Chapter 1

Chapter 5 Part1

Gratitude for the 1000th Masturbation


I’m Ijima Shouta, 15 years-old.

I’m in the midst of puberty.

My favourite type of woman is a big breasted, blonde Onee-sama.

However, I really like brunette Onee-samas too.

Even Lolis are cool.

In any case, I’m a normal junior high boy that is really into foreign girls. Also known as “DC”. (TN: I’m not sure what this really means, if anyone knows, please tell me.)


My sexual nature was awoken when I reached 12 years old.

I came across an erotic gravure book of a blonde woman that was tossed out into a riverbed.

Though I was nervous, I secretly slipped the book home and masturbated secretly in my room.

After that awakening, all my female classmates suddenly just looked like children and my interests totally shifted solely to big breasted blonde women.


However, 3 years on and my interests have subtly been broadened.

Not just blondes, brunettes, black-haired, redheads or silver hair, as long as she was a beautiful foreigner, it was all good.

Even my preferences for breasts was widened, be it large or small, it stopped being a matter of concern. Though, don’t you think bigger is still better?

It is hard to have a normal romance as a junior high school student with those preferences.

While the rest of my classmates were obsessed with the idea of having a normal romance, I was diligently studying my erotic book and endeavouring to masturbate every day.

As soon as I came home from school, I stripped off as I entered my room and got naked.

It was standard for me to masturbate totally naked.

Using the blonde Onee-sama as my spank material and my preference for being naked due to feeling rude if I was partially dressed is the common theme.


As both my parents work, I usually alone at home so my masturbation lifestyle is possible.


「So, I’ve been waiting for this! Today, it is time for me to make myself feel good! 」

I say this while I talk to my erotic book.

Come to think about it, that sounds insane, doesn’t it?

Naturally, I think of it as a courtesy to all involved.


It is almost 3 years since I was awoken to this masturbation lifestyle, for the most part, thanks to this book.

I’ve never masturbated to anything else but this erotic book.

All my semen has been dedicated to this erotic book. Aa, but I have never ejaculated on the book, you know?

This erotic book is very unusual, I think.

When I first found it by the riverbed, I did not think it was an erotic book.

The cover is unlike any other erotic book when I first saw it, I thought it was a foreign dictionary or something.

The book was massively thick with gold bindings and a thick hardcover.

To the back of the book, there was something shimmering.

I mustered up courage and opened it.

In it was a world that I have never known before.


At a glance, there were foreign Onee-samas, nude and half-naked smiling at me.

Onee-samas with clothes that I’ve only seen in fantasy styled games or anime, they were all stunningly beautiful.

For example, a princess wearing a gorgeous dress.

Or a female knight with full armour and only the breastplate removed, showing off her amazing big breasts.

A beautiful redheaded mercenary with slender, taut muscles, wearing an eye patch. Devine looking nuns in a field, and a cool beauty elf with long ears, in any case, the variation of beauties in that book is abundant.

And so, with so many Onee-samas there, there is a great possibility of masturbating many times.

For 3 years, this has been my sole spank bank every day. Sometimes I do it several times a day.

Even when I go on camps or school events and excursions, I’d sneak in my erotic book and hide somewhere to masturbate.

For me, this erotic book is already an indispensable existence.

By the way, I’m so familiar with this erotic book that my ejaculation count to it has reached 999 yesterday. I perfectly recorded the number of times I’ve whacked off to it.

And today will be the memorable 1000th masturbation.

However, that is no more than a checkpoint.

I will continue to masturbate to this erotic book, I will devote my 2000th and 3000th ejaculations to this erotic book as well.


Eeee? Won’t interest be lost?

That is a foolish question.

Do you get tired of breathing?

For me, masturbating to this erotic book is synonymous with breathing!

Even when talking becomes futile, my masturbation would still be the priority.

Which Onee-sama should I dedicate my semen to today?


After all, it has to be the princess, doesn’t it?

Or should I do the female knight?

But it is hard to discount the female mercenary or the other Onee-samas, it is difficult to say who is better.


Even while contemplating my choice, it seems that, like hot magma, from my testicles through to my penis to the tip, my semen is about to erupt.

「Aaa Aaa Aaaa! Nooo! Cumming! Semen is coming out! All you Onee-samas are so beautiful, you are all squeezing the semen out of my penis Uuuuu!!」

I let out a loud voice that can only be done because there was no one home, and my 1000th ejaculation leaked unexpectedly.

With semen that had much more volume and thickness of males of the same age, it drew a parabola from the tip of my penis and made its way towards the open pages of the erotic book.


Oh no.

The way it’s going, I’m going to cum all over my erotic book, I’m going to contaminate erotic book-sama!

With my fading consciousness, I closed the erotic book with my empty left hand.

Then my sticky semen was dashed all across the front cover of the book.

Ahh, I did it, I was relieved that my Onee-samas did not get soiled by my semen, I breathed a sigh of relief.


The next moment, something that I did not predict happened.

「… … Ee? W-what? 」

The cover of the erotic book that was smeared with my semen started glowing a little.

When I first picked it up, I thought I noticed it glowing but it soon faded away so I paid it no mind.


The current illumination was brighter than the last time, the light was now pulsing bright to dark like it was living somehow.

Well, kind of like a heartbeat… …

Then the pulsing sped up and the light’s intensity grew……

The light became too glaring and I no longer could keep my eyes open … …

I seemed to have lost any memory from that point on.


When my consciousness finally returned, I noticed that I was in a poorly lit room.

It was not nighttime when I lost consciousness.

This is not my room.

The floor, the ceiling and the walls, everything was made of stone.

This is definitely not some fancy, modern one-room apartment with undressed raw concrete.

This is real stone… … a prison.


The prison room had an outward facing wall with a small window with iron bars across it to let light in and a door on the opposite wall made of iron.

However, one looks at it, this is a prison, a perfect prison cell.

I was nude in this cell.

I was also not the only one in the cell.

Everyone was crouched down clutching their knees, huddled around the corners of the cell … all in all 5 people.

When I had a closer look, everyone seemed to be around the same age as myself or at best, slightly older.


Everyone had pale skin and blonde or brown hair.

It just took but moments to realise that they were foreigners.

There were no other Asians other than me.

Although everyone was ragged and dirty, they were wearing clothes.

Wait, why am I the only one nude? It that not odd!?

Ahh, wait, come to think of it, it is natural for me to be naked because I was masturbating.


So that’s how it is, OK, OK… … Hey, why the hell am I OK with this?!

I’m just a normal junior high school student who is enjoying his masturbation lifestyle in his own room, why am I locked up in a prison like this?!

I – I don’t understand! This is really strange!

I seem to be sitting on my own, the others are looking at me like a rare animal at a zoo.

Well, I don’t know if a naked Japanese boy is rare, but I thought that it’d be nice not to be stared at so much.

So, for the time being, I should concentrate my efforts on gathering information about my current situation.

I spoke to the blonde boy that was closest to me.


「Wa,Haro. (TN: not trying to be funny here, translated as is, pronunciation from the original Hiragana はろー) Nai su to u – mi – chu-. (TN: Nice to meet you. As above, ないすとぅーみーちゅー。) Ma, mai nemu izu, sho tai – ji ma a… …」 (TN: *facepalm* *points to top* My name is Shota Jima.ま、まいねーむいず、ショータイージマぁ……)

I attempted to introduce myself in junior high school grade English and gave a smile that was peculiar to the Japanese. Perfect.

Soo, how will this blonde boy respond?!

「… … ee? W-what? What’s with this guy? 」

It was returned to be decisively in Japanese … …

For fuck’s sake! If you could speak in Japanese you should have said so!

While thinking that, I continued to speak to him without stopping my smile.


「Aa, I’m sorry. I just would like to ask a question, where are we? Why am I here? Who are you? Aaa, by the way, my name is Shouta. My best regards. 」

While saying that, I presented my right hand.

Bu the blond boy looked at my had with strange eyes.

I did not get a response to my offer of a handshake… … I don’t know if he was being cautious or I was being disliked, looks like the future would be full of difficulties.


「Umm… … I’m Karl. As for where we are, we are probably at the Teito slave trading company… … we are here to be sold… …」

「… … Eee? 」


「Well. as for you, once we were put in here, I don’t really understand but suddenly there was a bright light shone… … then you fell naked… I’d like to ask you as well, who are you, how did you get here and are you a magician or something? 」

Well… … OK, I kind of understand what has happened.

First of all, this is no longer Japan.

For some reason, they speak Japanese here, we are in the imperial capital and it seems that slaves and magicians are the norm here. Being that those things are unfamiliar in modern Japan, I’m anxious.

To add to all of that, I really don’t understand how I got here.

It was mentioned that a bright light happened then… … that happened to the erotic book when I came on the cover too… …

Ero book-sama, huh… … glowing… …. Ero book-sama… … … …

「Yes! Ero book-sama! 」

As I exclaimed suddenly, all the children in the prison trembled with fear.

But that is just not possible! For me, my ero book-sama that is more important than life itself is nowhere to be found in prison!

No way! If ero book-sama no longer exists, my masturbation lifestyle is going to be destroyed!

What will I do if I can’t masturbate for the rest of my life?! My penis would be in a constant state of extreme rage!


My eyes became bloodshot and I started to wander the cell aimlessly, while I was in a state of array, the iron cell door opened noisily.

The iron door swung open with a grave sound and 2 men appeared from there.

The men were middle-aged, one had brown hair and the other was a ginger, they looked at me and yelled out.

「「Who are you?!」」

I know, right?


Then they caught me easily.

Even though it was already near impossible for me to escape, I was completely treated as a suspicious person.

Well, that is the way it is. One would be alarmed if suddenly confronted with a naked Japanese youth in a prison cell that should only contain boys who are captive as slaves.

In any case, the boy slaves and I were taken out of the prison cell.

The boys were lined up in a single file, the middle-aged men then stiffed and straightened their backs.

I was the only one not in line and was walking whilst having my arm grasped by one of the men.

「Oww oww oww! I’m not going to run away, so stop gripping me so tightly! 」

「Shut up! Just move your feet quickly! 」


After walking away from the prison cell for a little while, a corridor appeared laid with red carpet.

This lead to a splendid looking western-style hall, this brought forth more evidence that this was no longer Japan.

I walked rapidly through the said corridor with my arm still firmly grasped.

Eventually, I arrived at the wide hall.


It had a luxurious chandelier hanging off the ceiling, candlesticks on the walls, a huge tall painting on the main wall and a big double wooden door.

There was a morbidly obese middle-aged man surrounded by knight looking guards.

From the very top of his head to the bottom of his feet he was dressed in ostentatious splendour, very much like the nouveau riche.

The morbidly obese, balding old man spoke in a sharp tone of voice when he caught sight of us.


「Oi, who is that person over there?  Where did you find him from? 」

「Well, you see, he was in the prison cell with the other boys unnoticed… … he had no clothes on either and so that’s the reason why we are here」

The middle-aged man that was giving his explanation was worried.

I’m sorry that I’m an unidentified Japanese. Well, I’m far more troubled than you lot!


「Fumu… … However, if you look closely, he has unusual black hair and eyes, I’ve been in the slave trade for a long time and I’ve never seen someone with both back hair and eyes. 」

「Eee? Is it so? 」


Aa, crap. I listened as per normal.

Looks like it is helpless. It looks like being in this foreign country for the first time, no one has seen anyone that looks Japanese before.

「… … Oi, bring the boy over here. I want to have a better look」



My arm was pulled by the middle-aged man with a jerk and I was taken the obese baldy.

Then that obese baldy started to touch my hair, he grabbed my jaw suddenly and jerked my head from side to side inspecting me closely as he pleased.

Even though it was a guy, it is unpleasant to be looked at so closely while being nude.

It would have been nice if it was a foreign Onee doing the staring instead … …

「Fumu. Black hair and black eyes, that as well, his skin complexion is different from ours. Is he not from the empire? 」

「Umm, aaa… …. Ja, Japan is the country I’m from」

「Jahpan? Where is that? Isn’t it common wisdom that there isn’t a country that is not ruled under the empire… …? 」(TN: Japan was written in Katakana not Kanji like it should be, normally indicating unfamiliarity with the word. I’m unsure of how else to indicate this)




That’s strange. There are kingdoms in this world but no longer empires.

Other than the Japanese royal family, there is no one else claiming the title of Emperor.

「Ummm… excuse me, what country is this? 」

「What? You bastard, do you not know of the Dragon god empire??」


Dagon god empire? What’s that? (TN: Same deal with above comment about Japan)

「The supreme ruler of the Eruvarian continent unified the whole continent 3000 years ago, you have said that you have not heard of the Dragon god Empire… … did you grow up in the sticks? 」

That old man glanced at me in pity.

Shirane! Set 2 places up in the kitchen!

It is a parallel world, ya know!

…… a parallel world, huh?

Huh? This is a parallel world?


「Ahh, well.」 I thought I had an average appearance, but it seems that black hair and eyes are rare. I guess I can be sold at a higher price to noble women. Someone take me! 」


「Ee? Umm, where am I!?」


While I was flustered, the large door opens.

What appeared was a luxury carriage hitched to a white horse and behind it was a prisoner wagon with iron bars.

「It has been decided. This my largest customer… …」


The scenery that was presented before me when the large door opened has totally convinced me that I’m no longer on our planet, let alone Japan… …

「The only one in the capital, as well as the only one in the empire, male brothel … … a pleasure paradise for women, hell on earth for men… … Valhalla – The Penis Mansion」

……I’ve got a very strong feeling that this is definitely a parallel world when I think about it, any idea that this is a joke or prank has all been blown away.




Chapter 5 Part1

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