One thought on “A World Where All Women Are Managed by Men

  1. If a bound female is attacking him, in this world/setting, clearly something has gone horribly wrong and most likely, she’s fighting for her life. Seeing as how it was shown previously that an electric shock can be triggered through a password, it should be obvious that a short verbal code for emergencies should exist, that triggers a powerful and painful shock in all females within range.

    Something like screaming “sade!” and turning all females in the room into whimpering, trembling masses of flesh with electricity arcing through their bodies would be a lot more believable than the idea of an 8-years old overpowering a group of them, physically.

    Overall, this series seems to be writen very, very poorly. Its like watching a trainwreck. Its horrible, but you can’t look away. Why don’t you translate something else? There’s good sex/bdsm series out there that lack a translator, you know? Plus, these chapters are so short, its like something writen on a napkin by a 12-years old. You really couldn’t find anything better? I am 100% sure I could write better smut if you let me.

    Heck, seriously, let me know if you want me to, as seeing this series makes me think I can write better while taking a piss.

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