Volume 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1 Chapter 5
Volume 1 Chapter 7

Episode 5

Maid > Maid Handjob

“Yes, Asha. Aaaahnnnnnn!”

Currently I’m having lunch in the garden with Asha

After dumping my cum all over my wife and daughter I enjoyed my breakfast, and then studied till noon

From morning till now, I cummed inside ass once, two deep throats, and one hair masturbate

Although I can use magic to recover my physical fitness, it’s not good to use too much

Tomorrow Emily is supposed to meet the neighborhood ladies for having some tea

And Irina is also having a lunch with her friends tomorrow

Starting next year, I can attend the royal academy, I could start this year

But I need to make sure that my daughter remembers the taste of my semen, so I’ll start next year

And now I’m having lunch

Asha is sitting face to face in front of me

I pour the egg salad which I chewed until now into her mouth

Her food is filled with my saliva, but feeling like she was in heaven she smiled and began chewing it and swallowed it at last

Asha basically eats her three meals out of my mouth

I never even asked for Asha to do something so perverted

A few months back was Asha’s 12th birthday, when I asked her what she wanted as a gift

“I’d like to eat my meals from masters mouth if possible….”

Asha spoke with a red face, that seemed like it would start bleeding

Even though I didn’t mind, I slightly scolded her and then accepted

I took another bite of the sandwich and held onto Asha’s face and kissed her

Pushing the saliva filled food into her mouth with my tongue, I started licking her tongue

Every time our tongues intwined with each other, Asha’s breathing became rougher

Eventually I no longer cared about the meal, and began kissing her completely devoted

A 6 year old, kissing and embracing a 12 year old out in the open was something so hot, that my dick which was calm now once again turned erect

“Asha, how about you please me with your hands?”

“Yes, Master!”

While still being kissed by me, Asha moved her hands towards my trousers and began touching my dick

I got even more excited feeling Asha’s hand running up and down all over my dick

For a couple of minutes nothing happens as I keep kissing her and she pleases my meat rod

Soon, my dick starts pulsing and cloudy white liquid bursts out covering Asha completely in my semen

“Master, did my hand feel good?”

While asking me she started scooping my semen that was all over her and put it inside her mouth

“Yes, watching Asha using her cute hands to please me, made me so excited that I came a lot. Thank you for being such a good maid Asha”

Rubbing he cheek I praised her for the good job she always does

Her expression turned ecstatic as she was praised


Volume 1 Chapter 5
Volume 1 Chapter 7

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