Volume 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 Chapter 7

Extra 2

This is my husband

“Oh, huh….Hiiii!”

I started panting from pleasure and Sharon used me from my behind

His dick is so big inside my pussy (Sharon taught me that is what they call a girl’s crotch)

Everytime he pushes his dick inside my pussy, it becomes more and more wet

Sharon is using me to release his sexual desires

We just finished having breakfast, and Irina left for school

Sharon my son was born 6 years ago, he’s always been smart since the day he was born

He never used to cry, even when he was hungry he would just knock on the basinet

When he was 1 year old he started talking properly, this really surprised me and my husband

Even without our help, he learnt everything by reading books

My husband thought that something was strange, but I was happy that my son was gifted by the heavens

I always wondered how my son would grow up to be

And now my pussy is being penetrated by my son’s huge dick everyday…

“It is natural to handle your son’s desires”

So when Sharon asked for my body after breakfast, I rushed upto him and stripped naked immediately

Laughing he hugged me from behind and started violently pounding me

“Haaa……haaa….huh..ah!!! Sharon…your dick……is the best……”

“Yes, mom’s pussy is also very good. It feels like I could cum at any moment. I’ll pump you full of my semen, maybe you’ll once again become pregnant!”

While saying he tightly held me from behind and released his semen inside me for the first time today

The feeling of my son’s thick and hot sperm is making my insides feel so gooooddddd!

But still not satisfied he began moving once again while I was still trembling in pleasure


I often used to do the samething with my husband till Sharon was born

However, compared to Sharon my husband is not even worth mentioning

But with Sharon, he kisses me, fucks me in my butthole, and also makes me feel so comfortable……since the time I’ve been born only with Sharon have I felt so good

Occasionally I wonder if this is right?

But, whenever I see his smile and feel him cumming inside me, all my worries disappear

My pussy is holding onto sharon’s dick tightly like it’s afraid of losing it

“Ah… it’s becoming even tighter. My mother’s pussy really is so gooooddd! You are just like a newly found girlfriend begging for sex. I’m going to cum inside you once again mom! I’ll use you as my onahole forever!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sharon! Yes! Fuck mommy with your huge dick! Yes! Oh yeahhhhhhhh!”

I could no longer hold it in as I was being stabbed by his huge dick

I started begging for sex from my son

My pussy even further tightens hoping to squeeze his dick till its dry of semen

While our waist are hitting each other with each moment (PA! PA! PA!), finally Sharon pumps my cunt with his cloudy semen

“Fuuu….. Mom’s pussy is overflowing with my sperm….. thanks for letting me use your pussy to masturbate mom………. I love you!”

As soon as I heard his love filled words, my body couldn’t hold back the pleasure of me climaxing multiple times and fell down powerless

While looking at me who fell down on the floor wtill climaxing, Sharon lightly patted my head and left the room

Perhaps he went to study, or practice magic

When I recall his words (Mom I love you) and his action of patting my head, I feel a different kind of heat accumulating near my lower body

After Sharon was born, my husband spent more and more time with his business and didn’t bother with me

It was then that Sharon gave me happiness while embracing my body, not leaving a single part of me alone

“Mom, Lisa and Aina need more milk”

Sharon impregnated his sister and breeded her, the result of that was Lisa, his daughter

And my child his sister/daughter Aina

The baby was not born long ago, along with Aina I now have 3 children

“Oh…I’ll feed them as soon as possible Sharon”

While straightening myself, I stood up with my feet still trembling

As I walked Sharon’s sperm was still dripping down my thighs as a proof of my affair with him

When hading towards the babies room, a smile formed on my face as I looked at Sharon along with Asha standing there

“Thanks for looking after Lisa and Aina husband”

I slightly murmured, not daring to call him that out loudly

“Mom you said something?”

“NO, nothing. Lisa and Aina come here I’ll feed you now. Drink as much as you want and grow bigger”

While I sat on a chair, I started feeding both of the girls with my milk

While feeding my daughters I’m surrounded by cute maids, making me feel even more happier

Sharon stared at me for a while, before coming behind and hugging me


“What is it Sharon?”

After a slight pause he brought his lips closer to my ears and slowly whispered

“I want to sleep with you tonight Mother”

Saying such things like a demon tempting me

I began feeling heat near my pussy once again as I heard those words

“Whatever you want Sharon”

While looking at him I couldn’t refuse anything, Sharon my son – my husband

This is my husband

My – beloved Husband


Volume 1 Chapter 7

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  1. hmm, hope this gets picked up at some point. even if the MC is total scum with a mildly odd urine + semen fetish it’s not every day a novel with an incest harem is made.

    1. I’m happy to help anyone that wants to learn how to translate and pick this up. I ‘ve only got a limited amount of resources and have to pick and choose what I can do myself.

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