nothing I can do about it now

I’ll just sleep on it

I want to try various positions

I wish to do something like that……

Or this……

That………or this…….

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep

What’s with the sudden alarm today?

I jumped up to my feet thinking about it

It seems like she really didn’t come……..

I went down and washed my face, then headed towards the table

“Good morning”

“Good morning”

While saying my daily greetings I sat down getting ready to eat

Yuka’s here eating too

Although she is here, I can’t tell whether she’s angry or not

I want to ask ‘Why didn’t you come yesterday?”

But, the situation just doesn’t seem like a good place for that

Even though I didn’t interfere and left her alone, she didn’t have much change

Even later at dinner tonight she seems the same

My mom works as a nurse, but still has time to complete the household chores

Today’s menu is rice, and curry

“My stomach hurts mom”

“Oh my, why don’t you take some medicine”

Saying that she brought out some medicine and gave it to Yuka

I’m glad that she isn’t pregnant after the thing we did

I’ll have to be more careful from now on

Maybe she’s menstruating!

That could be why she didn’t come yesterday

“If it still hurts, I’ll take you to the doctor okay. Also next Saturday I’m going to my fathers house”

“Oh, a one day trip?”

“No, since it has been a while. I’ll be staying there overnight”

No Parents this Saturday!

My eyes made contact with Yuka, she’s thinking the same thing

A sly smile formed on my face as I tried to retain my calmness and not let my parents suspect something

Finishing dinner, I got back to my room

Sex with my sister, and no parents inside the house!

Just imagining it makes me hard

Maybe it’s a trap?

Have my parents noticed us and installed hidden camera’s to find evidence?

Calm down, your thinking too much

Suddenly the door opened

“Onii-chan, next Saturday we’ll be alone!”

A giddy voice could be heard through the door

Before I could react she came in, lightly patted my shoulders and ran away

When I turned around, it was almost like she didn’t come in here at all

I would’ve though that I was dreaming, if not for her fragrance which remained here

I had a very calm week, waking up and enjoying my breakfast

Watching tv, chatting with my friends and family

It felt like a calm life

While enjoying my life, I prepared for my special day

Tape, scissors, clips, gum, rope, binder clip, etc

And also adult toys

Although it was weird to buy adult toys at this age, I did it with anticipation of my weekend

Finally the day has come

I returned from school and went upto my room to get ready

It seems like Yuka still hasn’t come back

Arranging all my tools neatly, I also replaced the memory card inside my camera

“I’m back”

It seems like Yuka has come home

But, I still didn’t make a move

We finished dinner and I went for a bath

There seems to be an awkward atmosphere whenever we are near each other

I just can’t come up and make a move!

It’s 9:30 now


My door’s knob seems to be turned

But Yuka doesn’t come inside

In the night the intensity of rain increases even more……..


Chapter 6

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