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Episode 2 –

Morning Mother Mouth Fuck > Mother Mouth Urination > Mother Hugging Sex


I won’t repeat all about the world in which I have been reborn

But I’ll tell you that I wish to have a fairy onahole


Incidentally there’s no concept of a parallel world here

I was born and raised in the kingdom of “Karaten”

The population of the whole country might be more than a few million, while roughly 100,000 people live in this kingdom


Even though the civilization can be described as similar to the medieval period on earth, everything is way better compared to earth

Such as hygiene, water supply, sewage system, etc are all much better

But things like slaves are much too common in this world


In this world you can kidnap and rape whenever and however you want

I was excited thinking about kidnap and rape


I’m going to ejaculate in the mouth of Emily, my birth mom


“Nn.. I’m h=going to cum mom”


“Oh? That’s okay, you can release…”


Ignoring her speech I grab her head and start fucking her mouth

As I’m moving faster my dick goes even deeper inside her throat with every thrust


“Duff, Duff, Huh!………Huh,……..Ahh”


While enjoying her mouth pussy, I released my morning sperm inside her mouth

As I didn’t pull my dick to let her try and swallow my cum, she chokes on it and throws it out

My sperm comes out of her mouth, and also her nose her face looks very erotic right now


Well, I’ll explain about my mom Emily


Emily is 23 years old now

She got married when she was 13 years, and gave birth to my sister when she turned 14

Her appearance is similar to me, blond hair, height a little short of 150cm

And she looks very sexy when I cum inside her mouth


After her daughter grows up, it’ll almost look like the two of them are sisters

Her character is very warmth

Emily had 3rd children till now


After I raped her, she got pregnant and had another baby

I even made sure that the baby didn’t belong to my father

All of the women in this house are mine!


With the help of my magic she gave birth in half the time as a regular pregnancy

And the baby was delivered six months back


Along with reducing the time till birth, I also made sure that the child would be a girl

With this I’m now a little confused

If I rape her would it be father-daughter sex? Or brother-sister sex?


Irina also gave birth during the same time as Emily

Then I decided that Irina’s child would be my daughter, and Emily’s daughter would be my sister


As both of my sister, and daughter grow up I’ll rape and turn them into sexual objects too

Just thinking of a blowjob from a child who has no teeth, it makes me feel so excited


“Mommy, open your mouth I want to pee inside it”


“Fuh…Huh, so much…..”


After ejaculating inside her mouth, I now want to piss inside her mouth like always

As she still is trying to swallow all of my semen, I bring my dick closer to her slutty mouth pussy, and started urinating inside it


“Fuu…Was my semen delicious mommy?”


“Yes, it was the most tastiest semen ever Sharon. Today was even thicker than usual, yesterday I saw Irina’s ass filled with your cum and I got so jealous”


“Oh, you want to be fucked like an animal from the behind too mommy?”


“Yes, I’ll make sure to clean my ass after breakfast, so you can cum inside it as much as you want son. I want to be seen by everyone around the town while you fuck me like an animal”


Emily said while wrapping a clean cloth around my dick and cleaning it

My desires resurfaced as I felt her gentle hands on my dick


“Hold on tight mommy!”


“Yes, yes, ahnnnnnn!”


While thrusting my dick inside her I lifted and held onto her body

While holding her like a koala bear with my dick inside her, I began walking towards the living room

With every step, my dick went inside her, and the both of us felt pleasure


I was getting more and more excited looking at her face which was panting and moaning while being fucked by her son

It is likely going to be a fun day today

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