Chapter 5 Part1

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Chapter 1

Hildegard Part 1

When my consciousness became better, I noticed I was in the dressing room and Charlotte was wiping me

Why is Charlotte wiping the semen that is sticking to me?

I’m glad that she is doing it, but why is she?

As she’s cleaning my semen her breasts keep shaking with the momentum ……Charlotte is so erotic

However this didn’t last long, I am hurriedly dressed

Since my hair hasn’t properly been dried it is still a bit wet, all I was given to wear is a bathrobe, and no underwear either

Even though the bathrobes material feels good, the length is really short

It is similar to the mini skirts worn by those from earth, if I bend a little forwards my ass will be visible to everyone

But I don’t think I can complain about this

Charlotte and the other maids pulled on us to another location

“Are they still not ready? I can’t wait any longer!”

That voice belongs to the fat man!

Is something happening?

By the way, Joanna seems to have been left naked in the bath

She might catch a cold……

All of us are standing in front of a door

Is this where the director is?

I have a strange sense of nervousness standing here

I suddenly feel someone pulling on the bathrobe

Is that homo doing something weird?


When I try to look behind me, Charlotte moved a little bit away after I saw her

While saying something behind my ear, she lightly sighed

Her hot sigh tickled my ears, wait what did she say?

As I was going to ask her, one of the maids knocked on the door


A very beautiful voice came from the inside

The voice is so beautiful

Who might this woman with such a beautiful voice be?

It is the director!

I’m getting excited just thinking about her

As the maids open the double doors one by one……

The director’s office is very spacious

It might even be bigger than the principals office in my school

At the back of the room is a high desk and a black leather chair

But the director isn’t there

Looking in another direction there are two black sofas and a small low table there, similar to a coffee place where they sit around and drink

Both me and Karl are lined up in front of them

There are 3 figures in the sofas

First is the old fat man who I met before

But, the atmosphere around his completely different

His whole body is covered in sweat, even though he is wiping it the sweat just doesn’t stop

The next one….. a child?

A very cute girl is sitting on the sofa

White skin similar to porcelain, platinum blond hair, I’m sure that she will grow up to be a very beautiful girl in the future

Small body, and not too long limbs

She could develop in the breast area

Sitting there she seems to be enjoying the sweats and cakes

But there is one unusual characteristic

One is the horns that are growing on the side of her head

From her blond hair, curling horns similar to a goat or a sheep are growing

…..Are they real?

And the other strange thing are her eyes

Her eyes are gold in color and shining from time to time, and the pupils are elongated like a cats eyes

What is this………?

But even all of these don’t reduce her charm

Rather it makes me even more excited

Is she younger than me?

I want to see how she will look after growing up………

And the last person

Long flowing silver hair

Very Beautiful

Very Glamorous

Very Sexy

She might be the famed director of Valhalla

Smoke comes out of her mouth, she’s smoking a pipe with one hand

Charming eyes, exquisite lips, white and glossy skin

Her huge tits which are tightly pressing against her black clothes

Her breasts are really huge!

I want to keep looking at them forever

But I don’t think I can do that, so I will burn this image into my mind

Not only her breasts, her thighs are sexy too

Everytime she moves, I try and peek at her little zone between her thighs

She is definitely doing this on purpose

Her charm is over devastating for a virgin like me

Unable to handle such an erotic woman, my dick is slowly turning hard and standing up

The atmosphere in the room is a bit tense?

Charlotte and the other maids seem to be very nervous, their faces pale too

Trying their hardest to stand as erect as possible

Even this fat man is scared, that is why he is sweating so much

If this goes on he might faint

Shouldn’t he be familiar with the director since he regularly sells slaves?

But he is still so scared?

He looks like a prisoner waiting for his death sentence in the row for the guillotine

How sacred you might ask

His teeth are clattering, knees shaking, overly sweating

Even Karl is acting the same, isn’t this his first time meeting the director?

But why is he so frightened?

Am I insensitive to some kind of otherworldly pressure or something that is coming from the director?

It doesn’t seem like the director is doing anything remotely close to intimidating

“Nice to meet you. I am the director of Valhalla. My name is Ursula”

She smiles a little after introducing herself

A goddess…….

Her voice, breasts, appearance, no matter what you look she is definitely a goddess

She even used a little honorific while talking to the servants, it doesn’t seem like she’s a bad person

While I’m becoming more and more fascinated by Ursula the little kid looks at me with a disgusted look

She stopped eating and is just looking at me

I stare back at her without even blinking

Why is she looking at me?

Is my face that unusual?

Or is it because of my black eyes?

I don’t know what to do….

I’ll just smile and wave at her

As I did that

The fat slave camp director scoffed at me actions and then shouted

“What do you think you are doing! Do you even know who she is……..?”

“That’s enough Budgeha”

In a cute and low voice the little girl speaks, but there is definite anger in it

For a moment it felt like the room temperature suddenly dropped

“Who gave you the permission to speak?”

The little girl stared at the fat man with ice cold eyes

Her whole atmosphere changed in a split second, she doesn’t seem like a little girl anymore

“Ahh! I’m sorry! Please forgive meee!!!”

The fat man started prostrating and begging for forgiveness

Oh also his name is Budgeha

Suddenly thinking of something I raised my hand and

“I would like to ask a question?”

The whole room froze looking at me doing this

Everyone the maids, Ursula, Karl, Budgeha, everyone is looking at me with a surprised face

But the blond girl slightly smiles, and points her fingers towards me

“I’ll forgive you for your rudeness. Now ask what you want”

Is she a noble or something?

But I don’t remember being rude?

Did I say something to tick her off?

“Can I know your name first?”

“Fufufufufufufu my name is it? Hildeg……. Ah no, just Hilda. Feel free to call me Hilda-chan”

“Okay, Hilda-chan how old are you?”

“Oh, I’m 12 years old”

“Well, those horns on your head…..are they real?”

“Real? Why are you interested in them? Then why don’t you touch them and check if they are real?”

While saying Hilda ran up to me from the couch and stood before me

Hilda is a little shorter than me

I’m 153 cm, Hilda is maybe a 140 cm?

Still felling a bit afraid, I reached out my hands towards her hands with curiosity

Oh, it is a bit rugged after all, but it has a certain feel to it

“You are the first person to ever touch it for such a long time without refraining”

Looking at me still touching her horns, Hilda speaks in a low voice with a slight blush

Ah she looks so cute!!!

“O, I’m sorry! Did it feel bad?”

As I withdrew my hand in a hurry, Hilda grabbed onto them tightly

“Not really, you can touch it as long as you want”

Hilda lightly laughed while speaking

Does she want me to touch her or?

Well it might be rude to reject a cute girls invitation

But it might turn into a habit if I touch it too much

At first my hands were still shaking, but slowly I grew bold


While she was still laughing, I started rubbing her hair too

It is so soft and fluffy, I might get addicted to this feeling

“Why are you suddenly stroking my hair?”

Moving my hand through her soft flowing hair, I lightly pinched on her earlobes

“Ahhhh, what ……… Fuwa?”

Her cheeks are even more red than before

“This is just the beginning………”


I suddenly came back to reality due to that voice

My hands were on Hilda’s face mushing her cheeks, and the red color was even brighter than before

Chapter 4 Part2
Chapter 1

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  1. This seems like it has the potential to be a really great hentai novel. I just found it on your site today and was really drawn into the world and it’s potential.

    I hope you might consider continuing the translation of this one. I, for one, like it a lot—and looking at the written reviews on NU I’m not the only one. I think if you give this one more time, it will gain in popularity. It might seem at first like a simple femdom storyline, but the MC is too interested and active for it to end up that way.

    Good luck and thank you for this translation!

    1. I will be re-translating what the previous translator has done as I’m not too happy with the quality, it is definitely on the list of the ones I would like to translate, so you wish will be granted!

      1. Yes please. This has a monmusu quest vibe to t where “came here for the plot, got sucked into the story” type deal.
        I would very very much like to see more of it translated… also who can reliably update its novelupdates page? aren’t the tags a bit lacking?

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