Chapter 7

Chapter 6

Calm Before the Storm


Yesterday’s sex was awesome, just recalling cumming three times feels great. Adding to the fact that I discovered a new position that allows a man to fuck a woman from behind with her legs closed. Being that ecchiness is going to continue from here on out, I have to devise a way to get more variety so as to not get bored……

Huh? Something is strange, I was supposed to persuade my little sister to stop this relationship… It’s dangerous, I was inadvertently taken in by my little sister’s perverted interests and was sucked into her pace and the loss of the sense of common morals.


The time now is 11:50, usually at 12 the lights go off and it seems that she was waiting. I must not destroy the illusion that I am annoyed that I’m being attacked. Because of that, I do not prepare a condom, if I prepare one, it gives the impression that I’m motivated for it.

I wonder, not yet~ I think she should come soon. What should I do tonight? As expected, we should start with a blowjob, then I’d like to do 69 again, I would also like to try something not just on the bed, maybe standing up ahh, the enjoyment does not end~.


It got to around 12 o’clock and my younger sister has not come yet. Come to think about it, I don’t know why but it seems that she got a little angry, is that why she has not turned up tonight?  She gets really scary when she gets angry, we truly fear her, she usually does this through passive resistance. Yuka and dad had a difference of opinion and at that time she went on a hunger strike and dad broke first as I recall.

On the other hand, my character does not allow me to drag trivial things out, if she is still sore, I will completely reset it. Well, probably, I’ll pretend to sleep a little more, she’d probably come sooner or later. Well so, what things would I do today? I want to try different positions, I want to do this or that or maybe also that… … besides other things… …. that…

And that… … ….


「pi, pi ,pi, pi, pi, pipi, pipi, pipi, pipi, pipipipipipipipipipi po pi po pi po! 」


Without warning, an alarm sounds, is it morning? What happened last night? I flipped off my futon and checked my clothes, there were no signs of my clothes being removed.

She didn’t come last night.

I went downstairs to wash my face then to the dining table.

「Good morning」

「Good Morning」「Good morning」


I do my usual greetings and go over towards my parents with my breakfast. Yuka was already eating, she seems to look quite flat, I’m finding it hard to read her. I’m not sure if she is not well or angry.




I wanted to ask Yuka, who was sitting next to me 「Why didn’t you come over last night? 」I held myself back because the atmospherics was pretty dark, so let’s just stop there. Not just that question, I can’t seem to bring myself to ask any other question naturally.


Even though I’ve been plagued with such dark feelings all day, I finally returned home, my younger sister’s situation did not change.


Yuka’s attitude did not change at dinner either, even a sumptuous dinner was served, my anxiousness about Yuka caused me not to be able to taste it.

As mum is a nurse, she is extremely busy and as such cuts corners when it comes to housework. Tonight’s menu is curry, but the rice has been seasoned with saffron causing the rice to take a nice yellowish tinge and the curry is made with keema spices instead of store-bought roux. As for the vegetables, we have way too much, there is potato salad and a green salad. It is my favourite food but I’m unable to taste it.


「Thank you for the delicious meal」


Then, Yuka put her spoon down and moved to the sofa, she still had curry left on her plate.


「Are you OK, does your stomach hurt?」


She nodded listlessly to my mother’s query.

「Oh, did you eat something that did not agree with your stomach?」


This time she shakes her head


「Maybe it is your period」


This time she showed a small nod, she curled up into a ball and cuddled a cushion and became smaller.


「So, then do you want to take any medicine?」


「I don’t need it」


Ignoring what she said, I took some medicine out of the medicine box and offered it to Yuka with a glass of water.


「If it hurts, don’t just endure it」


She took her medicine that I presented, Yuka was still silent, I thought that because she was menstruating, she won’t come tonight as well. In addition to that, if she is menstruating, she won’t be pregnant either. For the first time, I feel relieved but I’ll have to be careful in future don’t I… …? If the situation was different, that would have been bad!! I have to persuade Yuka somehow while she still has her period and have our precious brother and sister relationship restored.


「If it hurts tomorrow, please take your medicine and next week I’ll be going to your grandfather’s house as we have legal matters to settle.」


「Eee, on a day trip?」


「I can’t help it, it has been a long time since I’ve been there so I’ll stay overnight this time, I’ll stay overnight there on Saturday. Please understand. 」


No parents next Saturday!!! No that’s bad. I looked at Yuka unconsciously and she did likewise, ahh crap. As per usual, she was cuddling her cushion but her eyes were laid on me and her mouth displaying a slight smile.

Ahh crap~~, this is entirely eye contact isn’t it, 「It is Saturday night sex! 」「Okay, Onii-chan」kind of thing. I’m not wrong, I definitely read such an intent~~~~.

Yuka hurried up to the 2nd floor, glancing backwards. The curry that I was not really tasting before, totally lost its taste now. I was still endeavouring to appear calm on the surface 「gochisousama」finished off my sister’s curry then stacked our plates in the kitchen.


「Aaa, I’ll wash up afterwards, so please just leave it there.」




Of course, I do something like clean up my sister’s tableware that I normally don’t do I’ll get noticed, and here I’m concentrating, calm, calm.  I slowly move through the living room and go up to the 2nd floor while persuading myself. I got back into my bedroom and finally let out my breath.

I feel composure that I will have a week’s reprieve. If it is a week then Yuka would be fully recovered. Though that night that my parents will not be here I think we will 『lose self-control』 With my parents gone, sex with my little sister… … Thinking about it, in that case, is interesting but if it happens there is no turning back.


Aaaa! Maybe it is a trap? Suddenly, a strange idea popped into my head. My parents may not be aware that both of us have become a couple like that but they might be trying to catch us out by going out and setting up spy cameras around the house to gather evidence.

No, no, I need to chill out,  I’m thinking too hard about everything. This is not some variety show with some star presenter, my parents would not do such a thing. Yes, I believe in my parents,  we are doing a thing that is betraying out parent’s trust, so it is odd to say but I believe in my parents.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a door closing behind me whilst I was deep in thought and exhausted from the turmoil. Ah crap! I allowed an enemy’s invasion!


「Onii-chan, Papa and Mama are not going to be here this Saturday」


A silky smooth, sexy, siren-like voice flatters my ears. I really don’t know how to answer her, I don’t even have the self-confidence to face her when I talk. If I look Yuka in the eyes, I would lose myself in a glance and be totally read like an open book.

I hear the gentle sound of her socks rubbing on the floor, then Yuka’s hands laid on my shoulders as she puts her weight on me. Still, I do not turn around, there is no possibility of my resisting Yuka’s temptation after all. Without turning around and looking at Yuka’s face, I can imagine the eyes of a predator looking at prey that it would never let go of.

Then, the devil Yuuka whispers in my ear.


「Onii-chan, you can do what you like, you know?」


As soon as she said that, she exited the room swiftly. Only I was left in the room, and it became quiet as if nothing had happened. The remaining scent of my younger sister lingering in the room is the only evidence that Yuka was here until just now. As I became alone, the whispers of that devil refrain in my head.


「Onii-chan, you can do what you like, you know? chan, you can do what you like, you know? you can do what you like, you know? do what you like, you know? do what you like, like, like, like, like… …」


「Well, that’s just fine~! If that’s how she actually feels, I can only do what she wants, isn’t it? 」

Somehow there was a breakthrough, I had come to a realisation and the fogginess that was clogging my head up til now was blown away, her gentle musings and temptation had really cut off something in my head.

Every day for me was truly calm for a week. It was peaceful every day. I wake up in the morning, head to school after having breakfast, go home, watch TV, chatted with my family had dinner and went to sleep, that was the routine.  My little sister did not raid my room at night, and her conversations with me were excessively blunt. However, I truly understand that a hot mass of syrupy, muddled feelings in the pit of her body is surfacing. It is unpleasant for her because she doesn’t want it to be noticed by the people around her.


How do I know this? Well, it is because I feel exactly the same. By being absorbed in daily preparation for the usual lifestyle, I mask the tumultuous feeling that I feel inside. I salon start preparing what I need for the weekend. Cellophane tape, scissors, various types of clips, packing tape, rope, magic markers, carabiner, cap holder, and other things like that. I systematically collect everything then store it away for later. Of course, I have not forgotten the adult toys.

It is pretty embarrassing to buy a mountain of adult goods, but I overcame with spirit. As anticipation of a fun nightlife awaits, I can’t sit still.

Then the day finally arrived. Today is the day, my parents will not be here when I get home.


「As it is going to rain this afternoon, please bring an umbrella, when you come back home, we will be gone so please remember to lock the doors properly.」


「Yes, see you later」「See you later」


I spent the day in school absent-minded, I casually rejected an invitation to go out and returned home, it seems that Yuka has yet to return home. I ate the prepared lunch first then headed to the 2nd floor to start preparing. The bed I use in my room is a bunk bed, it is a remanent of when Yuka and I stayed in the same room together until she started elementary school. The bottom bunk is now a storage area, my toolbox was spread out. It is a refreshing change to the atmosphere of the room as the rest of the room is really neat.

I usually cover my toolbox with a blanket so it looks tidy. The side of the bed is covered with a steel grid so s-shaped hooks are hung there so that various things can be hung. I remove all that is hung on the hooks and throw it on the bed. I remove all the S-shaped hooks and other things on the grid.

After that, I arranged the prepared items from my toolbox under the blanket. I hung them through the lattice with the carabiners. I pulled out the memory card from my digital camera and replaced it with the one I prepared earlier and did the same with the video camera. I decided not to use my mobile phone. It is easy to use and easy to view photos and footage but data recovery is hard if it gets damaged. Should I get some water ready now or later?

While my preparations progressed, my sister came home and as she didn’t come straight upstairs, she must be having lunch. A short time later, I hear footsteps come upstairs, of course, she comes into my room without knocking. As a matter of course, I don’t have the time to talk and I don’t want to look her in the face if possible. For the time being, I’ll concentrate on preparing the room.

After a considerable amount of time, I heard Yuka leave the room and go down to the first floor. That’s regrettable~, now I feel regret for ignoring her.


「Oni~chan, come have dinner~」


Yucal called out to me from downstairs. There was stir-fried vegetables, grilled chicken wings, soup and other accoutrements. Even the rice was carefully served up.




Both of us start eating sitting side by side, nothing is said during the meal. The rain that started falling from noon strengthens in intensity, the sound of the rain hitting on the double glazed, sound deadened window reverberates throughout the room. We ate in silence with that as background music. Before the meal was over, Yuka started to clear some of the tableware.


「I’m going to use the bath first, okay?」


She said that then went to get a change of clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. After confirming that with my own eyes, I breathed out a huge sigh. I felt awkward, stifled and nervous. I definitely did not think that I would feel this way in my own home.

I took my own dishes to the kitchen and returned to my room, confirmed that my little sister had returned to her room then took my turn in the bathroom. When I looked at the clock, it was still 9:30. Time seems to be passing really slowly. At any rate, I tried watching TV to kill some time but all I did was think about what I’d do after this.


2 hours passed since then, I’m already at my limit, as a side effect of my thoughts, I’m already erect. I’m about 1/2 dead when Yuka arrives.

At that moment, the sound of a door closing and tiny sounds were heard ringing off the floor closing in stops in front of my room. The moment is finally here, I can’t wait. I stare at the doorknob, but it has yet to turn. I understand, I understand what my younger sister is thinking, the heart thumping thoughts and the anticipation of the pleasure to come, what sort of face should I put on, what should I talk about, the same feelings and thoughts run through me. The knob finally turns and the door slowly opens. She starts looking around the room, checking and confirming something then comes into the room and closes the door. Unlike the usual Yuka, she is acting quite awkwardly.


Both of us do not talk as our lines of sight intersect, up to now, the tension in the room has been individually building, nothing is needed to be said to understand each other.

My heart is rapidly beating, I am thirsty, we are yet to move.


The midnight wind and rain further intensify the atmosphere……



Chapter 6

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