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Volume 1 Chapter 6
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Episode 6

Sharon rapes a 6-year-old girl

While pulling on Asha’s hand I left my house

After putting my sister and daughter to sleep I left them with the other maids (I never said this, but we have maids other than Asha)

We are actually shopping for dinner, while holding hands the both of us look like brother and sister

Since I had too much sex today, my dick is lightly numb

So I won’t do anything erotic and just enjoy the walk

Also I don’t feel like having anymore public sex today

I fucked Emily’s ass while hugging her this morning. And then while she walked on all 4 like an animal I kept fucking her from behind

Of course I used a hallucination spell so that others wouldn’t notice

I’ve being doing things like this all the time

Like masturbating with just their nipples on my dick

Oh well, life is supposed to be enjoyed to its fullest

I can feel Asha’s soft hands, and a small spoiled smile on her face

It seems like she’s enjoying out alone time, even if it’s just shopping

“Gouu, aaaaaa”

…….suddenly a child’s crying voice could be heard

Pulling on Asha I head towards the voice


There was a pretty girl similar to an angel crying in the middle of the streets

I wonder if she’s lost

A girl shedding tears roadside…..

….No, honestly she’s a child

Maybe 6 years old, she tries to wipe her tears with her cuffs, but the tears just keep overflowing

I went towards her along with Asha

The little girl raised her head and looked at us who were approaching her

Her white porcelain skin, with red cheeks is stained with tears as she loots at me with uneasiness

While looking at her my blood gathers near my lower half

“What’s wrong little girl?”

I gently speak to her, trying to no scare her away

Gathering magic in my hand I perform spells to remove all the fatigue on my lower body

This girl seems to be the same age as me

“What’s your name? Can you tell me anything about yourself?”

“Minerina…Aionfon…fuu,fuu…6 years old”


An aristocrat?

If my memory is true, then this girl Minerina must be someone important in the Aionfon family

Maybe she got lost from her servant

I know the location of her family, so I’ll send her back with someone

But that’s for later

My smile switched into a grin as I activated a magic spell to encloses all the 3 of us

A magical circle appears below us and completely isolates the space around us

This is a barrier that isolates the space from its surroundings

It also has additional properties to brainwash those around it from not noticing it

Also, it’s soundproof , so no matter how much we shout no one will be able to hear us

Based on the current situation

A pretty innocent fairy of 6years old, and my dick which recovered due to magic

Let’s rape her along with my 12 years old obedient maid

In a swift instant I start removing her clothes

Since I’ll have to send her back, I might as well keep the clothes neat so that no doubts will be formed

Even though Minerina tries to resist, she’s just too weak in front of me who has the strength of an adult

Within a minute all that’s left are her panties

While undoing my pants I take out my dick for the angry eyes of Minerina to stare at


She trembled as she saw my dick

I could no longer hold myself back, so I pushed her down onto the stone hard floor

“No! I’m sacred! Please let me go! PLEASE!!!”

As she shouts and wriggles below me, her soft things press on my dick to further accelerate the excitement

But if she keeps thrashing like this my dick won’t be able to enter her

“Asha, help me hold this child in place”

I decided to have Asha hold onto her lower body and keep it in place

“Yes Master”

I can now enjoy her happily, without too much effort

Thanks to Asha, Minerina’s resistance is now no more

While slightly shifting her silk panties I put my dick near her petite pussy

Of course as a virgin, her pussy is tightly closed so I’ll have to force my way through it

“NO! I’m scared please stop!”

“No, no. be a good child Minerina! Stay still and I’ll make you into an onahole for me. And then I’ll break your virginity and fuck you and finally cum inside you! So don’t resist me”

“NOnonononon! Stop! Aah!”

As I thrusted into her pussy breaking her virginity, Minerina started shouting from pain

Hearing her screams I thrusted even deeper enjoying her cries

While she was screaming with her mouth wide open and panting with pain, I started licking her whole face

Not leaving a single spot, I drenched her face in my saliva

Minerina a 6 year old being raped on a dirty road while covered in saliva is not a thing I could see in my past world

So my dick gets harder enjoying the sensation and situation

I released a little magic and let her pussy heal, before I began pulling my dick out and inserting it again

“Oh! Ahhhhnnnnnnn! !?”

Everytime my dick goes inside her Minerina lightly groans signifying her pleasure from being raped

But because of the sound barrier neither her voice nor her screams will go outside

Fuck and rape a girl you just in the middle of the street, I love this world!

“Minerina’s pussy is tight and pleasant….. even though it’s small you really are slutty already. I’ll cum inside you Minerina! Swallow all of semen little slut!”

“OH, Ayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“I’m cumming Minerina!…….Uh!”

“NO, ah aha ahaah!”

As I reached my limits, I increased my pistoning speed to enjoy the pleasure while hitting out waists vigorously against each other

While screwing y dick deeply inside her, I pour my semen as deep as possible inside the pussy of a 6 year old

“Ah…. It feels good…..It’s fun to rape a girl on the roads, I’ll have to try it out more often. Get the clothes ready, I’ll have her cleaned up”

“Yes Master!”

Asking her to get the clothes I threw away before, I look down on Minerina who’s still convulsing while holding onto my dick inside her pussy

Just like any other rape victim there isn’t anymore emotion in her eyes

I got a little more excited looking at my first rape victim, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pulled her face near it

As she still didn’t respond, I lightly opened her mouth and screwed my dick inside her

She still didn’t bother with my dick inside her mouth


Finally, as I screwed her throat till the root of my dick she finally reacted

I could hear a groaning voice, it seems more painful than I though

Not caring about it, I hold onto her head with both of my hands and began pistoning my dick inside her tight and moist mouth

Deepthroating is something I enjoy with Emily at home

Every time my dick loosens and comes out of her mouth, she desperately tries to breathe

Feeling her breathing roughly onto my dick makes it even harder

I decided to use her as a proper onahole and started fucking her mouth even harder

Soon I reached my limit and cummed a lot inside her throat straight into her stomach

“Hahaha……… it was really good slut. Minerina’s mouth is almost as good as my mothers. Let me use it again someother time”


Minerina right now looks like a frog specimen that has been dissected on its back

With sperm leaking both from her mouth and pussy, and an occasional voice leaking out of her

Her body which I used for my sexual desires is covered in sweat, dirt, saliva, and my semen

“Thank you so much! Thank you so much!”

Minerina’s servant was found rather easily, he’s now bowing again and again thanking for helping him out

While thanking me he never let go of her hand, afraid that she would slip away

After fucking her I dressed her up and got her ready to be sent back home

Holding onto her hand, they eventually disappeared from my line of sight, not knowing what I did

The girl he took isn’t Minerina, she’s just a random girl who i brainwashed and transferred Minerina’s life into

The actual Minerina is beside me

I walk away along with my newly acquired family

Today was also a good day


Volume 1 Chapter 6
Volume 1 Chapter 8

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