Chapter 7
Chapter 1


First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Tatishi Yueto, I’m in my second year of high school, average height and build and am lax when it comes to club activities. I am slightly above average for your normal 17-year-old when it comes to studies.

To be honest, I am more interested in browsing the internet for porn since buying a PC when I entered high school than forming deep relationships with other people.

I found a girl that caught my eye half a year ago. I slacked off on club activities so that I could concentrate my time on studying to impress her and yet spend my free time going out and having fun.

The problem started from there. A good atmosphere finally formed to when she was going to let me have sex with her for the first time after a half year relationship

Even if I can’t achieve anything else, I want to get rid of my virginity and have sex for the first time. In addition to that, as a matter of a man’s pride, it is my real intention to make her first time as pleasant as possible.

In saying that, because I have no experience on the books and am visibly nervous, it does not bode well. Of course, I have watched uncensored porn videos and have some surface knowledge of what to do with a woman but is not quite the same. Even though I have gathered knowledge of positions, actions and play types, I don’t think it would be totally useful in real life. 『One eye-witness is better than many hearsays』as the Japanese proverb says.

Anyway, I’d like to raise my experience level, even by a little, before I have sex with her for the first time. I don’t want to have to gain that experience in a Soapland though (I also don’t have the courage to go there either).  I really don’t want to be spotted by anyone I know as well. With that the only option that remains is my little sister…

Let me introduce my little sister here. She is a 3rd year junior high schooler, 15 years old, her name is Tatishi Yuka. We got along really well when she still had an interest in anime and shoujo manga which was basically up to the time I turned 15 and was about to graduate junior high. Since then, her interests morphed in to fashion and idols, we lost our bond and have not spoken much. It is now a delicate relationship that can’t be called a good one but neither is it bad. As for looks, from a biased eye of an older brother, I think she is pretty cute. The cold silent treatment though makes one change that impression completely, so much so that it makes me laugh. 「A smiling face draws in people」the saying is exactly how I feel and the gap moe is shown when she does that, it really makes a man want to see that smile again.

She is apparently popular amongst the boys at school but it seems that there is no word on her having a boyfriend.  She has medium length hair, straight except for a slight curl kicking out at then ends. It is probably inspired from all the fashion magazines she reads, done with a brush or curlers, It is a difficult topic to broach for a guy that has not complimented his little sister on her appearance.

I am going to ask that sort of sister for a consultation on Ecchi, but I’m worried.



Chapter 7
Chapter 1

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