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Chapter 2

My Sister Irina > Raping my Sister > My Sister a Meat Toilet



My sister raise her voices as I move my waist and fuck her
Showing off her obscene appearance she enjoys having sex with me
And I cum inside her ass without feeling any hesitation
This is how my daily routine has been of recent

My name is Sharon
I have light brown hair, and amber colored eyes
And I’m 6 years old this year

My name and appearance which were supposed to be Japanese are all Western, this is all because I have been reborn in a different world – a world similar t the medieval earth period

Yes, there was no encounter with god or anything like that when I was reborn
But, I somehow knew that were was magic, and magical powers in this world
Also I know that there are various races, and sub-races

However I am an abnormality
I started showing intelligence since the day I was born
Most of my time since birth was spent on reading books about magic

Due to this I was seen oddly by my family members
My father hated me, and chose to avoid me as much as possible
But, my beautiful mom and sister overly loved me
But, everything changed 1 and ½ year back

I found a magical book written by our ancestors deep inside the library
This book contained all about – brainwashing, hallucination magic, hypnosis, and many more
This helped me dispel the worries that my family had towards me
After a light hypnosis I managed to not make my family suspicious

I then began to sexually harass my elder sister
Next I used other magic’s to improve my physical prowess
I practically accelerated the growth of my body, strength, bodily functions, internal organs, etc
And then I decided to rape my 8 year old sister and impregnate her

Even now when I remember that occasion, I get excited
I raped her when I was 5 years old
I decided to rape her when we were eating breakfast, and I was too horny
Considering my age I’m not sure what I should call it

But generally I would be called a lolicon as her age was between the age of 1-13
Even though I knew what everyone would think of me I didn’t care
After my rebirth, my inherited memories were fixated on incest, gangbang, meat toilets, rape, etc
And just looking at my sister who is 3 years older then me reminds me that I want to fuck her
While sitting on the table beside her, I remove my pants bringing out my erect dick

“Eat this next sister! But don’t bite it”

As soon as I said that she moved her mouth to start a blowjob
Similar to eating an ice cream she licks it
As a young boy, I naturally reach my limits too quickly
Wanting to ejaculate inside her mouth, I grabbed her head and thrust my dick deeper inside her without any hesitation

“Fuh! Fu!!!!!!”


I sighed lightly while getting excited with the look of an 8 year old sucking on my dick
Enjoying the pleasure inside her mouth, I continued my ejaculation
I forgot to mention that my sister’s name is Irina

A beautiful girl, with blond hair and blue eyes
The sight of a blond haired dripping cum from her mouth and nose was too wonderful
You could masturbate a few dozen times while looking at her

Taking off my pants I threw them away to feel more comfortable
While I was thinking of what to do next, Asha our maid entered the room
Asha’s 11 years old
Both her hair and eyes are black in color
Even though her body is smaller than an average 11 year old, it won’t be a problem for me
I picked her up a few months back near the garbage place
It turned out that she was an orphan

As I was looking for an experiment subject, I found her just lying there
Honestly it felt better to test my magic on a beautiful girl, rather than someone random
I made her brainwashed to have eternal loyalty to me
As I looked at her Irina’s slutty face my dick became even harder
I decided to take her virginity away that day

“Asha come here and support me”

“Yes, Master”

I called Asha near me and made her bend Irina over the table and hold her
As Irina was bended over, she was still unconscious
Getting behind her I pushed my dick inside her meat hole
It was also really wet, I think it might be due to being naturally a horny bitch
Bearing with it, I pushed my dick even further and broke through her hymen

“Wha……Ahhhh………Hurts!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! It really hurts!!!!!!”

The moment I broke through her virginity with full force, Irina seems to have regained her consciousness due to the pain and started screaming
I got even more excited hearing her scream in pain
Not letting her run away I made sure Asha held her tightly
Still she tried to thrash around, but this just made me even more excited

“Pleaseeeeee don’t! let go of me! Mama! Papa! Help me!”

Don’t forget that I decided to rape her while having my breakfast, so we are still surrounded by the rest of our family members
It seems like Irina’s hypnosis was broken as she felt a high amount of pain
I keep moving my waist, which sound out everytime it move my dick inside her

“Sha, Sharon? You…….Hiiiiiiiiii………..Stop it, Please stop it Saron! Let go of me! I’m your sister Sharon!!!”

Not caring about her, I kept on raping her in front of my parents
My parents don’t seem to mind us, rather than that

“Irina-chan, if you eat so slowly, won’t you be late for school?”

My father said, feeling deeply impatient that his daughter is eating so slowly
Watching Irina beg father for help while I rape her in front of me, makes me feel even better

“It’s painful! Sahron!……My stomach hurts! Please!!! Let me go!!!!”

A beautiful girl is deprived of her virginity while shedding tears in front of her parents!
Keeping up the pace I cummed inside her pussy

“Ohh! Sister if you get pregnant make sure to give birth!”

“Kids? Hiiiiii! What’s that inside my stomach? Sharon is peeing inside me!!!!!!stop! please don’t pee inside me!!!!!!”

It seems like she isn’t too smart about sex
While thinking for a moment I press my hand against her womb that is filled with my semen
I use magic and forcefully impregnate my 8 year old sister
I would like to have more sex and enjoy, but it’s time to move on

“Haaah! Fuuu!”

While still holding onto her ass from behind, I suddenly feel the urge to pee
So, instead of removing my dick I decided to relieve myself inside her
I continued urinating for almost 2 minutes before it ended
Feeling reluctant I remove my dick from her vagina semen, blood, urine, jump out at the same time

“Phew! I’ll have you give birth to my child sister! From now on you’ll be incharge of making sure that I’m comfortable! Oh, yes, as a sister turned meat toilet shouldn’t you introduce yourself to everyone here?”

“Yes, I….am Sharon’s toilet! If Sharon ever wants to pee he can use my mouth, pussy, or ass…..”

While speaking till that far she faints

It seems that the fatigue got the better of her

“Fufufufu, if Irina gives birth to a daughter, I can have sex with her too! It’ll be a lot of fun to make grandchildren with my daughter! Also I want another sister! So I’ll fuck and rape my mom next! A mom and sister meat toilet!”

My mom is 23 years old
It seems like she gave birth when she was 14 years old
I raped and impregnated my sister, mother, and daughters too
While using them as tools for my sexual needs, I decided to live in this world of unlimited sluts
My different world sex life began from here

Chapter 2

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