Volume 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1 Chapter 4
Volume 1 Chapter 6

Episode 4

Sis Hair Masturbation > Sister Anal Plugging > Daughter Cum Therapy

After finishing my morning running, and magical exercises, I entered the house and wiped myself with a clean cloth that Asha gave me while greeting at the entrance

In the living room, Emily, and Irina are seated, they’ve started eating their breakfast

Irina is shaking her ass while eating

In her ass is an anal butt plug to keep the semen and urine from not leaking outside

The plug had an imitation of a dog’s tail

Of course I made it, there isn’t anything like a buttplug in this world

A dogs tail slightly lifting the skirt and poking outside, is really cute to look at

You might wonder who inserted the buttplug inside her

This is all thanks to my hypnosis, “When you wake up, if your ass is filled with cum, or urine, use this plug to seal it”

I got this idea one day, when I cummed inside her sleeping ass and didn’t want it to fall out of her

“Sis, I came inside your ass, but my dick is once again hard. Give me your hair to masturbate”

“……Yes………. As long as Sharon wants it….. I’ll give you anything…….”

I pulled her waist length hair and began rubbing it on my dick

The feeling of her soft hair, makes my dick lightly tremble and release some pre cum, covering her hair

It looked so erotic seeing her hair covered in my cum

“Ha Ha….oooooh…..my sis’s hair is so smooth, it feels so good… you really are an onahole that can be used anytime, and any part of you body can be used. I’m going to cum on your hair sister!”

As I came all over her hair I pushed the anal plug even more inside her

While covered in semen she was trembling from anal pleasure

Realizing, that I haven’t urinated after coming back from training I let it lose

Her semen entangled hair was washed with my urine showing her face which was adorably red with pleasure

I urinated for almost a minute, my sis was completely drenched in urine and a puddle was formed below her

As my dick was still hard I looked around to decide on the next toilet

I found my baby who was recently born near the table

Lisa my daughter was born half a year back, but I used my magic to increase her growth rate

Now she looks like a year old girl

Both Irina and Emily and breastfeeding their daughters

Only Aina isn’t here, I think she’s still sleeping

Aina is my sister/daughter whom Emily gave birth to

All this time Lisa was sucking on Irina’s nipple

Even when I was peeing all over her mother she enjoyed her feed

Even though Irina’s breasts aren’t big, they are moderate enough to feed her child

While getting up I move my dick closer to Lisa

Noticing it, Lisa turns and gazes at my huge dick with pure eyes

“Suck on daddy’s dick Lisa”

Not waiting, I pushed my adult extra large into her baby sized mouth

While Irina was still holding onto her I began moving my dick not caring that she was still a baby

My dick forcefully went inside her throat and then out

Her narrow mouth felt so good and tight

Even though she was just a 1 year old, her tongue was rubbing against my dick like it was something natural

I reached my limits while using my daughter as a tool of pleasure

“Ahhhh.. my Lisa’s mouth is so comfortable…… you’re almost as good as your mother…… in the future I’ll make sure that you please my dick everyday… I’m going to cum Lisa. Drink your daddy’s milk! Grow up like your mom who loves my semen!”

I caught her face with my hands and pushed my dicks tip till her throat and started cumming


As her mouth couldn’t take too much of my semen I took it out and scattered it on her face

Lisa who’s face and mouth was filled with semen groaned

“Fuuu……. It was a pleasant experience Lisa. Was papa’s milk delicious? I’ll cum all over your face to make you even more beautiful”

I enjoyed looking at her face which was covered with semen

An infant covered in cloudy white liquid is really erotic

My dick now turned even harder then when it was before

“Now, I’ll let your mom drink my semen!”

I pushed my dick inside Irina’s mouth who was watching her brother ejaculate on her daughter


Not caring about my onahole’s groaning I began fucking her mouth to relive myself

Instead of how it was only tight with my daughter, my sisters mouth felt better because she even knew how to use her tongue well

As the excitement finally reached climax, I deep throated her in front of her daughter and began cumming

“Ha, Ha, huh…….it was so comfortable……. Lisa’s mouth feels good, but her mother’s mouth is even better. I want Lisa to remember my semen’s taste, but as my onahole I’ll use you whenever I want”

While removing my cum coated dick, I rubbed it on my daughter face to clean it

Enjoying the look of urine and semen packed mother and daughter, I finally began my breakfast


Volume 1 Chapter 4
Volume 1 Chapter 6

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