Chapter 3

Chapter 2
Volume 1 Chapter 4

Extra –

This is my Master


My name is Asha, and I’ll only serve Master Sharon throughout my life


It has been one and a half year since I started serving my Master

Master was 5 years old when I met him

My life was the lowest before I met him


I was an orphan, I grew up with the others in an orphanage

Even though we were poor I worked hard by polishing shoes to earn money


But everything ended when I was 10 years old

A theft occurred at the orphanage

And the criminal was one of us, she was a girl similar to me


Black hair, big eyes, an amiable smile on her face all the time

After the theft the orphanage threw us all on the road, this was better than being sold as a slave anyway

After being thrown on the streets I resorted to begging to survive

I sometimes even stole food to make sure that I won’t die from hunger

My life was similar to rats, and cockroaches


“Oh? Are you …… maybe………. Asha? You’re still alive?”


It was the same girl who stole from the orphanage

And around her were ten or so men

Saying that she hated how I looked, she had the men kick me and finally threw me into the garbage dump


I couldn’t move for half a day

I was groaning from pain till the sun set down, eventually the hunger got the better of me

I tried to stuff whatever I could find in the dump to eat


Dragging my body, I tried to move

As I crawled to the alleys end I looked up to see a little boy


My Master

He was the one who changed my life forever

His clothes proved that he was from a wealthy family

Light brown hair that was fluffy looking

He was the most beautiful boy that I’ve ever seen




I though he would also kick me and insult me

But he didn’t do anything like that

After staring at me for a while he ran back to a mansion

Looking at him I lost my consciousness


I hadn’t eaten a proper food for the past year, and finally I felt something in my mouth

As I regained my consciousness, the same boy was in front of me forcing bread into my mouth

Not even letting the scrapes that fell on the ground, I licked them up like a dog


Finally I looked up and saw the boy who saved me

Even though he was younger than me, it seemed like he was the most knowledgeable person in this world

After looking at me for a while he stretched and offered me his hand




Not minding that I was dirty, he pulled on my hand and helped me stand up

While staggering, I managed to somehow stand up

The boy pulled on me and lead me towards the mansion


I panicked

Regardless of how I go in, with my look they will arrest me for trespassing and kill me

I tried to shake away his hand, but he was unexpectedly too strong


Thinking of the situation, I won’t have any regrets even if I die

The small boy in front of me gave me the last happy moment of my life

However, nothing like that happened


He pushed me onto a chair near the table

While still confused, I rest on the soft chair

He came back after a while and put a tray in front of me

On it was a steaming bowl of soup, and bread similar to which I just ate


Looking at the food, I lost my reasoning

I started stuffing the food, I finally felt that my life was happy too

When the food was over he placed a few more trays letting me eat as much as I want

After I finished a small bump formed near my belly due to eating so much food


The boy smiled while looking at me





The door was opened

I started trembling as I see a man enter the room


“Shaoron, who the hell is this ugly pest!”


He must be the boys father, just looking at me his face distorted from disgust

He looked like he was about to throw up

I started shivering from fear of what was about to happen


“Mind your own business”


The boy spoke in a cold voice


“Okat….. I understand”


The father spoke with blank eyes and left the room

I looked at Master with trembling heart

He faced me and showed a soft smile


While lifting me up he started walking

Even though my body is weak, it isn’t something a kid of his age could even pull, let alone lift!

He brought me to the bathhouse inside the mansion


Laying me down, he began undressing me

Even though he doesn’t use too much force, his fingers have fine moments

He completely undresses me, even though I’m afraid I’ll let him do whatever he wants

My naked body was completely exposed in front of him


Tears fall from embarrassment as I compare my body with his

My face is covered with tears

I would rather die then feel so miserable

Even if I can’t die, I’ll try and run away


As I somehow managed to hold my clothes and began running, he hugged my body

I’m afraid to remove the hands which are covering my ugly face

Even he is naked, both of our naked bodies are pressed against each other

Even after seeing how ugly and dirty I was, he didn’t let go of me


For the first time in my life I left like I could cry on his shoulders

He was the first person to ever accept me

My body which was covered in wounds, was completely cured by him at once


Even the bad smell was replaced after a bath, I smelled like a refreshing herb

Later he gave me his older sister’s clothes, for the first time ever I was dressed in beautiful clothes

Sharon’s older sister is younger than me, but the size is a proper fit


Because I’m malnourished

While pulling on me he let me rest in his bed room

As the fatigue got the best of me, I slept for 2 days straight


As I woke up my stomach made noises claiming to be hungry

Hearing my tummy, the boy brought me food just like last time

He smiles and offers the food once again


“By the way, my names Sharon, what’s yours?”


“Hiiiiii! Asha……….11 old years!”


“Asha, it’s a nice name. you can call me Master, or Sharon-sama”


“Yes, Master”


My face gets hot by calling a younger boy Master


“Well, Asha do you have a family?”




I answered while shaking my head with trembling lips

My hands went cold I was afraid that he would send me away

After a moment he spoke again




The same smile was still on his face as he was looking at me




“What happened Asha?”


“Nothing Master!”


I’m kneeling in front of him, it’s afternoon now

Unlike stupid kids who go to school and study, my Master’s a genius he completed all his studies till the age 20

He stays home and has sex with his mother


I always cry from happiness as I remember what happened

As Master was sleeping on my lap my tears fell on his beautiful face

While lightly pushing away my tears he smiled

Getting up he kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ears


“You’re mouth is so soft, even your lips. I love you Asha”




He is My Master

My- Dear Lover


Chapter 2
Volume 1 Chapter 4

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