Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 3
Volume 1 Chapter 5

Episode 3

Anal Sex with Sleeping Sis > Urinating in Sis Anal


I always wake up early in the morning

Since I was young I never chose to miss out on training, so I always wake up earlier than the sunrise

After lightly stretching my body, I try to get up

Lying beside me is my Sis, wearing a thin silk negligee

As it was morning my meat rod is erect and waiting

As I look up her negligee I can see her perk ass and pink colored pussy

I don’t let any of my slaves wear underwear when at home, because they would be ready for whenever I want to have sex

Except Asha sometimes, I have her masturbate through her underwear

Looking at the obscene scene of a young girls butt, my dick slightly trembles with excitement

I move my dick closer and rub it on her ass, enjoying the soft feeling

Not able to control myself anymore, I pushed it inside her anal a little by little

As I keep pushing my dick inside her ass the sense of ejaculation became more and more evident


As my dick went more inside a little groan leaked out of me

My thick and huge dick went completely inside her anal

“Haha…it feels good, sis. Your butthole is even more firm than your pussy! Are you feeling good while being fucked in your sleep? Get ready for my morning sperm sis….. I’ll come inside your ass, my nympho meat toilet!”

While enjoying the pleasure I began moving my waist

My dick trembled with even more pleasure as it went in and out of her ass

I started stepping closer to cumming while fucking the ass of a sleeping girl

“Ah….. I’m going to cum! Take it all in your slutty ass!”


I gave out a lot of semen inside her ass

I looked towards m sis and found her cheeks flushed red from pleasure

It seems like she’s feeling good even while sleeping

As I was immersed in the pleasure of her tight ass, the morning sun was visible through the window

I decided to go train as it would become too late otherwise

I vigorously pissed not taking my dick out of her ass

As my warm urine went inside her in large quantity, I could feel her ass twitching inside

“Ha… my sister’s butthole is the best toilet. Even my sis is feeling good when I use her as a toilet”

While speaking I pulled my dick out of her anal and rubbed it on her negligee to get rid of anything sticking to it

Even after I removed my dick, both the semen and urine are still inside it

After using my 9 year old meat toilet sister, I headed towards training wearing the clothes that Asha prepared for me

P.S: I’ve had enough!


Chapter 3
Volume 1 Chapter 5

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