Chapter 8

Chapter 4
Chapter 5

The Day My Sister Became An Exclusive Meat Toilet

“Remember what you said to me last week?”


“As long as I don’t harm your body, and make you feel good. You’ll obediently do anything I tell you”


Yuka still has a smile on her face while answering

“Now that you’re here, strip naked”

Yuka starts undressing

I don’t know if she’s embarrassed but she’s doing it very slowly

One button at a time, but somehow it looks even more erotic like this

Take off her shirt she put it on the floor, and she doesn’t have a bra on

Then she takes of her pants, the only thing remaining are her panties

She moves to take them off too

Her elegant look while stripping near the door looks really good

My completely nude sister fidgeting in front of my door looks really cute

Lightly rubbing her legs and trying to hide her breasts and crotch, she looks really cute!

Even though I want to enjoy the scene in front of me, my dick is already hard and waiting for a long time

“Alright, now come here”

My naked sis came closer like I ordered her

As I’m sitting on a chair, my eyeline is right on her mini breasts

I can see that her nipples are already erect and tingling

“Give me your hands”

I attached each of her wrists with a carabiner I bought

Next I put a choker full of rings on her, and finally also tightened her ankles to the each end of the bed

And like that I tied her up like an X on the bed naked

“Okay, not let’s begin”

Yuka can’t do anything anymore

I reached out my hand towards her crotch and pushed one finger inside her

“HA. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I haven’t even started anything, but she seems to be quite wet

I increased one more finger and began moving them


While Yuka is still panting and moaning, I start kissing her nipples and pinching the other one with my free hand


As I began moving my fingers even faster, Yuka started moaning loudly while screaming my name

“You want to pass away?”

“YES! Like before I want to pass away feeling good! I want my head to go white Onii-Chan!”

Yuka’s speaking honestly about her desires

Even my dick is too hard, it’s time for me to enjoy

Pulling my dick closer I pushed it inside her till the root

Ah! It feels so good

Her little pussy wrapped around my dick so tightly

I grabbed onto her waist and began pistoning as hardly as I could


Sounds of out bodies hitting each other echoes through the room

I grit my teeth and move even faster

Feels so good!

“Annn! Onii-Chan, it ffeelssssssssss goddddddddd!”

As I was fucking her even faster, I saw that Yuka reached her limits and began cumming


She even started peeing from all the pleasure!

I always felt bad about finishing before a girl

But, finally I’m feeling a bit proud


Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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