Chapter 1

First let’s introduce ourselves.
My name is Tatishi Yueto, Second grade of high school, not participating in any club activities.

To be honest, I am interested in girls and sex. Rather than friends and studies

I was always interested in girls
To have sex with a girl I will do anything
And finally I found a girl I like

I gave up on club activities to study harder so I would appear more appealing to her
I plan to have sex with her within the next half year

And also as I take away her and mine virginity I want to be the best sex she ever has
This is all because of the pride I have as a man

However, as I never had a real life experience before I don’t know what to do

Even though I have watched all types of porn, even the uncensored one

It’s the same as having no knowledge at all

Anyway, I’d like to raise my experience by a little bit before my first time with her

There is only my younger sister whom I can ask for help

Let’s introduce my sister here.Tatishi Yuka, junior high school student 15 years old

I think that I was crazy about TV animation and girls’ comics until I went up to junior high school


I thought we were getting along as brothers and sisters, but after my hobby turned into fashion and idol in junior high school

There is a cold impression when being silent, but when she laughs you change your impression of her


She is popular among the boys if her school

And there is no news about her having any boyfriend


The length of the hair is medium and only the tip of the hair is slightly curled.

It is probably due the influence of fashion magazines that she  tampered with her hair  

It is difficult with her as I never even praised her before

But I have no other option

Chapter 1

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